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Shang Chunsong : Xinan Regional Competition (Qualifying)

March 31, 2019

Looks pretty good. Only 5.1 but per usual in Chinese competitions they low balled her.

Skating Worlds, Doha Finals, Birmingham and LEAVE MARIAH BELL ALONE

March 22, 2019

McCusker takes silver at Birmingham. Aliya wins.


Looks like she had big issues on beam and fell on vault.

Riley on bars

Aliya on bars

Doha Finals

Vault and Bars

BB and Floor

Qi’s beam

Entire Floor final

( I will add the results to the other blog too but it was getting too long)

Kristal Uzelac article.

2019 World Championships

Full Results

World Ladies Long Program

Rocker Skatings live results

( Yes I know that’s Evgenia Medvedeva but I like her better)

Ladies Press Conference

1. Alina Zagitova 237.50
2. Elizabet Tursynbaeva 224.76
3. Evgenia Medvedeva 223.80
4. Rika Kihira 223.49
5. Kaori Sakamoto 222.83
6. Satoko Miyahara 215.95
7. Bradie Tennell 213.47
8. Sofia Samodurova 208.58
9. Mariah Bell USA – 208.07

The US pairs got two spots back for next year. The annoying Madison Hubbell and Zachary Donohue are in 4th going into their LP or whatever the hell it is they call it in Ice Dancing and the men are in 1st, 2nd and 4th after the short ) Chan, whats his name and Zhoe

I just remembered Worlds was in Boston a few years ago and I didn’t even go. Skating is over for me tho I did go to the ladies for Nationals.


There is no way she went up to this girl and stabbed her with her skate in the middle of a freaking run through. Imagine the balls you would have to have to do that in the middle of a world Championships?

TMZ picked up the story and the media ran with it and Mariah Bell was treated like a criminal for no reason.

Thanks Heart of Dixie ( Is that for the TV show???) for a better video of the alleged assault that wasn’t.

NBC did a tribute to Denis Ten. Kind of underwhelming to me. Could have been longer and better.

I didn’t read this entire article but what I did read describes the ” gymternet” to a T and it amused me. I am so glad I won’t be around when you snowflakes try to deal with Kim Jong-un’s great, great, great, great, Grandson taking over the United States and you can’t figure out how to fight back because you weren’t taught to understand or deal with anything without throwing a temper tantrum.

Red Dawn 10. ( If you’re offended by this comment it’s why you aren’t allowed to post

Shang Chunsong is back. Figure Skating Worlds (SP) Doha, World Cup

March 18, 2019

Doha Finals

Vault and Bars

I couldn’t get the tweet to embed so I had to download it to youtube.

The Gymternet China originally tweeted this.

This makes my year. I hope she is serious.:)

Here is Nina Nedov’s beam from the Baku world cup for those interested in seeing. She actually isn’t half bad.

Did I mention Shang Chunsong is BACK IN TRAINING 🙂

The Ladies SP for the World Championships of Skating happened sometime in the middle of the night into the morning. Judges have seriously been drinking the crack cool aid with some of these GOE for the Ladies Short Program. I think the extra plus GOE was meant to reward those that did things really well but all it did was give the judges an excuse to over score their favorites even more.

Jackie Wong’s Web site has some video links…

I just got home and people are saying Mariah Bell tried to injure someone on purpose? Doesn’t seem like somethings she would do but she had been tried and convicted so far by the skating loons.

This is all coming from the Korean side of things.

Doha World Cup

VT AND UB Qualifying

1.). Maria Paseka 🇷🇺 14.850 2.). Jade Carey 🇺🇸 14.833 3.). Coline Devillard 🇫🇷 14.633 4.). Alexa Moreno 🇲🇽 14.449 5.). Marcia Videaux 🇨🇺 14.449 6.). Marina Nekrasova 🇦🇿 14.216 7.). Oksana Chusovitina 🇺🇿 14.183 8.). Emily Thomas 🇬🇧 13.800


1.). Nina Derwael 🇧🇪 15.033 2.). Fan Yilin 🇨🇳 14.900 3.). Anastasia Iliankova 🇷🇺 14.633 4.). Diana Varinska 🇺🇦 13.966 5.). Kim Bui 🇩🇪 13.900 6.). Jonna Adlerteg 🇸🇪 13.366 7.). Martina Rizzelli 🇮🇹 13.233 8.). Yumika Nakamura 🇯🇵 13.100

BB and Floor

Baku World cup. DTB Pokal World Cup etc,

March 14, 2019


Why didn’t any of the team gymnasts compete in the AA?

