The selfish Yevgeny Plusenko. SP Live Blogging (NBC)

Evgeny Plushenko is a liar and just because the rest of the World is too stupid to see it doesn’t mean it isn’t true.

I saw this coming weeks ago and apparently I am the only person with a memory because the world seems to have forgotten that Plushenko never wanted to compete at the Olympics accept in the team event. He said it to the Russian media (This article alludes to it at the very end)

Then when it looked like he might not be named to the team (after royally screwing up his Nationals LP,finishing 2nd and not competing at Euorpeans) he then demanded a spot on the team and the Russian skating federation folded quicker than a house of cards and handed him the Olympic spot.

Now low and behold after getting to do the team event Plushenko is now “injured” and won’t be competing in the Mens final and we are somehow to believe this is a legit injury? I am calling Bull Shit.

He is quitting because he never intended to do the men’s event but his selfish ego couldn’t let the spot go to Maksim Kovtun. He had the nerve to beat him for the National title. He couldn’t give up the spot to Sergey Voronov who finished second at Europeans because God forbid he share the spot light with a guy good enough to win a medal at Europeans.

Plushenko is playing the role of Nastia Liukin here. He is taking credit for giving the good old “valiant effort” respect me because I tried. The only difference is Nastia didn’t make it to the Olympics and Plushenko did.

Nastia had to prove herself in person where as Plushy got the good old “secret camp” Marta wasn’t afforded last year and he proved he was ready “In private”

Plushenko is a liar and a cheater any way you slice it and if he had given up the spot I still might have been annoyed but I would have at least given him credit for letting someone else get a chance to compete at an Olympics in their home Country.

We are supposed to believe that Maksim Kovtun.”didn’t care about the Olympics any more” Come on.

I wouldn’t be surprised to hear the Russian mafia was involved here.

Anyone remember when Maria Butyrskaya’s car was blown up outside her apartment. Rumor back then was it was the Russian mafia. They didn’t want competition for Irina Slutskaya. Why else would a skater not care about the Olympics all of a sudden. As far as conspiracy theories go this one makes sense. Her ex-boyfriend, was allegedly murdered by the mob too.

I was at work all day and I just found out how Plushenko left the competition. He seriously went out there to skate and then quit? This isn’t a sport its a fucking Broadway play.


Yuna Kim, You are out only hope


I said before Russia supports anyone that is of Russian decent even if they don’t compete for Russia and it explains the overscoring of the US’s pair team. He was born in Russia and he ass kissed them like crazy after the competition.

Mens SP article. Chan screws up a jump and gets 97? Canada better shut up on the fixed competition because its clear Canada is the one that has a deal with the French to help Chan win for future considerations. What better way to hide your cheating by accusing others of cheating?

If you read any article in this blog read the Princess and the Princess and the Ice Queen. Haven’t I been saying this all along?

We will be discussing protocals when I actually get to watch the SP’s/


Mens SP

10 minutes of Plushenko faking an injury. The balls to do this in front of a camera. Give this guy a Tony

I bet we get the 2 Americans, Chan and Hanyu as SP’s and no one else.

More Plushy zZzZzZzZzZzzzzzzz


Wow that fall was hard. His leg flew up. Maybe he is playing the role of Plushenko on this performance. Pretty good for a guy that just fell into the boards. It looked like he had the wind knocked right out of him.
He was not even close to the rotation on that quad.

Jason Brown has small jumps. He reminds me of Weir. Pretty spin. Skating needs to let the word know if it likes overall good performances or jumps because the judging here does not let us know that.

What the Buckshow agree’s with me on Plushy

Hanyu Beautiful quad toe loop. Spin 3 times, change position, spin again, change positions. This is skating folks. Beautifully done but still. Skating just has repeats. The Triple lutz, triple toe was pretty and I checked the protocals and he got plus’s from everyone. Some one, some 2, some 3. How that only got 3 plus points better than Chan is judges cheating.

Looking at the protocals Chan steps out of a jump and 3 judges don’t give him a negative GOE. Those 3 judges need to lose their jobs. That is blatant cheating.

Clown outfit. That is no mime its a clown: Quad sow with a spin. That is new. Another turn out. Wow he got some gifts. This is third?

Shut up Hamilton.

