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Should the Produnova vault be banned ?

March 30, 2014

I don’t know if this vault should be banned or not but something has to be done about it before someone breaks their neck attempting to land it.

The above video is just another example of a gymnast trying to code whore a routine because she know even if she doesn’t hit it she still gets credit for the vault as long as her feet touch the ground first.

What is your opinion? IMO I say make the vault a lower start value and if someone competes the vault and lands on their feet like Prudnova did than give them an execution score of 9.90. That way it encourages this vault only being done if the gymnast lands it like Prudnova did.

Unless you land it like this you should not be attempting it. PERIOD hell even Elena had shitty form on this vault but at least she didn’t look like she was going to die mid flight.

Worlds ends without a medal for the US. Doha, British Championships and more.

March 29, 2014

Full Results
Ladies Medal Ceremony

Worlds ended sometime in the middle of the night and the US came home with exactly ZERO medals. I just got done watching the ladies LP on you tube and can’t believe the overscoring that happened but considering what an under-rotating jump fest it was I am not even sure I can argue with the outcome. Though I do have lots of complaints.

We will start with Mao Asada who deserved her win. She had a beautiful SP (not sure it was the best SP of all time but it was very well done) In the LP she under-rotated a bunch of jumps but hit her triple axel and easily deserved the win.

Carolina Kostner was slow, boring and overscored per usual and how any judge can justify 10.00’s for her with that performance is beyond me. Usually I agree she has very good interpretation but she did not in that LP. She was slow and acted like she didn’t even want to be on that ice. Your Choreography and Composition suffer when you fall on your ass. There was only one time I felt like she did that music justice and it lasted about 3 seconds. You can easily see the overscoing for her when she got a level 1 they upped the PCS to make sure she ended up on the podium. This has been going on for years when it comes to Carolina I guess it pays to have the head of the IOC be Italian.

Anna Pogorilaya is a human bulldozer. That is my new nickname for her. Talk about skating around the ice and just jumping. This was the worst performance of the night for me. There was nothing in this attack but her throwing herself around the ice.

Ashley Wagner stayed on her feet but for the first half of this performance I almost shut off the video. She picked it up 2 minutes in and gave her best performance of the year. The judges do not like her and she pretty much only has herself to blame for that. She needs to shut up and skate like this all the time because her quality of work is light years ahead of Gold and she is not getting the PCS to show that quality.

Gracie Gold had a beautiful Triple Lutz to start her LP and that was it. She was in the perfect position to steal a bronze medal and she choked it away. Anyone that says this girl has improved by being with Frank Carroll is crazy. Her music felt like it was back ground to watch her skate around the ice and wave her arms. There is no improvement here and there never was but sadly in NBC says something the American public follows suit and believes this to be true.

Julia Lipnitskaia was her usual self with a fall. Her jumps are the smallest in the competition. She was doing okay til the fall (a few scratchy jumps here and there)

Overall the LP’s were boring as heck and they didn’t even matter in the end because the SP kept the leaders in the lead regardless of what they did in their LP. This competition was a huge let down or I don’t know maybe my opinion is already at an all time low after that joke of an Olympics I am seeing what I am feeling. Disdain for this sport


Larisa Iordache
took both Beam and Floor at Doha. She also won Vault. Diana Bulimar finished second on floor not bad for her first competition back after an injury. Lets hope she stays healthy for Worlds at the end of the year.

Other Videos from this meet

Larisa Irodache- Beam and Floor
Diana Bulimar – Beam and Floor
Mary-Anne Monckton- Beam
Lauren Mitchell- Floor

Paul Ruggeri finished second on Highbar. You can see his routine here.’s
article about his medal.

Epke Zonderland won Gold with his ugly ass release moves that if they were done by an American would be called all sorts of names. Form matters as much as difficulty.


Whitlock and Tunney took the British titles

Guess who is on vacation ? Doha prelims results and more

March 26, 2014

Its me. For the first time in a long time I am off from both jobs for a week and the boy is working so I will be doing lots of sleeping, some cleaning and then maybe some blogging.

I know I am going to sound like an idiot here but was this the Russian pair I liked at the Olympics? Pairs and ice dancing bore so I forget:) I think this is them.

This is way crazy. You win bronze and now quit? So stupid.

Doha prelims took place today and Larissa Iordache is leading both Beam and Floor. Diana Bulimer is in second ( Beam and Floor) and Lauren Mitchell in third on floor.

Womens Results
Mens Results \
Official website for Doha

The US men are also competing. has a write up.

There Rhythmic Gymnasts competed recently and look USA-Gymnastics is pretending they give a crap about our military yet the flag stepping picture still remains.

