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2015 World Championships Event Finals Results

October 31, 2015


Beam and Floor

Just watched the floor finals and after reading all of your comments before I watched I would have had it Biles, Nichols, Shang.

All had form issues (Even Simone had bent knee’s on the Biles and bent her knee during her double wolf turn) and as much as I usually like Afan on floor this routine does nothing for me. She is also as messy as everyone else in her tumbling. Sae has a great routine but she lost a lot on her first pass or I would be complaining more.

I also don’t love Lieke’s floor routine as much as everyone else. A double tuck wouldn’t have been good enough at the 88 Olympics let alone backing into a 2015 World Championships. Too many turns and she still only got a 5.4 start value I also don’t find her dance as pretty as everyone else.

As for the rest Fragpane is too spastic tho her tumbling was great during this final but I find Ellie Downie very heavy. Her Piked double arabian piked was nice tho.

I would have given Shang the bronze but she needs to clean up her twisting form. The crossing on her legs is probably why Afan and Maggie were ahead of her. People talked about Maggie’s form being messy in her tumbling but not on that double double or Full in.

All and all I once again fund myself annoyed at the underscoring of the Chinese especially on bars and beam but I am off to finish that final so I’ll get back to you. I’m watching Kohei win high bar Gold (FINALLY) Suck it Leyva.Aw Yin giving Kohei a hug was cute. Leyva has a higher start value but his very messy stalder 1.1 ( hey that’s what the announcer called it) was his downfall. Kohei has better extension then Leyva and catches the bar with mostly straight arms so suck it Leyva.:)

I also want to comment on men’s vault. Dagelescu was ROBBED. Does he have perfect form? nope but he does his vault better than anyone else and how the hell the guy that beat him got credit for a piked Dragelescu with his second twist was tucked and his legs 2 feet apart is RIDICULOUS. Thank you 🙂

Don’t fall Fabian. Nooooooo. He looks so tired. YOU HAD ONE JOB FABIAN. I still love you and it must suck to blow a chance to win with the bad formed Epke not competing when you should have won last year.

Anyone else notice how people don’t seem very warm to Kohei? Kohei seems very reserved so it could be that or it could be they all suck and can’t beat him so their ego’s can’t handle it.



I’ll do beam and vault tomorrow Bars might get it’s own blog.


Alex Alexandrov interview. Some common sense ? or big fat hypocrisy with the way he whined back in 96




Start Lists
Vault and Bars
Beam and Floor

Shang is in the Event Finals on floor. Fasana is injured.

Full Results

2015 Mens World Championships AA

October 30, 2015


Kohei says I should share so I will:)

Shannon Miller complimenting Simone

2015 World Championships All Around

October 29, 2015


Start Lists.
AA Judges you know just in case

Congrats Simone. You could have fallen twice and still won (thanks for the math LOL) That is amazing.

I would congratulate Gabby but her hand is in the way. Just watched her routines where she messed up 3 of 4 events and still got ridic scores. Someone posted this on the blog but they aren’t approved but watch at like 225 because Gabby really thinks she can compete with Simone She is so phony I don’t get why some people don’t see it.

If that person wants to be improved send me an e-mail

Universal Sports will have the video but I can’t find the feed so if ANYONE would like to send a ink it would be helpful.

Thanks again.

So who do you have for the win?

It doesn’t matter what I want so I just hope for a fair competition.

Not sure I have it in me to watch this so check in to see if there will be a live blog or not.

Japan takes 2015 World Championships Team Gold medal

October 29, 2015


Full Results from the All Around

I screamed when Kohei fell but Japan had such a lead it was too late to be caught. This should be interesting for next year but I thought this deserved it’s own thread,

US screwed up Pommel horse of they would have been on the podium.

1-Japan 270.818
2-Great Britain 270.345
3-China 269.959
4-Russia 268.362
5-USA 267.853

Wait til you guys see the line up for the AA for the woman. Gabby is up at towards the end of every rotation but her starting on vault with enough time to rest in between.

