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Alysa Liu is your, 2019, US National Figure Skating Champion

January 25, 2019

Watch before they take it down.

SP Detailed Results
LP Detailed Results

( NO WAY so called legit judges could see a triple axel so differently. GOE’s from plus 1 to plus 4. These judges weren’t even trying to be legit)

Yes she’s adorable. Yes she can do the “Triple Axel” Yes, she is your 2019 National Champion, cute as a button and to boot, a Michelle Kwan fan but she’s also too young to compete at Worlds. That’s Junior worlds too. She also cheated a couple of jumps but you know the judges, they love their , “Baby Ballerina’s” so they chose to ignore the under-rotations.

I will give the judges some credit here because they were willing to give the title to Mariah but she fell and that fall literally cost her the title.

Rocker Skating has the top skaters LP but they won’t be up for log so go watch now. I look forward to seeing Alysa in 3 years when she can compete as a senior.

This is a great resource for who won what. Bradie won skating Skills. Alysa was 6th. In fact, Alysa was only top 4 in one catagory, transitions. Interesting thing is ting Cui was 3rd in everything.

( go to Rockers twitter for press conference tweets but do it quickly or he will move on to the men’s and you will have to search)

Alysa quotes:

” Liu: When my score came up, I still thought it wasn’t over because there was one more skater. I was just very happy with my score and that I did a clean long program. ”

” Liu: I did want to win, and so did everyone else at this competition. I don’t really listen to the media when I focus on the competition. I just wanted to do my best after I got here.”

1. Alysa Liu – 217.51 (143.62)
2. Bradie Tennell – 213.59 (68.61, 69.38, -1.00, 136.99)
3. Mariah Bell – 212.40 (73.11, 69.99, -1.00, 142.10)
4. Hanna Harrell – 203.11 (75.71, 59.24, 134.94)
5. Ting Cui – 194.30 (77.11, 62.55, 139.66)
6. Megan Wessenberg – 182.55 (122.18)
7. Amber Glenn – 180.73 (51.92, 59.95, 110.87)
8. Starr Andrews – 175.70 (60.30, 56.74, 117.04)
9. Emmy Ma – 174.82 (52.59, 58.10, 109.69)
10. Akari Nakahara – 166.76 (109.04)
11. Brynne McIsaac – 157.34 (47.98, 53.90, 100.88)
12. Sierra Venetta – 152.93 (53.60, 51.56, 105.16)
13. Rena Ikenishi – 152.70 (52.95, 48.74, 101.69)
14. Heidi Munger – 151.85 (52.35, 48.13, 99.48)
15. Hannah Miller – 148.38 (43.88, 51.75, 95.63)
16. Courtney Hicks – 145.95 (44.13, 49.78, 92.91)
17. Julia Biechler – 133.88 (36.98, 49.92, -4.00, 82.90)

Now I am going to do what I always do after watching a Nationals. Go watch the Kween to remember when I loved skating. Tho this Nationals was better than past ones. Alysa is beautiful to watch. I think Ting was my favorite. Mariah has improved soo much.

The demise of, The Skating lesson.

January 23, 2019


For those who don’t know, Dave Lease the co-creator of the Skating lesson has deleted his twitter account used for the show. Apparently a few members of the skating community including a coach allegedly have threatened and intimidated him for reporting the news that John Coughlin had been suspended. Dave had also been sent death threats and recently decided it wasn’t safe to attend US Nationals. There are also rumors that there are other skaters involved in harassing him.


I watched his video with Christine Brennan that he took down where he implied that a skater skating at Nationals was one of the people who filed a report against Coughlin and that this skater has been getting harassed by judges and others because they blame her for reporting him.


Now the rumor that a skater is being harassed for reporting Coughlin is HIGHLY disturbing.

To be honest I am not really a fan of Dave Lease but his videos at the skating lesson were excellent. He is an asshole when it comes to gymnastics ( making fun of Shannon Miller for shaving her head when she had cancer comes to mind. Selling out his morals by accepting an invitation from Nastia to go to lunch then never reporting anything negative about her again…) but NO ONE has a right to send him death threats for simply reporting the facts. That’s all he did. He put a notice on his facebook page that Coughlin had been suspended.