Okay so there are 2 stories
about how much they love and help the military and both just happen to be released after the stepping on the flag picture. Good timing or done on purpose? You judge

Mens SP Results from worlds. Abbot fell again and is in 8th. Max Aaron is in 9th.

The Ladies event starts tonight (or tomorrow since it will be at like 3 AM)

Max Aaron

The Canadian men tanked so bad they are on the verge of only getting one spot for Worlds next year and that will go to Chan who was too lazy to compete here. Isn’t that ironic.


March 26, 2014

Is this man smoking crack?

By the way Worlds is going on. I wonder who we fix the competition for this time?

If I was you Jeremy Abbot I would forget the quad and just skate. Max Aaron you better show up. Ashley and Gracie can actually medal here with Yuna retired and whats her name in hiding.

Win this Mao because you need to make up for your Olympics.

Doha world cup starts tomorrow.
Diana Bulimer is supposed to be back in this competition I believe.

Live Coverage according to the link. Not sure if if count qualifying too.

Why doesn’t USA-Gymnastics care that our Countries flag is lying on the ground?

March 23, 2014

Direct link to picture

USA-Gymnastics hits a new low practically every day so I don’t know why this surprises me ( I mean this is the federation that still plays that US hating PSY’s Gangnam style at gymnastics meets) They put the above picture up on their website. Its not only has the United States flag lying on the ground but one of the coaches is stepping on it.

Wouldn’t you think that the gymnastics federation for the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA would know better then to allow the flag to lie on the ground? I am sure the coach stepping on the flag has no clue she is even stepping on it but the lack of respect our own federation shows our flag is disgusting.

As the comment section in the above picture points out the pink leotards at International meets are bad enough but this picture even being uploaded takes the cake.

Little Wayne got a lot of flack for stepping on the flag in one of his music videos a year or two ago but this doesn’t even lay a tiny blip on the radar of our favorite federation for gymnastics. The picture is still up even with multiple complaints on their website.

Regardless of your opinion on the state of our Country today this flag represents our Country. It represents you. It represents the military protecting your rights and the rights of every single person living in the United states even the people here illegally. How our gymnastics federation could even allow this picture to be taken sadly says a lot about what this federation has turned into lately.

Time to bring back the ban pink petition.

2014 Trofeo Citta’ Di Jesolo . Team ,All Around and Event Finals with Results

March 22, 2014

 2014 Trofeo Citta' Di Jesolo, Team and All Around

A New rumor (Skating) came across my gym blog

mirau nigasu training at the broadmoor (interesting)

USA-Gymnastics article

Senior AA Results
Senior Team Results
Junior Team Results
Junior AA Results

Event Finals Results
USA-Gymnastics article on Event Finals

Not Mentioned

Kocian : (Team AA- Mixed groups)

6,100 (8.850) 14.950 (Uneven Bars)
5,700 (7,300) 13.000 (Balance Beam)
5,800 (7.850) 13.350 ( Floor)

(Which Junior is missing from the scoring?)

Bailie Key won the junior AA Kyla Ross won the senior AA. She balked a vault and lost a point but still pulled out the victory when Skinner fell on floor (her double Arabian). The link for the AA for the Seniors is to a twitter that has the scores in their pictures until the real results link shows up online. (Thanks lol)

I missed Kyla on vault and bars but she hit beam (missing her connection on her front walk over/ Sheep) and was underscored IMO compared to the other beam scores. She then hit floor and had the second best score of the day. She didn’t do the full in (double pike) as her second pass.

I didn’t pay attention to anyone else enough to report I do remember lots of issues on floor with going OOB (I think it was Kocian that went out twice including with two feet) There was not a lot of impressive going on in this meet. Lots of falls off beam and OOB on floor and a lot of bad form. We better hope Biles, Ross, Price and Maroney get healthy and stay healthy because none of these other girls are ready for a World team.

Kocian hit bars and beat Kyla but from what I read (didn’t see) Kyla downgraded her bars for this meet. I find Kocian very messy on bars but I doubt Marta cares since she is a Woga girl.

(I can’t find Kocians score anywhere now but it was listed as a 14.950)

Of all the gymnastics I saw I guess Maggie impressed me most I think she was underscored compared to some of the Ernst stuff I saw. Its interesting because I think Ross, Biles and Price will be our bars line up the real issue for me is a beamer. Between Ross, Biles and Price we have Vault and bars set which means we will need a Floor worker (If Maroney is not healthy) and at least one beam worker (Price is not a beam worker)

What do you think?


You can watch it live tomorrow morning at 11 AM ( Eastern time) The juniors are at 5 am but I don’t believe that is being broadcast.

