You can stop whining now Khorkina, Galiyeva and company. Brenna Dowell moves on

SIGN THE PETITION. 2 Million people strong

WORST Article ever written. I wonder if this guy is literally this retarded or if he believes this bull shit he is shoveling?

Turns out the Russians weren’t any better at supporting the Olympics vs their own participants. Add this to all the people that walked out of the Men’s SP after Plushenko withdrew and there is now no reason to complain about the 1996 Olympics anymore.

Simone Biles has an “injury” and Larissa is out too. If we don’t hear any more complaining from her coach we now know what USA-Gymnastics bribed her with. A trip to the American cup. God I hope she

Arabian Punch front has an interview with Brenna Dowell. Part one and part two of “I’ve moved on” is an epic interview that proves gymnasts coaches are idiots

How the hell did Al Fong not know Brenna had no shot at competing? She mentions she knew she could do at least bars but then she goes on to mention that she was told to hit all her routines because she had a shot to do the AA.

NO she never had a shot to do the AA. Mckayla the Olympics silver medalist was doing at least vault. Mckayla the National champion on Floor was pretty much a lock for that too.

Honestly these coaches have no clue Marta plays games with them. I can’t even begin to understand this. Now we know why Al was so mad. He really thought she had a shot.

Lipnistksya’s coach
blames the media for her choking.

The Skating lesson hits the big time. Yahooooooooooooooooooo

Another version
of the above article but much better.

Good old Phil has an article on it too. BUT it doesn’t prove anything.

The sad perfect ending of Yuna Kim’s career.

18 Responses to “You can stop whining now Khorkina, Galiyeva and company. Brenna Dowell moves on”

  1. Catherine Says:

    The worst is that USAG said Brenna wad never going to exhibition and was only ever alternate in case of injury. Had any fears over Biles proved unfounded and she competed, Brenna would have been screwed again. Get not compete! Hopefully they knew enough that it was more likely she was going to compete than not. I hope she hits everything.

  2. mim Says:

    I just have to believe the coaches basically lie to their gymnasts so they don’t lose motivation. If Al had told Brenna ‘yep, you’ve got a chance in hell of competing’ I’m guessing she wouldn’t train as hard compared to if she actually thought there was a chance she’d be up on the podium.

    Otherwise the coaches have their heads in the sand when it comes to Marta.

    I want Brenna to do well because she’s a hardworking kid who deserves a shot but I’m still not overly excited about her gymnastics admittedly.

    • Gymbee Says:

      I thought I read somewhere that coaches tend to “shield” their gymnast from the politics and behind the scenes stuff, so that they will have 100% concentration on the training.
      Since it’s such a dangerous sport they can’t afford to have their mind on other things while in the gym.

      Can’t remember who said it, maybe Shawn/Chow?

      • Tortuga Says:

        This theory makes more since to me because even at worlds it was pretty obvious to us that Marta wanted McKayla to do all around and not Brenna. She had said it in an on camera interview that was reported on a few times. I would guess the girls don’t look at gymnastics media very often, like Gymnastike. I understand some what, but at the same time it seems like you could have a lot more heart ache training for all around when you really had no shot anyway. I feel bad for Brenna. She’s going into her 3rd year as a senior has been on the cusp of big things. Thinking she could make the Olympic team or compete all around at worlds and is always edged out. We know she didn’t have a chance at the Olympic team but she should have competed bars at worlds. Admittedly I’m not a big fan of her gymnastics but I do think she deserves this spot light for the American Cup. I think it will be her going away party before college.

  3. david0688 Says:

    I saw that article you posted on yahoo about the Russian winning fair and square. Even commenters don’t agree with him. I wonder if this inquiry will get any traction from South Korea.

    • Tortuga Says:

      I checked the petition this morning it still needs about 1 million signatures. I don’t know about the inquiry though.

  4. byrdisthewyrd Says:

    Has anyone seen this picture from camp? Are my eyes deceiving me or is that Bailie Key on the far left? That girl has grown like crazy!

  5. sanitynmotion Says:

    I started presuming all coaches were idiots when it was becoming quite obvious what was going on with Nastia. Kyla’s coaches didn’t even seem a tad concerned that had Nastia shown one clean bar routine, their girl would have been ousted from the team. Yet they just kept on doing what Marta told them to do, nevermind the consequences to the athlete.

    I think most of these coaches are held to what Marta does/says because their biggest fear is of being blackballed. Marta tells them to downgrade their athlete’s vault they do so – even though it diminishes her standings in the ranks. Same with insisting on downgrading floor.

    I go back and forth with Brenna. Her gymnastics is so ugly I don’t know if it’s worth feeling sorry for her. Armene and Al should just reason with her and put her in a ballet class or something…her form is atrocious. Yes she’s capable of doing the tricks but they don’t look good. She doesn’t have the “international look” everyone likes to talk about. I know she’s a workhorse but sometimes that’s not enough. It’s up to her coaches whether or not they want to be honest with her and as an athlete I myself would want them to be honest with me. If I have no shot because my form sucks work on it. I don’t know if it’s a personal preference or what with Marta but McKayla “shows better” on the international stage so I guess I can’t blame her for going with McKayla for the AA. It would have been nice had Marta been honest with Brenna in the first place but for how many decades has it been proven time and time again that Marta cannot be trusted?

