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Live blogging the Olympics Women’s LP: Bring back the British

February 20, 2014


It was down a few minutes ago so try again later. It had half a million signature a half hour ago.

These things are such a waste but this already has over 7 thousand signatures. It can’t hurt. ( Almost 400.000 now, wow)


They see her two foot a jump and then a second and still say she brought it. I don’t even know.

Was Yuna robbed article

Bill Plaschke article

Ashley Wagner doesn’t like the judging.

More Christine Brennan with quotes. Hey Joe Inman, You need to shut up. You cheated yourself.

Christine Brennan is practically leading the charge on this thing.

LOL sent me these tweets from Christine Brennan that boggle the mind. This was fixed from the start people and not sure why I am surprised anymore.

I can’t agree with this result at all. Adeline got a gift in the SP and the long. The Olympics should never be in Russia again.

The second they over scored Adeline in the PCS this competition was over and Johnny and Tara refuse to even call this out.

We know Johnny is pro Russia. I don’t know I think Adeline should have been third.

I hate this idea that Yuna or any skater has to live up to the perfection of their past.

SHUT UP TARA You basically just justified your pathetic win. Who cares about scores because she had heart. Give me a break

This is why these two should never be on NBC. They suck


Yuna Kim I will be back after she skates. If that doesn’t win I am done with this sport.

She had perfect jumps except for one and that was hardly that bad but they are not going to give her this.

Ashley Wagner She double footed her triple triple but I thought the rest of her jumps were solid though edge calls for one or two which isn’t really solid.. Overall it was just good for Ashley.

They are taking for ever judges

Gracie Gold I was about to praise her then she fell. Solid jumps til the fall even landed well. No scratchy landings at all til the fall. She was slow and her edges were messy.

No Johnny this did not look like a gold medal performance to start. Don’t think that was a personal best. It was disconnected with the crowd (Johnny)

Adelina Sotnikova She hit all her jumps but a double foot on a triple, double double but I take back that Kostner isn’t an artist. Compared to Adeline she looked like a ballerina. This was a pretty good performance but the GOE should not be as high as Carolina but mad props to this kid for showing up at an Olympics in her Country.

Not sure I agree with that. Yuna is not winning this and these judges should be fired.

Carolina Kostner She hit her jumps but the last one was a little scratchy. It was a hit for arguments sake but I just didn’t feel the music with this. People keep calling her an artist and while she is certainly better than 4 years ago I don’t see the artistry as clearly as others. She will be in first and deserve it though so good for her.

10 points better than her personal best. Second in the LP behind Mao.

Yulia Lipnitskaya She might have a shot at this. She thinks she is out of it. Everyone else looks nervous. Ashley and Yuna both popped jumps in warmup.

She is hitting her jumps but not perfectly. A little scratchy landing. Just two footed a triple loop. Down she goes.

Russia over used her in the team event and it effected her here. Imagine if she had not done the team event.

I am afraid of what he score will be.

Into 1st. Don’t think I agree but

THE final group is on the ice.

It will be uninterrupted. Nice NBC now BRING BACK THE BRITISH

Ashley is talking over a bunch of skater entrances saying everyone has a shot to win when you lace up your skates. That’s a cute idealistic

No Johnny the difference is not keeping your brain together. Its who the judges like.

Its ugly dress day.
Nathalie Weinzierl This is very juniorish. No offense little girl but very impressive for a girl to get to the Olympics so congrats but the rest is underwhelming. Missing all her jumps.

Tara is now making excuses for the un-artistic like her. No there is no space for both. Why can’t skaters have both like Yuna?

Terry Gannon sounds thrilled that Yuna doesn’t have a lead. He is almost giddy about it.

Polina Edmonds Yes Terry we remember the Terror over score. Polina is nailing all her jumps and her spins are pretty fast. I spoke too soon. On her butt. She is trying to be artistic but I don’t know. It wasn’t that bad I don’t know. Her last combination spin was centered almost the entire time. Pretty good job for the kid.

Into 3rd with a new personal best.

NO JOHNNY. Its bad enough you are commentating.

Valentina Marchei reminds me of the Chinese. Black outfit with a red hair piece. They wear red leotards with pink hair ties and it just seems out of place. Her skating is boring me to tears.

Johnny calls it solid. Tara says she nailed it. I found it boring and slow moving. What the hell would you know about doing the little things Terror?

Where are the British announcers NBC?

I was enjoying them and now I am stuck with Tara who babbles and Weir. The two of them sound so monotone. They sound like Aly Raisman pre Olympics.


