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GTT will be taking a hiatus

April 27, 2010

My mother is in the hospital having heart surgery so that is why I have been missing in action. I probably won’t be back full time for a few weeks.

I haven’t been online in days and I am sure you understand why. Thanks

Sorry I can’t. I’ve got Lost (watching Lost)

April 20, 2010

Yes it’s Tuesday night here in the Good old US of A and I am on my way to watching Lost. (except it’s really Monday and I am writing this early because I won’t have time tomorrow. By the way I won’t be here Wednesday and Thursday either because I’ve got to go be tortured at America’s most beloved ball park. SOMEONE HIT THE DAMN BALL)

I have been so bored with this years episodes waiting for Jin and Sun (after 2 years) to finally see each other again AND for Sawyer to end up with Kate that last week I actually watched more of Glee then lost. Not good for a show on it’s way out the door.

So if anything good happens text me:)

Where is Kayla Williams?

April 20, 2010

Kayla and her parents had a fight with her old coach so she went to train with Bridget Sloan’s coach at Sharp Gymnastics. That lasted half a day and now no one seems to know where Kayla is training IF she is training.

So like the game where is Waldo we are going to play.. Where is Kayla?

My spies tell me she is not back at her old gym. She is also currently not training but has plans to get back into training some day soon.

Ask me anything- Update

April 20, 2010

I spammed myself and the questions took an hour to be put up. I am still not getting any questions though my friend asked a few they just have not gone through. Looks like this is happening to everyone.

Keep trying maybe they will fix it. Thanks

Aunt Joyce made one of these and while I don’t have his following I thought I would create one of these and see what I get.

So ask away. I might not be online a lot the next 3 days so be patient if I don’t get back to you quickly.

URGH Ignore again

April 20, 2010

Clicked the wrong button

The Funniest moment EVA!

April 19, 2010

I Literally have tears in my eyes laughing at the comments by Dick Button at 134. The conversation starts at 123 with Peggy and ends with Dick Button at 135.

This is the Dickie I love and always will love. Telling it like it is.

Lets call this the don’t laugh at me blog

April 19, 2010

Maybe it is just me but I find this enjoyable. Look at little Simona Amanars attempt at choreography. She was so cute. She even had a little rhythm here and didn’t just walk through her


Michigan wins mens NCAA title

April 18, 2010

2010 mens ncaa

Here is a link to the article

I felt it should at least be mentioned.

Mens Results

Team results
1. University of Michigan, 360.500
2. Stanford University, 359.800
3. University of Oklahoma, 357.050
4. University of Illinois, 354.900
5. University of California – Berkeley, 353.150
6. Ohio State University, 347.350

AA Results

All-around finals
1. Chris Cameron, University of Michigan, 90.500
2. Steven Legendre, University of Oklahoma, 88.950
3. Mel Anton Santander, University of Michigan, 88.900
4. Bryan del Castillo, University of California – Berkeley, 88.050
5. Glen Ishino, University of California – Berkeley, 87.500
6. Tyler Mizoguchi, University of Illinois, 87.300
7. Alex Naddour, University of Oklahoma, 87.250
8. Jake Dalton, University of Oklahoma, 87.050
9. Aaron Fortunato, University of Minnesota, 86.300
10. Thomas Kelley, University of Michigan, 85.700

Mens Event Finals Complete Results

1 2407 Steven Legendre Oklahoma 6.600 9.500 _._ 16.100 0.000
2 1515 Eddie Penev Stanford 6.600 9.400 _._ 16.000 0.100
3 1615 Chad Wiest Illinois 6.500 9.225 _._ 15.725 0.375
4 2403 Jacob Dalton Oklahoma 6.500 9.175 _._ 15.675 0.425
5 1502 Alex Buscaglia Stanford 6.400 9.200 _._ 15.600 0.500
6 2617 Bryan del Castillo California 5.900 9.400 _._ 15.300 0.800
7 2504 Kent Caldwell Michigan 6.000 9.275 _._ 15.275 0.825
8 2318 Cole Storer Minnesota 5.900 9.325 _._ 15.225 0.875
9 2505 Chris Cameron Michigan 6.000 9.150 -0.1 15.050 1.050
10 2514 Thomas Kelley Michigan 5.700 8.350 -0.4 13.650 2.450