    Al Fong can talk all he wants to about Brenna’s bars…they aren’t going anywhere on the international stage. She can’t hold a candle to the Russians or Chinese, and a watered down Kyla routine would score over Brenna’s “full of tricks” one. Even Biles would score better on bars I would think.

    At this point I’d just let bygones be bygones and tell Brenna to start planning for college. I don’t even know if I’ll care enough to watch her SCAM routines.

  6. sanitynmotion Says:

    That article GTT links to as the worst one ever written – I read it the other day actually and it totally pissed me off.

    There should be an investigation but it doesn’t appear likely given that there’s no “hard” evidence. Going forward I guess we all have to accept that this sport has become a joke. Adelina will never score those points again competing outside of Russia. I bet she retires within the next two years. Russia just might force it because her continuing her career would make it more obvious.

    The fact that Mao had one extra triple, including the triple axel, and landed all her jumps clean yet still scored about 7 points behind Adelina tells me Adelina probably received a total score at least 10 points too high. The Russians were doing what they could to give her the gold medal. It’s obvious to anyone.

    Tara and Wier-do aren’t going to say anything because they don’t want to be controversial as the “B-team” correspondents. They want to keep their jobs. Even though when they were live broadcasting apparently Tara insisted Yuna’s skate was “better than her 2010 performance” – she’s been backtracking that statement ever since.

    Scott Hamilton same thing. Why get involved in controversy when your job could be on the line. Better to remain mum and insist that the scoring is what it is.

    Michelle Kwan won’t say it on camera but according to people sitting next to her she was just as shocked with the result as Kurt Browning was. He put it the best when he asked “what, did she just become that much better of a skater overnight?”

    It’s frustrating but no wonder the sport is suffering in its fan base and is looked at as a joke of sorts. The heads of figure skating deserve it. They keep changing the scoring system to “appear” to resolve the ability to cook scores but no matter what they’ll keep finding a way to do it. I hope South Korea returns the favor in 2018.

    I also don’t know why they are having a Worlds competition this year…gymnastics doesn’t have one during the Olympic year, why is figure skating? Who wants to bet Adelina won’t be there.

    • Tortuga Says:

      I know you guys have talked about this but I hadn’t seen this linked here yet, but in case if any of you haven’t seen this article yet. It shows the score cards two judges clearly giving Adelina the boost. You can see Yuna didn’t score in the 9s on any criteria (7.75 on Choreography, hah!) at all from these two, where Adelina got basically all 9s from the same two judges. It’s blatant.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        I saw something like that – basically showing one of the judges giving Yuna a 0 in one of her elements in the SP (wha?) and meanwhile giving Adelina 2’s and 3’s. Such horseshit. And Adelina’s choreography was juvenile and I didn’t even recall seeing much of a footwork sequence in her LP. Both Costner and Kim had lovely footwork sequences in theirs.

        It was so blatant, yet Russia and the IOC just want everyone to drop it and move on. I hope it doesn’t get dropped though. I hope so but I can’t help but think most viewers are fickle and will be on to some other subject tomorrow.

        The comments in that article indicate a lot of people think that Yuna Kim will be talked into skating again in 2018 but I’m 100% sure she’s done. Even at these games she looked like she didn’t really want to be there. She has her gold medal, and now a silver – I can’t blame her for wanting to be done. But at the same time part of me hopes that South Korea will instill a “payback” of sorts for this. Other comments are lashing out at the US but I’m not sure why the US are the “bad guys” – maybe for supporting the scores. The funny thing is that if a US woman were robbed of a medal they’d be all over it. They don’t care when the person robbed is from another country. Kind of why they didn’t scream when Michelle lost to Tara either, since Tara was also American.

    • david0688 Says:

      I don’t why the former figure don’t say anything. People do it all the time in other sports. Just this past week, there was a report about the 49ers trading Jim Harbough and people were/are up in arms about it. So I don’t get why the athletes don’t argue for or against something in figure skating, the former ones that is. Especially Michelle since she trained with Yuna and Yuna was training at her rink a few years ago.

      You wanna know the reason why figure skating is losing its popularity? It’s because stuff like this goes unaddressed, that’s why. If this were a National sport then people would be mad as hell but since t’s an international sport, we all gotta be quiet.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Are the 49ers trading Harbough? They’d be stupid to do that.

        Michelle doesn’t want to risk being seen in a negative light. She’s trained to be PC. She doesn’t want to be looked at as “controversial” since it goes against her image and her career. I don’t blame her; if I were her I’d keep my mouth shut too. We’re already seeing Ashley Wagner take a lot of heat for her comments.

      • david0688 Says:

        The 49ers were thinking about it, apparently there’s a rift between them.

        Well, I don’t get why people can argue up and down in national sports but when you get international sports, you have to shut up. Still though she could of said something but I guess she doesn’t want to have any backlash against Yuna.

        It’s sad that Yuna’s just going to fade away after this. I wonder if she wanted to compete at all after 2010.

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