Canadian “Whine” anyone?

FULL Olympic Ice Skating Results.

Like I need another reason to hate Nastia. Bandwagon fans make me ill. I bet she can’t even name a Yankee but she goes to school in NY so of course she has the ultimate bandwagon hat.


The day after where we get more whiny bitterness
from Diva wanna be from the Canadian pair of WHINY babies. According to GGMB they both dated the same guy once. Ooooo

Canadian whining. I need a new picture for this article.

I looked everywhere for an ugly picture of Virtue and Moir for this whine bottle collage above and I could not find one. He is good looking, she is gorgeous its too bad their inside doesn’t seem to match their outside.

After winning the Silver medal they whined to the media that their coach didn’t pay them enough attention leading up the the Olympics well boo fucking-dy who Silver medalists you should have found a different coach a year ago if that was an issue.

You didn’t have a problem with the coach four years ago when you reaped the benefit of your coach while getting pumped up scores because the Olympics was in your Country.

I am not a big fan of Ice Dancing in general. I don’t understand why it is even an Olympic sport and if they had a point I would at least understand the complaints but don’t try and take away from the real Gold medalists moment. This is a time to celebrate not your time to whine.

I guess it is easy to whine when you plan on retiring. You don’t really need the influence your coaches name has anymore so why not throw her under the bus?



Article on the win for Charlie and Meryl

I got home last night just in time to see the last 5 Ice Dancing teams compete and I honestly wasn’t impressed in what I was seeing. The only team I enjoyed were the bronze medal Russian team.

Davis and White did an amazing job as did Virtue and Moir and the 5th place Russian teams LP was interesting in a weird old black and white movie type of interesting way but overall the sport does not impress me. Its dancing NOT a sport.

I too like many of the comments found the Canadians boring.


Katie Nolan can be funny. She has an opinion on the Shibsibs and yes Katie, we know Raccoons like

Short Program practice happened today.

Yuna Kim’s run through. I am so glad she exists 🙂

Pictures from Yahoo.

There is a great picture of the Russian skater giving Mao Asada a dirty look but I can’t find it anymore. Sorry to call her the Russian girl but Julia should change her name to Smith and then maybe I will remember how to spell it. Its okay Julia. (Yulia) I just learned how to spell Lipnitskaya. You are in luck and this may be a good omen for you because when I learned to spell Mientkwicvz and Saltalamacchia my team won world series. Ooops looks like I have forgotten how to spell Mientkwicv. Its okay. He went to the Skankees so forgetting how to spell that is a good thing.

I found the picture of Julia’s bitch face

Jeremy Abbott
is whining too. His mother taught him that. Lets be real Jeremy. Its hard to be an Olympian but you choke every time you skate. Its a fact.

Ashley Wagner is waiting to be the bad guy
. Get used to it Ashley.

Skating article about the mens SP.

Right Plushenko YOU were forced to compete. You didn’t demand a spot or anything ROLLING MY EYES.

US Classics is back in Chicago again.

Yuna Kim will be skating too.
Yep the Julia Lipnitskaya media machine is back in service.

Gracie Gold. Budding superstar or as I would say budding soon to be Olympic failure because the US media is over hyping

Charlie White plays the Violen

I love Yuna but there is only 1 Queen

Where are the medal ceremonies ?

Davis and White’s
medal ceremony. The Canadians are trying too hard to look happy. Why are the US jackets silver? (Red white and blue people) That clapping for the US team was pretty quick whiny Canadians. Russia showed more respect

Am I the only one that found that whole thing awkward?


35 Responses to “Canadian “Whine” anyone?”

  1. sanitynmotion Says:

    That was too many hyperlinks for me to sort out but I tried.

    So I guess four years ago when they won gold the Canadians didn’t bother to heap praise on their coach then for the efforts she put in on their performance but now that they got silver (which was expected by everyone anyways, I mean no shock there), it’s their coach’s fault. Because more attention from her would make all the difference. Honestly the whole thing is disgusting. The commentators are trying to say one team is more artistic and the other is more technical, and I don’t even see THAT. What I saw was that Meryl and Davis were more dynamic and exciting to watch whereas the Canadians were just Ok. Ok as in they did a good job but it wasn’t anything exciting. In fact I thought the Russians were more exciting, but apparently they don’t skate close enough to each other. Whatever. That’s why this sport, as hard as it is, should just be eliminated anymore from the Olympics. When that sort of bias can creep in what the EFF is the point of it. Seriously I’d bet 4 years ago there was a case for the Americans winning too. Only difference is the Americans didn’t whine when they got silver. They figured it was the Canadians’ time this time around, being host country and all, and they’d get the next one provided they remained healthy. Well, they were right. That’s basically the gist of how it goes down, no? I’ll bet in 4 years the Russians win gold again in ice dancing. No shock there. Let’s put money on it.

