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2024 Olympic party at my house is cancelled

July 28, 2015


Boston 2024 is no longer

The tax payers of Massachusetts don’t want to pay for an Olympics when we need a train service that can withstand some snow ( Hey I personally liked the extra days off) so the bid is no longer and anyone that wants to call Boston second class or unpatriotic for not wanting to buy an Olympic bid can sit the fuck down or you can do what I do and blame Steve Pagliuca (The owner of the Boston Celtics) All it took was a month of his name attached to this Olympic bid for it to fall apart completely much like his Celtics team during last years playoffs:)

So I bid ado to the Boston bid and the huge party I was planning. The thought of you was fun while it lasted but the city I live in is technically part of Boston so I will take the money I saved from not having the Olympics here and buy a new computer.

US Classic Results

July 26, 2015

Junior Results
Live Results


Sorry I couldn’t live blog. The video wouldn’t work online and I had to watch on the boys phone which was a lot harder then it sounds but I saw a lot of the competition and of course have to laugh at the scoring.

Simone you are queen and you exist to save us all from the Gabrielle over scoring machine. You need any more proof that Marta wants Gabrielle on this team go check out her execution score on floor or beam. Marta doesn’t even try and hide the cheating. I give Gabrielle credit for staying on all 4 events. Her beam minus the switch ring looked great and while I think she got a lot of gifts tonight it wasn’t her over scoring that concerned me it was the the picky execution scoring of every one else except Aly that had me rolling my eyes.
Gabrielle’s bars were labored and she missed a handstand or two so not sure about that score either but there is no way Gabrielle’s execution scores should touch Simone Biles. If Gabbrielle gets an Amanar that put her barely a point behind Simone.

Kyla Ross had a few bobbles on beam and fell all the way to a 14.450 Fair maybe but I think the kid can see herself being out fazed by the Gabrielle and Aly hype machine and it effected her.
Bailey Key also was quite under scored tonight compared to past “it ‘ girls.

We all better get used to what is going to happen. Fairness doesn’t exist

I promise I am buying a new computer for next year so things like tonight don’t happen.


Watching routines now

Maggie Nicols Amanar looked good. Some bent knee’s while twisting but better than I thought she would be.

Brenna Dowell was nailing bars til she fell and she still got a 14.350 so that is promising for her if she hits. Still had some form issues but her big combination looked great.

Nia Dennis missed one connection on beam but I thought she looked good for her. She stayed on.

The Wogaettes make me laugh. They are interchangable to me. Kocian is better at bars and Baumann beam but they might as well be the same person.I love the bitch face and how pissed Baumann was when she fell on beam. You could tell she was pissed. It was hilarious.

Sabrina Vega, GO TO COLLEGE.

Kyla Ross was on beam to tainted love with no words. LMAO Poor Kyla.

Maggie Nichols hit a great beam. She is still soft in the knee’s sometimes but much improved.

Nia Dennis hit bars but score wasn’t great. A missed handstand or 2.


Got home just in time. There is no sound and I am fine with that:) It’s Amanda, Annoying John and Tim commentating tonight.

I can’t seem to find start lists. On well.

Yes Melanie that close up of John was scary and will haunt us all forever.

John can’t talk and isn’t funny. Please go away John.

The feed keeps freezing for me. This should be a fun night.

Well it’s not working for me at all. I should have gotten drunk today like everyone else

Kyla Ross: Four years later

July 19, 2015

Finally some upgrades. Lets see if she competes any of them (please oh please have a new beam dismount)
We discussed this on the other blog but I have been working like crazy and haven’t had a chance to post much. I am currently working on the Nastia Wedding blog but have lost motivation.

Emily Gaskins training with Steve Nunno Full Twist Interview.

Bailie Key: Timing is everything Full Twist interview

Who can explain to me why Charlotte Drury is competing at the Pan Am games when she was beaten by 2 people at Nationals? It also looks like Kerber is now second banana to Zeng the new pet. Nice to see USAG screws over all their disciplines.

Did I miss anything else?