Anyone that wants to do some research on the alleged coach I give you this tweet.



Before I started this blog I had heard from people that certain members of a now differently named gymnastics message board had tried to break into bank accounts of ex members of their board . Ex members they deemed unworthy. They had also spent time trying to get these members fired from their jobs. That is when I decided I wouldn’t be attaching my name or past handle’s of different internet sites to this blog. Looking this situation with Dave makes me know I made the right decision.

It’s crazy enough that no name, fools are sending death threats but to hear that coaches and skaters and judges are harassing him for reporting the facts is down right insane.

If a skater/coach/fan has an issue with Dave’s opinion that is something he has to deal with. He decided to put his name and face out there and that comes with the territory ( Hi Gabby fans. All 3 of you:) but there is no need to sending the man death threats.

I had always thought the skating community loved Dave so I was surprised to hear so many skaters coaches etc… had issues with things he has said. I shouldn’t have been surprised though considering the bull shit I have had to deal with concerning this blog and so called members of the “gymternet” community ( still a stupid nick name for a bunch of adults) but I have always considered us the rebels of the gym world ( mostly because I know for a fact some of my biggest detractors have tried to post here multiple times and that one psycho that makes up lies about me. Hashtag Whatever πŸ™‚ Hypocrisy at it’s best.

Dave seems to have disappeared from the internet but I hope he doesn’t cave to the pressure of this idiot coach and her cohorts and get rid of his vlog for good. Don’t let them win, Dave. You have a right to make these videos.

In other skating news….

Europeans is happening right now…


Two defendants in the trial regarding the murder of Denis Ten have been sentenced to 18 years in prison.

Gracie gold won’t compete at Nationals ( someone finally talked some sense into her )

DAISUKE TAKAHASI HIT A QUAD IN WARM UP of Nationals and it was a thing of beauty.

And some gymnastics rumors sent to me from Gigi from Paul Ziert’s facebook.

Apparently Paul Ziert put this up on his facebook page and then he was called out by someone who thinks he put it up knowing it was untrue just to cause an uproar. God I love people who still have facebook in 2019 πŸ™‚ The last one is hilarious because it’s just factual proof that Ziert is bitter he isn’t in the

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screen shot 2019-01-23 at 9.57.56 pm
screen shot 2019-01-23 at 9.59.28 pm

It’s a Wonderful Life: Simone Biles. Part 3 : The Olympic Year

January 19, 2019

(Part 1) ( Part 2)

Simone didn’t compete at Jesolo or the American Cup. She won the 2016 Pan Am‘s but was taken out of the Event Finals. ( Without Simone, Aly wins, Laurie Hernandez is second and Brenna Dowell moves into 3rd) Simone only competed, bars and beam at Classics placing 5th and 1st ( Without her competing, Alyssa Baumann takes first, Aly Second and Ashton Locklear into 3rdΒ  (beam)

2016 US Nationals: Let the Marta Games begin

Simone wins Nationals by almost 4 points. It’s pretty boring in general and more remembered for who didn’t compete or show up then who did. Ragan Smith fell apart and finished 8th. Maggie Nichols was injured and only competed bars and beam. Nia Dennis only did bars. Madison Kocian had her DTY back and was told not to compete it or she would have placed 4th. Bailie Key was out with injury. Mad props to my girl , Amelia Hundley for going 8 for 8 and finishing 6th.

***** Without Simone the only option for a Vault/Floor specialist was once again Mykayla Skinner. I still feel like Mykayla Skinner would have been less nit-picked if she was the only option for a Vault medal.