    And it’s not like the Canadians are forced to train in the US under that coach. Maybe they should force each athlete to train in their representative country. Wouldn’t that be a hoot and a holler. We can play Russia and offer Yuna Kim free citizenship to her and her family. Done and done. Russia did it for speed skating, can’t we do it for figure skating? I mean we’re going to be offering free citizenship to like 10 million illegals from Mexico anyways in the near future (bring it! more of my tax dollars going to food stamps! – Ok, I don’t mean to be ass here but it’s true so I had to say it).

    Ashley wants to be a “diva” on ice and bring the “emotion” factor well good for her. The Russian will still outscore her with no facial expression because she’s Russian and she’s what the media is hyping right now. Apparently flexibility more than makes up for lack of presentation or facial expression. I’m sorry but yes, the Russian girl is good but she still needs work on her artistic presentation. But as we all know that’s gone out the window and all anyone cares about anymore are jumps and skating like a Gumby Zombie.

    That Jeremy Abbott kid needs to shut up and prove he doesn’t choke before he starts to make a bitch of himself. Other people deal with even more pressure all the time and don’t choke. Look at Yuna Kim in 2010 and even Meryl & Davis this year. Idiot. His was an epic choke too for not really having a shot at making podium in the first place. He can go hang out with fellow choker Chan.

    So here’s my conclusion: figure skating at the international/Olympic level is very similar to gymnastics at the US level (and even international level to a degree): it’s FIXED. Shocking. It’s been that way for years. So the Canadians had to somehow know this and no matter what coach they had, those results would have been the same regardless.

    You know what? I’m starting to get so disheartened about all this crap I almost want to put it out there that any sport involving judging should be eliminated from the Olympics. Much as I love gymnastics and used to love figure skating, it’s really not a sport with so much being fixed. Judging something allows fixing. You can’t really fix races and timed events; there needs to be a way to not fix judged events. But human involvement makes that nearly impossible so there.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Did I ever post the blog I know I started on how I am always excited for the Olympics until the whiny bitching starts? I meant too

    • mim Says:

      Sanity I totally, totally agree with you on all ice dancing fronts – Tessa and Scott were boring, and the Russians were way more fun to watch and I loved how happy they were with bronze.

      The Canadian whinging is just so damn UNGRACIOUS. You’re in a sport that is based on human judgement, so just take it on the chin and SUCK. IT. UP. Privately, if they want to think it’s unfair or that their coach played favourites and you’re going to privately be having a bitch fit about it, whatever. But don’t go whinging to the press about it. Maybe they would have won if they could be more exciting or convey some sort of passion. Silver is still damn good and instead of blaming others not not winning gold, they should look to themselves on how to improve.

      It was interested that the Australian commentators basically said that Meryl and Charlie were the best on the night – couldn’t fault them technically and their expression is to die for.

      (I went back to watch one of their tango free dance things from a few years ago, and the routine was just basically oozing sensuality like no other. You can’t teach that stuff.)

      Normally GTT I think Canadians are alright but I’m jumping on the Canada sucks bandwagon for a little while, ha.

    • uglyfatkid Says:

      The other thing about Abbott that really pisses me off, is that he is now an “Olympic bronze medalist” because of the team event. He contributed about as much as I would have (and I have zero skating ability) to the team event. Everyone else (mainly Davis and White) carried him. He deserves the metal just as much as ASac deserved her team metal in 2011. Everyone else to me at least earned the metal on the US side, but his was a free pass. It also bugged me that we didn’t see him supporting the other skaters in the US box until the very end. After he choked he disappeared. He’s a choker, a poor loser, and unsupportive teammate. He doesn’t deserve the metal in my opinion.

  2. Exgymgurl Says:

    The jackets are silver because we dont have a manned space program with astronauts anymore in America. So we’ve decided to pretend our olympic athletes will double as astronauts. If they had a coach problem change coaches. Change your music if you want. Canada is a free country…. Sorta..

  3. david0688 Says:

    So what was the whole comment about raccoons liking trash in relation to what happened to the Alex and Maia?

