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NCAA Regional Assignments

March 29, 2010

NCAA Regional Assignments

Now this is very interesting. PA is not that fare from me and I would love to go see Oklahoma. I’ll have to look into when and where though it is probably to late.

(Not gonna happen. It would cost me 500 bucks for a one night To bad. I thought this would be fun, sigh)

Los Angeles Regional – California (University of California, Los Angeles, host)

2. Arkansas
3. Iowa State
4. Arizona
5. Brigham Young
6. Arizona State

Salt Lake City Regional – Utah (University of Utah, host)

1. Florida
2. Utah
3. Auburn
4. Boise State
5. Denver
6. Washington

Columbia Regional – Missouri (University of Missouri, Columbia, host)

1. Georgia
2. Oregon State
3. Missouri
4. Minnesota
5. Iowa
6. North Carolina

Lexington Regional – Kentucky (University of Kentucky, host)

1. Alabama
2. Nebraska
3. Illinois
4. Kentucky
5. Central Michigan
6. Michigan State

University Park Regional – Pennsylvania (Pennsylvania State University, host)

1. Oklahoma
2. LSU
3. Penn State
4. Maryland
5. Ohio State
6. New Hampshire

Morgantown Regional – West Virginia (West Virginia University, host)

1. Stanford
2. Michigan
3. Southern Utah
4. North Carolina State
5. Kent State
6. West Virginia

Grace Taylor is human

March 29, 2010

Here is the direct link to the video. I can’t seem to get the embedded to work

I had heard about this interview awhile ago and I just ran across it at and it totally caught me off guard. You always think of Grace Taylor as this sweet little kid that never lets anything get her down but in this interview she looked mad and depressed. It was kind of nice to see.

I don’t want to see Grace upset that would be like kicking a cute little puppy for no reason I love Grace as a person. She always seems so positive about everything so this interview is kind of like when you saw what an asshole Tom Cruise was for the very first time or when you found out Mel Gibson blamed Jewish people for everything wrong in the world.

I will give Grace a break for two very big reasons 1- she was 100% right Georgia should have won this meet and 2- everyone is human. She is allowed to be upset and say something controversial. No one can be perfect all the time. Grace has always been human this was just the first time she ever showed it to us meer mortals.

Gymnastics Videos on Gymnastike

Anna Li’s perfect “10”

March 28, 2010

I like Anna as much as the next person but if this is what College is calling a perfect 10 then the judging is worse then I thought.

Marta needs to wake up before 2004 happens all over again

March 28, 2010


Back in 2004 the US team was severely lacking some legit floor workers. She had a bunch of gymnasts with lower start values that could not consistently hit their dance moves (think Mohini Bardjwa) and in the end it cost the US any chance at a gold medal.

Well here in 2010 the event bringing the US down big time is the Uneven bars and bringing back Nastia for one event is not going to help the US beat China or Russia who have some amazing up and comers on the uneven bars .

Marta needs to hire an uneven bar coach now. The gymnasts she is counting on for the future are not very good at bars. Kyla Ross, Aly Raisman, Jordyn Wieber, Sabrina Vega these are the future of the sport and they are not going to help the US on the one event they really need the help.

It’s time for Marta to wake up and fix the situation. She needs to hire an UB coach and take the gymnasts with potential on that event aside and dedicate. A good example of someone she should have done this for last quad was Shawn Johnson. Shawn has great form on bars and she swings the bars very well there is no way she should have gone into the Olympics with a low start value on bars. She was capable of so much more on that event then what she performed.

Right now there is some potential on bars for the future. Macko Caquatto, Cassie Whitcomb, Madison Kocian and McKenzie Wofford come to mind and I am sure there are a lot more. Madison is only 13 so she won’t be ready for 2012 but there is gymnastics beyond the next Olympics. Now is time to prepare for this.

Jordyn and Kyla also have potential on the event but as of right now they are not using it. Kyla is young but Jordyn is going to have to improve on bars to beat Komova or Grishina.

Here is Madison at the recent Woga invite. She needs a lot of work but she is pretty good at hitting her handstands. She needs to be pushed on this event more. Right now she is pretty inconsistent overall.

College Gymnastics week 12

March 28, 2010

week 12

Technically it isn’t week 12 but that is what I am calling it:)

“Conference Championship Saturday!”

Doesn’t look like a lot of teams went all out. Most gave reserves a chance to shine in a meet that in the end doesn’t mean that much.

Oklahoma won the Big 12 Championship. Hollie Vise got over 9.900 on the 3 events she competed. Sarah Shire won the AA with a 39.500

Oklahoma article on win

1 Oklahoma 197.175
2 Nebraska 196.625
3 Missouri 195.900
4 Iowa State 194.850


Michigan won the Big ten title


Florida won the Sec Championship over Alabama, Georgia and LSU


1- Florida 197.050
2- Alabama 196.875
3- Georgia 196.825
4- LSU 195.750
5- Auburn 195.575
6- Arkansas 195.275
7- Kentucky 194.600

Pac ten is still going on. Results can be found here.

North Carolina won the EAGL


Central Michigan University won the MAC


Junior Jeselo AA results

March 27, 2010

Looks like not a good competition for the US. Kyla finished second 3 ENTIRE points behind Anastasia Grishina.

