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Thi Ha Thanh Phan

April 29, 2014

If an American had performed this beam routine with a 5.9 start value it would have been high 14’s and worthy of a medal.To bad judges suck

She has nice lines, decent form and a very nice look on beam. I was highly impressed with this routine. It wasn’t perfect but considering she is from Vietnam this routine is the most impressive thing I have seen from a non Chinese in years.

She won Beam and Vault at the Osijek World Challenge but if she hit this there is no reason she shouldn’t be in the medal hunt at worlds. At least a top 8.

Vault and Bars Osijek Results

She has some potential on floor too

Mckayla Maroney Interview

April 28, 2014


I don’t have 40 minutes for this but if anyone listens please let us know what is said. Thanks Flippateer

I don’t know about you but I am impressed with these Florida football players attempt’s at doing the Florida Gator teams gymnastics.

Listen to biased Bela pick his favorite juniors with a chance at Rio

I really hope I get to watch this. This is when I actually watched College gymnastics.

Celebrity Apprentice

Elizabeth Price retires

April 23, 2014

Article with quotes
Thanks Flippateer

Elizabeth Price has decided to retire as an Elite to compete in College Gymnastics.

While I wish her the best luck and understand her desire to keep herself healthy for her future life as a College gymnast I cannot help but be highly disappointed that she has decided to retire right when she was coming into her own.

I just hope all the rumors I have heard about the Standford coaches being crazy lunatics isn’t true other wise Ebee has left one hell (Marta’s BS) for another.


Unknown veteran player needs to STFU.

A few years ago when Ortiz ran his mouth and made the comments about how maybe he should become a Yankee because they have less drama I told myself there is no point putting a player on a Pedestal because in the end they don’t have any loyalty to the said team they are playing for. This above tweet by Peter Gammons is exactly why I still feel this way.

First of all who is this so called veteran player to question the fan who pays their damn salary on how they should react to a player leaving town?

If it wasn’t for the fans the so called idiot veteran player who of course wouldn’t be dumb enough to make this comment to the media on record wouldn’t even have a job. He certainly wouldn’t be the over paid blow hard he is who made millions off these same fans he made fun of.

I guess my problem is I care too much about this team and they clearly don’t give a flying fuck about me as a paying customer or as a fan. So why do I even watch this sport anymore? or any sport at all?

The above quote reminds me of the scene in Fever Pitch where after the Red Sox lose game 3 of the ALCS before the comeback Jimmy Fallon’s character see’s 3 Red Sox players eating dinner at a bar, laughing and smiling. To them it is just a game while you want to know what I was doing after they blew that game? I was slamming things and staying up til 5 am because I couldn’t sleep.

In the end sport is just a game and in the end I am an idiot for supporting any of it.

AP Sportlight

April 22, 2014

This day in Sports History articles usually don’t mention Gymnastics unless its someone like Mary Lou Retton so I was kind of surprised to see not only a gymnastics mention but a Shannon Miller mention and about a World Championships no less. What happened in 2007 was a Highlight too but it isn’t gym related:)

1994 — Shannon Miller wins the women’s all-around title for the second straight year at the World Gymnastics Championships in Brisbane, Australia. The last woman to win consecutive all-around titles was Ludmilla Tourischeva of the Soviet Union in 1970 and 1974.

The Boston Marathon took place today and went off without a hitch. USA-Gymnastics Salutes the Boston Marathon

France, Romania and Belgium had a trio meet where Larisa Iordache won the AA. Looks like the my hope for Romanians future on bars finally put together a meet where she finished first in the AA. (Juniors)


According to the judges this is supposed to be the best floor routine in College gymnastics. Amazing first skill but I don’t understand what is so impressive about this floor routine besides the first pass. Less than perfect leaps. Bent knee’s, bad music. Nothing we haven’t seen for the last 8 years.

This is why College Gymnastics is a fuckjing travesty

April 20, 2014

   Oklahoma nailed almost every landing the entire night and barely got 9.9’s while Florida took steps on landings and dismounts and had shitty form all around and the two teams ended up tying in the biggest travesty to hit Gymnastics since the 92 Olympics.

