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2018 Nationals

January 10, 2018

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It’s the worst year possible to have a Nationals so of course it comes to the Fleetcenter, AKA, BOSTON:)(It’s not the Garden and will never be called the Garden by me)

It’s a good thing they announced this because Sox tickets went on sale.


January 6, 2018

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I can’t stand Adam Rippon. He’s a conceited douche bag and nothing makes me happier then seeing spoiled , cocky brats, fall on their ass and be brought down to earth but tonight, there was NO REASON he should have been trying a quad. It wasn’t necessary and the same with Jason Brown but because of the judging system allowing cheated quads to get just as much credit as clean triples everyone feels the need to throw one or 2 in that they can’t hit. IT’S RUINING THE SPORT.

Who wants to watch skaters throw and fall or mess up a quad with shitty skating skills and next to no transitions yet these same skaters still win the PCS mark. It’s just wrong.

The Olympic team…

Nathan, Jason and Adam made the GPF which means they won multiple medals during the skating season. Think about that for a second. They have already had to peak 3 more times then anyone else at these “Nationals AKA As Olympic trials” How is that fair? You make the system decide the Olympic team so while they are working their butts off to peak multiple times the Zhao’s of the world are home resting or choking away their PGF events.There is something wrong with that.

Listening to Tara and Johnny all night makes me want to slit someones throat. They are completely biased in favor of Nathan Chen, calling him an “artist on the ice” ARE YOU KIDDING ME? and Adam and 100% discounting Jason Brown it reminds me of listening them discount Ashley the last 3 days.

Are they being told ahead of time who will make the team and being told to discount the skaters, USFSA is clearly over?

I was talking with some internet peeps over e-mail during these last few days and we have all come to the conclusion that this is just like Nastia and Tim calling Gabby a member of the 2016 Olympic team BEFORE it happened.

Yes, Jason finished 6th here but Tara and Johnny didn’t even mention he has a chance to go to the Olympics as they were making excuses for why Adam should have made the team over Zhao. Well no offense to Miner and Zhao but the Olympic team should be the 3 guys that did all the leg work the last 4 months the GPF has been going on. Either that, or take the top 3 at Nationals because Jason AND Adam should be a matching set on this Olympic team. They have similar results and if one goes the other should go.

If the Olympic team ends up being, Chen, Zhao and Rippon you have your proof.

I really don’t know why I watch these sports anymore.