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Nastia wants all your money kids

December 30, 2009


Besides selling you crap on her twitter account she has now started her own website called

Nastia Liukin Tour

OMG I don’t know what to say. Besides the fact she chose NJ for her first clinic this whole thing has just gone past Dominique Moceanu’s noni juice insane into OMFG Nastia has lost her mind.

Really I am speechless about (yes this is me being speechless)

I don’t begrudge Nastia making money but to make money this way is just kind of creepy. Getting paid to do clinics is one thing. Starting your own clinic tour to milk 5 year old’s out of their College tuition scares me as a parent (I am not a parent but it just went so well:)

Go get em Nastia.

I am just curious how she will train touring the Country on Shannon Miller’s idea of saving the kids? Seems like she is more focused on making money now

Long Live Chellsie Memmel

December 30, 2009

Someone needs to thank Gatorade for using the US’s fiercest gymnast in their TV ad.

I saw this commercial and wondered if they used a real live known gymnast but couldn’t see enough to figure out who it was. It was Chellsie Memmel. About time the Memmel got some street cred:)

Here is the video

E-Mail Gatorade and tell them your opinion for using Chellsie Memmel

Here is the place to go

Bekah throws a temper tantrum and the idiots follow along

December 27, 2009

This is exactly why I make fun of the IG forum and don’t post there.

Here is the gist. Bekah took it upon herself to harass and stalk gymnasts in the name of the IG Message board. Even creating a twitter account for the forum. Now she is complaining because a few people posted in a thread (almost all but one being very respectful) that the Questions she asks the gymnasts are some what stupid and childish (Oh I never said I was Okay they never used the words I just did but lets face it the questions are pretty easy and straight forward .

NO ONE said a thing about Bekah and nothing was directed at her but she made it all about her. The members vote on the top 5 questions so blaming Bekah for the stupidity of them when it is really a democratic process would be ridiculous. Yet somehow Bekah has made another thing all about her.

I have a friend who is friends with a lot of gymnasts on facebook and I can attest to Bekah and her ass kissing. Same with Martina the mod. They spend more time telling the gymnasts how wonderful they are then living in any reality world with real live people they might know.

At one point in a different thread Bekah talks about several gymnasts refusing to answer questions because they don’t want any negative answers and apparently Chellsie Memmel wasn’t to thrilled about a question about her eating habits (or lack there of. Chellsie made a comment on an HBO special about only eating chicken and fruit and one of the 5 q’s with her asked if that was true. )

The internet has gone insane. There are to many Bekah’s in the world that think because they are “friended” by a gymnast on facebook that they are real friends. This whole 5 Questions in the name of IG Magazine has gone to Bekah’s head where she now thinks she has the right to tell everyone what they can and cannot say or think and it is starting to piss off some of the senior members of the board. The girls and guy that think they run that board have been pretty quiet through this all which makes me wonder if they are just bidding their time til Bekah removes herself from the board because it is obvious that a lot of people can’t stand the girl. Bekah even accused one member of trying to steal her thunder because she interviewed a few gymnasts for her blog.

Kind of makes me laugh when Bekah claim’s she does these 5 questions for the members of the board because it is painfully obvious that Bekah is in this for Bekah.

I love the IG Message board. It really makes me laugh. Some of these people take themselves way to seriously. In order to be biased you have to have some kind of unhealthy attachment to a certain person or thing and how can anyone be attached to what this code has put out the last 3 or so years? The reason I love that board is because of people like Bekah. They make it amusing to read. Kind of like a Shawn fans vs the Nastia fanatic debates that have happened over the last year and a half.

New Bridget Sloan article

December 26, 2009

She’s normal. We get

Must say it’s nice to see the Times do a good article instead of their usual lying.

Chuso is back again. Most people love the old lady of the sport I find her horrid on anything but vault but none the less still competing at her age is impressive. Even if for weak Countries

Guess who’s back back again…

December 24, 2009


haha Nastia fanatics with the un-healthy hate

Shawn Johnson is back in the gym. She has looked in better shape the last few times I have seen her so I think this has been in the works for awhile. She isn’t committed just yet but she is seeing what she can do. Look no one cares about anything but the Olympics so she has plenty of time to decide. Lets just hope if she decides to compete again she goes all out.

I can hear Nastia now. “I haven’t decided if I am coming back yet. I won the one thing I really wanted (AA Go me!) lol

Here are the lyric’s to the song Without me by Eminem. Tell me the lyric’s don’t fit the next 3 years if Shawn comes back and so does Nastia?