Poor Oklahoma has to sit in the sidelines while Florida celebrates the titles because no one took the time to tell them they actually tied for the win. If only by score. Then to top it all off Florida gets to hold the trophy’s while the real winner , Oklahoma sits there twiddling their thumbs.


The Oklahoma Sooners are the real National winners. They were lowballed all night and if Alabama had not tanked the final rotation this night could be even worse. So many people whined Alabama was being overscored all night ignoring the messy routines Florida was getting 9.9’s on. I wish I has taken notes to share all the steps Florida had.


Bridgey Caquatto ended the night on floor by taking a big step back on her double pike and yet still received a 9.950 to tie for the win.



I can’t believe I sat through all of this shit. I am a huge Sloan fan and want her to overtake Kupets in medals but if sitting through this shit for hours is what I have to get to see that then I won’t be seeing it.

The only good news in this is Oklahoma still gets to be National Champion even if Florida hogs the fucking trophy’s like as LOL put it in e-mail a bunch of selfish bitches.


I thought LSU had a chance to win this? They were horrible. I wasn’t impressed at all.

Why did Florida get to carry the trophy’s around when they won last year. Shouldn’t they have given them to Oklahoma since this was their first and REAL title?

Why does Macko get special treatment?
I get school comes first but if you are getting a free ride based on a sport it seems like you should find a way to be there for Practice.


Just thought I would mention today is the Anniversary of the Oklahoma bombing. Its a shame everyone seems to have forgotten about it since 9-11. Its one of those dates I always remember.

The mass murderer who’s name I refuse to say out loud targeted children in a day care. I hope he is having fun in hell.

Don’t forget about me

April 19, 2014


Remember me? I also have an Amanar and if my coach doesn’t break me I would make a great Vault/Floor specialist.


Kwan Article

Super 6 is set. Suck it UCLA you overscored spoiled bitches. Go home and cry. MeanMe

I watched most of this meet and the scoring should be investigated. How did Alaina Johnson get a 9.9 on Vault when she took a step and was off to the right? Sam Peszek got over a 9.9 when she took steps. Kytra Hunter nearly landed on her knee’s in her final pass and got a 9.9

Bridget Sloan fell off beam after nearly falling off beam before that and still got a 9.2.

Oklahoma nailed routines left and right and got 9.9’s.

The scoring between sessions was just, bad.

Alabama wasn’t nearly as overscored as Florida no matter what anyone tells you.

Final 6 teams

Session 1

Oklahoma 197.500
Lsu 197.100
Georgia 197.300

Session 2

Alabama 197.650
Florida 197.650
Nebraska 197.100

Tomorrow night is the Super 6

Live Video

Event Finals are Sunday


1 Brandie Jay Georgia 9.950
2 Lindsay Mable Minnesota 9.900
2 Lindsey Cheek Georgia 9.900
2 Ashleigh Gnat LSU 9.900
2 Rheagan Courville LSU 9.900
2 Sachi Sugiyama Michigan 9.900
2 Maileana Kanewa Oklahoma 9.900
2 Haley Scaman Oklahoma 9.900

1 Katherine Grable Arkansas 9.950
1 Olivia Courtney UCLA 9.950
3 Bridget Sloan Florida 9.925
3 Georgia Dabritz Utah 9.925


1 Lindsey Cheek Georgia 9.925
1 Kristina Vaculik Stanford 9.925
3 Rheagan Courville LSU 9.900
3 Joanna Sampson Michigan 9.900
3 Taylor Spears Oklahoma 9.900
3 Shona Morgan Stanford 9.900
3 Samantha Shapiro Stanford 9.900

1 Bridget Sloan Florida 9.950
2 Kim Jacob Alabama 9.925
2 Mackenzie Caquatto Florida 9.925
2 Alaina Johnson Florida 9.925
2 Samantha Peszek UCLA 9.925


1 Taylor Spears Oklahoma 9.925
2 Hanna Nordquist Minnesota 9.900
2 Madline Gardiner Oregon State 9.900
2 Mary Beth Box Georgia 9.900
2 Lindsey Cheek Georgia 9.900
2 Sydney Ewing LSU 9.900
2 Chayse Capps Oklahoma 9.900
2 Kristina Vaculik Stanford 9.900

