The Royal screwing of Queen Yuna: The Olympic Ladies Short Program Results

The Royal screwing of Queen Yuna

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I don’t even know where to start. The picture above says it all to me. Dick Button can whine about unpointed toes in a skating boot until he is blue in the face and it doesn’t change the facts that Yuna Kim is the complete package that none of these skaters should be able to touch if the judges were doing their jobs.

Yuna is at the Kwan dis-advantage of having had so many beautiful performances that even when she skates near perfect she can never live up to what she did 4 years ago and that is unfair.

Okay so Carolina Kostner has great skating skills and a new found attention to detail but I can’t get over the way she is scored when she makes mistakes to ever root for her. Too much has been done in the past to ever allow that to happen. Beautiful jumps but the PCS being better than Yuna to me is suspect.

Adelina Sotnikova, Julia Lipnitskaya. To the judges the name doesn’t event matter as long as she has a Russian flag behind her name.

Imagine the scores Julia would have received if she had stayed off her ass. They didn’t even look at her obvious Flutz . I don’t even know what to say about the scores Adeline received. If she had a triple triple that wasn’t from 2000 she would be ahead of Yuna.

Gracie stood up but she wasn’t clean. Her triple Lutz was wonky in the air and her loop looked underrotated to me but she wasn’t deducted for it. Her double Axel received -1 from half the judges and no GOE from anyone else.

Ashley stayed up but she double footed her triple triple and underrotated it being nailed by the judges.

Polina did a good job for her even with the under-rotation on her triple triple.

Mao Asada I don’t even want to talk about you.


What we learned today Yuna Kim is going to have to skate perfectly to win this thing. Carolina Kostner just needs to stand up for these judges and don’t count Julia Lipnitskaya out just yet. She might not win gold but she is still in the hunt for a medal. Adaline is known to choke in the LP but if she doesn’t expect her on the podium because these judges don’t care who gets a medal as long as they are Russian

The US girls should be happy they stayed on their feet but realistically they need to be perfect and have others make mistakes for a medal.

Gracie received some pretty good PCS’s for an average performance but the PCS marks were all close it was obvious to me these judges already have their minds made up.

Mao Asada is 19 points out of a bronze medal. No chance she makes that up but I want to see her go out fighting.


Learning the code

When it comes to PCS for a triple jump a plus 1 GOE equals .7 points. They then drop the high and low and average the rest then multiply it by .7 for your grade of execution.

Why the hell don’t they just drop the high and low and add up the rest? I don’t know.

So Adeline got more Grade of execution points for her easy triple triple than Yuna got for her Triple Lutz, triple toe. Overall because of the difficulty Yuna had more points.

Meet your 2014 Olympic Short Program judges

Google is your friend people.

Robert Rosenbluth is Judge # 1. He from the United States.

Judge # 2 IS Karen Howard from Canada. She judged the 2007/08 Grand Prix final

Franco Benini is Judge number 3. He is from Italy. He gave Kristi Yamaguchi a perfect 6.0 at the 91 Worlds.

Judge # 5 is from Great Britain. Her name is Diana Stevens She testified against a Ukraine judge who was suspended 2 years for cheating. (lll facts)

Judge number 6 is from Japan. Nobuhiko Yoshioka

Judge # 7 is Katarina Henriksson from Sweden.

Judge # 8 is Adriana Domanska from Slovakia

Judge # 9 is Sung-Hee Koh from Korea

Vanessa Gusmeroli is the Technical Specialist. You might remember her as a skater. She seems to have Chellsie Memmel’d the fast track to judging. She is of French decent and won a bronze medal at Worlds in the 96/97 Worlds.

The technical controller is Alexander Lakernik from Russia. He favors anonymous judging and apparently doesn’t give a flying **** what anyone else says. He was the head of Russian Figure Skating Federation in 2011.

Turns out the Ice network did this already (I found it in my travels)

Ladies Judges: Korea, Italy, Japan, United States, Canada, Russia, France, Sweden, Ukraine, Estonia, Slovakia, Germany, Great Britain

17 Responses to “The Royal screwing of Queen Yuna: The Olympic Ladies Short Program Results”

  1. Exgymgurl Says:

    Well at least shes leading the Russian and the Italian.

  2. sanitynmotion Says:

    I don’t get it either. I haven’t seen the performances yet but the fact that a young up-and-comer is even near Yuna tells me the judges are trying to fix it for her. Typically in this sport if you’re not that well known on the main circuit you have to “earn your way” onto podium. It’s all about reputation and if you don’t have much of one yet, you don’t get rewarded for it. Judges tend to lean towards/favor the mainstay players that have been around for a while, at least that is my take. A newbie making podium at the Olympics doesn’t just “happen” unless everyone else messes up and the newbie is very clean (aka Sarah Hughes).

