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Can Kyla or Simone join the list of US All Around Champions ?

September 27, 2013

Can Kyla or join the list of US All Around Champions ?

The United States has 6 World All Around Champions and a very good shot at having a seventh this year so tell me which of these two do you think has the best shot at winning the 2013 World All Around title?

Clean and consistent Kyla Ross or powerful and explosive Simone Biles?

Simone has the edge in start value. Kyla has the edge in execution. Take your pick?


Remembering the past

Kim Zmeskal started the US’s world AA titles winning in Indianapolis in 1991. Shannon Miller followed it up winning back to back titles in 1993 and 1994. (Outside the US) Then we waited until 2005 when Chellsie Memmel defeated pure evil by the smallest margin imaginable. Shawn Johnson was next in 2007 followed by Bridget Sloan in 2009 and ending with Jordyn Wieber in 2011.

So who do Kyla and Simone remind you of when compared to successful world all around champions of the past?

For me Kyla reminds me of Shannon. Clean, consistent and labeled boring by the people that cannot find a real reason to hate is pretty much the gist of it IMO. Shannon has more rhythm and flow and is a better dancer than Kyla but no one else really fits the question. Kyla isn’t quite an artistic gymnast though she is working on it.

Simone is a combination of all other remaining gymnasts. She reminds me of Shawn or Chellsie on floor. Not much presentation but a hell of a tumbler. On bars she is Bridget. There but nothing special. On beam she is hit or miss. She could be any of them but Zmeskal who was a rock on beam. When it comes to vault I guess she reminds me mostly of Jordyn but only because they both have the Amanar. Simone is dynamic and impressive with her Amanar and that doesn’t really fit anyone else on the list.


Judging by past US World AA champions if I had to garner a guess I would say the judges prefer the Simone Biles of the gym world over the Kyla Ross’s. The US has only one artistic gymnast with a World AA title. In fact she has two of them.

Todays Podium training

Rumor Central: The real reason Jordyn is not competing this year

June 24, 2013

This is a rumor and the old disclaimers about this info not being mine and you believing what you want and me not being to blame for you thinking anything is still in effect.


What do you think?

Thanks to Sara in the comments section for the article from a blog.

Look what I found. The Disclaimer 🙂

I found the BAN PINK petition.
If this thread is true imagine the people who could see this and SIGN THE PETITION


Dearest Tim Thomas, Tuukka Rask SUCKS. THE END

Gabby Douglas does the Onion

August 22, 2012


LMAO I swear I did not write this but I could have:P

I probably could have done a better job and used actual quotes by Gabby:)

Someone sent me the link and they got the picture online:)


Jordyn Wieber doesn’t think we should text and drive. Damn Olympians think they are politicians these days:) and no, NO ONE should text and drive, duh

This link has some pictures from tonight
t but I can’t guarantee they will be there in the future.

An article about her first pitch

Here is a direct link to a picture

Small article and video about the VMA’s

Geddert doesn’t believe in Jordyn. Tool she isn’t that old.

Aly Q and a

Day 3 finals

August 6, 2012

I think I speak for everyone when I say, THANK GOD THIS OLYMPICS IS OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and one more thing, I can’t find a picture of the gold medalists on floor from the podium. Can anyone help?

Sui Lu looks so sad. She has been so underscored all Olympics. This sucks. I am happy for Deng and Aly and it sucks for Ponor and it sucks for the judges because THEY CAN’T DO THEIR JOB. How do you miss start value when that is your ONLY JOB?

I didn’t watch, I was asleep and now I have to watch NBC tonight. I hope this doesn’t cost Aly the floor gold medal because judges can be pissy.

Deng and Sui look miserable.


FABIAN, I am so glad he won a medal again. The guy from the Netherlands is cute but his form is atrocious. I really feel the first Chinese guy was robbed. His execution was so much better and his start value was a 7.7. I get adding difficulty but if you can’t perform it cleanly it should not be rewarded.


