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Mckayla’s new floor

June 29, 2013


IF it doesn’t embed you can view it here.


It grew on me towards the end. Though the music reminds me of that camp Granada song half way in  ( Take me home o mother,  father, take me home I hate Granada don’t leave me out in the forest where I might be eaten by a bear!!!!)

While I was at the Fens

June 27, 2013

While Bruins fans were drowning their sorrows in another choke job by Tuuuuuuka Rask in their playpens (bandwagon girly fans and weird teenagers have taken over the Nation) I was at the Fens doing something constructive, watching the Sox win (AKA as NOT Rasking away the game, formally known as Bailey-ing the game away)

The Peszek’s are taking over!!!!

Being Marta’s prison wife got her first daughter on the Olympics team so must be doing something right.

Shannon Miller had a daughter and named it in honor of her AA Silver medal from the 92 Olympics. “I didn’t lose Gold I won silver” now has a whole new meaning for Shannon Miller:)

Kyla Ross showed us her new floor routine. I like it. Much better than her Phantom one. (I tried embeding this 3 times it won’t work. This is the 4th time

Aly had her Pandora Jewelry line endorsement renewed and trained some kids in Saugus The first article is all about Aly teaching the girls great form.

Rumor Central: The real reason Jordyn is not competing this year

June 24, 2013

This is a rumor and the old disclaimers about this info not being mine and you believing what you want and me not being to blame for you thinking anything is still in effect.


What do you think?

Thanks to Sara in the comments section for the article from a blog.

Look what I found. The Disclaimer 🙂

I found the BAN PINK petition.
If this thread is true imagine the people who could see this and SIGN THE PETITION


Dearest Tim Thomas, Tuukka Rask SUCKS. THE END

Anadia World Cup, Day 2 Event Finals

June 23, 2013


Beam Finals

China continues to get low balled while judges insist on making Larisa a star even with her shit form and wobbly sets. I don’t dislike Larisa but these judges are starting to get on my last nerve.

1. Larisa Iordache 6.9 8.750 15.650
2. Shang Chunsong 6.5 8.650 15.150
3. Diana Bulimar 5.9 8.750 14.650
4. Jade Barbosa 5.7 8.325 14.025
5. Kim Bui 5.6 8.250 13.850
6. Ana Filipa Martins 5.3 8.100 13.400
7. Julie Croket 5.7 7.325 13.025
8. Yekaterina Baturina 4.9 7.550 12.350


Floor Event Finals

Not worthy of medals my ass:)

1. Larisa Iordache 6.1 8.550 14.650
1. Diana Bulimar 5.9 8.750 14.650
3. Shang Chunsong 6.1 8.025 14.125
4. Kim Bui 5.5 8.350 13.850
5. Julie Croket 5.5 8.300 13.800
6. Stefanie Merkle 5.4 8.350 13.750
7. Briannah Tsang 5.6 8.050 13.650
8. Jade Barbosa 5.4 8.300 13.600

Anadia Cup Finals: Day 1 Results

June 22, 2013

You can watch day two for free at this link

Qualification Results

Day 1 results

Day 1 Videos

Will do more later I am on vacation and today is my last day. I think I am going to cry:(

The Future

June 16, 2013

We have talked about Laurie Hernandez before on this blog and she recently won the Parkette’s invite. This is her new floor routine.

She’s a beautiful gymnast and while I am not loving this newest routine there is no denying the kid is the future of USA-gymnastics. I’ll try to forget she’s a Skankee fan:)


(thanks Exgymgurl)

Gymnasts and their dads.

Shannon Miller
Kyla Ross
Chellsie Memmel. Look at Andy Memmel.Aha That does not look like Chellsie
Aly Raisman
Brenna Dowell

Kyla and Mckayla speech at the Senior awards. I gave up at 2.21. Let me know if they actually talk:)


I won’t be around tomorrow. Its girls night at Foxwoods.

Boys had their day a few weeks ago now its the girls turn. Gee I hope they don’t show up like we did a few weekends ago:)

Mai Murakami at the NHK

June 13, 2013


According to the youtube video it has a 6.0 start value and received quite a few deductions (6.0 )+ 8.25 – 14.25

Pretty impressive. I love the way she uses the no standing in a corner rule. That was the cleanest double double I have seen by anyone (even if landed low) Mai is still cute as a button and I wish Japan would have taken her to the Olympics last year even if just for floor.

