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Happy Birthday, Aly Raisman

May 25, 2020

Watch the 2012 floor finals to celebrate Aly’s B-day. She’s 26 today..
Happy Memorial day to those who served.

I had forgotten Lauren Mitchell was in this final. Best part, NO, NBC for commentating. Shannon Miller and the British guy:)

Okay so I wrote an entire blog bitching about the results and Jordyn Wieber’s resting bitch face the entire finals and then erased it because I remembered this was a blog celebrating Aly’s Bithday.
So Happy Birthday, Aly.

I just saw Ferrari’s bitch face and now I am really going to have to write a blog about this

New-ish training videos from Suni, Riley by Gymnastea

May 19, 2020

This was put up today. I love how she’s going for it on the one event we have an average, overscored, Simone keeping us from being called weak in the US. Everyone else is too inconsistent to be called great, IMO…

Andreea Raducan showing her babies her AA victory is all kind of funny to me. Hey kids, this is when my coach tried to cheat giving us cold medication pretending he didn’t know it was illegal then blaming it on the doctors when we got caught. Good times…

Meet your new Potential Olympian’s

May 11, 2020

I hate this change. If it affects the Olympics in the end I just might have to blog about it:)

Video by Gymfan.