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We are now a Larry Nassar free zone

March 31, 2018

I have been attempting to write this blog for days. It’s not possible to write it without offending someone because chances are my opinion will always be the one opinion someone will take offense with and frankly I’m sick of writing on egg shells so here it goes.

I’m sorry these girls were abused. I’m sorry this all happened. I’m extremely sorry so many parents couldn’t see the warning signs that their kids were being abused to the point they were throwing their heads against bathtub’s just to avoid going to camps. I’m sorry so many adults saw the warning signs and either didn’t care enough to notice or they chose to ignore it because they cared more about their children or gymnast becoming famous then their well being. I’m sorry it all happened but you know what my sorry doesn’t mean jack shit because it happened and no one can change what these girls went through. It will never be over because the lasting effects of abuse stay with you, forever. The best you can hope for is to be able to live with what happened to you and survive it.

That being said there are plenty of places to discuss the subject but the witch hunt will not continue at this blog. If you want to blame Nastia for defending her father take it to the former gossip capital of the world. Their hypocrisy is well known if you do a little digging… If you want to harass Terin Humphrey for using her brain and not discussing the case she might have to testify about in a court of law, try one of the gymnastics Magazine’s message boards where the woman in charge of the board is friendly with those same hypocrites. This place is done with the subject.

This blog will be staying up for a few days so if your have any thoughts on the subject get it out of your system now. This will be the last blog where the subject can be discussed. I’m sure many of you have issues with this and as usual feel free to be honest about it. For me personally I want this blog to go back to the subject of gymnastics.

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Wakaba Higuchi was robbed

March 23, 2018


My only coverage of Worlds or Olympics in the year 2018 is going to consist of this blog titled, Wakaba Higuchi was robbed. I much prefer this Skate to the winner but per usual no one will say a word because North America sticks together. I know she fell in the SP but she still should have won the LP and since she didn’t I am calling the fix is in.

The US lost their 3rd spot thanks to Mirai Nagasu and Mariah Bell even though neither was particularly hideous they were just out skated. No triple Axel by Mirai. I will never understand how judges can give negative GOE and positive on the same jump. How does one judge see it as good and the rest see it as bad? Mirai’s triple flip, triple toe was under- rotated on the toe yet judge 6 gave her a plus 1. Whatever judges.

Alina Zagitova showed up to Worlds after winning the Olympics which is more than any other Gold medalist has done in the last 10 Olympics that I can remember (ladies wise) but what a disaster for her. I still say Medvedeva should have won the Olympics but as far as Gold medalists go, Zag is at least watchable.

I thought Satoko Miyahara should have won bronze at the Olympics so I am glad she placed third here. It’s nice seeing two Japanese girls on the podium for once because they usually get screwed.

Bradie stood up her LP. Props to her and I did laugh at her getting better PCS then Mirai after all those whiner Nagasu fans insisted the Olympic and World judges would show her when it mattered. Yep. Didn’t happen that way.

And I still don’t think Carolina Kostner is any where as great as the world claims she is so I am always fine with her choking:)

I’m glad the Shib Sibs stayed home because I literally have no interest in Dance at all and I will NEVER understand what the hell it is is so great about Madison Hubbell and Zachary Donohue who I find slow and boring.

As for the men if they want to turn this sport into a jumping showcase they can keep it. PLEASE Shoma Ono. Show up tomorrow and show the ISU what real skating should be.

Komova comeback number 307

March 16, 2018


It’s a start.

Bars looked beautiful. Killer handstands, beautiful lines. Great form. 5.3 + 8.35 = 13.65 score. Her beam was in the 11’s but even with the usual strict judging so far I thought this was semi low. If she had hit the dismount most it would have been was low to middle 12.

DTBPokel Results

Jordan Chiles

(Vault) (Bars) (Beam) (Floor)

I was ready to call her out on another performance she didn’t do her job (which she technically didn’t) but besides the falls I thought she looked good. That was the best beam routine we have seen from her in forever and her bars looked great til she fell. With the exception of her first handstand she was hitting them all. Maybe someday she will become consistent though at this point I doubt it. I wonder why she didn’t do the Amanar.

Who can explain to me Melinikova even getting close to the same execution score Chiles received on Vault? Someone tell Seitz that in 2018 there is no excuse for doing a Yurchenko full. Watching Voss and seeing her scores reminded me of the US and the Scam Cup. Hey we almost made it through an entire competition with out a wolf spin on beam ( damn you Melnikova) She had such a good routine going til the fall then she fell apart. I fell asleep during this Beampocalypse I had to go back and watch again. I love we are getting real beam mounts. Yep time for a scam cup score for Seitz on beam. Chellsie Memmel moved to the Netherlands and changed her name to Tisha. Melnikova getting a 13 with that floor was interesting. If she had not tumbled forward 6 times that might have been in the 14’s. Voss would have won if she didn’t fall on Yeah, okay. I can’t believe I sat through this whole thing. Someone tell the boy sitting next to Elisabeth’s mom he’s a rude SOB sitting on the top of that chair. The lady behind can’t see.

Oklahoma vs Alabama

I am not usually an Alabama hater but some of their Floor scores rival the overscoring Florida gets every meet. Kiana got her College retiring gift early.

2018 American cup

March 2, 2018

Sorry for the delay in blogging but a little over a month ago I decided to take a month long sabbatical from using the internet and haven’t been online since January. My internet black out was more a personal thing but also somewhat related on a much smaller scale to this blog which honestly has become quite a chore as of late. I guess I just needed a break, from the internet life.

Thanks to Meredith, Michelle, Jas, Danielle and Isabella for the e-mails and your concern for my welfare. I really do appreciate that you took the time to not only find my e-mail but send me a message.


Results with start values


Live is somewhat a stretch. Lets watch kids dance instead of vaults.

Screen Shot 2018-03-02 at 8.53.33 PM

The America Cup links….

Start Lists

I am making a guess this year at the winners. I predict Mai Murakami will get screwed which will bring the Scam cup moniker back to life 🙂 Why can’t we get the likes of Kenzo, Mai and any gymnast from China at gymnastics meets I get to attend?