All Around: Simone Biles.. Aly Raisman 2nd- Laurie Hernandez 3rd- Gabby Douglas

Vault: 1st: Simone Biles Mykayla Skinner

Bars: ( No change) Simone finished 4th behind, Ashton, Madison and Laurie. Gabby finished 5th . Rachel Gowey would have moved up to 4th…

Beam: 1st- Simone Biles Aly Raisman 2nd- Laurie Hernandez 3rd- Alyssa Baumann

Floor- 1st- Simone Biles Aly Raisman 2nd- Laurie Hernandez and Mykayla Skinner

****** Aly would have been all Around, beam and Floor National Champion.

The 2016 Olympic Trials: The injured make comebacks…

In the past hitting when it matters has always been huge in Marta’s eyes that’s what makes watching this meet so frustrating. Everyone did their job. Everyone showed up especially on day 2 when the pressure was the hardest. Well almost everyone. I tried not to make the 2015 Worlds all about Gabby but that’s what it turned into and I don’t want to start this 2016 blog the same way so I’m just gonna say no matter what Gabby did at this competition there was no way she wasn’t making this team unless she fell off bars, twice. In 2016, she won Jesolo. She won the American Cup. In the end it doesn’t matter if Marta perfectly planned her “year 2016” keeping her away from Simone Biles and forcing Maggie not to do her Amanar at the Scam Cup. It is what it is….

Without Simone, Laurie Hernandez wins the 2016 Olympics Trials. She had some scores the announcers were concerned about and probably would have been a lot higher if she and Aly were the two fighting for best gymnast in 2016..

2016 Olympic Trials :

1st- Simone Biles Laurie Hernandez 2nd- Aly Raisman 3rd- Mykayla Skinner- 4th- Ragan Smith 5th- Maggie Nichols 6th- Gabby Douglas 7th- Madison Kocian 8th- Amelia Hundley

2016 Olympic Games:

Qualifications: (Scroll down)

Vault, Simone would have been replaced with, Brittany Rogers… On bars, no change. Simone qualified 14th with the best routine I have ever seen her do. She was lowballed here then overscored from here on out oh, and, FAN YILIN WAS ROBBED…. On beam, Simone would be replaced by, Gabby or Aly. Both had the same start value and same deductions. I always thought execution was the deciding factor back in the day so I’m not sure who would have replaced, Simone and on Floor, Simone would have been replaced with, Laurie Hernandez. It should also be noted without Simone, IMO, Mykayla Skinner would have been on this team and would have made finals on this event. Same with Vault.

The All Around: ” We all have to deal with disappointment”

1st- Simone Biles Aly Raisman 2nd- Aliya Mustafina 3rd- Shang Chunsong

******* Laurie Hernandez or Gabby could have made the medals without Simone existing.

Aly would have qualified first into the AA with Gabby in second BUT without Simone, Laurie Hernandez would be competing in this AA and easily would have beaten, Gabby to be the second All Around gymnast. All she needed was a , 14,756. Aly received a , 14.733 ( I rest my case) Also remember, someone like Skinner or Smith also could have competed. OR even Ashton who would have kicked Gabby out of the bar final….

2016 Olympic Games : Event Finals

Vault : 1st- Simone Biles Maria Paeska 2nd- Giulia Steingruber 3rd- Dipa Karmakar

**** Hong never would have tried the triple Amanar and could have won the Gold medal.

Uneven Bars: No change

Beam: 1st- Sanne Weevers 2nd- Laurie Hernandez 3rd- Simone Biles Marine Boyer

Floor: 1st- Simone Biles Aly Raisman 2nd- Amy Tinkler 3rd- Vanessa Ferrari

*** Laurie Hernandez would have placed second.


It’s hard to say who would have replaced Simone Biles on this team. She was the best chance at a Vault medal.She was an All Arounder even if everyone kept calling her bars her weakest event. She could have won beam and floor. Fact is, NO ONE could have replaced her but someone had too.

Of the alternates we have Mykayla Skinner and Ragan Smith who are both AA gymnasts. Then we have Ashton Locklear. Simone wasn’t known for bars but she was certainly a back up if needed but I don’t see Marta replacing her existence with someone who only existed for one event. So I crossed her out. We should also maybe add Maggie Nichols back into the mix. She decided not to go to camp and play Marta’s games but I think she would have if Simone didn’t exist. I also think the terrible trio wouldn’t have downplayed every single performance she had at Trials if Simone did not exist. Guess we will never know:)

Overall: I am SO glad Simone existed in 2016. With Gabby as the ” World Champion” from Worlds the year before, God only knows what would have happened with the media train coming at the preschool Queen…

2017: Simone didn’t exist. Not in Gymnastics, anyway….