Chan I am going to start calling him Ohashi 2 because he is a beautiful skater when he hits but when he messes up judges still attempt to cheat for him. Katelyn would fall and bobble and the judges would ignore it. It’s just wrong.

Quad triple was nice but not plus 2 nice and the triple was not as good as the quad. Triple Axel step out. No way that didn’t deserve-2 across the board. Not sure how he gets positive GOE on his slow spins. Traveling the ice too. That last spin was way slower than everything done by Hanyu.

Sandra is an idiot. One small mistake. He fell out of a jump. Why are the NBC announcers lying? Oh right, he’s Canadian

TAKAHASHI So he’s old and not skating his best but the quality of his skating never gets the Chan treatment. Beautiful artistry in this program. Great Triple lutz, triple toe. Not his best but hell if everyone can be overscored so can Dice.

Where is the German guy? He finished 5th.


42 Responses to “The selfish Yevgeny Plusenko. SP Live Blogging (NBC)”

  1. uglyfatkid Says:

    DEAD ON GTT!!!! I could not agree more. It was evident in the team comp that he would not have scored well enough with all of the men competing (and not doing the switching of people that happened from the SP to the LP). He KNEW he couldn’t beat all the guys, so he folds and fakes an injury.

    I never have bought the Plushy love, so count me in as “not fooled” either. It’s all a bunch of BS.

  2. uglyfatkid Says:

    And the love and gushing that NBC did during the team finals was sickening. I wanted to cram my foot down the lady announcers throat so bad. Scott was just as bad too.

  3. tulip Says:

    There was a huge expose recently of the bid process that showed that a Russian mafia figure who is the worlds biggest heroin dealer was involved in getting Sochi the games. The earlier rounds had gone to Korea then suddenly this guy, who is an IOC member (that says it all right there) appears and boom- guess who gets the games. The phrasing “bagfuls of cash” was used. Not surprised as the IOC has been busted more than once doing this.

    Remembering the 2002 judging scandal. A Russian mafia member was behind that, if turned out. Yet no criminal charges? There you go.

    Regarding Plushenko, a monster sized ego is scary enough. I’d not be surprised if external forces were also involved. Scary stuff!

    Remember the Wikileaks materials? one was a declaration by the US state departments under both Bush and Obama that Russia was a lawless organized crime state, starting with Putin. Their words, not mine. So of coure it would permeate the fabric of the culture, starting with sports and culture. I hate that the athletes get pulled in. The skater having her boyfriend murdered? Inexcusable and terribly sad.

    Was there really a deduction for a feather falling off a costume in the pairs? Didn’t see it, just heard someone saying it. Did this really happen?

  4. sanitynmotion Says:

    I didn’t know that about Plusenko (having stated he only wanted to do the team event) but that makes the team event even more stupid in my eyes. Obviously he knew Russia would take home the easy gold in the first place and wanted to capitalize on it. Jerk-off. Do they not have an alternate that can skate in his stead? Or is that the guy who all of a sudden doesn’t care about the Olympics (and who doesn’t care about the Olympics as a hard-core athlete???!!!) Makes no sense.

    I heard in real life Plusenko is an arrogant prick.

    I think the whole scoring system is stupid and still biased. I have a bad feeling that the Russian girl will win no matter what Yuna does. It’s just a feeling I have. They are setting her up for sure.

    I just don’t get the scoring system and don’t know if I ever will. I wish they would give us an idea of the “max” score a program could get so we could have a basis of comparison. Like D scores in gymnastics. It just doesn’t seem like the current scoring system eliminates bias; it seems to make it worse.

    I also continue to find it almost hilarious that so much attention is being given to Gold/Wagner yet anyone who has any intelligence knows that they have a snowball’s chance in hell of making podium.

    The whole US figure skating team should be kissing Davis/White’s asses for giving them that bronze medal.

    I still don’t understand in the team competition, why halfway through it the medals were already set in stone. Obviously something needs to be changed about that scoring system, no? Seems so stupid.

    And who’s this Abbott guy who keeps falling all over the place? He sucks.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      LMAO at all your comments because you are starting to sound like me.

      Abbot is either on or very off.

      Plushenko has always been an asshole.

