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September 29, 2010


No word for Lashenova YET

September 29, 2010

IG has a short article up that tells us that there is no word yet on if she can stay on a working visa (Wow I feel like I just watched the news after a plane crash where they come on and tell us for an hour that they know nothing) but I have to wonder what the US is thinking with this situation.

Usually I am pro if the US doesn’t want you here then you don’t belong here but this situation makes little sense. Natalia Laschenova has been here paying her taxes for years and working and being a good person. She isn’t collecting welfare like a certain Presidents Aunt who had the nerve to say that the US owed her and had to take care of her.

Read these comments below and tell me why this idiot women is allowed to stay here illegally while she is living in section 8 and collecting welfare but Lashenova is being kicked out when she did everything right?

“I don’t mind,’’ she said. “You can take that house. I can be on the streets with homeless people. I didn’t ask for it. They gave it to me. Ask your system. I didn’t create it or vote for it. Go and ask your system.’’

Then she goes on to say when asked who piad for her lawyer that God has graced her with blah, blah, blah. Yes she means President Obama paid for her lawyer. Remember that next time you vote for that idiot.

Cassie Whitcomb and her mom don’t want you to be her fan

September 28, 2010

Visit sucks big time for not letting me embed for more Videos

A little birdy told me that Cindy Whitcomb has recently forced facebook to close two different fan pages dedicated to Cassie.

Apparently Cassie and her mother have decided that they don’t want anyone to be fans.

This blog has always been very supportive of Cassie due to the fact Marta has screwed her left and right out of world teams. All Cassie does is go to camp, hit and win or place on floor and bars but she gets left off the team for whatever reason Marta has against her.

MLT never comes out and complains but I could tell by the look on her face at Nationals after Cassie hit floor she was disgusted with the scoring but Mary Lee always plays the good soldier. Doesn’t matter if it is agreeing to let Jaycie Phelps and Amanda Borden lead off at the Olympics in 1996 even though they would have no chance at making the event finals (even though Jaycie was second at Nationals in the AA that year) or not saying a word when Cassie hits at all the camps but doesn’t even get a alternate spot on the World team. MLT stays classy. If I was her I would get mad and tell Marta off.

I really don’t know if the little birdy that told me this story is telling the truth or not. I do know that there was a fan page for Cassie on facebook but it doesn’t exist anymore. (Little birdy was the name of the person who left me a message and asked me to write a blog so I did. Little Birdy said she was told Cindy Whitcomb had both pages closed)

Real trolls at IG

September 28, 2010

Heather is a real troll at IG. She has used the same name to troll the board for over a month (after being banned under different Heather names) yet she is allowed to stay posting. All she ever does is call people names and tell everyone they are wrong and she is right. She is rude to everyone but her other user names (Go read you can tell the only people that agree with her are her)

Gotta love IP changers. “Heather” has a good one.

I just have to laugh because the gang members ( A cute nick name for the long time posters like Nastiafan101 and Kitty who think they run the board) have just gone missing. Heather has driven them away.

What I don’t understand is how this version of Heather is allowed to be a troll for so long while other posters were banned for lesser offenses. Some were banned just because they called out Nastia for her bad behavior against Chellsie and Shawn or her bad form. Yet this Heather has complete control. It makes little sense.

The real sad thing for gym fans is they have lost another place to discuss the sport. IG was never fair but it was still a place to discuss the sport.

I even feel a little bad for the idiots that post there (Just a little) Heather would be a funny haha to the gang members and Amanda who allows them to control the board if she wasn’t more obnoxious then they are. They are kind of getting a little taste of their own medicine though aren’t they??

Russia and Romania name teams for the World Championships

September 23, 2010

IG says….


Ksenia Afanasyeva, Ksenia Semyonova, Tatiana Nabiyeva, Aliya Mustafina, Anna Dementyeva, Anna Myzdrikova and Yekaterina Kurbatova


Sandra Izbasa, Ana Porgras, Diana Chelaru, Raluca Haidu, Cerasela Patrascu, Gabriela Dragoi and Amelia Racea.

At least we might get to see another cat fight betwenn bitch Semi and little Dem

Speaking of drama

September 21, 2010

There is a certain semi well known internet gym personality (she isn’t as well known as she thinks she is however) that recently has been bad mouthing blogs. Gotta love when the hypocrites get mad at people they can’t control. They can’t handle the fact that they can’t control the whole internet. They can only control their little part of the world and when that happens they throw fits. Maybe they need to spend less time ass kissing elite gymnasts butts on facebook and more time trying to take over the whole world then maybe they would actually matter.