Baku World Cup


USAG Article

VT and UB

Vault Video

USAG article, day 2

BB and Floor

Jade Carey on Floor ( No sound) I think I prefer it this way:)

( Videos in the comments. Thanks Rocio:)

Team Finals DTB


1. Brazil 164.396
2. Russia 159.496
3. Netherlands 153.763
4. France 150.462



I wasn’t going to blog about this but the other blog has 80 comments so I thought we needed a new place to discuss.

Qualifying Results

USAG, Day 2

Vault and Uneven Bars
Beam and floor

Jade Carey


DTB Qualifying


Playlist of routines ( I think)

1.Brazil 160.400
2.Russia 159.250
3.France 154.550
4.Netherlands 153.350


[Bars] [Floor]


Rebecca Andrade Podium training


Simone Biles will compete at the DTB Pokal on March 16th and 17th. This USAG press release has details on how to watch

The Russian Cup “2019” Updated

March 6, 2019

Russian European team

Angelina Melnikova, Angelina Simakova, Anastasia Iliankova, and Maria Paseka

No Mustafina

Daria Spiridonova broke her foot and that is why she was out of the Russian cup


Almost all this info has come from
@russiangymstan so people should give her credit and thanks for sharing.
I think this is the same girl that runs the Russian website.

Nabieva on floor (Not sure which part of the competition)

Event Finals

1. Angelina Melnikova 13.600
2. Lilia Akhimova 13.233
3. Aliya Mustafina 13.133
4. Ksenia Klimenko 12.933
5. Alina Stepanova 12.633
6. Daria Elizarova 12.600

1. Angelina Simakova 13.900
2. Angelina Melnikova 13.500
3. Ksenia Klimenko 13.166
4. Daria Elizarova 13.100
5. Daria Belousova 12.966
6. Darya Skrypnik 12.666
7. Seda Tuthalyan 12.200
8. Aliya Mustafina 11.833


1. Maria Paseka: 14.583
2. Angelina Melnikova: 14.183
3. Tatiana Nabieva: 13.949
4. Yulia Biryulya: 13.716
5. Eleonora Afanasyeva: 13.566
6. Aleksandra Mayzel: 13.499
7. Ksenia Artemova: 13.199
8. Varvara Zubova: 12.783

( I didn’t even know Paseka was competing)

Uneven Bars

1. Anastasia Ilyankova 14.433
2. Anastasia Agafonova 14.300
3. Angelina Melnikova 14.233
4. Aliya Mustafina 14.000
5. Angelina Simakova 13.366
6. Seda Tuthalyan 13.200
7. Daria Elizarova 13.033
8. Ksenia Klimenko 12.933

All Around

Screen Shot 2019-03-07 at 5.14.05 PM

For those that can read Russian, this link has the Results

1. Angelina Simakova 107.897


2. Angelina Melnikova 107.463 ( 3 falls on floor)

[Vault] [Uneven Bars]
[Beam] [Floor]

3. Aliya Mustafina 107.398

[Vault] [Uneven Bars] [Beam] [Floor]

4. Belousova

5. Elizarova

6. Klimenko

[Bars] [Beam]

7. Tatiana Nabieva

15. Elena Eremina


According to the twitter of the girl with the Aliya floor routine she didn’t post beam because the people at IG Magazine’s facebook were too

Kssenia Klimenko Floor



Eremina, [Floor]

Top 6 ( According to the comments)

1. Angelina Simakova (54.499)

2.Angelina Melnikova (54.332)

3. Aliya Mustafina (53.865)
[Bars] [Beam]

4.Daria Belusuova (53.833)
5.Daria Elizarova (53.665)
6.Ksenia Klimenko (52.698)
7.Lilia Akhaimova
8.Tatiana Nabieva


