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Komova in action plus camp

September 30, 2009


Gymnastics new star?

September 25, 2009

Sorry I have been missing in action again. It’s Football season AND Baseball playoff season heck even skating season is about to start.

Since I’ve been gone Viktoria Komova won the Junior International with some pretty good scores. The routines are not out yet but if her bars was a poorly performed as at the EYOF earlier this year “ovascore” was living and breathing at this event. Viktoria is the daughter of World Champion (team event 1985) and GWG Champion Vera Kolesnikova.

If you would like to compare the two I found some videos on you tube of both.

Viktoria vs Vera

The AA and EF scores are below. I refuse to acknowledge any scores in the 13’s or any US gymnast beaten by the Japanese at a Major event so the AA conversation ends with Viktoria (Don’t get too attached. You have to wait 2 years before she can compete at a senior event)

I am SO thrilled that the US men’s team is sending their gymnasts out of the Country. Congrats to John Orozco on his third place finish in the AA. Now if they only would have sent Kyla Ross or Sabrina Vega to this event over Briley Casanova. Why does USA-Gymnastics never send it’s best Junior or senior women gymnasts out of the Country?

Full AA Results for Men and women

Full Event Final Results for both men and women

1. Viktoria Komova 15.100 15.450 14.950 14.300 59.800
2. Natsumi Sasada 14.500 13.850 13.850 13.900 56.100
3. Briley Casanova 14.350 13.800 13.450 13.700 55.300
4. Sophina Dejesus 13.850 13.650 13.650 13.800 54.950
5. Yoshino Taniguchi 12.950 13.400 14.100 14.100 54.550
6. Raluca Haidu 14.000 13.000 13.100 14.250 54.350
Exh. Seira Suzuki 14.150 12.800 13.500 13.400 53.850
Exh. Mai Murakami 13.950 12.800 13.050 13.950 53.750
7. Harumi Mariko Freitas 13.150 13.200 13.650 13.450 53.450
8. Desiree Baumert 13.200 12.950 13.400 12.950 52.500
9. Emily Little 13.850 13.150 12.450 13.000 52.450
10. Dominique Pegg 13.250 11.700 13.150 13.550 51.650
11. Emma Collister 13.900 12.200 10.900 13.300 50.300
12. Sun Dongwei 9.950 9.800 9.850 12.750 42.350
13. Janaina Silva 14.400 9.850 10.800 35.050


Women’s Vault Final Score
1. Seira Suzuki 15.225
2. Viktoria Komova 15.025
3. Janaina Braz Silva 14.125
4. Emma Collister 13.975
5. Sophina Dejesus 13.800
6. Raluca Haidu 13.550
7. Natsumi Sasada 13.225
8. Briley Casanova 13.025

Uneven Bars Final Score
1. Viktoria Komova 15.050
2. Natsumi Sasada 14.300
3. Briley Casanova 13.900
4. Sophina Dejesus 13.625
4. Yoshino Taniguchi 13.625
6. Emily Little 13.300
7. Raluca Haidu 13.175
8. Harumi Mariko Freitas 10.900

Balance Beam Final Score
1. Viktoria Komova 15.150
2. Natsumi Sasada 14.625
3. Desiree Baumert 13.750
4. Briley Casanova 13.350
5. Sophina Dejesus 13.150
6. Yoshino Taniguchi 13.100
7. Dominique Pegg 12.750
8. Harumi Mariko Freitas 12.300

Women’s Floor Exercise Final Score
1. Sophina Dejesus 14.300
2. Mai Murakami 14.050
3. Viktoria Komova 13.850
4. Dominique Pegg 13.700
5. Harumi Mariko Freitas 13.575
6. Yoshino Taniguchi 13.150
7. Raluca Haidu 12.950
8. Briley Casanova 12.375

Mom vs Daughter

September 25, 2009

Here are some recent and very old videos. Mom vs Daughter.

Viktoria Komova vs Vera Kolesnikova

MOM vault

Daughter vault


Mom’s Uneven Bars

Daughter bars


Mom’s beam (Pretty good Mom)

Daughter beam


Mom’s Floor

Daughter’s Floor

Chinese Nationals. The All Around

September 19, 2009

Chinese Nationals

Here is the direct link to the channel and some of the parts.

part 1 (No gymnastics. Introductions and warm up)

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

The AA results are as followed. He Kexin finished 4th. Nice to see her doing the AA. Jiang YuYuan had a rough competition and finished 6th.
Should have been Olympic Gold medalist on the Uneven Bars ,Yang Yilin finished 2nd in the AA ahead of Olympic teammate Deng Linlin

Cheng Fie is now injured and won’t be an alternate for Worlds.

1st Deng Linlin
2nd Yang Yilin
3rd Sui Lu
4th He Kexin
5th Huang Qiushuang
6th Jiang YuYuan
7th Xiao Sha
8th Hu Yuhong
9th Li Lijun
10th Tan Sixin

Romanian Nationals is happening for the men right now and the women in a few days.

Sandra Izbasa is out

September 18, 2009

Sandra has ruptured her achilles tendon and it looks like she is out of Worlds. Stole this info from HERE

The Theme song for Worlds is now officially…

Aussie Blog

Here is a new blog I found. If you are interested in Australian Gymnastics take a look above.

Peszek out and more

September 18, 2009

Sorry that I was missing in action again but I have been very busy but here we go.

Sam Peszek is out of attempting to make the World team. A few days before she announced it she actually pretty much told the twitter world she wasn’t going to compete. She will have surgery and get ready for 2010 where she will become a UCLA Bruin.