2015 World Championship Team competition LIVE BLOGGING

October 27, 2015


Mens team finals start list.LOL US ends on pommels

Team Finals LIVE at Universal Sports

Rude tweet by Nastia someone sent me. I love the followers of this blog:)


Anyone else see her laughing while she types this?


1-US- 181.338
2-China- 176.164
3-GB- 172.380
4-Russia- 171.964
5-Japan- 168.887
6-Canada 167.697
7-Italy- 167.567
8-Ned- 162.730

Team USA got remaining start value credit in team finals

VT Gabby 5.8 Maggie 6.3 and Simone 6.3
UB Gabby 6.4 Maggie 6.0 and Kocian 6.6
BB Maggie 5.7 Aly 6.0 and Simone 6.5
FL Maggie 6.2 Aly 6.4 and Simone 6.8


VT Mao 5.8 Tan 5.8 Wang 6.0
UB Fan 6.9 Shang 6.7 Tan 6.6
BB Fan 6.0 Shang 6.3 Wang 6.3
FL Mao 5.8 Shang 6.3 Wang 6.3


VT Komova 5.8 Afan 5.8 Paeska 6.3
UB Komova 6.3 Paeska 6.1 Daria 6.5
BB Kharenkova 6.0 Komova 5.7 Seda 6.1
FL AFan 6.0 Paeska 5.4 Seda 5.6

My thoughts

China improved their floor and vault and only had one fall. Great result for them.Now get some consistent beam workers and add in Yao Jinanan and they can repeat this next year at the Olympics.

How about Maggie Nichols? Anyone else want to spit fucking nails at the screwing she got in prelims. I would like to repeat the blogger followers with a fuck Marta.

Us was winning regardless and they got some gifts but they were winning anyway so. Watch out for Gabby overscore in the AA. It’s coming people. Her DTY was overscored here and she gained 5 tenths on bars ( she got credit for connecting something she missed in prelims) Just prepare for it.

GBR was very overscored on vault. Gabby got a 15.233 for a stuck DTY and the GB girls 2 got over 15 with huge steps and piked down. It’s pointless to argue the overscore especially since Russia fell 4 times but GB also had at least one fall I remember.

Russia is probably not happy right now but they should be. Besides being screwed of a medal in the team they were a mess before they got here. Without Aliya they did well.

Marta benching Brenna for team finals is bush league. If someone doesn’t call her out on this there is no justice. These are kids (20 something are still kids to me) This is just wrong.

Rude crowd barely cheering for China. Shame on you Glasgow
This gift for GB is like the one medal Aus won and never came close to again.

Pretty sure that is Abomb starting the USA chant that died after two rounds.


Rotation 4

US on floor

Aly- 15.075

OOB for Paeska. Come on Russia fight for this bronze with as bad as you were coming into this competition that would be huge for you.

Messy floor for Afan. Big step back on last pass and a short triple. Will be interesting to see her score

Why is Anna Li in the crowd? Will she claim this medal
Russia seems awful happy after those floor routines. Why?

Maggie just nailed the shit out of that floor routine. WOW

15.200 for Wang on vault
Mao, 14.833
13.766 for Paeska on floor
Tan 15.200 on vault
Seda- 13.925
AFan 14.500 on floor
Frag-DTY kind of messy: 14.833 (high)
Tinkler-DTY: 15.083 (also high)
Floor judges are being tough today

GB was grossly overscored on vault. Russia falling I get but the overscore for those vaults was criminal.

Rotation 3

1. US 2.China, 3.Rus,4 Japan , 5.GBR, 6.Canada, 7.Italy, 8.Ned

Balance beam:

Maggie is on bars now but they are showing GB which you can’t blame them it’s their feed.

13.966 for Maggie. It wasn’t shown. (Beam)

Aly took out a lot of her connections but she stayed on. Step on dismount. Is it me or does Kocian look mad on the sidelines?

Aly 14.266 on beam

Nice routine for Simone. One missed connection but best she has done all week.

15.200 for Simone. Compared to her prelims score that was low when comparing routines.
Nice DTY by Mai who looks like she aged ten years. She got over a 15

Except for Shang I don’t know one of these Chinese girls from the other. That was a nice floor set. Messy twisting

Kharenokova off beam. It was going so well til then.