Yay Aly but seriously the medal winners have some of the ugliest triple fulls ever seen.

Izbasa seems fine with her fall I am sure she knew her best chance was for second and Mustafina wins third with a stupid tie breaking rule that makes no sense. I get tie breaking rules, even get why they are used but they make little sense.

I feel really bad for Jordyn. From star to only team gold medal pretty much sucks but how about my home girl Aly Raisman with the most medals of anyone from the US in gymnastics. The girl is set in Boston. Big sports town.

I am scared to watch the news tonight. Aly will own channel seven. I can watch her family and summer home neighbors react to her gold AGAIN:)

Do you realize minus the tie rule Aly would have 4 MEDALS!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wonder how Alicia feels with Aly having the Olympics she wishes she had?

Aly was overscored but come on, so was Ponor. In event finals all that matters to me is placement and the placements were right. I see people debating the bronze for Mustafina but when not nit picking every little thing I have no problem with it. Ferrari was low on her double double landing and Mustafina took small steps on two passes.

I wonder if Yahoo will take the 3 pictures they have of Gabby off their front page now. The lead headline from yahoo was, Did Gabby take gold again for bars finals. The news people are such idiots in this but anything for clicks.

Gabby making excuses for her mistakes. It might be hard to get your shit together but if you had no thought of giving it your all than you should have given Kyla the chance at a beam medal.


Cutest thing you will ever see. Now this is cute. Rest of you need eyes.

I read somewhere that floor finals had their own day but now I have read that all the events left will be tomorrow. No clue which is true.

Here is your start lists via I forget. I just stole them from somewhere:)

1. Sui Lu
2. Catalina Ponor
3. Deng Linlin
4. Diana Builimar
5. Ksenia Afanasyeva
6. Gabby Douglas
7. Viktoria Komova
8. Aly Raisman

1. Ksenia Afanasyeva
2. Jordyn Wieber
3. Aly Raisman
4. Catalina Ponor
5. Lauren Mitchell
6. Vanessa Ferrari
7. Aliya Mustafina
8. Sandra Izbasa


lets give some street credit to my city Boston for being a real sports town. Not sure how long this will be up but a picture of our UB medalists minus an American is the cover page on the internet sports page of one of our newspapers.

That is right, Bean town is a real sports town and don’t you forget it. Just forget the basketball trolls exist.

Beth is not retiring yet , yay

Women’s bar finals article where Gabby starts the excuses for not hitting. Nastia number 2.


Geddert posted this than deleted it. I got it off facebook. The only whining here is you Geddert. His hatred of Komova is kind of creepy


I hate you Belu. Diana Builimar is not your damn puppet. Stop screwing her over for your pet.

I have to say it, JorDyn Wieber was robbed

July 30, 2012

No one seems to care at all that she was 100% underscored on floor and Gabby was overscored on beam, floor and vault (the same score as Mckayla who literally 5 feet higher than everyone else on that Amanar)

If Gabby fixes her floor do you realize she could beat Komova by a point? I bet Komova doesn’t realize that.

Gabby was gifted this AA and if Tim Daggett even mentions that Jordyn was underscored when he is a flipping Gabby cheerleader you know something is up.

NBC will not come out and say the fix is in because they have spent so much time hyping up Gabby it would interfere with their advertising. Imagine if this had happened to Jordyn and she was competing against a non American? All hell would have broken lose.

The arrogant American

July 30, 2012

I always defend my Country when people call us the Arrogant Americans because I think the label is unfair. The more I watch this Olympics and read up on what the media and some athletes have to say the easier it gets to understand why so many people hate us.

If the only thing you heard about something came from the US media why wouldn’t you hate us? All that seems to matter to any of us is Gold and if you listen to the idiots on television you get gems like this from Nastia Liukin’s agent. Why the hell is this man making a comment about an athlete that ISN’T HIS? There is a way to say something. A time, a place and this was not it. How this fat slob got this job is beyond me.