2018 Haters gonna hate

This year will easily be remembered for the twitter/ fake instagram ” Finstagram” fight between Simone and Morgan. though I personally am gonna remember it for Simone falling twice at Worlds and still winning by nearly 2 points. ( Rumor has it that the powers that be want to fix it so that this never happens again and IMO, That would be 2 points for any fall. Hell make it 3. )

Simone won the GK, US Classic with Riley in second, Morgan Hurd in third and Shilese Jones in 4th…. There was no Jesolo and Simone didn’t compete in the American Cup or pac Rim Championships….

At Nationals Simone won every event.. This is what it would have looked like if she never existed… ( P.S.- Am I the only one who feels like the US gymn heads want to erase every single US record from the record books and replace them with Simone’s name?…..)

All Around: 1- Simone Biles Morgan Hurd 2nd- Riley McCusker 3rd- Grace McCallum

Event Finals:

Vault: 1st- Simone Biles Jordan Chiles 2nd Jade Crey

Bars: 1st- Simone Biles – Riley McCusker 2nd- Morgan Hurd 3- Trinity Thomas

Beam: 1st- Simone Biles Kara Eaker 2nd- Riley McCusker 3rd- Morgan Hurd

Floor: 1st- Simone Biles Jade Carey 2nd- Morgan Hurd 3rd- Grace McCallum

2018 World Championships: Falling for medals

World Selection Camp Results : 1st: Simone Biles RileyMcCusker 2nd- McCallum 3rd-Hurd 4th- Ragan Smith 5th- Kara Eaker

The team was named, Biles, Hurd, McCallum, McCusker, Kara Eaker and Ragan Smith. The alternate would be chosen at worlds. Ragan Smith was eventually named the alternate.

***** Without Simones Biles on this team Ragan Smith would have competed. No mention of who the non traveling alternate was…

Qualifications: Kidney Stones, nervous Riley….

The line ups were set, with Simone and Morgan making the AA after a nervous Riley had multiple mistakes…

****** Ragan Smith or Grace McCallum would have been doing AA without Simone existing. With McCallum being so consistent I could see them using her for AA and Ragan for vault, bars and floor or just using Ragan and keeping McCallum off beam for Eaker… it’s hard to say with them all being a bit inconsistent at times…

******* With Ragan allowed to compete we never know what she would have pulled out. I could see her making floor and beam finals or falling all over the place…

It was a strange year but Simone won her 4th AA title.. Khorkina still calling her that American gymnast after beating her record for World Titles was amusing enough to be happy that Simone, the gymnast , still exists πŸ™‚

All Around: 1st Simone Biles Mai Murakami 2nd- Morgan Hurd 3rd- Nina Derwael 4th- Angelina Melnikova

**** I was surprised they didn’t give Morgan the floor score she needed for second and without Simone existing I think they probably would have moved her into first. I would have been pissed as hell too because if anyone deserved to win that All Around gold medal it was the 4 performances put up by Mai Murakami in this AA…

Event Finals:

******* Without Simone, McCallum was second reserve in vault finals with Liliia Akhaimova ahead of her…. On bars, Tingting Liu takes her place with Riley’s mistakes putting her in 13th ( she would have moved up to 3rd alternate)… On beam, Marine Boyer would have replaced her with Morgan and Hua-Tien Ting tied for second reserve and on Floor she would have been replaced by Tisha Volleman. Riley was 14th but would have been third reserve without Simone….

