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Merry Christmas Everyone

December 25, 2015


I just want to take a second to thank you all for coming back again and again and supporting this blog. I really do appreciate each and everyone of you. 2016 is going to be an interesting year. Hope everyone enjoys their Christmas tomorrow or which ever Holiday they celebrate.

Russia names 4 members of their Olympic team

December 20, 2015

Your 2016 Russian Olympic team

Aliya Musafina, Viktoria Komova, Maria Paseka and Ksenia Afanasyeva.

So with these 4 their vault line up is set. 3 DTY’s and an Amanar or Cheng. Paeska has a decent bar routine so the bars line up is also set which does not look good for my girl Daria Spiridonova who IMO deserves a spot on this team regardless but pretty much is useless on any event but bars. With beam Aliya and Viktoria could obviously be used but Paeska should not be used here. Ksenia could be used but with floor unless Komova gets it together this team needs a beam and floor worker.

Who you got?

Maybe this blog will cover some NCAA this year

December 13, 2015

Sorry for being missing in action but I have little motivation to do much of anything lately but I  recently came across an article on the end of Bridget Sloan’s career as a gymnast and it made me think that maybe I should cover some College gymnastics this year. There are actually some past elite’s entering their freshman year of College who it might be fun to keep tabs on so without further ado…

walking wounded banner


Lexie Priessman, Peyton Ernst, Sarah Finnegan…. If I was a betting girl I would go the over on all 3 of them being injured by February but I think the 3 of them will shine in College gymnastics and benefit from the easier code. Though I wouldn’t mind seeing Lexie throw the first Amanar in College gymnastics sometime during her freshman season.( It hasn’t been thrown right?)



The gymnast I am most looking forward to this year is the one and only Lizzy Leduc. I feel like I’ve known her her entire life with her mother putting her videos on youtube as a child. This child was a beautiful gymnast from the get go and as far as I am concerned Valeri Liukin ruined not only her potential to be a successful elite but an elite at all.  Originally set to compete for LSU, Lizzy instead will competing for Illinois. Lets hope she makes it to Nationals and steals a medal from some LSU gymnast that dumped her. Lizzy is my new version of Jiang Yuyuan. How can you not root for that smile?



( see picture) since Bridget Sloan shocked the world at Nationals only to injure herself at Trials and retire from elite? With a new coach Bridget will attempt to lead her team to a 4th National title in a row. (asterisk included) Do you have any idea how hard it is for ME to like a Colts fan?






The overscoring of Katelyn Ohashi: Will it be as bad as her elite days now that she has joined the college of epic overscoring proportions AKA,  UCLA… Not faulting Katelyn just the judges who seemed to ignore her bobbles, falls and mistakes on a daily basis. I fear College judges will only be worse.


Any storylines you are interested in following this season?

The God of Sport hates me. Case!!!!!!!! TAKE BACK YOUR GM

December 2, 2015

For those of you that love my ranting.. Wait for it. Wait for it….

Like it’s not bad enough the Patriots perfect season was pulled out from under them by refs on the take or that Gabby Douglas is back competing and being given free pass or that Nastia Liukin decided to marry a guy from of all states Massachusetts but now I have to deal with DAVID ******* PRICE in a Red Sox uniform?

The Olympics in 2016 is going to be pure hell if the God of Sport feels the same way about me in 6 months that he seems to feel about me right now.

Really Case. REALLY. You can take back your ******* General manager now. He’s a clueless inmate in charge of the whole ******* asylum. Only this time he has a checking account with no limit to screw us all.

I have hated some Red Sox signings in the past but I have dealt with them. I will not deal with this one.

From the start of Hot Stove the one person I didn’t want the Red Sox to sign was David Price so what do they do? THEY GO AND SIGN DAVID ******* PRICE.

The guy with the 1-7 record in the post season with an ERA reaching 6 but it’s okay Red Sox nation because his career 2.45 ERA during the regular season is going to help us get to the promised land. Where it will promptly blow up in our ******* faces.

I can’t deal with this right now.

Watch the video. This is the guy that threw at Ortiz was warned and then was given a free pass to throw at Mike Carp.

Lets forget the fact that he has bad mouthed the city and it’s fans and it’s players. That he has come into Fenway and disrespected it like he’s accomplished anything in his ******* pathetic attempt at a post season career just watch the video. First he throws at Ortiz and gets away with it so he throws at Mike Carp too and then gets away with that.

I have never hated a player more than I hate Price. Not even A-roid or Jeter or Eric Byrnes or Reggie Jackson or JORGE POSADA.

I think I am going to throw up now.