1 1417 Brandon Wynn Ohio State 6.700 9.200 _._ 15.900 0.000
2 1616 Tyler Williamson Illinois 6.200 8.950 _._ 15.150 0.750
3 1506 Tim Gentry Stanford 6.300 8.825 _._ 15.125 0.775
4 2505 Chris Cameron Michigan 6.000 9.100 _._ 15.100 0.800
5 1513 Nicholas Noone Stanford 5.900 9.150 _._ 15.050 0.850
6 2014 Anthony Ingrelli Nebraska 5.800 9.175 _._ 14.975 0.925
7 2509 Phillip Goldberg Michigan 5.900 8.975 _._ 14.875 1.025
8 1613 Anthony Sacramento Illinois 6.000 8.850 _._ 14.850 1.050
9 1216 Noam Shaham Penn State 5.600 9.150 _._ 14.750 1.150
10 2610 Steven Lacombe California 5.900 8.725 _._ 14.625 1.275


1 2409 Alex Naddour Oklahoma 6.300 9.125 _._ 15.425 0.000
2 2607 Glen Ishino California 6.200 8.950 _._ 15.150 0.275
3 1415 Steven Spencer Ohio State 6.000 9.125 _._ 15.125 0.300
4 1614 Luke Stannard Illinois 6.500 8.075 _._ 14.575 0.850
5 2404 Corey English Oklahoma 5.800 8.575 _._ 14.375 1.050
6 1511 John Martin Stanford 6.100 7.975 _._ 14.075 1.350
7 2106 Mike Jiang Iowa 5.500 8.500 _._ 14.000 1.425
8 2401 Jeremy Adams Oklahoma 4.900 8.800 _._ 13.700 1.725
9 2505 Chris Cameron Michigan 6.200 7.425 _._ 13.625 1.800
10 2601 Donathon Bailey California 4.900 7.325 _._ 12.225 3.200


University of Bridgeport USAG title

This is why the US gets a bad rap when it comes to sports.

April 17, 2010

The United States is always labeled as homers. “We only root for our own gymnasts and basketball player and hockey teams” but while this is not 100% true on any level when things like this happen this is why we get such a bad rap.

IG Message board is at it again. The same people are in a discussion trying to convince the world that Nastia Liukin is better at the uneven bars than Svetlana Khorkina.

I know free speech says we all get our own opinion but in cases like this I am sorry there just is no real debate. One gymnast competed one of the most original routines of all time. She is a 5 time World Champion on the Uneven Bars. A two time Olympic gold medalist and would have been 3 times if she had not fallen at the 04 Olympics. She is also 6 time European Championships Uneven bar Gold medalist. (I won’t include Russian Championships because those are as biased as the National titles Nastia has and have no merit in the world of international gymnastics IMO. If you would like to take them into consideration go ahead)

Her competition has one Olympic silver medal that many believe she didn’t even deserve. Nastia is also a world champion on bars once and has two other silver medals.

Only one of Svetlana’s titles is a debate and that is in 1996 where she made a mistake (on her pak solto) and was gifted the Gold medal (tied with Elena Piskun) over French’s Isabelle Severino who was blatantly robbed even with her messy leg separated Def.

What makes Svetlana’s UB titles even more impressive is she did them over 3 different era’s in the sport (and 3 different codes) she also did not compete in a time where only 3 gymnasts had a shot at the title due to the code. If Svetlana fell she was out of the finals. Nastia never had to deal with that winning her silver medal at the Olympic when in any other era she would not have made the finals.

I am not a big Svetlana fan overall. I find she got a lot of gifts in her career (European AA (2002)against Verona Van de Leur comes to mind) but the one event she shined on was the UB.

If you want to debate her weak floor was overscored I’ll agree with you. If you want to debate her vaults were a mess landed low (though difficult) again I’ll be the first one in line to take your side but to even try and debate that Liukin was better on bars then Svetlana just makes everyone look bad.

Now before you slam me for free speech don’t get me wrong. Not everyone has to prefer Svetlana’s way of doing bars over say He Kexin or Beth Tweddles. I prefer both of their routines over Svetlana’s (you can also include Mo Huilan and Bi Wenjing to that list) but matter of taste doesn’t = deductions.

If it was up to me we would go back to the way bars was in the 70’s and 80’s because I much prefered those routines over anything we have seen in the last 10 years.


April 17, 2010

Sorry I didn’t mean to click publish. Will be up later tonight