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The 2012 Olympic team

December 30, 2011

So I was in the middle of writing a brilliant blog about how the Olympic team should end up but won’t end up because Marta is a biased idiot that only does what she wants (Think Anna Hatch) when I needed a second to compose my thoughts. I went to the comments section to see if there were any new comments and low and behold there were two new comments.

These weren’t just regular comments but mind reading comments. My two newest regulars KatieElizabeth87 and S. Lien hijacked my blog with their mind reading.

I was about to write a blog about how only 6 gymnasts have a real shot at this Olympic team. I was about to write how Kyla Ross should be a lock but that she might get left off this team due to Marta being an idiot.

I was about to write how the team should be Mckayla, Jordyn, Aly, Kyla and a healthy Rebecca Bross but that Marta would probably end up screwing someone like Kyla over in favor of Nastia.

Yep but Katie and S beat me to it. 🙂

What is with US gymnasts?

December 24, 2011

Anna Li has a picture of her medal on her facebook. It is surrounded with medals her parents actually earned on the competition floor.

Alicia Sacramone thinks she deserved the same medal when she wasn’t even in the Country when the team won it.

The 2000 Olympic team proudly accepted the bronze medal from the 2000 Olympics like they went on the floor and earned it even though they won it by default.

Explain to me why all these US gymnasts are proud of having medals they did not earn?

What makes these gymnasts proud of these medals?

I think the gymnast that really deserves the medal is Morgan White. She was the only person smart enough not to show up to that ceremony at Nationals last year.

Merry Christmas from the Gedderts

December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas from Jordyn Wieber and the Gedderts.

I love facebook stalkers

December 24, 2011

Okay so I woke up this morning to a lovely note in my inbox here at wordpress. I have a rumor to spread that came from an anonymous source from a face book page. All anon information should be believed at your own risk. I claim no truth to this and take none of the blame for something someone else claims is true. This goes for ALL information posted on this site from an anonymous source. Got it??????

Here is the message and while I am dreaming of two broken arms I have the feeling it’s only a colds or the flu or something.

Apparently a gymnast that trains at woga put an update on her facebook about some game she and another gymnast were playing.
Then a comment was made and then deleted so the person who sent me this info does not have proof who or what was said by the gymnast but one of the gymnasts playing the game wrote feel better Nast.

The other comment was as followed,

“I’m sorry hope you feel better! and I’m sure you would have been better than us! ”

Yep BREAKING NEWS, Nast (no last name was given) MIGHT HAVE A COLD or a disease or mourning sickness (just kidding) and she obviously thinks she is better at the game they were playing and had no problem telling her fellow co-workers how much better she is then

Now I know that every time Nastia takes a step one of her lunatic fanatics feels the need to talk about it on some message board so I felt the need to spread the fanatic-ism around too.

Anyone else find it funny that Nastia deleted the post after she made it. I think she wants info spread around the world about her due to her issue with needing attention all the time.

She must have wanted me to spread this news of her “sickness” around so I felt the need to oblige.

I am still hoping for the two broken arms…..

Christmas Pictures with gymnasts

December 21, 2011


Shannon Miller (1), Jordyn Wieber(6), Bridget Sloan(10), Rebecca Bross (14)

And we thought Becca’s hair was scary

Damn you Christian lunatics. Leave Sarah alone

December 20, 2011

My favorite blog besides my own of course belongs to Sarah at She had to go private thanks to a bunch of religious crazy people that wouldn’t leave her alone. Okay I am not sure how true that really is (I don’t think half of Sarah’s life actually happened) but I miss her none the less.

I am so damn bored tonight and when I am bored I usually go read something of Sarah’s that made me laugh. Well she doesn’t exist anymore.


Jalynne and Brandon Wedding

December 17, 2011

happy couple

Jalynne and Brandon got married a few weeks ago and this beauty popped up on my news feed. Must be nice to be rich. The wedding was in Hawaii and was beautiful.

The sisters and her cousins were her bridesmaids and the brothers were part of the grooms party.

Here are some pictures.

My favorite picture is this one. That is Janelle’s boyfriend being propped up to catch the garter. I wonder if there was a set up for that garter:)


This guy has baseball star written all over him. He has the looks to bring in the girls and the swing to bring in the hits. He just needs some consistent at bats in the big leagues.

Well… well….. Your gold medal is ugly

December 16, 2011


Welcome to the Hall of Fame Michelle.

She might not have one of those ugly Olympic Gold medals but if she doesn’t have one than they can’t be worth all that much can they??

I would LOVE to fly across the Country for one day to see this but my money is needed else where.

Nastia news bruhaha

December 13, 2011

People see what they want to see.


The Nastia fans are going to think she looks great, in shape and ready where as the Nastia haters (like me) are going to see a girl that doesn’t feel good enough about her body yet to wear just a leotard.

I am going to see a girl who has no new upgrades except a full turn with her leg up on beam. A girl that can’t do a pak on her own 8 months before the Olympics with the same old horrible dismount and giants.

The good news (at least for me) is I got no sound except background noise. I didn’t have to listen to her whiny phony voice. Yea me.

Even if I was trying to look on the bright side for the Nastia fanatics I would be a bit worried. If this is the best she has when she has secretly been training for awhile and it is 8 months before the Olympics I don’t see a UB specialist. Then again I doubt she is showing everything.

She looks in better shape then she has in the past but I seriously doubt she is going to be able to get through her super 7 start value bar set in this shape when she could barely get through it when she was at her peak.

P.s.- Recycled Irina Slutskaya music is bad enough when it is used by a clod hopper. GO AWAY TOSCA

and you think gymnastics is f***ed up

December 9, 2011

If you think gymnastics is f***ed up try being a fan of the NBA. Not that I think anyone should support this league full of rich owners that give a crap about nothing but their pockets.

The NBA currently is in control of the New Orleans Hornets. They have a player that will not re-sign with his team so the team is going to trade him. They put together a deal that actually benefitted their team and the NBA has blocked the trade from happening.

The owners of 29 of the NBA teams were all in NY so they could sign the new bargaining agreement so the NBA season could start and when news of the deal was told to the NBA owners they all pitched a fit like the bunch of two-year olds they are so David Stern blocked the trade.

Now the team trading for Chris Paul was the Los Angeles Lakers but unlike other trades (think Ray Allen to Boston for a hill of beans no one can remember) this trade was actually fair and balanced. It not only benefitted the Lakers but it benefitted the Hornets who were getting some pretty good players back in the deal (Lamar Odem anyone)

If you want to put this in gymnastics terms it would be like the coach of the Russian team telling the US Jordyn Wieber is not allowed to compete for the US because it was an unfair advantage.
Then telling Jordyn she is now competing for Russia instead.

The NBA AKA as David Stern has decided the Lakers are too good of a destination and they can’t have Chris Paul but they were all ready to approve a trade that would have sent Chris Paul to the 2011 NBA champion Dallas Mavericks. It is hypocrisy at its best.