    I am so disappointed in Mao. She was having very good practices too from all accounts so this tells me she just choked. Basically though her spot on podium will be given to a Russian if the judges can help it.

    Does anyone know the draw for the free skate? I’m calling that the Russians will be last in line, after Yuna. If that’s the case the fix is in. If they have Yuna skating even close to the first 2 in the last group the fix is in.

    A lot of people on Twitter are very upset about the Russian beating out Costner. I’ve seen Costner perform once so I’ll look at her again tonight. I’ve never seen this other Russian girl before, but if she’s better than Yulia why did they not use her for the Team skate? It’s very strange. It’s almost like they had to put her scores up since Yulia made a mistake. Whatever it is, it is SO COMPLETELY OBVIOUS these judges are pushing a Russian on the podium so help me God. Now that their ice hockey team tanked it up big time they want to crown the Queen of the Ball on Russian soil.

    Did anyone get the takes of any other announcers? Did they find these scores screwy? Scott Hamilton drools over Costner, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he called out the judging here. I haven’t seen anyone on the social media defend the Russian girls’ scores; everyone is calling bullshit.

    Something seriously needs to be done about this sport. It’s killing me. It’s worse than gymnastics.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      I am glad I don’t have twitter anymore because LOL is sending me Dick Buttons tweets and anyone that calls him unbiased is an idiot.

      I’ll never forget him bad mouthing Kwan and praising Sasha as she fell on her ass is more than enough proof he is biased.

      If NBC fires you you know you did something wrong.

  3. Karlie Says:

    To be honest, I liked Sotnikova more than Kostner. As much as Kostner is a clean skater, I just found her performance…boring. I wasn’t as into it but I was surprised as how much I liked Sotnikova. I don’t know enough about skating to know if she was overscored but I definitely liked watching her more than I liked watching Kostner.

    That said, I feel like Yuna was significantly underscored since she was head and shoulders above the rest. But I was okay with Sotnikova ahead of Kostner.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Sotnikova wasn’t as bad tonight as I thought earlier but she got a lot of gifts with plus GOE. I too find Kostner boring.

      Her 3T+3T got plus 2 and 3 grade of execution which was a joke. That was an easier triple triple than everyone else.

  4. lol Says:

    Gracie needs to get over herself. I want her to tank so badly. Did you see the interview where she smirked and said she was as good as Yuna tonight? People think Ashley has an ego.

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      Noooo way where was that interview? NBC broadcast? I didn’t get through it all tonight.

      • gymnerd Says:

        Yeah, it was on the NBC broadcast. “I’m one triple lutz from ___________, so I showed I belong here,” something like that. I hope she falls on her ass tomorrow night. Thrice.

      • Cee Says:

        She’s an athlete on the Olympic stage–it’s her job to talk herself up and act like she belongs there, especially with such a psychological, headcase-y sport. She wasn’t trashing Yuna, she was psyching herself up–lots of athletes do the same. Maybe it’ll give her the confidence to skate a clean LP–she looked a little tense last night.

  5. Bonnie Parker Says:

    I agree with lol, Gracie needs to back off. She’s nowhere near Yuna, That interview was vomit inducing. I too am hoping for a splat fest a la Cohen. Gracie actually reminds me a lot of Cohen. No substance, just a huge ego. These judges need to quit effing with my QUEEN Yuna. I’m on the west coast, so I’m a bout to see some Asada. Thanks gymtruthteller for once again keeping it real!

  6. Gymbee Says:

    I live in The UK, but from Norway originally, and there they got this woman that hosts a gossip/fashion programme to comment! Kinda like getting Giuliana Rancic or Kelly Osbourne from fashion police. Apparently it’s been a clusterf@ck, and the figure skater community are up in arms. Comments such as “the judges don’t like skaters with a ponytail” and “the whole point is to spin. The more spins the better” and referring to the reigning world champ “this one has not got much to show for”. “Gracie Gold will win it because she is the prettiest”.

    Anyway, the Norwegian kid qualified to the free programme, first in 50 years, so that’s cool 🙂

  7. Cee Says:

    That devastated yell of “MAOOOOOOO!” that you may have heard coming from New York City last night–that was me. SO, so sad for her. Truly heartbroken. She should’ve xed the 3A–she just isn’t landing it consistently.

    Rooting for the Queen now.

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