Wang Yan got a 14.633 on floor

Now Komova is off. 3 falls for Russia.

This is so boring. We know the winner before they compete.

OOB for Shang but I still love her.

The US girls are being kind of loud and rude on the sidelines.Stop laughing like there isn’t a competition going on.


Uneven bars: Nichols,
Douglas, Kocian

Maggie you MUST hit bars. Do this now!!!!!!!!!

YES,Maggie hit. Some messy form but I want to see this score.

Oh look Gabby now runs up to congratulate now that the camera is around and she is on TV. If her bar score goes up 4 tenths now I will laugh at the fixing.

14.800 for Maggie on bars. I CAN’T EVEN

They didn’t show Gabby and she got a 15.333 I told you this is BS.

Kocian only got a 15.300.

Feed out again. First Chinese girl hot but I only saw half. It was beautiful what I saw.

Do we really need to keep seeing these Yurchenko fulls over the Russian bars and Chinese beam?

Long wait for score form China on beam. They did this to them the other day too.
Fan yilin-14.400

Off goes Wang. These girls need to compete more.

15.141 for Daria on bars.
Komova off bars. Sigh They are low balling Daria as it is for her to hit so she better wake up.

The 15.141 has to be for paeska not Daria

Floor exercise: Nichols, Raisman, Biles


Team Finals Line up
Vault: Douglas,( 15.233) Nichols,(15.4330 Biles 15.966

All 3 were overscored. Simone took a huge step and scored nearly the same as her better one in team finals which was also overscored. Gabby’s had preflight issues but she stuck and Simone was Simone. Great as always but a step. She was overscored.

Ellie Downie falling on bars is sad but someone online put the top 3 scores. Italy fell on beam. Why was the Britt girl crying after she hit? Black has gross form on floor. Becky Downie hit bars but not a great score for her 14.8 something.

Step for Komova on vault but a big DTY. Now I like the Russian leotards much better than US but no complaining cuz they are red.

Shang hit bars. 15.233 (yes I want her to medal on bars)Komova ovrscore on DTY but it was pretty in the air. Paeska hit her Amanar big step. Russia could be ahead of US after first 2 events if they hit. Or not Afan did a DTY.I feel like were missing someone with a better vault here. Yilin messed up to close to her Geinger but she stayed on and swung thru.

Russia would be in this meet for Gold if they had a floor line up. The US kills them on floor.

Love the double turn leg up into a double turn for the Netherlands girl if she completed it I would love it. Anyone that starts with a double pike makes me stop watching. This isn’t 1988 people.

Oh and my feed keeps stopping so there is that.

Chinese got screwed on 2 hit routines. Except the second one they were great.

Russian scores on vault Afan – 15.066. Komova 15.1 Paseka 15.600.

Anyone else think Gabby being used on vault is to justify her place on this team or does Marta even care right now? Making the AA by default is her justification anyway.

Brenna isn’t on start list which isn’t a surprise but Marta not allowing her on the floor is the bitchiest thing I have ever heard.

Making Brenna and Mykayla train at the hotel and sending off the other 5 to train is more proof Marta is a bitch and honestly I just find this all a complete mess.

Now you care Romania? How many years of this did it take?

2015 Worlds Qualifying : Men

October 27, 2015

This is for future reference I will fill it with results soon

2015 World Championships US Woman qualifying (Saturday)

October 24, 2015

Start Lists.

Full Results

Highlight of the meet is Could it be magic floor music by Barry Manilow while Simone waits for

Qualifying Results
All Around

I am home and on my way to watch this splat fest but I would like to thank the boys mother for forcing me to lunch so we could “talk”so I would miss this all live. To think I was pissed when it first happened. It ended up being a blessing.

Now I am off to watch the fun. Before I do I would like to take this time to tell Marta Karolyi that she is a first class bitch who can suck it. Those are not my words they are words of a friend who is pretty pissed Maggie was left out of the AA. She would have only needed a 12.8 something to pass the ego that ate America and to save us all from what is about to come. It should also be noted that Gabrielle’s score this year would have only placed her 7th or 8th last year. A Canadian is in third place (now 4th) A CANADIAN and that says it all about how badly this worlds blows.

