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Tripletwist presents Jordyn Wieber part 1 plus

May 31, 2013



The 2014 Medals for the Winter Olympics have been revealed.

Money is missing. Corrupt IOC are really a piece of work. Thanks to tulip for the heads up.

Aly is listed in this ladies top ten celebrities She will also be at Milan Lucic’s Rock and jock softball game. Small chance I might be able to go we will see. Its kind of far away. I need to bribe someone:)

Off to wait for Aerosmith


May 27, 2013



Can someone tell me why I know the music for this? Rebecaa Bross maybe? Alicia Sacramone? Those are the two names that popped in my head.

Jalynne Dantzscher Crawford episode of Diamond Girls.

Someone made a montage of Kyla and it has baby Kyla which is too cute to pass up. Song is kind of something you might here on an old episode of Dawson’s Creek but watch anyway:)

Happy Memorial Day

May 27, 2013


I tried to upload a Flag that moved but had no luck so you get this lovely still flag I stole from someones Photobucket:)

I will be doing what I usually do on Holidays and will be working my second job.

If you see a veteran say thanks and remember that freedom (especially free speech) comes with a cross to bear and I think that is a lesson we all could learn (especially two certain people that keep on fighting over every little thing each other says)

and just because I am a total fan girl of Toby Keith and his kick ass first and take names second attitude when it comes to protecting my Country and the people that live in it legally,

Preview of, Inside Gedderts by Tripletwist Blog

May 25, 2013

Shallon Olsen wins Junior Nationals for Canada. The bonus system is just stupid IMO.

Ellie Black with Senior Nationals for Canada.

While I was sleeping

May 22, 2013

I’ll be at Fenway tomorrow night so please post some comments so I’ll have something to read while sitting in a rain delay or any cheering for stupid Terry Francoma, ZzZzZzZzzZZZZzzzzz


Aly was on Good morning America this morning. In our local paper Aly was asked about the East coast ‘s votes not counting on last nights DWTS and she said, ” It is what it is. I am so happy for Kelli and Derek”



Some Videos from prelims of Canadian Nationals

Gold medal of health.

Canadian Nationals

May 22, 2013

Juniors have a special bonus point system.

Junior results
Senior Results

Kaitlyn Hofland leads the seniors and Shallon Olsen the juniors. Victoria Moors got a 10.725 on beam but don’t worry the fix is in on floor she snuck into the final with 8th place.

Pommel horse perfection

May 21, 2013

Thanks to Tortuga and H for the video:)


You can watch Canadian Nationals live at this link Here is a link to the schedule.

Kyla is at the DWTS finale.

Vote for Aly, 1 800 868 3408 and a NEW rule

May 20, 2013

New Rule. Only Gymmom and negative comments are allowed when talking about Gabby. I have a troll that likes using an IP changer, annoying me. She insists I take back my blog so I am.

If I have to be Abomb I will be. Apparently some people are stupid and don’t get that I don’t care at all if someone bad mouths Gabby fairly or unfairly. You can call her or her mother any negative non racist name you like. You can do the same about Gabby.

This is MY blog and while I love all of you and thank you for supporting this blog you don’t want to piss me off.

Any comments supporting Gabby will be deleted and if you continue to ignore this warning my next step will to be to ban you. As obnoxious as this sounds no one is above this blog but me.That isn’t for you regulars its for the trolls)

1 800 868 3408

I think tonight is the last night to vote. Anyone know?

Gymmom says yes, last night to vote.

The judges are fixing this show again. Aly was lowballed the first dance and then this extra point dance off gives Zendaya extra points. Why do I want this show again?


Lugano Trophy results.

Women’s All-Around VT UB BB FX Total
1. Andreea E. Munteanu 1998 5.0 14.30 5.1 13.35 5.9 13.85 5.7 14.10 55.60
2. Maria Bondareva 1999 5.0 13.80 5.3 13.50 5.4 13.20 5.4 13.65 54.15
3. Anastasia Dmitrieva 1999 5.0 14.05 5.1 13.15 5.5 13.20 5.2 13.70 54.10
4. Sofia Busato 2000 5.0 14.25 5.2 13.15 5.1 12.85 4.8 13.30 53.55
5. Pilar Rubagotti 2000 5.0 13.60 4.9 12.90 5.2 13.20 5.1 13.50 53.20
6. Viktoria Kuzmina 1998 4.4 13.15 6.1 13.15 5.8 13.45 5.5 13.40 53.15
7. Laura Jurca 1999 5.0 13.95 5.1 12.40 5.5 12.95 5.1 12.45 51.75
8. Stefanie Siegenthaler 1998 4.4 13.40 5.0 11.50 4.9 12.45 4.7 12.05 49.40
9. Gaia Nesurini 1999 4.0 12.75 3.5 11.40 4.6 12.80 4.4 11.45 48.40
10. Jessica Stabinger 1998 4.4 13.55 4.0 11.50 5.2 10.20 5.0 12.65 47.90
11. Ana Palacios 2000 4.0 12.65 3.4 10.75 4.8 11.60 4.7 12.60 47.60
12. Ace Ayan 1998 4.4 13.25 4.9 10.20 4.7 11.30 4.6 12.55 47.30
13. Laura Gamell Villa 1998 4.4 13.25 4.9 10.45 5.2 11.35 5.0 12.00 47.05
14. Yuliya Khramiankova 1998 4.2 12.85 2.6 9.20 5.2 10.70 4.6 12.00 44.75
15. Sofia Malmgren 1999 2.6 10.95 4.3 9.05 4.5 12.00 4.0 11.55 43.55
16. Ceyda Sirbu 1999 4.2 12.55 3.5 8.10 4.0 10.55 4.3 11.45 42.65
17. Dayana Hryhoryeva 1998 4.8 11.20 3.8 11.30 22.50

Migraine blog

May 20, 2013

I have the worst headache so I decided to blog. Logical right?