I missed Mao but it looks like she nailed it.Good for her.Way to fight back. I am watching Akiko who just fell but it was a pretty artistic pretty performance to watch.


Bad Tude? Nah

February 10, 2014

Canadians now whining about losing to Russia

US calls the judging issue laughable.


NBC is so desperate to create another Superstar skater they are lying through their teeth about the ladies skaters and people are buying it hook, line and sinker. All I can do sitting here watching this competition is scream at the TV in disgust.

Yulia Lipnitskaya is a pretty little girl but she is not an artist. She’s a jumper and she is no threat to Yuna Kim if the judges do their job so why is NBC acting like the second coming of Michelle Kwan in 1996 is upon us?

There was nothing captivating about her LP performance. She did a great job jumping through an emotionless journey of nothing but that was it.

The comments about Gracie Gold are not any better. Julia makes Gracie look like a Ballerina that is how overrated Gold is as a skater. Gracie has no grace. In fact both these girls look like they are trying too hard.

I suppose what annoyed me most was an article from Yahoo about how Gracie vs Julia was the newest Skating rivalry. Julia won by 11 points so this is not much of a rivalry and it is dis-respectful to Yuna Kim who has been the only watchable skater of the last 4 years.

I guess I am mean blogger today and I blame this on NBC. Every 4 years they promote this sport in the most unrealistic way that it annoys the hell out of people that follow the sport more than every 4 years.

Bad Tude? Nah

Mckayla thinks this meme sucks

Someone gets it.

Speaking of creating another rivalry NBC has decided that Ashley Wagner is the Tonya Harding of skating and the rest of the media is helping the trend.

I am not making excuses for Ashley’s bad attitude but guess what, she is what she is. She is feisty, cocky and she speaks without thinking and she makes no excuses for it.

NBC is loving this new version of an old Rivalry. Ashley is the mean bitch who didn’t deserve her spot and Gracie Gold is fucking Cinderella.

I need to stop watching the

Gymnastics News

Katelyn Ohashi has spoken.

Rebecca Bross has too.

The Woga Classic has gone on without a hitch but sorry you can’t watch any of it. Nice of Gymnastike to link to the videos only people with 120 bucks can watch. I understand making money but why advertise videos you are not allowing people to watch?

Someone else put of videos on youtube.

Olympic bronze medalist Pheobe Mills is a judge at the Olympics.

When Phil is right he is right. SP Skating results

April 30, 2011

SP Results

When Phil is right boy is he is right the problem is he is usually wrong. I would like to disagree with him here but I can’t.

Having the worlds in Russia is a travesty. They cheat. It is disgusting how blatantly they cheat and their skaters suck. Both of them suck. That might be cruel but Alena Leonova is like watching a poor women’s Irina Slutskaya without the jumping talent. Ksenia Makarova being in the position she is in is hilarious. She isn’t good enough to be a US skater but competing in Russia makes her the worlds 3rd best SP? LMAO um no.

Alissa Czisny is kind of like a broken clock. She is right twice a day. Problem with Alissa is when she needs to hit she doesn’t. She had some issues in her SP but it isn’t an Olympic year so all we know for sure is she might stand up. She might fall. If it was an Olympic year she would be on her ass.


LOVE the dress. Like the music and to be fair her only real issue was missing the combination where she didn’t attempt the second jump so she could do it later. It’s hard to argue she was so bad she didn’t deserve to be near the top because most of her skating is light years ahead of everyone else but I agree with what Phil said about Miki.


Miki was Miki. Consistent if not a little boring. Mao was a mess. Missed two of her 3 jumps?

Rachael Flatt is injured. If she did not double the triple lutz she would be in third place right now. Apparently she got level 4 for her step sequence

I will not even bother to talk about the ridiculous scoring of useless Carolina Kostner.

Worlds sucks. You know what sucks worse? any skating competitions in Russia.

Ask me anything- Update

April 20, 2010

I spammed myself and the questions took an hour to be put up. I am still not getting any questions though my friend asked a few they just have not gone through. Looks like this is happening to everyone.

Keep trying maybe they will fix it. Thanks

Aunt Joyce made one of these and while I don’t have his following I thought I would create one of these and see what I get.

So ask away. I might not be online a lot the next 3 days so be patient if I don’t get back to you quickly.

Mao wins worlds. Mirai goes boom.

March 27, 2010

Finals results

I must say this was one crazy World Championships for the ladies skaters. Almost like a Parallel universe universe where everything is the same but different.

