BASEBALL’S BACK!!!!!!!!! : The Ice Dancing Edition

Sorry I am screaming. I am a little bit excited. BASEBALL IS BACK but the Olympics are still going on too. Not a lot of gym news going on so back to skating.

Ashley Wagner is coming around. It might have taken her awhile but no one can remain a Terror Lipinski fan if they have a working heart. Kwan will turn her into a human being. Shannon Miller-ing the world one skater at a time.

Mao Asada practicing.

Full Results

Ice Dancing SP Results
Christine Brennan article


Polina Edmunds mother is a lunatic. This is an old article but it seems like we have a new scary skating mom.

I have been working like crazy the last few days so I haven’t seen much of what has gone on today. I am working all day and night tomorrow too so depending on how tired I am this might be the last blog until the Ladies SP. I don’t even remember when that is. I am off Thursday.

See you then and please keep the conversation going without me. I am borrowing the boys phone tomorrow and will be reading the comments.

12 Responses to “BASEBALL’S BACK!!!!!!!!! : The Ice Dancing Edition”

  1. Exgymgurl Says:

    Just proves the innate superiority of the Kwan…. Love her

    • uglyfatkid Says:

      Completely. That article was awesome. She’s completely right. If you go in doubting and need reassurance you’re going to fail. It’s like balance beam, you either attack or get eaten alive. There isn’t room for reassurance once you mount.

  2. sanitynmotion Says:

    These Olympics are actually really making me miss Kwan.
    Anyone think the Canadians can take this again? Meryl and Charlie are so good but only 2 points ahead after the SP.

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      Just read in that posted article that two points is a lot in ice dancing so I’ll shut up…

    • uglyfatkid Says:

      Lol. I really hope Davis and White continue their streak and win. They have been dominate and clean for years now, and I think they deserve it. The Canadians are good though…so you never know. My money’s on the Americans though…they have really proved themselves to be reliable.

  3. uglyfatkid Says:

    Mao looks good in that video, even if she isn’t doing a full routine. It looked like she landed the triple axle well. I hope she can continue that trend and really bring it during the competition.

    The whole practice thing blows my mind though. I never got the point of trying to practice while everyone and their dog is on the ice. How can you really focus on your routine, if part of you is always making sure you don’t run into someone else? There was a few close calls in that video. The setup seems stupid to me.

  4. gingercrush Says:

    Awww I wanted Virtue & Moir to win 😦 They’re the only Canadians at the Winter Olympics I like. For some reason Canadians really rub me the wrong way, lol.

    I loved the Mens podium except for Chan, lol.

    Go Mao Asada. Such an amazing skater but her reliance on the Triple Axel is so dangerous even if it is impressive she can still do one at her age and remain the only current skater to do one.

    I am really bored by gymnastics at moment so really haven’t been following things. But Maroney needs a TTY or she is toast imo.

    • mim Says:

      Any word on what’s happening with McKayla? Her camp training video was very deliberately not put online so I guess she’s injured or has amazing upskilled (TTY?).

  5. mim Says:

    I’m thrilled that Davis and White won gold. Their routine was just magic and a pure joy to watch.

    I found Tessa and Scott to be really boring (their short program was dull). I suppose they must be technically spot on but i feel like the dancing demands something more.. To me, as an uneducated figure skating spectator, they lack spark. Their routine beautiful but boring.

    • Case Says:

      I’m glad they won too. I’m also enjoying watching the Canadian media whine like babies over it.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        I thought Meryl/Charlie were by far and away the best ice dancers of this crop. I mean, the entire competition was pretty epic in the fact that there were no major mistakes by the top 10 (I didn’t watch all so correct me if I’m wrong) and then the top 5 were just pretty awesome.

        Then when Meryl/Charlie took stage the performance was just out of this world almost. Like, I got the chills and didn’t expect it to be over (or want it to be over) when they struck their final pose. I was like “wait, it’s over already?” – that’s when I knew it was a great routine. Everyone else’s, including the Canadians, I either forwarded through a bit or was waiting somewhat patiently for it to be over. Like it just didn’t hold my attention really. So I agree with the previous “boring” sentiment. The Russians were pretty interesting but you could tell it just wasn’t the same quality as either the Canadians or the Americans. I feel like we won’t be seeing couples of their caliber anytime soon. I give the Canadians credit for bringing it but there was no way they were beating the US. They did a good job overall but it was kind of slow and boring, whereas the US routine was just overall great. At least that’s my opinion. I do think Meryl needs to gain about 10 pounds though because they were showing her backstage with just a tiny tank top on and she literally has no boobs, and all her veins stick out as do her ribs. Also, just my opinion.

        I think ice dancing overall though is hard to judge and I can see why there’s so much bias in this particular category. Mistakes aren’t made that often and without jumps and those types of risks it’s not all that evident or obvious to the casual observers’ eyes who actually is the best technically. I can see it easy for the judges or whoever to collude with each other and make deals like “I’ll vote high on your pairs team if you vote high on our ice dancing team” – something like that. It’s a total pisser but it’s true, and that’s probably what will end up ruining this sport if it hasn’t been ruined already.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I have not looked at the protocals for the LP but in the short they had the same difficulty and the US pair got better PCS marks. Judges made the decision based on quality. Canada is just whining like they always do

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