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Day late. Dollar short

July 28, 2010

sorry something screwey is going on. picture will be up eventually

News I should have mentioned weeks ago:)

Amy Chow just got married.

Nastia finally introduced her clothing line. Just what I want my 9 year old wearing skirts 2 inches above the knee. Oh and leg warmers? Welcome back to the 80’s. LMAO Ahh I remember wearing those.

Kayla Williams has retired from elite gymnastics. Good news for all of us that like our vaults to at least attempt decent form. Here is an interview. Love her answer to what the internet community thinks. What she really meant to say was “FU People. I am doing what is best for me”

The draw has been posted for Worlds. I don’t for a second think these drawings are legit. They are almost as bad as the Skating ones where Michelle Kwan always ended up early.

Happy Anniversary

July 27, 2010

It was exactly one year ago today that I posted my first blog:)

Classic Opinion

July 26, 2010

“Classic” is debatable it was more a survivor of the staying on. Mattie Larson won but she sord of fell into the win more then winning it. Literally everyone ahead of her fell and Mattie came up on top. So the game goes.

Here we go….

There were some highlights in this meet like Alicia’s rudi. Sam Shapiro’s form on floor and well that is it off the top of my head. I will say this if Jetter ever fixes her leaps issues on beam she has an amazing set.

Cassie Whitcomb is the queen of being screwed out of world teams but for the first time in awhile I wasn’t impressed with her. Her bars were messy and labored. Her beam was coming along quite nicely til she fell. Her floor I liked the dance but she crosses her legs on her twists a huge pet peeve of mine. I hope she improves at Nationals.

Aly Raisman had a bad meet. She fell on her Amanar, was bouncy on her floor and her beam was not as good as it has been in the past. This is “Classics” so I expect a better showing from her at Nationals.

Alicia Sacramone got the gift of the night on beam. She was a hot mess maybe letting the nerves get to her. Her rudi was as usual great though again she did not stick the landing. She does win the ugliest leo award. I find her a bit phony myself, Too involved in front of the camera but I like how she said HOPEFULLY the world team. She isn’t already putting herself on it like certain other people did last year.

Vanessa Zamarippa deserves all the credit in the world for trying elite but she was painful to watch last night. Her vault has potential but her beam and especially her floor were just not up to par. I usually like Vanessa on floor but her routine last night she walked through. It was horrible. She also needs more difficulty to compete for an Olympic team. She has two years so we will see.

Kytra Hunter was her usual self meaning blah. She can tumble but she can’t dance.

Mackenize Caguatto had a nice bar set. The angle they had for a camera hid most of her form issues though I did see a few leg separations.

I am not a big fan of the winner. Mattie is loved by so many including Tim “more annoying by the competition” Daggett but if Mattie makes the world team then the US is in serious trouble. Her floor is decent but nothing else about her impresses me at all. I can’t see her scoring well in a team final. Her beam is a bunch of jumps and a punch front, There is nothing in that routine that stands out.

Bridget Sloan and Rebecca Bross both did bars and beam. Bridget has a new set that she hit with a few mistakes and Rebecca won bars with the second most ridiculous score of the night a 15.4 something. Bross also fell on her beam dismount. Bridget had a few bobbles but much better then worlds last year. IMO Bridget should have won beam over Alicia.

Amanda Jetter had short leaps all through beam but she hit her two major skills and was one of the gymnasts so close to winning until the fall. Her vault was only shown once and had some sloppy form. I am off to find her floor because her practice routine had some nice tumbeling.

Now to the fun stuff………

NO Tasha Justice was not served giving the US the Olympic bronze medal from 2000. Remember Austrailia was only a few tenths from getting to the finals and now that the Chinese were proven underage the real injustice is for team Autrailia who didn’t get a chance to rebound like your team did.

and….. Tasha is a horrible commentator. She just babbles and makes little sense and this is coming from someone who actually likes Tasha well when she isn’t talking and talking and not saying a word..

and.. Mattie Larson has a pretty smile.

and….. Watch the award ceremonies on These girls are always telling each other on facebook how much they love each other and miss each other but watching them hug is funny. For girls who all love each other they certainly look akward trying to hug each

Bridget Sloan is a goof ball but she makes me laugh. Watch the ceremonies at gymnastike.

