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Watch the Magnificent 7 win gold. LIVE Tonight on NBC Olympics

April 24, 2020

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Shannon Miller and Amanda Borden will be live on Instagram tonight while NBCOlympics shows the competition.

I find it interesting they chose Shannon and Amanda to do the live blogging. Maybe if this does well next year these two will be hired to commentate part of the Olympics next year. Here’s to firing Nastia and hiring these two:)

And someone told me Nastia and Shawn wore their 2008 leotards to live commentate the competition the other night. Someone please tell me that isn’t
They just make it too easy..

If I can find a link to watch on the computer I will be here for all the fun of watching Moceanu choke and be mean to Miller on the podium. Who would wanna miss that?


I listened to Shannon and Amanda who complimented everyone all night especially Shannon who loved Khorkina on beam and Lilia on floor. I daydreamed through it all so I have no clue what else they said. I tried to screen cap Moceanu yelling at Shannon but I missed it (You’re Welcome 🙂

Carly Patterson showed up in the chat but only said hello. They had a lot of issues with keeping the feed and Shannon couldn’t get dialed in.

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Damn straight your bippy, it’s called the Fleetcenter. This article cracks me up tho because it is just such a waste of time. It’s like they only wrote it to mention the future gymnasts. Oh and don’t even believe the trials scores were low to make sure Miller and Moceanu made the team. Dawes was given every gift compulsories score under the sun at Trials and especially Nationals where she made mistake after mistake and should have been like in 100th place.

2021 Olympic rules have now been decided

April 9, 2020

New, Olympic rules decided

But the wording makes no damn sense. It sounds like the age rule is the only rule that has been changed. The word amended literally means changed… Though explain to me how this makes it fairer or more accurate? It literally means the opposite.

It first says the rules will be amended but then says, “The additional eligibility criteria remain the same.” implying rules stay the same.

You know what Country this helps the most? Russia. There little star(s) in the making are now allowed to compete.

Thanks Michelle for the info and sorry, Bogi, but your blog had to be bumped.

The one thing I did understand is that the code will stay the same, as it should.

It makes no sense at all to keep the rules the same but change the age rule. I read somewhere in my search for answers that it will still be called the 2020 Olympics but since you changed the rules, that is a lie.

Honestly, I do not agree with this at all. You know what really sucks about this are the Countries that didn’t qualify as a team for the Olympics that could have used their younger gymnasts to qualify. Brazil and Australia must have some juniors that could have bumped them up a spot in the virtual chain gang.

Boginskaya’s ego will never die

April 9, 2020

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Anna Li forever clueless and ignorant of the facts and Boginskaya having none of it. lol Someone sent this to me from someone’s instagram.

Love Birt article

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