Those leo’s are hideous. Is this a gymnastics event or a hockey tournament ? Lighting really? Maggie Making poor Mykayla go on the floor and wait for an event they won’t let her compete. Oh this is fun.

Floor: US

And here lies my biggest problem with these floor judges. They harshly judged Larisa and Brenna and that is fine but they didn’t do it with certain other people.Be consistent.

Gabby D: double turn was short, Her first pass was not connected to the jump anyone know if she got credit for those with the start value??? She also started her first pass with both feet on the floor. I know that is allowed once. Nice full in connected to a wolf jump ( MY GOD END THESE PASSES FIG. They are ugly) Short on the switch ring. Bobbled out of the leap.Fell out of the double turn with leg up. The full twisting switch ring wasn’t even close to a ring or fully around. 5.9 start value with an 8.500 execution = 14.400

WTF FIG. You owe Brenna an apology and so does that bitch Marta. Don’t blame this music mishap on her, You are the PROFESSIONAL PEOPLE IN CHARGE OF THE DAMN FEDERATION OF GYMNASTICS COULDN’T START THE RIGHT MUSIC? and WTF is with Marta screaming for her to go with out music? This should be a big deal and as much as I thought Brenna shouldn’t be on this team this is a fucking joke to allow this to happen on the biggest stage your federation controls. If that had happened to anyone else the world would be outraged and I have barely seen a mention of it.

Brenna D: Okay I was too annoyed to nit pick it. It was actually her best routine this entire time she has been competing the last few months. 5.8 start value with 8.266 in deductions including a tenth OOB for a 13.9 How does all that tumbling only get a 5.8 start value, sheesh. GREAT JOB CLAPPING CROWD

MAGGIE: Step back on double double Small step on second pass. Yep I am already bored discussing the deets of these routines so I’ll just be me. Maggie has some swag going on in this routine and it’s actually fun to watch tho I am not too sure about that bird thing she does after her second pass. Watching the sidelines where no one was even watching her routine was interesting. Gabby is rubbing her legs, Aly was off preparing for next and no one else is any where to be seen. 6.2 start value with an 8.500 execution for a 14.700

The peace and quiet is so nice. No Tim and Nastia

Aly: Both feet OOB. Aly has more choreography then most on floor.At least her teammates watched her. Not her best but still it sucks she is out of the floor final.I guess extra tenths for having a gold medal only works on the AA Gold. Both feet were OOB but not at the same time but she was deducted for both going out at the same time. Guess it was close. 6.6 start value with an 8.233 execution for a 14.533 with OOB worth 3 tenths

SIMONE: Great tumbling. Small bounces but not as big as she usually does it.

US Floor thoughts

I have come to the conclusion that artistry and dance ability don’t matter to these judges they only care about tumbling which is why Simone gets such a high scores. The connection to the music is lost in so many of these routines I don’t know why we bother having music. Simone’s tumbling execution is in a league of its own but everything else was just noise in the background. Maybe it’s my mood but I just didn’t like watching this routine. I don’t like the music at all and while I usually think she presents her routines so well this time I just didn’t feel it. Gabby was even worse. She walked through that routine and nothing she was doing connected to what she was showing on the floor. I might not have liked Simone’s routine today but she usually sells it but Gabby my God she literally walked through that routine like it had no music. How it didn’t get any artistry deductions is beyond me. This isn’t even a case of me finding reason’s to dislike Gabby it’s just these routines are all the same. Tumble, tumble, dance pass, double turn with leg up, last pass. This Gabby routine makes Carly Patterson the original robot look like a ballerina. I can’t be the only one that thinks this? At least Maggie has some flow and rhythm to it Gabby’s had none of that.