Okay so I wrote this blog so they might think they matter because of that but my blog is all about calling out the hypocrites in the sport regardless of their place in the gym community and this girl is just one of those people.

Oh sweetie you are not Svetlana Khorkina

September 21, 2010

At 6 seconds you see Semi moving in front of Anna Dementyeva with a look of “Bitch stay out of my cricle” Then 24 seconds in after Anna puts her head on Semenova’s shoulder she gives her a dirty look, yells at her and practially shoves her off her shoulder.

Back in her day Svetlana Khorkina was known to be a bitch if someone on her team messed up but with Svetlana she was never mean for the sake of being mean. At least she wasn’t dumb enough to act like an asshole in front of a camera.

Someone needs to grow up and remember they are more like the court jester then the queen.

Gabrille Dougles stolen from her gym

September 20, 2010

That’s right you heard it here second(I stole it from Aunt Joyce:) According to Aunt Joyce Gabrielle left her gym because Kelli Hill stole her away. No wonder Skating people hide their SP and LP’s. Kelli Hill is the scum of the earth and I told you before her nice act was just that, an act. If this actually happens we will see.

gabby douglas left excaliber and is looking for other gyms. Where do you think she will go…… or how many days will it be before she ends up being coached by Kellli Hill?

She will go to Kelli. I think they have to wait to announce things but Kelli was VERY interested in her at Nationals. My friend (a gymnast’s mom from region 7) was watching Kelli because she has a ton of respect for her. She noticed that Kelli was watching Gabrielle Douglas like a hawk. This is a smart move as Excalibur is good for getting someone an NCAA scholarship, but they have no clue about the form, technique and refinement it takes to make an Olympic Team. Gabrielle has similar physical attributes to a young Dominique Dawes. She is light, quick, dynamic, quick twitch muscle fibers, powerful and she has the added advantage of being stylish with good toe point. Kelli can’t give up the sport just yet and she has another two years in her.

Move over Bross

September 19, 2010

You’ve got company.

More videos

Now I haven’t seen any videos (I am watching now) so I am sure the normal over score happened but based on the scores it look like Rebecca Bross has some competition for the world title in October.

Aliya Mustafina led the Russian team to a win over the Netherlands and Spain
scoring a 60.100 in the AA including an Amanar ( messy pre flight, stuck landing)and a 6.7 start value on bars.

Looking at the videos IMO Aliya has it big time over Bross on vault. A slight advantage on bars. Bross is better on beam and Aliya gains some more ground on floor. There won’t be any almost win with a fall this time for Bross

Other videos







Celebrating a cheater

September 17, 2010

Link to picture that now won’t work on freaking wordpress


Some people call this baseball. Some people call this cheating. Some people say its part of the game and some people will defend cheaters if they wear pin strips but if it isn’t against the rules then can you really call it cheating?

While it isn’t against the rules to lie and fake an injury so you can get a free pass to first base it still questions the integrity of a person that thinks it is an acceptable way to win a game. I just wonder what would have happened if someone not wearing pinstripes had done this. Would they be given the free pass cheater Jeter was given?

Cheating in the sport of gymnastics has been going on for years. It doesn’t matter if a gymnast/coach is lying about their age or faking an injury to compete in an AA they did not earn . Cheating is cheating so why is it allowed to go on?

Recently Reggie Bush was told to either give up his Heisman Trophy or it would be stripped so he gave it up (He took money as a College athlete when that is against the rules) Instead of giving that award to the second place finisher Vince Young the Heisman committee has decided to leave the award empty of a winner.

Just like the FIG did in 1991 when Kim Gwang Suk won the World title on bars but was later found out to be underage. Instead of giving the medals to Shannon Miller and Tatiana Gutsu they left the medal empty.

Yet in 2000 when a Chinese gymnast was found under age they took away the entire teams medal and gave them to the fourth place finisher. At that same Olympics in 2000 Andreea Raducan tested positive for a banned substance and was stripped of her AA Gold medal. She also tested positive during the team competition and vault competition but was allowed to keep those medals and so was the Romanian team. So why is it that the IOC has two sets of rules for the same sport. One for the Romanians who got to keep their medals but not the Chinese who lost their medals?

All the above examples are considered cheating but because each sport has their own rules (and in the gymnastics the FIG and IOC each have their own different rules) each has a different outcome to the said crime.

I guess no one should be faulting the underage Chinese when the professional athlete is doing the same thing while the world makes excuses for him

The FIG should just scrap having rules and all since they never follow them anyway. Alicia, Marion and company should all be banned from competing again this year. I guarantee you that this would never happen again if they were. Looks like Alicia has already made the world team anyway. Why is she even at camp?