1 Kim Jacob Alabama 9.925
2 Sarah DeMeo Alabama 9.900
2 Alaina Johnson Florida 9.900
2 Mackenzie Caquatto Florida 9.900
2 Hollie Blanske Nebraska 9.900
2 Jamie Schleppenbach Nebraska 9.900
2 Jessie DeZiel Nebraska 9.900
2 Emily Wong Nebraska 9.900


1 Joanna Sampson Michigan 9.950
1 Maileana Kanewa Oklahoma 9.950
1 Haley Scaman Oklahoma 9.950
4 Brandie Jay Georgia 9.925
4 Jessica Savona LSU 9.925
4 Lara Albright Oklahoma 9.925

1 Katherine Grable Arkansas 9.950
1 Kim Jacob Alabama 9.950
1 Emily Wong Nebraska 9.950
4 Lauren Beers Alabama 9.925
4 Diandra Milliner Alabama 9.925
4 Becky Tutka Utah 9.925
4 Nansy Damianova Utah 9.925

We are not perfect, as also the skaters are not perfect,“Sometimes, they do a mistake. Mistakes are possible, because we are human beings.” Ottavio Cinquanta

April 16, 2014

Fire Speedy Petition

What happened wasn’t a mistake. Those judges and officials knew exactly what they we doing. Mistakes implies an accident. This was no accident. Fuck you Speedy

Adelina Sotnikova will be touring with Stars on Ice. Want to know why Scott Hamilton didn’t call out the biased cheating at the last Olympics? That is your answer. I honestly don’t understand why they want her and her fake Gold medal on tour anyway. Maybe she had nothing to do with the cheating maybe she did but it would send a huge message to the Skating community if they left her at home. I don’t care if its mean. The only way for anything to be done is if the cheaters learn they will not reap the benefits if they cheat. Its like North Korea being banned for 3 years for the cheating of one gymnast. That was not her fault (a child under communism) but if they didn’t send the message to North Korean they would still be cheating. Russia has never learned that lesson.


This has nothing to do with sport but I had to react to this article about Dawson’s Creek.

I was a huge Pacey and Joey fan and pretty much quit watching the show after they broke up. My thought process back then was that Kevin Williamson didn’t care what the fans wanted and that he was going to do what he wanted (put Joey with Dawson) and I would be smart to stop watching so not to be disappointed in the end.

Turns out I was right. Read the article where he still insists that Dawson was Joey’s soul mate and he had planned on putting Joey with Dawson until the very last minute when he changed his mind.

I feel very vindicated. I always knew that idiot Williamson was stuck in his vision of what he wanted the show to be vs the reality of what it was with the chemistry between Katie Holmes and Joshua Jackson and he pretty much admitted that in the article above.

And he is lying when he says people still come up to him and say Dawson should have been with Joey. No one liked Dawson back then. Everyone hated him. Newsflash Kevin the internet did exist and hell even my sister wanted Joey with Pacey and we never agree on anything.

When it comes to TV Shows I am one of those people that has to constantly tell myself that just because I think something doesn’t mean its true. This little diddy of an article is not going to help me in any aspect for future TV shows.

For the record I think the actors that played Kate and Sawyer on Lost wanted their characters together but didn’t want to piss off the producers (and lose future work with Disney owned related shows) by coming out and saying it after Lost ended and that is why they said anything they said after the fact. In fact every person that was on the show loved the stupid ending and there is no way in hell that is true.

I will go to my grave thinking that . Maybe ten years down the road they will come out and say it instead of praising the dumbest ending to a Television show EVER !!!!

They spent the entire show with Kate and Sawyer as love interests and then expected us the fans to believe they meant nothing to each other in the end? Kate ending up with Jack was a joke and I still hate Juliet with a passion. If the actress that plays her is on TV show I won’t watch it. All of this is just giving me a


Florida is on pace to win again because they are grossly overscored and College Gymnastics is a joke.