Brenna: DTY 5.8 for 15.100 (Better distance than Gabby)
Gabby: DTY 5.8 For 15.300 (Better landing then Brenna)
Aly: Amanar 6.3 for a 15.100 (Big forward fly away)
Maggie: Amanar 6.3 for a 15.666 (Stuck but messy)
Simone: Amanar 6.3 for a 16.000 (Small step but crossed feet. This was overscored)
: 5.6 for a 15.266 ( tiny bit short)

US Vault Thoughts

Messy Amanar’s all around even Simone’s wasn’t her usual perfection. Maggie stuck but messy legs. Aly all over the place. Oh it’s prelims Jenn who cares.


Uneven Bars

Gabby: 6.2 start value with 8.550 execution for a 14.750
Aly: 5.6 with a 7.466 for a 13.066 with a fall
Simone: 6.1 start value with an 8.566 execution for a 14.666
Kocian: 6.6 start value with 8.633 in execution for a 15.233
Brenna: 11.333 ( 2 falls)

US Uneven Bar thoughts

I honestly dislike this event a lot. All routines are boring except the Chinese.
Simone messed up added an extra swing Aly fell, Brenna fell twice, Gabby hit but was close to the bar on her release and missed almost every handstand. Simone had an extra swing and a form issue and Madison actually missed quite a few handstand and had leg separations even I picked up on. I felt the US as a whole got some gifts on bars especially Maddie. Brenna headcase was just lack of concentration.


Balance Beam

Madison: 5.5 start value with 8.500 execution and a score of 14.000
Gabby: 5.9 start value with an 7.266 execution for a 13.066 with a fall
Aly: 5.8 start value with a 8.266 execution for a 14.066
Maggie: 5.9 start value with an 8.333 execution for a score of 14.166
Simone: 6.3 for an 8.666 execution for a for a score of 14.966

Balance beam thoughts

These judges were the strict and pretty fair all around minus the same names we always talk about getting gifts. Simone’s score was a bit high. Maddie was messy, Gabby a disaster that anyone else would have been half a point less. Aly missed connections. This is the one event the US needs drastic help on because if the judges really start executing the execution scores the US is in trouble. No way Gabby would have deserved an 8.266 execution with the missed connections and bobbles and nearly hitting the beam with her head. I had more fun watching the Netherland girls in the background than a single one of these beam routines

Aly on beam She didn’t do the leaps after the layout and someone before said she might not get credit for it the way she does it. She hit her punch front wolf connection but was very conservative on the leap series. I think he big issue was the layout not being laid out. Compared to Gabby and the mistakes she made this was very nitpicked.


Aly not thinking she has a shot at next year is sad and says a lot about Marta’s mind games REMEMBER ALY, You didn’t exactly score that well back in 2011 compared to the Olympics so fix your form issues and leaps and start nailing the connections like you did in practice. Glad Maddie hit but only because it will save us from Gabby winning an UB medal but honestly she misses every handstand and has ugly form so I don’t get her score. Maggie really slayed this competition. Nailing her Amanar with messy form but fighting to stay on beam and making floor finals is more than we could have asked from her. She did what no one thought she could and she put herself in position to be in team finals on 3 of the 4 events she competed. I wouldn’t be surprised if she made an appearance in the UB team finals too ( No Brenna and no Aly leaves us Simone, Gabby and Kocian but maybe they want to rest Simone. Gabby did better than podium training she saved herself for when it really mattered because Marta gave her the AA spot when she didn’t deserve it. Taking advantage when she had to but damn you Aly without that fall we would have been saved. I guess it’s up to Guilia and Larisa now.


China is first

I won’t be around til like 4 so I will be missing all the fun. Counting on you guys for scoring updates since the boy needs to take his phone to work tomorrow.

Live blogging the Russian qualifications: LIVEEE

October 24, 2015


Standing after day 1

1 RUS 231.437
2 GBR 227.162
3 ITA 224.452
4 JPN 223.863
5 CAN 222.78
6 BRA 221.186

My nieces are do in 10 minutes can we get this rotation done before then Russia????

Does en dat mean yes that in Russian? Someone keeps saying en dat. Maybe it’s Italian I don’t know.