    What about the skater from the San Francisco Bay Area? What do you think about her? Wednesday should be interesting, it’ll be a slugfest. A lot of heavy hitters will be performing.

    • lol Says:

      No it was related to aroid. Nastia wearing a Yankee hat when in NY. When in LA it was a Laker hat. Can ‘t she just go away already?

    • david0688 Says:

      Well it’s one thing to wear a hat in a location corresponding to the sports team. It’s another to play on a team and wear a different hat ala Kaepernich.

  4. Lithi Says:

    Hehehe. All that Caknucklehead whining and we haven’t even got to Sidney Crosby. Is he even there? If so and Canada hockey blows it, oh man.

  5. gymnerd Says:

    Oh, Tessa Virtue….you just lost me forever…just wow….

  6. uglyfatkid Says:

    This blog made my blood boil. Half way through the links I wanted to walk outside and bash car windows out with a baseball bat.

    First…to the cry baby Canadians. YES, I’m talking directly to you Tessa and Scott. Sorry, but I’m not buying your bullshit. You have had the same coach for at least the last 6 years. She has always coached the US team, and NOW you have a problem? What about when you lost EVERY Grand Prix final AND worlds over the last 3 years? Where was your coaching concerns then? Or was losing not a concern? The writing has been on the wall for 3 years…YOU ARE NOT GOOD ENOUGH ANYMORE. If you knew you were having issues with the coach…MOVE ON. But no, you need an excuse/someone to push the blame on. Also, all this talk about how she wouldn’t let you change your music…are you for real? Last time I checked, you’re both grown ass adults. You’re not 12. If you want different music, then demand it. You’re the skaters for hells sake…I’m pretty sure people would listen. But I guess that isn’t your fault too. Maybe it’s just a Canadian skating thing, ’cause you and Chan have the blame-shifting down to a T.

    I am also pissed because in 2010, the US team took the loss with grace and dignity. They have always said you were tough competitors, and that you helped push them to be better. YET, here you are doing the opposite. By blaming the coach, you are in turn blaming them. THEY got better coaching, THEY got better music, THEY were favored, THEY, THEY, THEY. Not once have I heard YOU accept this as something YOU CAUSED! The fact that you had literally LOST to the US at ALL major competitions for the last 3 years wasn’t enough of warning for you that you would probably lose? Or are you that arrogant to think that ALL the judges at every competition over the last 3 years have secret cheating conspiracies against you? Oh wait, I forgot the Canadian skating motto…”it’s never our fault when we lose.” You’re pathetic, and need a ass whooping (or at the very least…a bitch slap or two). In short, grow the hell up…or shut the hell up. Either works for me. But which ever option you chose, do it fast, ’cause you look like jackasses.

    Now, to the US guy who might as well be Canadian. Yes…I’m talking to you Jeremy “Choker” Abbott. Seriously? No really. seriously? You are going to say you are not a choker, and blame your horrible performance on Olympic pressure? Hmm…last time I checked you ALSO choked at the LAST Olympics. Wouldn’t you have known what to expect this time around and know how to deal with the pressure? And the fact that you have NEVER metaled at any worlds or Grand Prix finals is what…a fluke? I have a thought for you, maybe you ARE a choker. You skate nicely when you aren’t a basket case, but since you freak out at every major competition…I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that the problem is YOU my friend. It’s not the Olympic pressure. Also, I don’t know if you remember or not, but that new American kid with the ponytail (you know…your TEAMMATE) had only competed internationally as a senior TWICE…and both times it wasn’t a major meet. YET…he got his shit together and didn’t fall apart. Oh, it was also his FIRST Olympics and I didn’t hear him blame anything on Olympic pressure? He owned his raking, and took it like am man. No excuses.

    Let me sum it up for you Jeremy, you shouldn’t be in this sport…and I’m glad you are no longer competing. You aren’t built to handle it…period. We can’t all be Aly Raisman’s with nerves of steel. So shut your mouth, accept that you are a choker, and move on quietly with your life. We’d all respect you more if you just said it…I choked. You don’t need to get all Canadian on us, and start blaming things/people that had nothing to do with it. It was you…it’s always been you.