I was so excited for Bridget Sloan to overtake the annoying Courtney Kupets in total medals for College Gymnastics and she has a great shot because she is now just as overscored as Courtney Kupets was during her career.

LSU has been scored generously during the season but I expect that to be tempered when they compete head to head vs Florida.

I have not seen a single meet by Oklahoma this year and last year when they ended half their bar routines with double tucks I stopped rooting for them to win. Hopefully they upgraded those bars dismounts.

I have figured out why I don’t like Bailie Key

April 15, 2014

She is Kim Zmeskal 16 years later. Overrated and overscored on bars. A Very good vaulter with the least amount of vault allowed at this time in gymnastics to be considered an All Arounder. A consistent beamer and a good tumbler with slightly better dance ability then her coacherpart ( A new word. Its like counterpart) Did I mention she has Kim Zmeskal’s lack of style from 1992? Every time I see a picture of her from a Meet after party she has the ugliest outfit I have ever seen on. At her size anything she wears should look great on her.


The good thing about Bailie is her new floor routine is actually impressive and artistic which is something I never thought we would see from her as a gymnast.

Watch Bailie’s old routine with the Kim Zmeskal like music and then watch Kim Zmeskal’s 1992 routine. Its like they are twins. I am so glad Bailie upgraded.

I don’t want to make it seem like I hate Bailie. I don’t. She seems like a sweet kid and is a great little gymnast and if she gets an Amanar I can see her winning the AA at the Olympics in 2016 but as a gymnast she is not my cup of tea. Kim created her baby clone.

USA-Gymnastics has released their 2014 Hall of Fame members. Gag with me people. I am surprised they didn’t elect “it” into the Hall by herself. She is going to have to share the spotlight.

Another thing I don’t get why did the other gymnasts have to wait 10 years but the Queen Bee gets elected after that debacle of a comeback?

Pac Rims Event Finals: Live Blogging Senior women

April 12, 2014


1. Elsabeth Black CAN 14.362
2. Courtney McGregor NZL 14.312
3. Maegan Chant CAN 14.3

1. Elizabeth Price USA 14.6
2. Kyla Ross USA 14.35
3. Georgia-Rose Brown AUS 14.15

1. Kyla Ross USA 15.025
2. Yufen Xie CHN 14.9
3. Elizabeth Price USA 14.625

1. Elizabeth Price USA 14.95
2. Kyla Ross USA 14.5
3. Aleeza Yu CAN 13.975


Event Finals start list
Event Finals schedule

Live Video
Live Scoring.

Aly article from the comments


Floor Final

Black: Nailed double layout. Messy second pass. Ugly knee’s. Kyle is impressed. I am not really. I find her messy all the time and I hate bent knee’s. The Camera sucks for floor (5.7) 14.050 (Judges agree with me) 13.925. They lowered her score.

Courtney Mcgregor: She kind of walked through that routine with no flow. Started with a double pike and ended with a double tuck. 5.6 for a 13.225

Ebee Price: Double double stuck. Double layout , small step. Stuck double pike. Nice job but I hate that music. PLEASE Change it Ebee:) 14.950 (6.0)

Charlotte Sullivan: She kind of walked through that routine too. Stepped OOB on her second pass. My eye sight stinks so this feed is killing my eyes. 13.275 ( 5.5)

Aleeza Yu: I stop paying attention to any floor routine that started with a double tuck even if in combination. She’s a pretty dancer and I love the music but the Choreography I am supposed to like I didn’t. Okay I should say I didn’t I should say I didn’t like all of it. 13.975 (5.5)

Isabella Amado: Another double tuck to start. ZzZzZzZZZZZzzzzzz. That isn’t even good enough in College. Okay so she is from Panama and I should be impressed because that wasn’t a too bad routine considering.(5.0) 13.575

Mai Muakami: Come on Mai!!! Double layout. Triple twist. Did she just end with a double twist? (que?) Lordy lord. Nice routine. Won’t beat Ebee. 5.3 for a 13.425. I just assumed she fell to make it into final but this start value is crazy for someone as much power as her. Way too low.