Nastia name dropping at 6…

Not showing the World champ on beam… BAD

The juniors also competed with Jordan Wieber winning. She was short on her Amanar but had an improved floor. I haven’t had time to watch all the junior routines but will at some point.

OMG its 1988. Double tucks

That is all for now. Excuse any spelling mistakes but its late and I am tired.

US Classic

July 24, 2010

It’s going on now.

Scores can be found here All the glory of US and Woga over score can be found above. has up to date videos and scoring.

The direct link to scoring

Universal sports will air live coverage of the Senior women tonight. I am on my way out the door. I’ll watch the reruns:)

The Circus is back in town

July 22, 2010

Paul Hamm is back in training and thankfully he left the other half (brother Morgan) at home so he can go to Pharmacy College.

The Olympics are rolling around so Paul thinks he is owed something since he fell on his ass and won an AA Gold medal he didn’t deserve.

This is ALMOST as bad as Nastia coming back.

The Savior of team USA as Paul likes to label himself is going to annoy the hell out of everyone just in time for another Olympics and I know for a fact that the guys from 2 years ago were not to happy about it. They like Paul but they weren’t happy about the way things went down especially when Morgan was named to the team and the rumor had it that Paul told them he wouldn’t compete without Morgan.

If Paul comes back and tries for the World team next year and helps the team qualify for the Olympics I’ll go easy on him in this blog (even though I cannot stand him) but if he does what he did last time just to steal the spotlight with the sole purpose and taking all the attention away from the rest of the guys I will be relentless:)

It all worked out last time when Paul and Morgan got “hurt” as well sas David Sender and guys like Raj and Sasha ended up on the team. Lets hope it works out that well again.

I just wish Paul wouldn’t sell the BS “I am here to “help the team” when we all know that is not true. I have never seen such a self promoting athelete in the sport as I see in Paul (unless you count Nastia)

Look who’s for sale again

July 19, 2010

Yes our very own FaNastica and this time it will only cost you 20 bucks.

I hope this camp was free for the kids because it doesn’t look by the pictures that Nastia did much coaching.

Kind of ironic that the College gymnasts are in better shape then Nastia. How normal she looks these days.

Jaycie Phelps opens new gym

July 17, 2010


In this day and age doesn’t seem like the best idea but you never know.

I hope she didn’ invest all of her money in this idea. I hope it works out.

Jaycie’s website

2010 ESPY Awards

July 15, 2010

Evan Lysacek is at the ESPY awards. Nastia is hanging out in LA yet she isn’t at the award show with Evan?

Very interesting. Very weird that she is in LA yet couldn’t take an hour to try and steal Evans spotlight attend the award ceremony?

Can’t wait for the “I had a meeting” excuse intead of the Evan didn’t invite me reality.

I can’t find it online but if you have a chance check out Evan’s ESPY commercial. It is hilarious.

Insane are now in charge at IG Message board

July 15, 2010

Mandusky is a known member of the IG Gang at the International gymnastics message board. I am also 99 % sure he is the one that trolled this blog earlier in the year and sent pornographic pictures and tried to post them in the reply section. He really shouldn’t openly brag about trolling this place in open chats if he plans on doing

Anyway Mandusky is now a moderator at the IG Message board. God help you poor souls posting at that place now.

Amanda Turner really is one bad judge of character. She continues to show why it was the right decision for IG to knock her down to part time status due to “budget cuts”

Mandusky is now in charge of your kids. Is this the type of person you would want controlling what your kids can see on the internet?

Perhaps Amanda should do more re-search when hiring someone to be in charge at that place.

What wasn’t Kitty available?

Nationals here I come

July 10, 2010

Hi peeps. How are all of you? Good news on the mother front. She is back to normal. Things went very well for her and she is back to her old self. Which means I will be back writing this blog full time as soon as I can.

Life is hectic for me right now but I hope to be back full force come Nationals in August.

Speaking of Nationals I just booked my hotel and I made sure my hotel has wi fi so if it works I will be reporting live from Nationals starting the 10th or 11th. My hotel is a few blocks from the XL Center so I hope to report back to you after each session. If my phone works in the arena I’ll be sending pictures to you during the meet. Just don’t expect action shots or great pictures. It is a phone.

I’ll be back as soon as I can. Have a good night,