Vault: 1st- Simone Biles Shallan Olsen 2nd- Alexa Moreno 3rd- Oksana Chusovitina 4th- Seojeong Yeo

Bars : 1st- Nina Derwael 2nd- Simone Biles Elizabeth Sietz 3rd- Huan Luo 4th- Mustafina 5th- Hurd

Beam: 1st- Tingting Liu 2nd- Anne-Marie Padurariu 3rd- Simone Biles Nina Derwael

Floor: 1st- Simone Biles Morgan Hurd 2nd- Mai Murakami 3rd- Angelina Melnikova 4th- Flavia Saraiva

So overall…… The best part of 2018 was the fight between Morgan and Simone. It spiced up what was sure to be the most boring year in Gymnastics history with Simone coming back to win all the medals… I personally would love to have seen the , World All Around Champion title attached to Mai Murakami’s shoulders which “would” have happened if Simone never existed. It’s kind of ironic we might have had the same debate about winning with falls even if Simone didn’t exist. I personally feel like these judges would have given the World title to Morgan even with a fall if Simone never existed.

It’s a Wonderful Life: Simone Biles. Part 2

January 12, 2019

(Part 1)

2015: The year of “Galy”

“G” abby and “Aly” made comebacks. Kyla fell apart and Maggie Nichols made her move to the forefront….

Simone Biles won the American cup with Mykayla Skinner finishing second. I couldn’t find the alternate but Mykayla winning the American Cup might have gotten her a spot on the World team. Fasana would have moved to second and Lopez to third… Simone didn’t compete at the Pan Am games but won Jesolo beating Bailie Key. Aly would have moved up to silver and Gabby to bronze. Kyla fell on floor and only received an 11.500 that without the fall and a few tenths would have put her ahead of Gabby for third…. Jesolo sometimes only allowed 2 per Country so **** next to Gabby winning bronze ” if” Simone never existed because I don’t remember how it worked that year… Same with Event Finals because Marta used to move around gymnasts and take out who she wanted so I’m not sure who should have or would have competed without Simone, ESPECIALLY with Marta in charge……. Simone won the “Secret Classic” and without her Gabby takes over first, Maggie moves up to second and Key to third. I also have to believe without Simone, Marta would have been pushing Key a hell of a lot more as a contender…. Arianna Rocca ( Yeah I have never heard of her either) would have won Vault. Bars would have stayed the same ( Simone didn’t make the finals with Kyla winning and Keys second) Baumann would have won beam and Floor would have gone to Fasana once again making the Italians happy. Aly had a 3 tenth deduction or she would have been second/won……

2015 Nationals: Marta Games begin….

It’s interesting just how over scored Gabby was at this Nationals yet still wasn’t even top 3 on any event due to mistakes throughout Nationals yet she still made the World team because she” allegedly” did well at a secret camp headed by Marta. The judges overscored Gabby of course but not to the point where it put her ahead of other deserving gymnasts. In fact this entire year so far Gabby wasn’t better than half the gymnast that ended up in the running for the World team yet when it came down to it she still got to go to Worlds.. It really doesn’t make any sense. I know this blog is about what the world would have been like without Simone but doesn’t it always come back to the gifts Gabby received? During this Nationals broadcast, Peszek mentions that Maggie finished second to Simone at the camp before Nationals.

All Around: 1st- Simone Biles Maggie Nichols 2nd- Aly Raisman 3rd- Bailie Key

Vault: 1st- Simone Biles, Mykayla Skinner

Bars: No difference but it should be noted that Key finished 3rd, ahead OF Gabby…

Beam: 1st- Simone Biles Alyssa Baumann 2nd- Kyla Ross 3rd- Nia Dennis and Maggie Nichols

Floor: 1st- Aly Raisman 2nd- Simone Biles, Mykayla Skinner and Bailie Key ( Maggie Nichols finished 5th/would have been forth….

2015 Worlds: Thank God for Simone Biles

Marta brought 15 woman to the US camp training squad for Worlds, including Kyla Ross who eventually decided not to attend…. Marta named 7 girls to the team ( Biles, Raisman, Nichols, Douglas, Skinner, Dowell and Kocian. Playing her usual games, not deciding the alternate til right before the competition. Bailie Key and Alyssa Baumann were named non traveling alternates….