Kyla Ross: Hit her first pass combination this time. Double pike. Small step. Feed went out for her last pass. Might have been short but it cut out. 5.5 for a 14.550

LESSON FOR KYLA. Your floor routine beats Ebee if you had a real start value. I don’t understand how you work on your artistry and not your skillllllls. I know its early. I know you know more than me. If you are reading this you say SHUT UP BLOGGER but I just want more for you. I am talking to myself.

There is no highbar feed on my list of videos. I found the high bar. Yes


Balance Beam Finals

Black fell on her layout then balked another skill. She hit her punch piked front but that was about it. 5.8 13.375
In her defense they made her wait 5 minutes to compete.

Aleeza Yu: She fell too. She at least has nice lines. She had to wait too. Guess everyone is waiting. 5.9 13.450

Kyla Ross: Small bobble on her first leap series. Hit her punch front wolf. Had another small bobble on another skill. Small step on landing. Taking forever on her score. I am pretty sure she was supposed to connect something else but I forget what. 6.1 for a 15.050. Maybe she connected it and I was day dreaming. With the 2 falls before her this routine was easily much better than them or Marta filed another start value petition.

Chinami Otaki: A few bobbles but day dreamed through this too, 5.2 13.825

Georgia Rose Brown: 3 bobbles and fall on dismount. She needs a cookie. 12.650 (5.5)

Ebee Price: Nice routine for Ebee save the leap combination she was short on. 14.625 (6.0)

Mai Murakami: Fall on her dismount. 5.2 12.775

Yufen Xie: Bobble on her side somi and two small steps on dismount but a beautiful routine. Typical Chinese.

6.2 for a 14.900.


Uneven Bar Finals

Kyla in red. Ebee in gross dark pink. China in winter coats. I have no sound at all now. Not even back ground noise which is a fun way to watch a meet:)

Munteanu from Aus had a pretty impressive routine form wise. She missed her handstands and will get killed on the D score but an impressive combination of skills. Only got a 13.775 (5.7) Those handstands killed her but feet together impresses me.

Yufen Xie stayed on bars but missed all her handstands too. 6.0- 14.050

Kyla is next: She was slightly short on first 2 handstands and the same leggy Van Luwen ( Someday I will learn to spell that correctly) and she was short on her landing taking a step. 14.375 (5.9)

Chow is so cute fixing the bars for Kyla with her coach.

Woe Ebee was off on almost all her handstands too. 6.4 for a 14.600

Black missed a few handstands and had some leg issues but stayed on. 5.5 for a 13.900

Georgia Rose Brown was laboured and slow and messy and maybe missed a handstand or two or three. 6.1 for a 14.150. I don’t agree with that. Everyone else was killed on handstands and form issues but she wasn’t.

Mai Murakami had a lot of close release moves. She stayed on but not a great routine. 4.9 for a 13.025

Chinami Otaki: She falls. 5.4 12.450


Vault Finals

So I am watching the Vault finals and feel like we could pluck any level 10 in the US or member of the 1992 US Olympic team from retirement and come out with a Gold medal over what we have seen so far. The one DTY seen so far is a complete leggy mess.

MR Hollie Vise fell off pommels. Bozo won a silver on Floor.

Kyle Shewfelt has the most annoying feminine voice of all time but he seems to be pretty honest in his assessment so far. The other guy with him is kind of funny but the feed is off by like 20 seconds to the commentating which is really annoying.

These Canadian leotards are the grossest things I have ever seen. Bozo fell off pommels. Black had the best 2 vaults so far but they were still a gross mess. Kyle pointed out earlier that this final is weak. At least he is honest.

I seem to have lost the commentating (aww, that’s too bad said no one ever)

Junior Results

Bailie won Vault and Floor. Norah won beam (She originally was in second place with a 6.2 start value but they raised the start value by 1 tenth and her score went up to a 14.850 taking over first from Bailie Key) and Huan Luo won bars. Nia Dennis finished close to last on floor and won a silver on vault.

Pac Rims Team and AA. Semi live blogging

April 9, 2014

Event Finals start list
Event Finals schedule

Live Video
Live Scoring.