Elena Eremina

[Uneven Bars][Floor]


( Thanks Rocio)

Vault: Melnikova 14.266, Paseka 14.033, Nabieva 13.783
UB: Iliankova 14.533, Klimenko 14.466, Mustafina 14.433
Beam: Simakova 14.133, Elizarova 13.466, Tutkhalyan 13.233
Floor: Belousova 13.500, Akhaimova 13.466, Klimenko 13.233

Larisa Iordache Interview

Gymnix results are in the comments section.

Event Finals


1. Skye Blakely, United States, 14.083
2. Olivia Greaves, United States, 13.483
3. Rachael Riley, Canada, 13.433

1. Skye Blakely, United States, 14.133
2. Zoé Allaire-Bourgie, Canada, 14.066
3. Noémie Louon, Belgium, 13.466

1. Noémie Louon, Belgium, 13.200
2. Zoé Allaire-Bourgie, Canada, 13.100
3. Lilly Lippeatt, United States, 13.066

1. Zoé Allaire-Bourgie, Canada, 13.233
2. Olivia Greaves, United States, 13.133
3. Noémie Louon, Belgium, 12.966


1. Aleah Finnegan, United States, 14.000
2. Haley de Jong, Canada, 13.467

1. Ana Padurariu, Canada, 14.666
2. Alyona Shchennikova, United States, 14.400
3. Emma Nedov, Australia, 13.333

1. Kara Eaker, United States, 14.466
2. Sloane Blakely, United States, 13.766
3. Elena Chipizubov, Austrlia, 13.200

1. Azuki Kokufugata, Japan, 13.500
2. Haley de Jong, Canada, 12.900
3. Alyona Shchennikova, United States, 12.766

Kara Eaker’s beam is in this article. Now I need to understand why everyone likes her so much on beam?

She’s fine on beam but nothing stands out to me as superior to everyone else. Her leaps and jumps aren’t great. Her lines are average. Her connections aren’t clean per say or precise. I don’t get why everyone loves her.

2019 Jesolo Results: US Juniors lose to Russia. Sunisa, Konnor win AA

March 3, 2019

Senior AA

Screen Shot 2019-03-03 at 6.14.51 PM


Results (Junior)

Junior Videos

Junior Team
All Around
Event Finals

Results (Seniors)

Senior Videos

Sunisa Lee


All Around
Event Finals

MY Opinion

If everyone had handstands like Shilese Jones I would never complain about bars again.

Sunisa Lee’s bars were pretty amazing too and she cleaned up some of her form issues.

Konnor Mclain who I am NOT a fan of has a great beam set.

Gabby Perea looks like she grew 3 feet.

The US juniors had quite a few falls. Marta would not approve.

WARNING! These won’t be up long. Someone put up flo videos.

****- Just added

Elena Gerasimova


Vladislava Urazhova

**** (Beam)

Viktoria Listunova


Olga Astafieva

**** (Bars)

Shilese Jones


Emma Malabuyo


Leanne Wong wins American Cup

March 1, 2019

Sorry for disappearing again. My life always seems to get hectic during gymnastics meets.


USA-Gymnastics article


First I want to say is I am proud of Mai for going for her triple wolf even if she missed it. Proud of the judges for giving her UB a fair score compared to the Americans, hell even the beam judges get props. My last comment is ha ha Sam, you lost by .001. Figured the judges would give it to you even with the mistake and was happy they didn’t. What happened to Kenzo? Oh and Ellie Black’s bars are a mess. She missed every handstand. I wish judges would do their jobs.
Leanne’s floor also was full of messy dance and tumbling the judges didn’t wanna see. Not sure how her execution on tumbling was the same as Mai.

Start Lists

( Saturday this should be the live link for the parts not shown on TV and the International feed tho it says Men’s, podium right now)

The Olympic channel will also air the early scam cup. will have the rest of the Scam

I’ll be around eventually but I can’t listen to Nastia so I’ll be waiting for videos from the USAG you tube channel.