I’ll be asleep:)

Link 2 and 2 below have live coverage but its from Italy so those looking for the NBC biased like coverage you won’t be seeing it. At least not for the US team. Not sure if there are any live updates on scores.

Link 1 and Link 2

Pick your Jeselo Line up

March 18, 2014

These are your team members who do you think does what?

Gymnasts Competing from other Countries. (Andreea Iridion is a Junior on the Romanian team)

Live Video of the meet

Last years Results

Team and AA
Event Finals

Last year was a 6 member team and everyone competed (One routine must have been exhibition)

Alyssa Baumann
Madison Desch,
Peyton Ernst,
Rachel Gowey,
Madison Kocian
Maggie Nichols,
Kyla Ross,
Mykayla Skinner,

Jordan Chiles,
Nia Dennis,
Norah Flatley
Emily Gaskins
Bailie Key,
Ragan Smith,

You’re fired, Jeselo teams

March 16, 2014

Shawn Johnson will be on this season of Celebrity Apprentice. I can not stomach Donald Trump due to the fact he’s an arrogant jerk Yankee fan so instead of a picture of him telling Shawn she is fired I leave you with this video. It makes Donald Trump cry:) ( I will see if I can find the interview before game 7 where he acts like the Yankees will win. Its classic 39.04 in. Just listen to the fake applause for the Sox and then the but arrogance. What a douche bag. 3930 in Yogi Berra acting like he is still part of the team. )

Start spreading the news. I’m leaving today. I want to be apart of it, in all ………………………….

Jeselo Teams named. I really wish Kyla would get rested from these no name meets like Simone is being rested. Mykayla gets a meet. Interesting.

I guess Laurie and Amelia are still injured.

Which names are missing from this list besides Price, Dowell and Biles?

Alyssa Baumann, Plano, Texas/WOGA
Madison Desch, Lenexa, Kan./Great American Gymnastics Express
Peyton Ernst, Coppell, Texas/Texas Dreams Gymnastics
Rachel Gowey, Urbandale, Iowa/Chow’s Gymnastics and Dance Institute
Madison Kocian, Dallas, Texas/WOGA
Maggie Nichols, Little Canada, Minn./Twin City Twisters
Kyla Ross, Aliso Viejo, Calif./Gym-Max
Mykayla Skinner, Gilbert, Ariz./Desert Lights Gymnastics

Jordan Chiles, Vancouver, Wash./Naydenov Gymnastics
Nia Dennis, Westerville, Ohio/Buckeye Gymnastics
Norah Flatley, Cumming, Iowa/Chow’s Gymnastics and Dance Institute
Emily Gaskins, Coral Springs, Fla./Cincinnati Gymnastics
Bailie Key, Coppell, Texas/Texas Dreams Gymnastics
Ragan Smith, Dacula, Ga./Texas Dreams Gymnastics

This is hilarious. Don’t watch at the library.

Full Cottbus Results

March 16, 2014

Results Day 1
Results day 2

1 BERGER, Janine GER 14,712
Vault 1 6,2 9,000 15,200
Vault 2 5,2 9,025 14,225

2 BUI, Kim GER 14,262
Vault 1 5,0 9,150 14,150
Vault 2 5,4 8,975 14,375

3 PLICHTA, Paula POL 14,100
Vault 1 5,0 9,050 14,050
Vault 2 5,2 8,950 14,150

4 MAKRA, Noémi HUN 14,012
Vault 1 5,0 9,025 14,025
Vault 2 5,0 9,000 14,000

5 BECKETT, Kirsten RSA 13,987
Vault 1 5,3 8,950 14,250
Vault 2 5,2 8,525 13,725

6 NEKRASOVA, Marina AZE 13,625
Vault 1 5,0 8,650 13,650
Vault 2 4,6 9,000 13,600

7 WONG, Hiu Ying Angel HKG 13,562
Vault 1 5,2 8,250 13,450
Vault 2 5,0 8,675 13,675

8 MADER, Jasmin AUT 13,425
Vault 1 5,0 8,875 13,875
Vault 2 4,4 8,575 12,975

1 SCHEDER, Sophie GER 6,4 8,525 14,925
2 RODIONOVA, Anna RUS 6,0 8,625 14,625
3 MAKRA, Noémi HUN 5,8 8,475 14,275
4 BUI, Kim GER 6,0 8,125 14,125
5 VACULIK, Natalie CAN 5,5 8,350 13,850
6 MARTINS, Ana Filipa POR 5,3 8,000 13,300
7 PIHAN-KULEZSA, Marta POL 5,6 7,625 13,225
8 YU, Aleeza CAN 5,1 8,000 13,100