Gabby Douglas had this to say when she found out Jordyn did not make the AA. It has to be the most obnoxious comment I have ever heard another gymnast make about a teammate during the competition.

“Everyone was talking about me and her (Wieber) and ‘the showdown’, and after Aly’s floor routine everyone got really shocked. But, all have to learn how to deal with disappointments. But I’m so proud of Aly. She deserved it.”

Don’t get me started on Hope Solo.

FYI, Michelle Kwan says differently Mr agent.

Waiting for Sunday

July 28, 2012

Sorry for the lack of updates but I am on vacation the next two weeks so my boss made sure I did all the work I would have been doing before hand. You suck boss.

I am working on the twitter approval. I plan on replying to all the requests so please be patient if you don’t get an e-mail back or approved right away.

I technically have to work Sunday but when I originally agreed to do it I thought I would only be missing mens prelims but it turns out it is womens prelims so I will be calling in sick. There will be live blogging if I can get my butt out of bed at 10 am:)

Off to see what I missed and thanks to everyone that joined twitter. Remember if you want to join you have to leave a reply here with the information and send me any e-mail at I’ll get back to you as soon as I can:)

and my new e-mail is,


So I have been catching up on the Podium training from either today or yesterday. I am not sure. I so far have seen Vault and Bars They still work at this link. Beam and floor have been removed.

The US women were on the Today show today. I have not watched that yet but here is the video I just watched it. I’ll keep quiet on my opinion of it. Lets just say someone needs to teach Mckayla and Gabby a little humility. I hope it doesn’t come by way of a silver medal.

Gymnastike is telling us who the best tumbler is. Do you agree? I have to watch to find out.

The men have their line up. Horton and Mikulak are not doing AA. I guess that is a way to make sure your two “it” gymnasts get to do the AA. This article insists it is all about team but give me a break, IT’S PRELIMS, it really makes no difference who is doing it in the prelims for a team medal. I don’t care enough about the men to care but it just seems unfair that Sam Mikulak isn’t doing the AA.

Horton is doing Pommels?

PH: Horton, Mikulak, Leyva, Orozco
RG: Dalton, Leyva, Orozco, Horton
VT: Leyva, Orozco, Mikulak, Dalton
PB: Mikulak, Horton, Orozco, Leyva
HB: Mikulak, Orozco, Horton, Leyva
FX: Orozco, Leyva, Mikulak, Dalton


Jordyn’s mom has a blog.
It is fun to read.

More podium training info.

Geddert has a new blog. The girls and Marta decide the leotards? GOD HELP US. NO PINK

Ice bathing, the new it thing?
Lordy lord.

I am exhausted

June 11, 2012

I don’t usually get stressed over sports that aren’t baseball but I can’t tell you just how stressed out I have been over the last week and a half I can’t imagine what the gymnasts ere going through. This is tough.

I sit here watching Nastia Liukin screw up left and right getting a free pass to Nationals and I can’t help but think about how hard it must have been for Chellsie to sit there timing beam. She should have been on that beam given the chance for redemption. Instead Nastia gets a literal free pass to the Olympic Trials on name alone and all Chellsie got was a damn stop watch she can’t keep.

Then I think of Nastia and her arrogance. She could not hit her 6.5 set either day at Nationals yet she mentions an upgrade for a Trials she hasn’t even earned the right to compete at. The longer she stayed in the competition the worse her gymnastics got and for her to even want a spot at Trials kind of makes me sick to my stomach.

I am a known Nastia hater but I was scared for her safety her first night on bars. I thought she was going to kill herself with that routine. My stomach was a mess for twenty minutes after but there she sits, just a day later smiling like she earned that spot at Trials.

Anyone else would have bowed out gracefully. When all is said and done my impression of Nastia only got worse by the way she acted at Nationals. The self entitlement. The attitude. That is what I am going to remember about her entire career.