Komova is having a messy beam practice. So is Afan

Rotation 4 Russia-BB Italy- VT

Daria is off the beam. Sigh She missed leaps, connections and her full twisting back handspring was very weird. 13.100 ummm

Seda had some bobbles on beam but she stayed on. Her layout was huge til the bobble I was saying wow that was beautifuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu and then she bobbled/ She was piked at the end and it caused the bobble. I read a 14.5 something? a bit high and does not bode well for these judges being fair in future competitions

Kharenkova stayed on beam with only one wobble but most of her connections were very iffy. 14.366

Great routine for Komova minus one big bobble on a freaking turn. The rest she did great especially with the way she has done beam in the past. I am proud of her. Proud of all of them considering the fall in the first routine. 14.533

A fan touched the beam and left. Okay

Not a bad day for Russia. I get the impression Afan would have gone on beam if Komova had fallen but besides floor scores Russia did a great job.


As a baseball fan this annoys me to hell and back and it’s even worse in gymnastics.

Rotation 3: Russia-UB Italy-Floor

Seda messed up bars I think looks like she had to go back and do an extra swing to get in right direction but her handstands were greats and legs together from this angle.

Kharenkova missed some handstands but not by much. 14.341
Vanessa is getting low scores all around here. only 13.933 on floor.

Daria hit bars and had some really nice handstands at the end. Some short handstands at start but not by much. 15.466

Komova: Stayed on but struggled. Shit 15.300 total overscore but I don’t

14.466 for Fasana on floor.

Hit routine for Paeska on bars.14.8

Dear little Italian this is skating music not floor music.

If Komova hits that bar routine in finals she could get a 15.500 and it would be well deserved. I think she needs a gold medal for motivation next year so I am all for her hitting in finals.

Rotation 2 (Russia- VT Italy- BB)

Big step for Daria on vault with a Yurchenko: 13.966
Seda= DTY, Bent knee’s, very small hop:14.900
second vault/ Little step
Komova DTY with a step: 15.033 Nice form
Paeska, Chang, messy in the air but pretty good landing: 15.500
Almost stuck Amanar. Bit messy in pre-flight but not as ugly as before.15.666 (15.583 av)
Messy DTY for Afan. That was form wise yucky.14.866

Lots of 13’s for Italy on beam haven;t seen much of it tho.
Caroltta hit beam but missed the leap back tuck connection: 14.233
Mori has some cheated leaps in that BB routine but she didn’t bobble a lot. 13.733

Russia:Floor Italy-UB: Rotation 1
The Russians are being very deliberate on floor taking there time with every move. They are hitting with a few messy landings for Daria (12.466) but I think they saw what happened to Romania.

Nice floor routine with good landings for Afan. She still has gross twisting form but that was very good. (14.633)

Nice handstands by whomever that was on bars for the Italians.

Seda OOB first pass and maybe second. Both feet first pass.(13.100)

Khareonkova didn’t fall but she was a little messy in her landings.

These judges are being very nit picky and like I said I am fine with that if they do it for everyone but day one vs day 2 judges usually go from nit picky to forgetful I don’t know I saw a lot of clean bar routines from Italy with scores in the 13’s


I am watching on the boys phone and writing the blog on the computer. Lets give some credit to the boy for letting me keep his phone so I can do this because the eye rolling and kissing on the head is the new norm when I talk sports he doesn’t watch.:)

I like the Russian leo’s. R ed, white and blue.

2015 World Championships day 1: Qualifications

October 23, 2015

Romania is up in the first division at 9.15 AM.

Start List

Live Video on Friday
Great Britain

Live Video Saturday


Earned VS Deserved VS Best for the team VS……….

October 22, 2015

Don’t forget to vote for who you think will win the AA and EF at Worlds.

Before I start this rant I just have to add this little diddy to the blog. Hey suspended and ban a guy for getting caught cheating then let him run for fucking President of the IOC? How fucked up is this. Excuse my French ( the pun was VERY much intended)

This article needed to be added. I originally got it from Gymnastics coaching. I love you Kohei thanks for making men’s gymnastics worth watching.


Earned VS Deserved VS Best for the team VS……….