      Yuna is not losing because her fans will go to Russia and take out Putin if its

      This is why I like you. I know you actually read my blog.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        You know what, you make a great point. The next Olympics are in South Korea. I just realized that. So the Russian girl will get silver here and then in an undercover drug deal or whatever the Russian girl will get gold in South Korea (assuming Yuna is retired or whatever).

        Yes I read your blog I find it entertaining and I was like waiting ALL DAY for an updated Olympics blog so I could rant about this joke of a sport called figure skating.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        LOL I have been working non stop for 2 days so it took me awhile to blog:)

      • mim Says:

        i find this whole discussion fascinating!

        i know nothing of sports conspiracies, but wow. it wouldn’t surprise me if this kind of stuff happens.

    • Cee Says:

      “I heard in real life Plusenko is an arrogant prick.”

      In Vancouver he openly pouted when he didn’t get the gold. He made a lot of incredibly classless remarks about how he guessed that Evan “needed the gold” more than he [Plush] did, and how awful it was that the men’s winner didn’t have a quad. Then he rolled his eyes when the US anthem was playing, and walked across the center of the podium (where the gold medalist stands) as though it were some kind of pissing contest. Tried to make Evan’s gold medal victory all about him. And then when he got home he actually changed his web site to say that he’d won! He got a shitstorm of criticism and mocking for it, tried to blame it on his publicist, then he claimed something ridiculous about how he was the “platinum medalist.” He just refused to admit he’d been beaten fair and square and there was a reason–other than his jumps, his programs are AWFUL. Like, one step up from Surya Bonaly-terrible. I’ve been cringing at this Plushenko love-fest going in in Sochi from NBC and the other skaters–he’s an ugly skater with ugly choreography and he’s really classless and bitter off the ice. I give him credit for longevity and for a competitive instinct but I’ve detested his skating since Salt Lake City, it’s always been ugly and he is the worst kind of sore loser.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        My biggest problem with him is him even thinking he should have won 4 years ago. Not sure why he lives in such a fantasy world.

        Watched a today show with him today where he thanked Michelle Kwan and Evan L for supporting him and all I could think is the typical whiny Russian who says one thing to the US media and another to the Russian media.

      • Cee Says:

        “all I could think is the typical whiny Russian who says one thing to the US media and another to the Russian media.”

        He really is the stereotype of the Russian sore loser. One thing that riles me up is lack of generosity of spirit. I get, I really do, hating to lose–I am a ferocious competitor myself. But dude, you were beaten fair and square. Evan out-skated you–he knew the code better and planned his program accordingly. Let him have his golden moment–don’t shit all over it. He *rolled his eyes*! I can’t get over how ungracious and awful that is. If an American did that s/he would be eviscerated in our media–look at what happened to Shirley Babashoff in ’76 WRT to the East German swimmers (and she was right in the end).

        And not just that but you’ve ALREADY WON. *And* you have a silver as well! And looking at this year–I can’t even imagine how Kovtun must’ve felt. The Russian champion, and he has his opportunity taken away but this ugly old guy who’s gone THREE TIMES now. And then he shits all over THAT. Why is he getting such a tongue bath in the American media? He is the antithesis of the Olympic spirit.

        Apparently he is getting a lot of criticism back home.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I think NBC got a lot of flack for their political Opening Ceremony that even annoyed my mother who grew up during the cold war. She hates Russia so maybe the ass kissing going on by them is because of that. As for the rest of the US media they probably don’t care. The US men had no shot at a medal so it didn’t effect the mass Hysteria they love to create.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        What did NBC do on their opening ceremony? I fast forwarded through most of it.
        Can I also randomly mention how badly the American speed skaters are sucking it up these Games? They should have pulled what the Russians did and bought out talent by offering free citizenship (anyone check out the short track 1500 race?)

  5. sanitynmotion Says:

    …oh, and like I said in the prior blog I’m still not over this whole “falling twice and still medaling” thing. I know the Germans are a good team but if you fall twice in your long program you shouldn’t be on the podium! End of discussion.

    This whole sport of figure skating is a fluke anymore. It’s like why bother watching when everything is so insanely fixed.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      I often ask myself that question. I don’t know why I watch this sport or gymnastics. There is something clearly going down 1when it comes to the winners before the competition takes place.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Falling in skating doesn’t bother me because it has always been okay to win with a fall. In gymnastics its different. I will never get over winning with a fall.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Ok I’ve never seen a skate win with a fall, unless the rest of the field was even more pathetic. But I’ll give in and admit my memory sucks because the last time I even bothered with figure skating Michelle was in the picture and I only cared if she won or not.