Mirai was first in the SP (Though she shouldn’t have been since the judges ignored her cheated loop) Yu Na was way down in seventh, Mao was downgraded for a triple axel that didn’t look cheated to many and the world seemed a little off. Thank God for the LP because that brought us back to normal.

Yuna won the LP but because of her SP Mao won the competition. (Yuna finished second overall) Mirai fell a part and combusted to finish 7th overall (11th in the LP) and Laura Lepisto won the bronze medal. okay well that is a little Parallel universe-e but whatever.

Rachael Flatt was downgraded on hr triple triple and singled a lutz to finish 9th. She really needs to work on some things according to the judges if she wants to compete. This blog is pretty pro Rachael since the whole world hates her for no reason other then she is smarter then they ever will be but regardless of how not picked she is in my opinion the judges are all that matters and they don’t like anything about her.

The US gets 2 spots for Worlds next year.

SP Protocals
LP Protcals

Ladies Gold medal decided

February 26, 2010

Sorry I didn’t comeback last night but I was a bit annoyed and way over tired.

First I want to say that NBC sucks. To only show the last flight and some scattered skaters was easily their worst coverage in years and that is saying a lot. Not to mention that they showed the other Olympic medalists in the crowd but left Michelle Kwan out when she was AT THE COMPETITION. NBC gets a big Z for coverage, commentators and an all around sucky Olympic coverage. I would give them an F minus but it doesn’t seem low enough so they get a Z.

It must really suck to watch the skater before you receive their scores and know that it doesn’t matter what you put on the ice you have no chance of winning. That is in my opinion how Mao Asada must have felt last night. The look on her face makes me believe she knew it to. Even if she denies it which she did. She looked like she was going to cry before she even started her long program. She heard Kim Yu-na’s scores and knew right then and there that even if she threw 5 triple axels she wasn’t going to beat the scores the judges had given Kim.
This is what I will take with me from last nights competition.

I agree 100% with the medals awarded. Kim, Mao and Joannie all deserved their medals even if they didn’t deserve their scores. In the end the placements for medals is all that should matter right? except if you are Rachael Flatt and Miki Ando and have worked your whole lives for this moment only to be low balled and treated like the ugly step sisters. Gotta love how Scott and BB (stands with Bitch Bezic) harped on Rachel and Miki but defended Marai for the same underrotated triples. Let me just say I am glad the Olympics are over. I won’t miss them.

Kim Yu-Na: She did a beautiful job and easily deserved to be the overall winner of this competition. Kim had an entire Country on her back and she easily did triple after triple with all of them attached like an ugly hump. NBC proclaiming she gets hate mail when she doesn’t win gold made me so proud to be an American because while we celebrate Gold over anything we also praise Silver when it comes in a deserving package like Michelle Kwan. I can’t even imagine what poor Kim was going through and I am glad she won the Gold medal even if some of the people in her Country do not deserve to have such an amazing Olympic Gold medalist.

Mao Asada: Mao wasn’t perfect. She got credit for both triple axels even though IMO the second one was short but she should be so proud of going out there and skating as wonderfully as she did. She wasn’t as fast as she was in her SP but she gained a fan in me for fighting through that. If you know me I don’t usually like someone I have not liked in the past but Mao can be added to that very short list.

Joannie Rochette: She was great last night. She messed up one jump but overall I thought she did a very good job. She should be very proud of her effort.

The rest: I might be back to discuss this and I might not be. At this point I am just glad it is all over.

Ladies Short Program

February 25, 2010


Dumb and Dumber Skating Video

SP Results

The ladies SP was last night and I must say it was a nice surprise. Of the top 6, 5 had clean skates (no falls) Only Miki had a small problem (from this code I call it a small problem) That being said Joannie Rochette having only a 2 point deficit to the best SP of the night (IMO) was really a bit much for me to handle.

I wrote my original article about rooting for Joannie when it was still an emotional topic for me. I came back to my senses and what happened last night just wasn’t fair.

Joannie had a nice short but she was void of emotion as she usually is when she skates. I realize it must have been tough for her and I agree she should have been in third place but to only be 2 points behind a triple axel combination and the performance of Kim Yuna is a great travesty to the sport.