When talking about who should be doing the AA for the US after Simone at these Worlds I have seen the words, Earned VS Deserved VS Best for the team thrown around about a million times( Give or take a few 100 thousand) but the one word I haven’t heard is fair.

You have rules. You compete under rules You say the competition at camp WILL be the defining factor when picking a team and then you have the competition. You then choose the team based on the best line ups and bam you’re at worlds training. Then you compete. You win some medals, if you’re lucky and you go home and train for the next competition.

It’s all over in a matter of days and then you just move on. Well unless your the gymnast who finished second on vault and third on floor but are used as alternate because the HBIC wants 2 UB specialists competing when it isn’t necessary.

Unless you’re the girl who finished second in the AA and EARNED the chance to compete AA but are losing that EARNED right because 2 girls on the team are former Olympic Gold medalists and one of you hasn’t been living up to that gold medal but hey Steve Penny wants you doing the AA anyway.

Lets just say I am kind of pissed about all of this. Skinner has a great chance to not only win a medal on vault but come home with the gold medal yet she doesn’t get to compete because for some reason Marta has it in her head she needs 2 UB specialists that at best are top 8 if everyone hit and only top 8 because the three girls who won the medals last year aren’t competing this year. If the US sneak into the medals this year it will be by major default.

And don’t get me started on Maggie Nichols. She has been the second best All Arounder for the entire year and she gets benched due not one but TWO one event gymnasts?

I can’t really argue with Aly being put in the AA ahead of Maggie because to be honest if she hits that beam and floor routine like she has been in training she will easily be ahead of Maggie when all is said and done in the standings but it still doesn’t make it right. Maggie has beaten Aly at every turn leading up to this point and why bother having rules if you don’t have to follow them.

No offense to Brenna Dowell because I like not only her but her bar routine and this whole situation is just an unfair mess but the fact of the matter is hitting one routine shouldn’t be enough to put her on this team not when everyone that she competed with has been doing it all year and as much as I despise Wogaette’s with bad attitudes Kocian has consistently been hitting and earned her right to be here which brings us to the real issue with all of this and that is Marta’s Karolyi and her games.

The camp competition is what really matters. It’s the “reason” Bailie Key isn’t here. It’s the reason Brenna Dowell made the team and it’s the reason this team was put together in the first place but for some reason this competition only means something when it suits Marta’s idea of a team. Like Brenna being in but what about Maggie and hitting when it matter’s ? Why is her earned right to compete the AA not being honored but Brenna’s is? What about Skinner EARNING her place on this team by beating Simone at Vault and finishing third on floor at camp? yet BOTH of these gymnasts have been forced to downgrade routines they have been hitting and now both have lost chances to compete what they earned.

Now there is one person in all of this that hasn’t been mentioned and that is Gabby Douglas. Like most of you what I have seen from her in training hasn’t been very impressive. The so called Amanar “people” insisted was amazing at camp has all of a sudden turned into a bouncy DTY because she can’t land it on her feet. Her beam and floor have also been below average and in many people’s opinion not worthy of top 3 in team finals so answer me this why is she here, competing the AA why the one girl who hit all year is being left on the cutting room floor? With Simone’s start value only being 1 less tenth than Gabby and 2 BAR SPECIALISTS why is Gabby’s in the middle bar routine on this team?

I know I hate Gabby and there for have issues with anything she does (blah, blah, blah) but this question needs to be addressed. Where does she fit on this team with only one good event when that event is now being filled with 2 bar specialists.

Now while I think Gabby has looked below average at practice and I wonder how she will compete she could be saving herself for a very long week. The fact is we don’t know what Gabby will bring to the table when it matters but she should have to earn her right here like everyone else but it’s clear she hasn’t been doing that during practice .

Someone in the comment section made a point about how Gabby doesn’t seem to be giving it everything she has in training while everyone else is being forced to do just that and this is extremely unfair to every other member of this team. They are being forced to compete for spots while Gabby has been given the insider info that no matter what she does her spot is safe, earned or not. Nastia was given the same exact free pass in 2012. Wonder if it will work out the same way.

Rant over for now.