        I have to wonder under the new and stupid scoring system if Michelle would have beat Terror in ’98.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Yamaguchi won with a fall. I am pretty sure. Hamilton fell. He was so far ahead after figures he still won

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        I’m pretty sure Yamaguchi had two clean skates. I remember that Olympics but was too young to remember Hamilton.

      • Cee Says:

        Kristi had errors (a hand down and she doubled her 3S) but she didn’t fall the way Midori fell. OTOH Midori fell on her 3A and then ADDED IT at the end–the end!–of her LP. Incredibly gutsy, I love that program–love it when skaters fight like that! I actually preferred her program but she was in a hole (4th) after the SP.

  6. GymMom Says:

    Then there’s Gabby’s “beach gymnastics”……how ridiculous!

  7. Exgymgurl Says:

    I am Plushenko, titanium platinum gold silver and par olympic medalist in 2020 2016 2010 2006 2002. I competed against Todd eldredge because in the end I am the highlander and their canbe only one. Im surprised he did not switch his music to blurred lines and do a jack off skating strip tease….

  8. sanitynmotion Says:

    I have to add another comment on Plusenko after watching the drama fest last night.

    While I do believe he has a back injury (I was out for a year myself on a bad disc so I know the pain and I know the fear when you tweak a disc, and the look on his face after that triple axel was very familiar to me) and I do believe he tweaked his disc, I believe he knew he only had two performances in him, or for that matter I feel like he knew it would likely come down to this. You know very well how much your back can handle after you’ve injured it. It’s why even though I REALLY want to I don’t ride on jet skis, I avoid snowboarding, and I avoid anything in general that can aggravate my back. Once your discs are fucked up they are always fucked up – even though he had a replacement that’s a very new technique and if you continue doing this sport you are putting yourself in jeopardy there.

    Russia or whoever in charge should have done a better assessment of his health and should have ruled him out on that note alone for these Olympics. He was not healthy enough, and he’s not a young whipper snapper who can adjust so easily. I think this was in the cards, and if he hadn’t tweaked it in warm-up it was only going to be tweaked during the short program and he would have pulled out that way.

    Either way, I don’t really care at the end of the day because Team medals don’t count – they shouldn’t, they are lame – and this way even if he did land his jumps we won’t have to witness the insane bias that was very likely coming his way. At least he cleared the path for the Japanese guy or whoever else might come in and claim a medal. Personally I don’t care because I am not really a fan of any of the dudes. I like the American ponytail guy but am trying not to like him too much because I can already see the writing on the wall that without a quad, even if he skated both programs perfectly he’s not going to medal.

    Because this sport – let’s face it – SUCKS. sucks, sucks, sucks!!!

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Russia knew Plushenko’s plans and they sent him anyway. He announced to the media he would only do the team event. Last nights SP was a Broadway show not reality.

      The second and third Russian skaters suck so they would have made no difference.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Makes sense but doesn’t. I don’t know. Why not just skate two more programs then to end your career? Because he wasn’t going to come away with a gold?

        The whole thing is stupid. They shouldn’t have added this stupid team event.

    • tulip Says:

      I read today that someone from the Russian skating federation along with Plushenko will have to “answer” for this. To whom and with what consequences- not stated but it made the hair on my arms stand up.

  9. tulip Says:

    Just finished watching the men’s final. I’m looking forward to your thoughts. I know zero about the sport especially scoring, requirements and judging. It really does seem like there is a lot in common with the less positive side of gymnastics- which is sad for the athletes. I’ve been reading that on this blog forever now; I just don’t fully get the details like I do with gymnastics.

  10. Lyra Gill (@lygill) Says:

    Hey GTT, so interested to hear what you thought of the Men’s FS.

    I know it’s possible in skating to medal with a fall but it kinda leaves a bad taste in my mouth that both gold and silver medalists had shaky final programs. I guess I sort of expected a better competition…

    Any thought on Virtue/Moir vs Davis/White?

    I’d really like to learn more about Figure Skating as a whole but wow it’s as if it’s more corrupt compared to gymnastics.

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