Here is a link to an article about the Caquatto sisters. Bridgey and Mackenzie. I don’t see either improving enough to be around in 3 years but you never know.

Here is a new blog (for me) and this person has me beat on the obnoxious front. At least my comments aren’t based on anger and bias. Auntie Joyce has issues that a good shrink couldn’t cure.

I thought the 05 Worlds was the weakest ever but I think AA wise 2009 might be even worse. At least Chellsie Memmel competed in 05 and with what she did at Worlds in 03 before the AA was pretty amazing. The event finals on beam is still pretty amazing if everyone slated to compete actually competes. Beam and floor look pretty bleak but then again Floor always looks bleak in this code.

I was reading my old blogs and realized I have only made one comment on Shawn Johnson so here is an article I ran across about her. Enjoy Shawn fans.

I was searching for something new but nothing new is around so until next time…..

Camp info confirmed and Boycott Kanye West

September 15, 2009

HERE The mens team was also named. Artmev is out. He just got married so I am sure he is fine with this.

Only new info is Mackenzie Caquotto fell off beam to place third so Ivana really must have messed up to not be top 3.

Everyone that reads this blog should boycott Kanye West. That punk doesn’t even deserve to live let alone have fans. He is a racist. He never would have done what he did at the VMA’s if Taylor wasn’t a white kid.

RIP Patrick Swayze

News from camp

September 13, 2009

Picture belongs to Nastia” I am always around even when I don’t compete just to get attention” Liukin

Nastia's pic for attention

According to someone at IG Magazine’s message board of dictatorship someone said the following. Take it as a grain of salt. Rebecca Bross won the AA, Bridget Sloan was second and Mackenzie Caquotto was third.
Bross won bars. Ivana apparently tanked again (so long worlds) Cassie Whitcomb won the physical abilities test, won floor and finished 3rd on bars. Only two girls not invited back are Kaitlyn Clark and Alaina Johnson. (why even bother. Kind of mean to leave two girls off knowing full well you are not sending certain other girls anyway. Why even bother with pretense?

So with what we know if Cassie actually won floor ahead of anyone with her lack of name she might have a real shot at the world team as a specialist. Remember though she finished third on bars. Who do we have as a vault/beam specialist (Sam Peszek)

Camp and British World team named- updated again

September 10, 2009

Sorry I have been MIA the last few days but I do have a life. So Camp is going on as we speak and so far not much noise has been reported.

There was going to be some kind of first competition on the 9th of September.

Inside Gymnastics has an article with Bridget Sloan’s coach where he tells us Bridget is one of the many gymnasts training an Amanar that isn’t ready yet.

Chellsie Memmel got a Twitter account thanks to Sam Peszek. Oh joy more comments about how they love their family and friends.

I would provide links to Chellsie’s twitter but you know. I still have that life I mentioned above.

Bridget’s article can be found at

The British have named their world team. No surprise on who is leading the team Beth Tweddle

Olivia Courtney, Mattie Larson and Samantha Shapiro are not at camp. Cross those names off the possible list.

The competition happened tonight at camp (Thursday) No news yet.

Allison Taylor’s Scholarship and lack of competing. Is it fair? Romanian World teams named

September 6, 2009

A few months ago I was reading the College gymnastics Message board. There was a very interesting discussion going on that
centered around UCLA Bruin Allison Taylor.

The gist of the discussion centered on Allison receiving a full scholarship but not competing in many competitions. The rumor was that the only reason Allison was given the scholarship was to help raise the teams GPA. (grade point average) Many people found this unfair and the discussion got so heated Allison’s mother felt the need to come defend her daughters honor. Apparently Mrs Taylor doesn’t believe in free speech because she told everyone they aren’t allowed to have an opinion and told them to take this discussion to Private Messages. You can read her comments here. She posts under the name ATsMom

The full discussion can be read at the College gymnastics message board in parts. The original discussion was started here or maybe here at this point I can’t really tell.

There were points on both sides of the issue I found interesting. One person said Allison earns her free ride because she show’s up to practice every day and does what the coach tells her to do. Another person said that having someone on scholarship that you have no plan on using is a waste of a spot. It could be used on a better gymnast that actually has the right to be there. Both opinions have merit. Now for my opinion:)

I am not a big fan of Allison Taylor the gymnast. IMO her gymnastics isn’t very good and certainly was never good enough to be getting a free ride to UCLA. You can’t fault Allison for excepting this scholarship but I can fault the school for being allowed to do this. Do you have any idea how much money it costs to send a child to UCLA? Do you have any idea how many students can’t afford to send their kids to College at all? It just isn’t fair that the regular people are paying for Allison’s free ride?

UCLA has not been the power house it used to be the last few years. Coach Val hasn’t had a real standout recruit since Tasha Schwikert. Maybe she should focus on giving scholarships out to gymnasts that deserve it instead of trying to raise the teams GPA.


Romania has named it’s world team. Headliners include the Floor Olympic Champion Sandra Izbasa and the ever adorable man with an ego Marian Dragalescu

Women’s team:

Sandra Izbasa, 2008 European floor medalist Anamaria Tamarjan and new seniors Diana Chelaru and Ana Porgras.
Gabriela Dragoi was named team alternate.

MENS team:

Marian Dragulescu, Flavius Koczi, Berbecar Marius, Daniel Popescu, Cosmin Popescu and Robert Stanescu. Alternates are Alin Jivan and Ovidiu Buidoso.