Mckayla mention in this baseball article. Yep almost a year later. It took me a few seconds to understand what this man meant but I got it:)
For those not into reading articles about baseball her name comes right after the bolded Paul Goldschmidt ,

should be so proud: He’s the only player on this list who draws not an iota of scorn from McKayla.

Then I kept reading and there are pictures of how annoyed Mckayla would be. Just for the record Mckayla would never be annoyed by Clay Bucholz. She’s too smart for that.


DM Mehrkampf competition was won by Elisabeth Seitz with a fall. The only 3 names I know are top 3 and the scores are very low.


Adidas has signed a deal with Gage Gymnastics

Fabian won his 7th German Nationals.
Marcel Nguyen only competed two events.

Gina Gogean was inducted into the International Gymnast Hall of Fame. IGHOF is a freaking hoot. Their article actually has these words written in it. An ACTUAL GYMNASTICS ARTICLE written by the Hall of fame for our sport actually wrote the following,

Tell me who’s name does not belong on this list and Bart, get over yourself you tool. Your name is an even bigger joke being mentioned here

Over the past 16 years, 79 of gymnastics greatest stars and contributors, representing 20 countries, have been formally inducted into the Hall of Fame. The IGHOF is home to gymnastics greats such as Olga Korbut, Nadia Comaneci, Mary Lou Retton, Vera Caslavska, Nikolai Andrianov, Sawao Kato, Vitaly Scherbo, and Bart Conner.


Mag 7 Documentary

May 19, 2013


Moceanu still whining, Nadia telling it like it is, girls rule. Oh the drama

Here is what happens in case you want to save yourself 41 minutes of Bela and his gymnasts hype.

Jaycie looks like a pot head. Bart Conner being interviewed (why?) Time to update the ever since, Bela would try and make a root canal seem like fun, OMG, Nadia scored the first perfect 10? NO WAY, suck it Nellie Kim.
Nadia’s big lips, Bela without grey hair, the obligatory Mary Lou Retton GAG ME, I didn’t want to be like Mary Lou. I guess I should not complain that they are actually giving the past credit. They don’t usually do. UM HELLO, Bela trained Mary Lou for like 6 months before she won a watered down competition. Hey Cheryl Miller with President Regan. Awww, baby Mag 7 pictures. Even Kerri was cute, The DoMo clothesline story, Jaycie was poor, that hair is gross, time for Mary Lee Tracy, the turning point. Dawes has to move away and her parents accept, not so much what she said during her joke of a HOF speech, Amy Chow sap story, I fear you on my TV Moceanu, being Romanian does not make you Nadia, Now I remember why I don’t watch this , Moceanu could not be any more phony. Its not moxy Bart, it conceited cocky-mania, she won by default doc people. Bela defends the lunatic Moceanu family. I bet he doesn’t feel that way now, I don’t know about you but if my father hired a hit man I wouldn’t forgive, I think they should name this doc, the Bela hour where Bart gives interviews, Kerri is jealous, Hey Shannon, you do exist and did you know Shannon was only a beamer but Dawes was an AAer, GAG ME, how did Miller finish the AA in first place just doing beam????, Amanda sap story, injuries happen, I don’t think they had glitter on their face in the early 90’s Barty, Amanda the old soul, Amanda doesn’t understand why she was bumped in 92, Miller and Dawes win boatload of medals (Miller yes, Dawes, um no) but who needs facts, 3 veterans upstaged by Domo, GAG ME, Um not in the end, time for the fake injury that disappeared after the Olympics and 30 minutes into the 41 minutes we finally get to 1996 Olympics, Jaycie still looks like a pit head, Kleenex time, Amanda becomes captain. I have to admit this was the sweetest thing about this doc. Amanda being chosen by everyone was the right decision. Dawes is about to choke and Amanda saves the day, LOL Dawes crying, not a lot of re-search to find those clips LMAO, pressure from the cloud, compulsories starts, in second after, Starts a fire says Jaycie, time for team finals, STUPID BULL PEN, DAMN it Red Sox, GO Pacers (interruption brought to you by the damn bull pen) Ignore the interruption, the luck wins out on stupidity and bad pitching by the sox bull pen of horrors, trying to score on a pop up HA, Can’t make this stuff up) Back to the doc, Jaycie is the lead off, the stars show up (Chow was not a star but whatevs, Sox score two more runs to save the bull pen, time for vault. Miller hits, looks at the scores, we have a gold medal, not so quick Miller, Moceanu chokes (yes you did fall, stop making excuses. Moceanu the wonder girl, I could do that vault at 3 in the morning, apparently (YOU FELL TOOL) Bart says, she wasn’t the gymnast the world would pick and he names Dawes 1st, Strug Chokes, one legged landing, gold is ours, the end.


Reality, the US did not need the vault, still great Strug vaulted even when injured (though lets be real, the big injury came ON the second vault, not the first) but this idea that she was told she could not deal with the pressure is complete BULL SHIT. When did Kerri ever choke for the team? herself? please

The gold medal was set up for a Bela gymnast to clinch the gold and no way in hell should Moceanu have been the gymnast up second to last but Bela wanted the credit and he got it, thanks to Kerri not his spoiled brat star Moceanu.

Revisionist history doc.

Some of the stuff up there makes no sense to me now but it did when I was typing so if you actually watch it maybe you will understand:)

COME ON PACERS I forgot I hate the Pacers but only since 2005 *FU Doc Rivers but I hate the Knicks more, GO INDIANA