I liked Kim Yu na’s SP last night but I wasn’t wowed by it. I have seen her do it much better. I will never compare Kim Yu na to Michelle Kwan but I think right now they are both in the same kind of situation. Michelle had so many perfect performances in her repertoire that if she wasn’t perfect it showed. Kim Yuna had that problem last night. While she was still great it wasn’t one of her best but seeing how she has had so many bests that doesn’t mean she didn’t deserve her outcome.
Yes I might be wishy washy on this SP for

For me personally I was more impressed with Mao nailing her SP and that is probably why I enjoyed the performance so much. That is also probably why I won’t argue with the actual results of the first two though IMO the scores should be closer.

All and all I thought it was a great night for skating. Everyone we saw did a good to great job and I can find something positive to say about every single SP I witnessed last night (I did miss Alena Leonova last night so this is probably why I feel this way:)

The Long Programs are tomorrow night. Below is the skating order. Marai lucks out skating last and Rachael gets screwed again starting first in the last group. Back to back dueling LP from Mao and Kim should set the night up perfectly.

Group 1
1 KARADEMIR Tugba 21 50.74
2 LAFUENTE Sonia 22 49.74
3 LIU Yan 19 51.74
4 GLEBOVA Elena 20 50.80
5 GIMAZETDINOVA Anastasia 24 49.02
6 HECKEN Sarah 23 49.04

Group 2
7 PHANEUF Cynthia 14 57.16
8 KORPI Kiira 17 52.96
9 LEE Cheltzie 18 52.16
10 MEIER Sarah 15 56.70
11 SEBESTYEN Julia 13 57.46
12 KWAK Min-Jung 16 53.16

Group 3
13 LEONOVA Alena 8 62.14
14 SUZUKI Akiko 11 61.02
15 KOSTNER Carolina 7 63.02
16 LEPISTO Laura 10 61.36
17 MAKAROVA Ksenia 12 59.22
18 GEDEVANISHVILI Elene 9 61.92

Group 4
19 FLATT Rachael 5 64.64
20 ANDO Miki 4 64.76
21 KIM Yu-Na 1 78.50
22 ASADA Mao 2 73.78
23 ROCHETTE Joannie 3 71.36
24 NAGASU Mirai 6 63.76

14th International Tournament of Pas-de-Calais and Grand Prix Final

December 5, 2009

Event finals are over and thanks to the IG Magazine ass kissers of gymnasts facebooks we have the results for the US team. God forbid USA-gymnastics update us with

Amanda Jetter was 1st floor and 3rd bars and Cassie Whitcomb was 1st on bars, 2nd on beam and 2nd on floor .

I am again going to question the Logic of sending Cassie to this event with not a lot of competition instead of the Toyoto event that actually has some names. Is Marta scared Cassie might actually beat someone and force her to give Cassie the chance she has been earning all year? Cassie hit cold at camp and won floor but wasn’t even alternate for the World team. Just doesn’t seem fair but when has Marta been fair?

On to the Grand Prix final…..

Shen & Zhao won pairs.

The mens results are…
2 Nobunari ODA
3 Johnny WEIR
4 Jeremy ABBOTT
6 Tomas VERNER

The women’s resulkts are…

(Alena imploaded and others did not so she wasn’t upheld to a medal. GOOD)

1 Yu-Na KIM
2 Miki ANDO
3 Akiko SUZUKI
4 Ashley WAGNER
5 Joannie ROCHETTE (Pressure)

(Downgrades galore)

Watch out Skating. The ex Soviet republic’s think they have a chance at a medal

December 5, 2009

Grand Pre of Skating article

Link to results

Russia, Ukraine and the rest of the ex Soviet skating circle of disgusting cheating now has a new it girl. Who cares if Alena Leonova is a poor man’s Irina Slutskaya (if possible she has less presentation then the queen of over score Irina her self) if Russia thinks they have a shot at a medal they will do everything they can to make sure it happens.

Remember in 02 when the Ukraine judge who luckily was the alternate said she would have put Irina Slutskaya’s mess of a skate over Sarah Hughes long program if she was the judge? well there is going to be another case of manipulation if the ex soviet’s think they have a shot at putting Alena Leonova on the medal podium. They will blatantly cheat without any regard to fairness. I am SO glad I could care less who wins the Olympics this year because I already have no hope for the sport who hides which judge blatantly cheats.

Yuna Kim singled a triple and is sitting in second ahead of Miki Ando. The lone American is in last. Hey I guess we should be happy she even made the final.

Congratulations to Cassie Whitcomb and Amanda Jetter for winning the 14th International Tournament of Pas-de-Calais. Marta finally sent Cassie over seas. It’s to bad she didn’t send her to a better event.