Pan Am games Full Results

July 12, 2015




All Around Results

Ellie Black won the AA after Desch fell on beam. Ellie deserved the win hands down and did the best beam routine of her career tonight but some of the judging in this meet was just down right Skating-ish. Skating-ish like the competition was in Russia and you were Russian.

Flavia who finished second put her hands on beam TWICE and the judges ignored it like it never happened. Add the huge bobble and the score was impossible. Desch stepped out of bounds and was deducted for it but lost 5 tenths from her prelims score. Hundley also scored lower then her prelims score on floor.

Well it’s gymnastics so I shouldn’t be surprised but even with the mistake on bars Falvia’s gifts on floor and especially beam where she touched the beam twice just makes me shake my head at her gift bronze medal.

Marta will not be happy losing to a Canadian but as suspect as Black’s form and connections on beam can be she deserved the win tonight.


Event Finals Results

It is called the Event Finals event but it should have been called lets give medals to Canadians because we are in Canada. I thought Hundley deserved the floor gold over Black and honestly would have put Anna Gomez over Black too. Ellie is all bent knee’s and bad form on floor yet she got the best execution score in the finals.

On beam Black’s ridiculous start value would have given her gold unless she fell but I really thought 3rd place finisher should have beaten Woo and I like Victoria. All in all what can you do. Has the Pan Am’s ever been in the US?

Uneven Bars
Balence Beam
Floor finals


Team Finals

1- United States -45.100 (1) 43.700 (1) 42.300 (1) 42.700 (1) 173.800
2- Canada -42.750 (4) 41.500 (2) 41.050 (3) 41.200 (2) 166.500
3- Brazil -43.200 (3) 39.400 (4) 41.600 (2) 41.200 (2) 165.400
4- Cuba -43.350 (2) 38.850 (6) 38.550 (4) 39.050 (4) 159.800
5- Mexico -42.350 (5) 40.600 (3) 37.500 (6) 38.050 (7) 158.500
6- Colombia -41.400 (7) 39.000 (5) 37.400 (7) 38.150 (6) 155.950
7- Venezuela -41.550 (6) 37.850 (7) 38.200 (5) 37.400 (8) 155.000
8- Argentina -40.650 (8) 36.300 (8) 37.050 (8) 38.650 (5) 152.650


Woman compete tomorrow. Prelims
Subdivision 1 10.45 AM :US, CHI, URU, BOL, MEX, PER, DOM, BAH
Subdivision 2 2.50 PM : ARG, COL, PUR, ECU, GUA, VEN
Subdivision 3 7.05 PM : CAN, CUB, BER, CAY, TTO, HON, PAN, BRA

Monday, July 13
12:50 PM : Men’s All Around Final

6:55 PM : Women’s All Around Final

Depending on how busy my day is on Monday maybe I will live blog the women’s AA


Not sure what this is but the singer is Juliette Goglia who I mostly remember as a killer who framed her brother when she was like 10 on an episode of CSI. You might remember her as the girl Logan babysat for his friend on Veronica Mars who tried to get Logan and Veronica back together, She was super creepy on the 2 episodes of CSI.

The video features Cincinnati gymnastics and features Ameilia Hundley and Lexie Priessman.

Happy 4th of July. Remember why we celebrate it.

July 4, 2015


I watched a documentary today on the Bataan death march. It was eye opening. A soldier was upset because none of the torture he and his fellow soldiers went through was even a foot note in the history books of our schools here in the United States. He has to travel all the way to the Philippines to find anyone that cares about what he went through and that’s a crying shame. No that’s a pathetic abomination.

So why you’re sitting on your butts enjoying your long weekend eating your hot dogs and carrying your newly purchased American flag to the fireworks remember exactly who it is that fought for your damn rights to protest over whatever situation you feel like even if its stupidity.

Bataan death March Documentary
Col Glenn Frazier interview

Memorials of the Bataan death March

June Camp is over. Pan Am team to be named Friday

July 2, 2015

Last camp before Championships! 🇺🇸 Go USA! 🇺🇸

Kim Zmeskal’s twitter.

Pan Am team must be being tortured in the other room at time of this picture.

Jaycie Phelps and Shannon Miller Interview for Olympic Day

Are there no hair dressers in Indiana ?????