Aly Raisman

June 12, 2013


There is nothing wrong with procrastination ALY RAISMAN:)


Aly talks about training and the bruins

and a public service announcement from Aly Raisman.

Aly helps

(Sorry gym news is slow:)

USA-Gymnastics Camp Videos.

June 10, 2013

The Split leap blog will be linking the new videos as they come along.

Kyla Ross



Brenna Dowell


Junior meet: Romania vs France

June 8, 2013


This happened a day ago. Romanian junior Andreea Munteanu won the AA with a 55.6

MY Opinion

The most impressive Romanian to me was Andreea Iridon. She finished third with two falls but she had beautiful toe point, a killer Memmel turn on floor and Romania has great potential with this one on bars. She fell but she had her legs together the entire time and hit her handstands. I was very impressed with it. She received a 12.9 with a fall. ( she won event finals with a 14.35)


AA total:

1. Andreea Munteanu (ROM), 55.6
2. Claire Martin (FRA), 53.8
3. Andreea Iridon (ROM), 53.3
4. Madalina Blendea (ROM), 52.75
4. Silvia Zarzu (ROM), 52.75
6. Clara Chambellant (FRA), 52.65
7. Louise Vanhille (FRA), 52.4
8. Laura Jurca (ROM), 51.8
9. Grace Charpy (FRA), 50.7
10. Laura Longueville (FRA), 49.75
11. Emeline Magniant (FRA), 48.375
12. Diana Teodoru (ROM), 47.95

AA Vault:

Andreea Munteanu (ROM), 14.3
Clara Chambellant (FRA), 13.55
Louise Vanhille (FRA), 13.5
Laura Jurca (ROM), 13.475
Silvia Zarzu (ROM), 13.275
Emeline Magniant (FRA), 13.275
Madalina Blendea (ROM), ??????
Andreea Iridon (ROM), ????
Diana Teodoru (ROM), ????

AA Uneven Bars:

Louise Vanhille (FRA), 13.45
Claire Martin (FRA), 13.3
Madalina Blendea (ROM), 13.0
Andreea Iridon (ROM), 12.9
Clara Chambellant (FRA), 12.5
Andreea Munteanu (ROM), 12.5
Laura Jurca (ROM), ????
Diana Toeodoru (ROM),

AA Balanace Beam:

Andreea Munteanu (ROM), 14.85
Louise Vanhille (FRA), 14.05
Madalina Blendea (ROM), 13.8
Andreea Iridon (ROM), 13.65
Claire Martin (FRA), 13.65
Clara Chambellant (FRA), 13.35
Diana Teodora (ROM), ???? (3 falls)
Silvia Zarzu (ROM), ????
Laura Jurca (ROM), ????

AA Floor Exercise:

Andreea Munteanu (ROM), 13.95
Claire Martin (FRA), 13.85
Andreea Iridon (ROM), 13.8
Silvia Zarzu (ROM), 13.7
Laura Jurca (ROM), 13.7
Madalina Blendea (ROM), 13.45
Diana Tedoru (ROM),


Videos can be found here and here and now here

Here is a photo from the event featuring all the gymnasts that competed. This was from a group on facebook.


Event Finals Results

Event Finals: Final

1. Andreea Munteanu (ROU), 14.425
2. Louise Vanhille (FRA), 13.65
3. Laura Jurca (ROU), 13.5
4. Clara Chambellant (FRA), 13.375
5. Emeline Magniant (FRA), 13.3
6. Silvia Zarzu (ROM), 13.25

Event Final: UB Final, :

1. Andreea Iridon (ROU), 14.35
2. Madalena Blendea (ROU), 13.65
3. Claire Martin (FRA), 13.4
3. Louise Vanhille (FRA), 13.4
5. Andreea Munteanu (ROU), 12.6
6. Clara Chambellant (FRA), 12.45

Event Finals: Balance Beam:

1. Andreea Munteanu (ROU), 14.4
2. Andreea Iridon (ROU), 14.25
3. Madalina Blendea (ROU), 14.0
4. Claire Martin (FRA), 13.3
5. Clara Chambellant (FRA), 13.25
6. Louise Vanhille (FRA), 13.15

Event Finals: Floor:

1. Andreea Munteanu (ROU), 14.35
2. Andreea Iridon (ROU), 13.95
3. Claire Martin (FRA), 13.9
3. Silvia Zarzu (ROU), 13.9
5. Laura Jurca (ROU), 13.85
6. Clara Chambellant (FRA), 12.45