Thoughts before bed. Kyla I love you but UPGRADE. Unless you do something you are losing your AA spot to Price. I will take into consideration your mess up on floor ( losing 3 tenths) and your downgrade by 5 tenths on bars but that still puts you behind Ebee by 4 tenths.

Great job Ebee. I will always think your floor is overscored because of the lack of artistry but your beam keeps getting better (work on the leaps) and you deserved this win.

Bailie, you bore me but you are Miss Consistent.

Getting a kick out of Ms Con=geniality Kyla Ross talking to the Canadians. Now she is signing autographs for them still talking. This is why I love this kid. While the rest of the US is chatting by themselves Kyla is running for Mayor of Canada and she has no clue the camera is on her.

Now the other gymnasts have joined the line for Kyla’s autograph and a picture.

Noe the HBIC Canadian is yelling at the VOLuNTEERS to do their job. Biatch.

They took my feed away 😦

Medal time.


Rotation 4- Bars

ZHOU Linlin just had a beautiful beam routine.

Norah was off on all her handstands. I love this angle. (5.7) 14.200
Bailie was short on a few handstands. (5.6) 14.350
Peyton 14.600 (5.9)
Kyla. Kid hit her handstands and this angle shows it. 14.800 (5.9)
Ebee (6.4) 15.000
Nia (5.4) 14.000 ( Short on a lot of handstands)


Rotation 3- Vault

Bailie (44.900)
Ebee (44.900)
Kyla (43.900)
Dennis (43.950)
Norah (42.650)
Peyton (29.100) ( 2 events)

Vault was going by quickly so I missed Nia. I only saw Bailie land. Peyton had a short DTY.Kyla had a step on a DTY but a lot of height from this angle. Ebee was a bit short on her Amanar.

Nia (5.8) 15.150
Baile (5,8) 15.300
Kyla (5.8) 15.300
Peyton (5.8) 15.050
Norah (5.0) 14.050
Ebee (6.3) 15.700

USA 177.650 (1) 61.450 (1) 0.000 (3) 58.050 (1) 58.750 (1)
CHN 164.850 (2) 55.750 (2) 56.300 (1) 0.000 (3) 52.950 (3)
CAN 164.050 (3) 0.000 (3) 53.500 (2) 55.150 (2) 55.550 (2)


Rotation 2- Floor
(This is the worst feed of all 3)

Not close enough for specifics. Nia’s looked a little short on her first pass and took two small steps on her last. She is watchable on floor. (5.9 )for a 14.750
Bailie- Short on her double Memmel and a small step on her first pass. Big step on her double tuck. (6.0) 14.750
Kyla missed the leap out of first pass. Big step on double pike. (5.4) 14.150
Ebee nailed the shit out of that double layout but I hate this music. (6.0) 15.00 She nailed her passes and these are the types of floor routines judges like now.
Norah had a 5.2 start value for a 13.950
Elisabeth Black got a 15.000 on beam with a 6.6 start value.
Peyton scratched Floor. How is this team event working because doesn’t that leave the US short a senior floor worker? I guess the team event is both juniors and seniors.
They raised Ebee’s floor score to a 15.100


Ugly ass pink leotards AGAIN.

Rotation 1: Beam

Key hit beam with a low Arabian but got a 6.3 start value for a 14.850.
Ebee has a few bobbles on beam but good for her 14.100 (5.9)
Peyton stayed on beam but missed both connections I saw 14.050 (6.0)
Norah, Big bobble on her punch front and she missed a connection or 2. Not her best but good enough. She reminds me of Shawn but with better leaps and presentation which is lacking on beam these days (6.2) 14.650
Kyla landed short on her dismount and missed her connection to the wolf jump but my feed was bouncy (5.7) 14.450
Nia is last. Hiding her is my guess ? She has a great Arabian but the rest of this is blah (5.8) 14.050

OVERALL the US wasn’t great on beam but for being up first they did okay. Kyla’s execution is saving her once again. China had no difficulty on floor and Canada was killed on bars.

I don’t think I will be doing much live blogging. The competition starts at 10 and I need to get up early tomorrow morning but the above links work and we are currently in the middle of watching the last rotation of the second session.