1 26 TUUHA, Tomi FIN 15,000
Vault 1 5,6 9,425 15,025
Vault 2 5,6 9,375 14,975

2 8 HYPOLITO, Diego BRA 14,850
Vault 1 5,6 9,300 14,900
Vault 2 5,8 9,000 14,800

3 25 ZAPATA SANTANA, Rayderley Miguel ESP 14,662
Vault 1 6,0 9,250 15,250
Vault 2 5,2 8,975 0,1 14,075

4 84 ABLIAZIN, Denis RUS 14,575
Vault 1 6,0 9,225 15,225
Vault 2 6,2 8,025 0,3 13,925

5 4 FUSSENEGGER, Michael AUT 14,525
Vault 1 5,6 9,125 14,725
Vault 2 5,2 9,125 14,325

6 40 TOBA, Andreas GER 14,462
Vault 1 5,6 9,350 14,950
Vault 2 5,2 8,775 13,975

7 105 RADIVILOV, Igor UKR 14,412
Vault 1 6,0 8,850 0,1 14,750
Vault 2 6,0 8,375 0,3 14,075

8 103 VERNIAIEV, Oleg UKR 13,062
Vault 1 6,0 7,975 0,1 13,875
Vault 2 3,6 8,750 0,1 12,250

1 UEMATSU, Koji JPN 6,7 8,850 15,550
2 BAINES, Frank Alasdair GBR 6,6 8,900 15,500
3 PETKOVSEK, Mitja SLO 6,2 9,200 15,400
4 SABOT, Hamilton FRA 6,7 8,525 15,225
5 BROOKS, Christopher USA 6,4 8,575 14,975
5 TSOLAKIDIS, Vasileios GRE 6,5 8,475 14,975
7 TOMMASONE, Cyril FRA 6,2 8,550 14,750
8 VERNIAIEV, Oleg UKR 6,6 7,975 14,575

1 BRETSCHNEIDER, Andreas GER 6,7 8,475 15,175
2 AGUIAR BARBOSA, Pétrix BRA 6,4 8,525 14,925
3 HEGI, Oliver SUI 6,2 8,650 14,850
4 BROOKS, Christopher USA 6,6 8,075 14,675
5 DIXON, Joshua USA 6,2 8,250 14,450
6 KEATINGS, Daniel GBR 6,2 8,150 14,350
7 VERNIAIEV, Oleg UKR 6,2 7,425 13,625
8 TOBA, Andreas GER 6,5 7,025 13,525

1 MAKRA, Noémi HUN 5,6 8,325 13,925
2 KHARENKOVA, Maria RUS 5,9 7,950 13,850
3 MUNTEANU, Andreea Eugenia ROU 6,1 7,650 13,750
4 SCHEDER, Sophie GER 5,3 7,950 13,250
5 JURKOWSKA, Katarzyna POL 5,2 7,975 0,1 13,075
6 AKYOL, Cagla GER 5,7 7,350 13,050
7 YU, Aleeza CAN 5,8 7,025 12,825
8 VACULIK, Natalie CAN 5,6 6,875 12,475

1 PIHAN-KULEZSA, Marta POL 5,5 8,450 13,950
2 BUI, Kim GER 5,6 8,325 13,925
3 KHARENKOVA, Maria RUS 5,6 8,250 0,1 13,750
4 GOLOB, Sasa SLO 5,4 7,850 13,250
5 MUNTEANU, Andreea Eugenia ROU 5,6 7,550 13,150
6 AKYOL, Cagla GER 5,2 7,725 0,1 12,825
7 YU, Aleeza CAN 5,4 6,675 12,075
8 BECKETT, Kirsten RSA 5,2 5,875 0,1 10,975

Bulimer, Mitchell back in competition. Help Alicia pay for her honeymoon

March 12, 2014

You can help pay for Alicia’s Honeymoon. Yep the girl with loads of money and the guy with millions want fools like you to pay for their Honeymoon to the South of France. (Someone sent me the link)

I can’t even. I just can’t.

Both Bulimer and Lauren will be competing at the WCC Doha2014 World Challenge Cup This is a better line up than the American Cup.

3 US
will compete. Paul Ruggeri the only name I know (from the US.)

Lilia would like peace in her homeland. ( 52 seconds in) sadly Obama seems to want a war with Russia but that is a whole different discussion.


Probably the only Patriots fan not thrilled to have Revis on our team but I guess I should give him a chance to show up and do something before complaining. This guy is a big mouth jerk and I am usually more a fan of the Victorino types then the jackass types.

I woke up at 4 am this morning and checked my boys phone for some reason and was very startled by a 4 am wake up- call of Aqib Talib to Denver ( 4 hours into the free agent signing.)