I know it’s not just me because I read the comment section but Gabby Douglas gets more annoying by the day. Maybe its me. I am more find of gymnasts that work hard and don’t feel the need to boost to the world, “All eyes are on me,” she said. “I’m going to do this thing and I’m going to do it up.” for attention. The arrogance Nastia has is finding a new body to possess.

Do we even need to discuss the judging? From Nastia on beam and bars to Gabby on every event. I think these girls are in for a huge awakening at the Olympics.

The worst part of this blog is it didn’t start with Jordyn Wieber, the 2012 National AA Champion. Instead we discuss the cockyness of Gabby Douglas and the judges having their heads up their butts. We discuss Chellsie Memmel being screwed over and Nastia being given a free pass, Something even her biggest fanatics can’t even excuse away any more. (I was wrong. Marta can excuse it away. Speechless here. Just speechless Thanks Jas for the article)


A lot of stuff is ending up in spam these days so if your comments don’t show up that is what probably happened. Just let me know and I will check. Oh and let me tell you how much I love my spam filter. It is awesome:)

Podium Training

June 7, 2012

I finally watched this routine and could Valeri look any less interested in what Rebecca is doing? For Nastia he is under her the entire time, spotting. Rebecca he has his arms crossed and he looks bored.

Watch the beginning of the video too when Nastia says something to the girl in blue, she then turns around like she was told to move and she does. It looks like Nastia told her to move out of the way so she could see. You know what my reply would have

Here is what, whats her name has to say. I never remember her name. Still don’t and I don’t feel like checking to see so…..

Interesting tidbit, Marta making excuses for Nastia before she competes. Intersting how she says she wantsd the good routine at Trials. Funny I thought Nastia had to play by the rules. So why is Marta already talking about her at Trials, a spot she has not earned yet. Why? FREE RIDE. At least admit it Marta.

4:14 p.m.: Other Martha tidbits: She says that she needs to see a full bar routine from Nastia Liukin. She says she hasn’t seen one yet. She’d also like to see a beam routine with slightly better connections. Martha also indicated that Nastia’s bar routine doesn’t even have to be amazing (actually, the words she used were “very good”) — she just wants to see one. The “very good” one can wait for Trials.

Kim Zmeskal in charge of the little ones? Really? What talent has she produced so far again? Oh right, Chelsea Davis ZZzZzZzZZZZzzzzz(Rolling eyes)

Peppy Miller. Yes I want to smack her:)

I already like her floor and now she is impressing me on bars. Elizabeth Price is my new hero. Why you ask? because she can keep her legs and feet together during her bar routine. NO ONE else does that. I hope she hits and becomes the first watchable Parkette EVER!:)

This routine is growing on me. You can watch Shannon Miller and Steve Penny laugh at each others jokes at the end of Sarah’s floor routine. Oh Shannon. Steve would have screwed you over first chance he got if he was in charge of your gymnastics career.

Anna Li hitting bars.

Aly being Aly

Messy Sarah on beam.

Jordyn on floor

Podium Training

June 5, 2012

Meet Schedule

Professional photog must have taken these.
USA-Gymnastics, Nothing but the best

So far no Nastia training videos. Interesting

Jordyn Wieber I like you as a person but no real judges are giving you credit for these connections. She is going to lose the AA title on this routine.

Bridget Sloan has a bar combination upgrade. She has been gone so long I don’t even remember her routine

Looks like Kyla is not upgrading the bars dismount. She does the double layout so easy she could easily add a twist.

Alicia on beam

Kyla nailing beam. Tim will probably say it isn’t good enough and then she will get a 15.400

Gabby nailing vault. Podium training stick.

Alicia on vault. Looks beautiful in the air. Looks like no hard landings for her so she stays healthy. Smart move

Gabby having a few issues on bars

Does it scare the Gabby fans that she hitting like this in Podium training? From 1 minute to 1.10 she does a leap then walks the beam for ten more seconds after that. Why?