Will she or won’t she?

We haven’t had a Nastia blog in awhile so lets discuss her comeback. Will she or won’t she. She said she would announce it in 2010. It’s now 2011. According to GGMB she was on the radio the other day and didn’t sound to confident about 2012 but we all know this girl will do anything for attention so down playing would be the norm for her. She also said she is aiming for worlds and Nationals this year. Sorry double talk makes me laugh. She is aiming for Nationals and Worlds but doesn’t think she can make 2012? I don’t understand why people buy the snow this girl shovels. They have plenty of it in Texas right now from what I read.

My guess is her ” announcement” will come when she can get the most publicity. The American Cup is in a month.

I personally think she is going for it. Maybe not full out but very much like she did in 2008. She wants the attention. She wants her name in the middle of this so she can get as much publicity as she can. Then again this is me here and I am always preparing for worst case scenario. Which would be Nastia on team 2012. You know Marta will put her on that team is she can swing a bar and I would hate to see a deserving gymnasts that went all out get screwed so Marta can bitter her way to Shannon Miller’s medal count.

Alicia is off to Jamaica. I guess not training in early 2011 to keep your body fresh for 2012 makes some sense but it isn’t going to help the upgrades she is going to need.

I also have to wonder if maybe Chellsie Memmel is back because she knows something we don’t. MY opinion is she has no chance in hell of making this team if Nastia makes it but that doesn’t mean Chellsie thinks that way. Maybe Chellsie thinks she has a shot even if Nastia is competing.

Shawn made the National team at a camp she said she barely did anything at. Who knows what the hell that is about. Motivating Nastia? Marta playing games with a bunch of kids is totally ridiculous.
That motivating comment came via GGMB via IG.

Has anyone seen the tweets between Nastia and Shawn about camp? They are hilarious. Look these girls do not get along. Playing the friendly role is such a pathetic attempt by both of them to play the game it just makes me laugh. This is like a soap opera. Not even a good one. Like when Jill Farren Phelps wrote One life to live in the late 90 early 2000’s.

Woga Classic via GGMB and The Examiner


Jordan Weiber (Twistars)
Mackenzie Brannan (Capital)
Samantha Partyka (Champion)
Claire Hammen (GKs)
Brandie Jay (GKs)
Rheagan Courville (Gymnasiana)
Ericha Fassbender (Stars Houston)
Ariana Guerra (Stars Houston)
Sophia Lee (WOGA)
McKenzie Wofford (WOGA)
Madison Kocian (WOGA)
Lizzy LeDuc (WOGA)
Katelyn Ohashi (WOGA)
Ivana Hong (WOGA)
Jaclyn McCartin (West Coast Elite)
Hallie Mossett (West Coast Elite)
Emma Sibson (Zenith Elite)

Irina Yashina
Anastasiya Marchuk

Madeline Gardiner
Victoria Moors
Bianca Dancose-Giambattisto
Anysia Unick

Anne Kuhm
Aurelie Malaussena
Doriane Thobie
Marine Brevet

Mitzi Unda-Sosa
Alexa Moreno
Clarissa Gonzalez
Brenda Areli Medina Nabarro

Isis Lowery

and just for fun I took this off IG. Nastia’s latest tweet? Now she is even making excuses for her BS. Gotta love it. Name dropping at ESPN and that idiot Kid Rock.

@ESPN Magazine Party with @KidRock performing….Almost my bedtime already haha & I have training tmrw morning so I can’t stay out too late!


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13 Responses to “Will she or won’t she?”

  1. exgymgurll Says:

    Nastia’s not doing it…. seriously not not even a little…

  2. gymtruthteller Says:

    I think you are wrong. I think she will do it to spite me and if for some reason you are right NBC will hire her and I’ll have to look at her anyway. This is how my life works GG. Just trust me on this:)

  3. exgymgurll Says:

    I dont think her back will hold up… I seriously dont… plus I think she’s probably still on diet drugs trying to lose weight.. shes been seriously photoshopped lately and those diet drugs even OTC ones dont pass IOC muster… I remember one time Alicia said she had to be “in the drug testing pool” for a number of months before she was competition eligible…just a thought

  4. gymtruthteller Says:

    Good thought about the drug testing pool. I hope you are right.

  5. exgymgurll Says:

    There was an interview Alicia gave where she said she had to be “in the drug testing group” for a certain number of days which she hadn’t been and that was why she wasnt competing yet… she actually said I think it was 90 … its on youtube somewhere… so if Nastia isn’t testing she cant be on the national team or compete at nationals or anywhere… that could also be keeping her off being “named” Some Brazilian gymnast that had lipo and took a weight loss diuretic failed and was held out of competition, so you know Marta’s going to be super careful and wait as long as she needs to. I guess training includes running into all her subway friends at superbowl preparty events and then getting all glammed up for a movie premier this evening…

  6. gymtruthteller Says:

    LOL about the superbowl party.Everything you say lately keeps me laughing for hours.

  7. exgymgurll Says:

    These whole comeback things, I am not a huge fan of Shawn but at least she looks serious and happy and even though it was Iowa media she said if she made the world team for 2011 then the Olympic team in 2012 is realistic…and she did some tumbling for them. Shes humbling herself, having a life, but taking her gymnastics seriously. Shes got a hunger in her eyes that I didn’t even see in Beijing…like Alicia does, like Chellsie does… even Bridget to some extent…while Sam Pesczek and Nastia have a vacant stare…

  8. gymtruthteller Says:

    Nastia is wearing color again which means she is getting back in shape. I know she can’t be an AAer anymore but Marta will take her even if just for bars and that is what concerns me so much. With the way Marta kills gymnasts before Olympics and worlds it could seriously hurt the US if they get stuck with her on the team for one event.

  9. msjess Says:

    Memmel flat out said in interviews that the US needs higher scores on bars to be competitive and that was where she fits in on the team. I don’t know if she knows more about Nastia’s plans than the rest of us. Anyway my guess is that Nastia knows she can make money via endorsement deals if she makes a comeback, however serious but her dad wouldn’t settle for less than her making a second olympics

  10. Catching up with the celebrities « Elite Gymnastics Stars Says:

    […] anything about America’s three most-laughable celebrities-slash-public figures, but I was over on GymTruthTeller’s blog a little while ago, and she always has plenty to say about Shawn, A-Suk and […]

  11. Sarah! Says:

    Just stopping by to say hi after a LONG break. But I’m back at it and this story of yours inspired one out of me. As usual you are right on.


  12. gymtruthteller Says:

    SARAH!!!!!!!!! I have been wondering here you have been. I am so glad you are alive:)

    I have to go get ready to go out. My weekend ends tomorrow and I am taking full advantage of that fact tonight but come back soon so we can make fun of Nasty again. 🙂

  13. Sarah! Says:

    Well, I’m alive, yes. If you read “Live . . . from Malibu!” don’t worry – it was just a phase. I hope. I made fun of Nasty again – and A-Suk and Shawn too.


    I’m glad you’re alive, too, and I’m glad you’re still telling it like it is. The gym world sooooooooo needs people who will just say it, even if it sounds . . . Nasty sometimes.


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