**** If you want to remember what you and I thought at the time these are the blogs to check out. Blog 1: ( Team Scenario’s Blog 2: Camp Martamonga Qualifying: All Around:
Team: Event Finals :
**** The team finals comment section is on

2015 World Championships, Qualifying: Maggie gets screwed

Leading up to qualifying Aly was doing well and given a spot in the All Around along with Simone and Gabby. Maggie was left off bars so Aly could compete. Aly fell off bars and had mistake on floor. Looking back Aly should have been left out of the AA in favor of Maggie but the real issue with all of this was Brenna Dowell even being on the team. She competed on the Uneven bars in prelims and fell, twice, receiving an 11.333. With Skinner on the team where she belonged instead of Brenna, Maggie would have competed UB in prelims and only needed a 12.984 to make the AA.. WHICH SHE EASILY COULD HAVE RECEIVED being she was used in team finals and received a 14.800…. Switching Brenna for Mykayla still makes sense even 4 years later…

The All Around: I love you Simone Biles:)

Without Simone in existence , Gabby wins the All Around being grossly over scored per usual. We cannot change history and give Aly a second chance or Maggie a chance at all because that wouldn’t be fair BUT… I think we actually can…. πŸ™‚

Without Simone on this team we need an alternate gymnast and no way in hell does Baumann fit the bill. The only other alternate was Bailie Key. Think about it for a second…. If Simone never existed , Bailie would have finished third at Nationals. She might have even been hyped a lot more than she was… Same with Maggie Nichols. One or Both could have been on this team. Bailie always scored better outside the Country then she did with Marta judges. You take away Simone and it doesn’t matter which gymnast you use because they both over take Gabby…. I also wonder if maybe Larisa would have been given better scores without coming as close as she did to beating Simone the year before…

All Around: 1- Simone Biles. Gabby Douglas 2nd- Larisa Iordache. 3rd- Shang Chunsong ***** Aly makes the AA. Maggie gets to compete the AA.. Bailie Key exists…

Vault : 1st- Maria Paeska 2nd- HONG Un Jong 3rd- Simone Biles E Downie

Bars- No change. 4 way tie debacle

Beam: 1- Simone Biles Sanne Wevers 2nd- Pauline Schaefer 3rd- Viktoria Komova

Floor- 1st- Simone Biles Kseniia Afanaseva 2nd- Maggie Nicholes 3rd- Shang Chunsong

With Simone not in existence her replacements would have been, Seda Tutkhalian on Vault. Caroltta Ferlito on Beam (Maggie would have been third alternate moving up to second) and Aly Raisman on Floor

OVERALL: Simone existing in 2015 was a Godsend just for the AA being a thing though if Maggie had made the AA / Bailie had made the team and Simone not existing , Shang would have medaled in both the AA and on Floor. The outcome could have been very different…

Part 3: Coming soon ( This took 2 days and a lot of research and if I included the Olympics it would be way too long)

Leanne Wong and Grace McCallum to the American Cup

January 10, 2019


I realize Sam Mikulak is their pet but anyone else sick of seeing him? Yul Moldauer is the second man.

Mai Murakami will be there too. I wish it was in Boston this year just to see, Mai.

Full List ( as of today. This will change)


China: Ma Yue
Great Britain: James Hall
Germany: Marcel Nguyen
Japan: Kenzo Shirai
Netherlands: Bart Deurloo
Switzerland: Christian Baumann
Ukraine: Petro Pakhniuk
USA: Samuel Mikulak, Colorado Springs, Colo./U.S. Olympic Training Center
USA: Yul Moldauer, Arvada, Colo./University of Oklahoma

Canada: Elsabeth β€œEllie” Black
China: Lu Yufei
France: Celia Serber
Germany: Kim Bui
Japan: Mai Murakami
Korea: to be announced
Netherlands: Sanna Veerman
USA: Leanne Wong, Overland Park, Kansas/GAGE
USA: Grace McCallum, Isanti, Minn./Twin City Twisters

the second half to the Simone blog will be out in a few days. Thought this needed it’s own blog.

Lexie Priessman Article.