Full results



Looks like the UB strikes again. When are they going to fix this event and bring it inline with the rest of the scores. Right now if you are good at the UB you can win AA’s and it just is not fair to the sport to have one event count more then 3 others. It’s called an AA for a reason.

Quick hits

1. A. Grishina RUS 59.450
2. K. Ross USA 56.700
3. A. Foti ITA 56.050
3. E. Fasana ITA 56.050
5. A. Sidorova RUS 55.500
6. Y. Taniguchi JPN 55.350
7. S. Vega USA 55.150
8. A. Teramoto JPN 54.750
9. M. Paseka RUS 54.650
10. C. Ferlito ITA 54.500

13. F. De Agostini ITA 53.650
14. G. Leni ITA 52.850
16. G. Carnessali ITA 52.650
18. A. Scantamburlo ITA 5.800
20. A. Salvi ITA 50.150
25. A. Pozzobon ITA 48.200

Here are the team results. No wonder the US left Jordyn at home and didn’t take a team.

1. RUSSIA 54.500 (CL) – RIPOSA – 57.100 (VO) – 58.200 (PA) – 53.450 (TR) – 223.250
2. ITALIA 54.550 (PA) – 55.050 (TR) – 55.200 (CL) –56.700 (VO) – 221.500
3. GIAPPONE 57.150 (VO) – 53.450 (PA) – 53.350 (TR) – 53.800 (CL) – 217.750
4. GRAN BRETAGNA 50.450 (TR) – 52.000 (CL) –54.750 (VO) – 45.600 (PA) – 202.800

Mao wins worlds. Mirai goes boom.

March 27, 2010

Finals results

I must say this was one crazy World Championships for the ladies skaters. Almost like a Parallel universe universe where everything is the same but different.

Mirai was first in the SP (Though she shouldn’t have been since the judges ignored her cheated loop) Yu Na was way down in seventh, Mao was downgraded for a triple axel that didn’t look cheated to many and the world seemed a little off. Thank God for the LP because that brought us back to normal.

Yuna won the LP but because of her SP Mao won the competition. (Yuna finished second overall) Mirai fell a part and combusted to finish 7th overall (11th in the LP) and Laura Lepisto won the bronze medal. okay well that is a little Parallel universe-e but whatever.

Rachael Flatt was downgraded on hr triple triple and singled a lutz to finish 9th. She really needs to work on some things according to the judges if she wants to compete. This blog is pretty pro Rachael since the whole world hates her for no reason other then she is smarter then they ever will be but regardless of how not picked she is in my opinion the judges are all that matters and they don’t like anything about her.

The US gets 2 spots for Worlds next year.

SP Protocals
LP Protcals

Jeselo results for the seniors

March 27, 2010

Here are the AA and team results for the seniors in Jeselo. Aly Raisman won the AA and the US took first in the team competition. Aly beat Ksenia Semenova and Ferrari by 3 tenths less then a point so good job for her. The juniors are going on now.

Easiest results to read

Other notable results are

Kytra Hunter’s scored a 14.2 with a step out of bounds.

Morgan Smith finished 4th AA with some pretty low scores (all in the 13 range) but she might work in a team event.

Cassie Whitcomb only competed bars and floor where she went out of bounds but her score on bars of 14.2 was forth.

Macko Caquatto finished 2nd on bars but only with a 14,350

Tatiana Nabieva won bars with a 15.150 I almost missed her down at the bottom (she only competed two events but had strong scores on both.

Aly had a great vault and floor winning both events but only scored a 13.700 on bars.

The most interesting result to me is Macko Caquatto. If she didn’t have a huge meltdown on floor she could have been only 4 tenths behind Aly in the AA. That bodes really well for her at nationals. I must say Macko is one of those gymnasts I am just not impressed with. Before this competition she would be my pick of the gymnast most likely to just go to school but these judges liked her so maybe she will be my Tabitha Yim. (long story will explain She had a 4 tenths deduction (what is that two feet out of bounds?)

All around and


New Blog Favorite

March 27, 2010

Seems to be updated quite a bit and she always has the best stuff. Check out

Gymnastics issues

Jesleo starts tomorrow. Komova is out (BOOO)

College Championship season begins

March 25, 2010

Sectionals happen in the next few days. Here is who will be competing with whom. Information was stolen from Abomb and GGMB so he gets all the credit for putting the lists together.

SEC: (Jacksonville FL – 3/27/10 4PM EDT)

-Louisiana State

Big 12: (Lincoln NE – 3/27/10 2PM CDT)

-Iowa State

Big Ten Conference (Columbus OH – 3/27/10 2PM EDT)

-Michigan State
-Ohio State
-Penn State

Pac-10s (Tucson AZ – 3/27/10 4PM MST)

-Arizona State
-Oregon State

ECACs – (Philadelphia PA, 12PM EDT)
-William & Mary

MACs – Bowling Green OH, (2PM EDT)

-Ball State
-Bowling Green
-Central Michigan
-Eastern Michigan
-Kent State
-Northern Illinois
-Western Michigan

EAGLs – Durham NH, (2PM EDT)
-George Washington University
-New Hampshire
-North Carolina
-North Carolina State
-West Virginia

-Utah & Brigham Young do not belong to any of the above conferences. Instead, Utah will host BYU in SLC on Friday 3/26/10 at 7PM MDT in their “Deseret Duel”.

-Denver does not belong to any of the above conferences and will not be competing this weekend.