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Dominique Dawes refuses to take phone calls from Kelli Hill

January 30, 2020

This story originated from, The Skating Lesson, Facebook.

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Okay so here is my opinion.

Dominqiue Dawes is a fraud. She saw the attention and praise Moceanu received for complaining about Bela and here we are on the eve of another Olympics and there is another gymnast desperate for attention with an “epiphany ” now that she’s an adult and mother (yawn)

Kelli Hill took Dominique in when her mother refused to drive her to practice. She supported her and raised her when she didn’t have too. Dawes is just an ingrate.

Don’t get me wrong, I am no fan of Kelli Hill ( If you have read this blog you would know that) I remember Dawes whining about Shannon saying she deserved to be on the Olympic team in 2000 because of her past success ( in an interview, that was never found because it never existed) because Kelli Hill made it up to motivate her and that is when I knew my suspicions about her being a phony were confirmed but you don’t move a child into your house and support her if you don’t generally care about her ( or are being given money by the Government)

Hill might be a phony but so is Dawes. Remember at the age of 20 something her taking off her gift medal and putting it around Hill’s neck? Now she won’t answer her phone calls? Come on.

This is all, calculated drama that always seems to start in an Olympic year.

Thoughts related….

There were certain coaches back in the 90’s that produced the successful gymnasts. Karolyi, Hill and Tracy have all had gymnasts complain about the way they were treated and I just realized the one coach everyone hated on was Steve Nunno yet none of his gymnasts have come out and complained about him. Even the gymnasts that switched between Bela and Steve that have complained don’t even mention Nunno. Isn’t it interesting that the one guy called out for not being this or that is the one coach, NOT, being called out by his gymnasts in 2020.

Full article

Interesting because back in the day she was a bully to the younger non elite girls.

RIP Kobe , Gianna, John, Keri, Alyssa, Christina, Ara, Sarah and Payton

January 26, 2020

Before I start this blog about Kobe I want to take a second to honor his 13 year old daughter, Gianna. I didn’t know her. I had only seen her on Television but I sit here shedding tears for a life lost. She was just a baby. She had her entire life ahead of her. There are so many things she didn’t get to experience and never will. This is a true tragedy on every level and not because she was Kobe’s daughter but because she was someones daughter and we should grieve for all people taken before their time. We don’t know the name of the other 3 people on board but it’s rumored to be a family including another child. I hope that people don’t forget they died today too just because they weren’t a famous basketball player.

John Altobelli ,Red Sox scout’s father (wife and daughter) also among victims

“Oh I’ve got this”

All 9 victims

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I have a unique perspective on Kobe Byrant. You see I was raised a Celtics fan. I was supposed to hate him. He was cocky. He was arrogant. There wasn’t a lot of people that liked him when he first entered the league (unless they were Laker fanatics) but I can honestly say I never hated Kobe. Not even for a second.

Even after the Lakers won their first few titles with him and Shaq the reason I always liked Kobe was simple. He never disrespected the Celtics.

I was about as big of a fan of the Celtics as anyone could be during the late 90’s and early 2000’s. Our “Glory days ” were already gone and forgotten by then but Kobe never once ran his mouth when he could have. The rivalry was still big back then (and we beat them quite a bit even during their title years) even though most of the so called “real” Celtics fans had stopped watching by then. They were too busy listening to racist asshole, Bob Ryan crucify our newest draft choice for bull shit reasons and blaming everything from the weather to the Apocalypse on a kid out of Kentucky for not bringing us “back to glory” when we were literally tanking on purpose for Tim Duncan but I digress)

I am honored to say I got to see Kobe Bryant play live and in person. It was Antoine Walker’s first game back after being re-traded back to the Celtics from Atlanta. I wasn’t there to see Kobe even though I was excited this game was against the Lakers and that I was going to see him play. I had third row seats. The Lakers wore these weird ass, powdered blue shirts. Kobe scored 26 points.

RIP Mamba. Take care of your daughter.


I don’t cry when celebrities die. If I was going to, Luke Perry would have been the one ( I meant to write a blog about his death but life got in the way. RIP Luke) but I have to admit I shed a tear after reading this tweet by my, favorite , NBA player of all time. Read the last line.

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This has been my favorite tribute of the night for Kobe Bryant. It started with the Spurs/Raptors and now other teams are doing it too.

The first Olympic year camp : January

January 21, 2020

Laurie Hernandez did a walk through of her floor routine.

Some clips of everyone

A blog about day 1
Blog about day 2 *****

This twitter has some videos..

Morgan Hurd on Beam
Leanne Wong on Beam
Grace McCallum on Beam
Simone Biles on Beam where she has a new move
Some Simone Biles on Floor Simone refused to let them record her floor routine.
Shilese Jones on Bars

That same account thinks they saw Leanne Wong do a laid out double double off bars.

This blog has a short interview with Riley

And while this has nothing to do with camp check out the two pictures Ashton Locklear has of herself up on the wall of her bedroom. I don’t even know what to This was sent to me from someone who watched one of her snap chats or instagram stories. I forget which one.

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Laurie Hernandez. Two time Olympian?

January 15, 2020

Screen Shot 2020-01-15 at 12.56.57 PM

This reminds me of when gabby celebrated being on the World team before trials.

Thanks Cate.

An Aliya Mustafina interview

My favorite part and I said this myself. Simone makes the US hard to beat but the US juniors are below the Russian juniors and the US seniors can be beaten tho I think right now the US girls beat all the Russian seniors but the juniors are on par if not better

Screen Shot 2020-01-16 at 8.32.01 PM

Aliya waiting to wake up and be ready when the Olympics are right around the corner is an interesting way to train.

Why the 2020 Olympic team needs, Mykayla Skinner: January Olympic team poll included

January 4, 2020

Someone on this team needs some damn personality.

Okay, I KNOW, ” Smiling doesn’t win you gold medals” but that doesn’t mean we can’t find joy in watching this Olympic team as a group, does it?

The only time Simone shows any personality is when she wins all the gold medals. Unless she’s talking to her teammate or Jade Carey she’s off sulking on the sidelines because the team isn’t her personal cheerleader anymore so we need someone to put the personality back on this team so why not, Mykayla Skinner?

: There isn’t the jealousy angle we had 4 years ago because no prima donna’s have shown up expecting to be on the Olympic team with out earning it. The only real competition to Mykayla on this team is Jade Carey and they seem to get along really well. Jade even went to Mykayla’s wedding ( something “BFF” Simone Biles couldn’t even be bothered to do)

: Mykayla is going for it. Watch her instagram. She’s working on the triple double on floor. Upgrades on bars. Putting both hands on her Cheng. She wants this.

: IMO, Tom knows the US is going to win gold and he is going to put someone on this team to be Simone’s little buddy and Mykayla is the best bet for that ” position”

YES, I know this team isn’t being decided on personality so take this blog for what it is, a way for me to get the damn Olympic team I want and that includes Mykayla Skinner.

Don’t forget to vote in the poll.

For further discussion on who everyone thinks will make the Olympic team, read the comments at this blog

Who will make the 2020 Olympic team : January poll

January 1, 2020

You get 4 votes. Please add two alternates to the comments section if you have time and give your reasoning. I know it’s early but I will repeat this poll in a few months to see how the results have changed.

I basically took the Senior and Juniors born in 2004 and a few extra’s and I added Ragan Smith because I felt like it. Maybe she will change her mind and compete after her first year of College.

I tried not to miss anyone but if I did let me know so I don’t forget them next time.

Great article on Ragan Smith