    Now to Ashley, Gracie, and the other girl that I don’t care enough about to remember her name…please heed my warning. Do not follow the poor examples above. When you skate tomorrow, good or bad, OWN IT. Don’t blame coaches that you could have replaced ages ago, or pretend that you don’t handle Olympic pressure well. When you don’t make the podium, and you won’t, don’t blame the judging or some other shit. The truth is, NBC has been lying to you and the rest of the America. You aren’t that good. Maybe you will be in a few years, but right now…Mao, Yuna, and Yulia are better than you. Also, the judges love Costner (even though she’s like watching big bird on ice), so you are all really playing for 5th place or higher anyway. In short, don’t be bitches about it. Take it gracefully…and enjoy the time you have left in Russia.

    Now, please excuse me while I step outside and beat the shit out of my neighbors car.

  7. sanitynmotion Says:

    Here’s one other thing that was almost funny (read from one of those hyperlinked articles):

    The author was trying to make the excuse that the men had to compete so “early” after the team competition, that it was likely a cause for the clusterf*ck/faceplanting of a competition we all witnessed. Um, really? So the pairs teams, who had even less rest than the men (and arguably the Russian teams were under more pressure), were able to skate relatively cleanly; however, because the men couldn’t be men and step up to the pressure they all fell and it was because they didn’t get enough REST? These are athletes that train every single day for hours and hours on end. Competition should be EASY compared to practice. At least, that’s what I’d imagine. I’m sure practice sessions are done where you have to go through your long program at least once or twice and then some.

    I mean, c’mon. How many excuses do those guys need?!? They flunked. They all choked. It sucked. They sucked. End of story.

  8. lol Says:

    The SP judges are smoking crack. Gracie Gold is only three points behind Yuna on PCS? They are going to try and fix this for the Russian.

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      KNEW it. I KNEW they’d fix this shit. If the Russian girl wins over a solid Yuna performance I will quit caring about this sport (I say this, but it’s really hard…even being a 4-year fan).

      What is PCS by the way?

      Scott Hamilton was talking about Gold the other day and making the statement that she has what it takes to be on podium…that Frank Carroll COMPLETELY changed her and she will have the ability to sneak up there. If she’s flawless, she’ll make quite the statement. Of course I was laughing internally because she lacks any style and “grace” (despite her namesake) but then again I shouldn’t laugh. These damn judges are paid off.

      Damn judging in sports. It’s all leading to bias and politics. Makes me want to beat my neighbor’s car too.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        OK I take it back. Looks like little Russian girl might have had a mistake given her standings. Gold is in front of her (wha?) – Mao has yet to skate.
        I actually really enjoyed Mao’s short program. I won’t mind if she or Kim win gold. I hope they get gold/silver and I really don’t know if I care the order. I’ll see when I watch their short programs since I haven’t seen Yuna skate since Vancouver.

        I just hope the ladies’ free skate will NOT be like the mens’ free skate. I won’t be able to stand it.

      • david0688 Says:

        I think with Yuna’s score, this competitions might be over.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        OK I don’t take it back. I was thinking of the WRONG Russian skater. The other Russian chick somehow is within shooting distance of Yuna’s score – like, as in less than a point. So was she really that good or are they just fixing this for another Russian win?

        I’m so done. And I’m sure the Russian will go last too on the free skate just watch. By “random draw.”

      • david0688 Says:

        I dont know but I’d like to see an American win it.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        I don’t think so the Americans aren’t talented enough. But then again who knows what fix is in.

      • uglyfatkid Says:

        Sorry Dave, but Davis and White are the only metal the US will see in Figure Skating (other than the team one). Our skaters aren’t good enough compared to the rest of the field.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        …although with Mao out of contention for choking, I can foresee the possibility of Gold in bronze position “if” one of the Russian girls chokes in the free skate (assuming Gold doesn’t choke).

      • uglyfatkid Says:

        You’re right. I never counted on Mao choking. So sad for her. 😦

      • david0688 Says:

        Then we gotta get a nation wide talent search. I’m one of those people that gets frustrated if we don’t win anything. We should be dominating and clutch. Isn’t there any clutch figure skaters out there?

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Nope, Michelle retired.

  9. lovelucas Says:

    Yuna was incredible. How can they deny that? They need to take blinders off of Julia/Yulia on height etc of jumps esp if they’re giving Yuna that score.

  10. sanitynmotion Says:

    I guess Mao fell on the triple axel and missed a combination. No medal for her. That’s the only way Gold is making podium. Or Kostner.

  11. lol Says:

    Any Russian will do with these judges. I hopw NBC does the right thing and mentions this blatant cheating.

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