Toyota Gymnastics

December 13, 2009

Seem’s like all the names dropped out and the only name to really stay took first. Hunter did nothing on vault and way down on bars (her worst event) was a waste sending her here. Should have sent Cassie Whitcomb. Semenova is done for now…


1) Kurbatova 14.012
2) Jo 13.750
3) Jurkowska 13.162
4) Oshima 12.525

1) Tsurumi 15.100
2) Caquatto 14.675
3) Miller 14.650
4) Kurbatova 14.625
5) Semenova 14.300 (EEEK!)
6) Pihan-Kulesza 14.200
7) Roll 14.150
8) Seitz 14.100
9) Hunter 14.050
10) Minobe 14.000

American Cup Sleep competition

December 12, 2009


I hope some of the foreign gymnasts competing are exciting because the same old boring is heading to the American Cup.

Bross is the reigning silver medalist from the AA. Z zZzZzZzZZZZZzzzz.
Wake me up when she gets better form.

John Horton. Isn’t he ready to retire yet? (Just kidding Horton. I love you but I have seen you. It’s time for someone new)

Is it wrong of me to hope that the American Cup has the 4 or 5 best junior gymnasts compete then any seniors?

These are the Countries “sending” gymnasts.
(Germany, Great Britain, Japan, Romania and Russia )

God I hope it includes Viktoria Komova, Diana Bulimar, Mai Murakami, Kyla Ross or Jordyn Wieber. I actually wouldn’t mind seeing Ana Porgras or Koko Tsurumi either. I almost said OO when I saw Great Britain hoping it would be Beth Tweddle but then I remembered she doesn’t do the AA anymore.


Sloan taking a small break

Smart idea for her. Pace yourself Bridget.

Not a conflict of interest? On what planet?

December 9, 2009

Imagine for a second Lebron James being on a special committee within the NBA. Say David Stern appointed Lebron to this committee and flew Lebron out to Barbados to hang out with himself and the head of the umpires union to decide how the NBA should run things. How happy would you be if you were a fan of the Los Angelos Lakers? Would you consider this a conflict of interest?

Well Nastia Liukin is holding a similar position as described above and apparently she feels there is nothing wrong with it. Her quote actually makes it seem like she is more concerned with herself then the way it all looks to the fans of the sport.

Here is her exact quote:

“A lot of people were skeptical and wondering if this would limit me on the Olympic side…it’s not going to mess with me being able to compete at the Worlds or Olympics.”

Liukin said that Svetlana Khorkina was also on the FIG committee when she was still competing internationally.

I am sorry but any way you slice it if Nastia is going to continue in the sport hanging out with Nellie Kim and the head of the FIG deciding ANYTHING to do with gymnastics is a conflict of interest . If Shawn Johnson was doing this the Nastia fanatical society would be up in arms

USA-gymnastics isn’t any better. They have now attached Nastia’s name to a special competition ran by them. When you add these two things to the comments made by Bruno Grandi last year about Nastia being what the sport should be about in one breath while he criticized the Chinese in another breath it reeks of something and it isn’t a pleasant smell.

Many people already felt that Nastia’s win at the Olympics was suspicious. Appointing her to represent the International Gymnastics Federation doesn’t calm those fears that the sport is a lot more fixed then you might think.


The quotes were taken from The Examiner If that link doesn’t work try the front page of the same blog

Lauren Mitchell injured

December 5, 2009

Australian Blog

Please Note that Lauren Mitchell has been withdrawn from this event due to a hand injury sustained in training. Lauren was training on vault and tripped, breaking her fall with her right hand. She has sustained a fracture to the metacarpal in her right wrist. The injury will keep Lauren grounded for the next four weeks, providing her with plenty of time to work on aerial and non upper body weight bearing training on beam.

14th International Tournament of Pas-de-Calais and Grand Prix Final

December 5, 2009

Event finals are over and thanks to the IG Magazine ass kissers of gymnasts facebooks we have the results for the US team. God forbid USA-gymnastics update us with

Amanda Jetter was 1st floor and 3rd bars and Cassie Whitcomb was 1st on bars, 2nd on beam and 2nd on floor .

I am again going to question the Logic of sending Cassie to this event with not a lot of competition instead of the Toyoto event that actually has some names. Is Marta scared Cassie might actually beat someone and force her to give Cassie the chance she has been earning all year? Cassie hit cold at camp and won floor but wasn’t even alternate for the World team. Just doesn’t seem fair but when has Marta been fair?

On to the Grand Prix final…..

Shen & Zhao won pairs.

The mens results are…
2 Nobunari ODA
3 Johnny WEIR
4 Jeremy ABBOTT
6 Tomas VERNER

The women’s resulkts are…

(Alena imploaded and others did not so she wasn’t upheld to a medal. GOOD)

1 Yu-Na KIM
2 Miki ANDO
3 Akiko SUZUKI
4 Ashley WAGNER
5 Joannie ROCHETTE (Pressure)

(Downgrades galore)