2013 US Nationals : Seniors (Live Blogging)

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Kyla won bars and beam and Mckayla vault and floor. That sounds calculated.lol

Kennedy Baker, Simone Biles, Brenna Dowell, Peyton Ernst, Madison Kocian, McKayla Maroney, Maggie Nichols, Elizabeth Price, Lexie Priessman, Kyla Ross, Mykayla Skinner are your National team. No Ohashi.

Glad they named Price and Preissman. Sucks for Milliet

Rumor is Pittsburgh gets Nationals next year which sucks because it will be on the west coast in 2015

Gymnastike has pictures

Sportsperson of the year is Kyla Ross because she’s a BAMF. Coach of the year is Mihai Brestyan ( Who did he train this year?) because he’s a BAMF.

Triple Twist girls won the USA-Gymnastics contest. I voted:)

Vault Picture US Olympic Committee.

Congrats Simone.

FUCK YOU MARTA!!!!!!!!!!!!

So damn close. Wow. Kyla’s bobble killed her but she went for it. 6.0 start value. She connected the sheep jump to what ever the hell it was I was too nervous to remember.lol

I am just so proud of her for putting it out there and trying.

Simone’s overscore on both her Amanars was the difference and the lack of deductions in her UB routine was blatant BS but I hope this means Ky;a wins Worlds.

Rotation 4

Kyla: Stupid side somi. I think we are getting some upgrades here. Awesome routine from Kyla minus the side somi.

Biles: She stayed on but missed her feet. I think they will still give her the title. Of course it does. That score is such bull shit for Simone but it is what it is.

Erin Macadaeg does exist. I have been saying that a lot tonight.Bobble on her full turn. All I can think watching this is shut up Nastia. Shut up Nastia. SHUT UP NASTIA. She babbles on about nothing. Its so damn annoying. Someone needs to do one of those videos that talks over what she is saying. Nastia has given plenty of ammo for a hate blog.lol

Dowell UB: She stayed on but it was messy and she left out the connection because she was off. She is no Beth Tweddle.

Price on vault. DTY with a step. She looks annoyed. Must suck to be injured after being so successful during the year. Marta better name her to the National team. 15.150

Maggie Nichols: Beam fun with Maggie. Aw she likes Kyla. That is cute. She is staying on and no real big bobbles so far but little checks after every skill.

Skinner hit bars but it was typical messy.

Kennedy Baker does exist : YURCHENKO: Big step.

I am starting a new blog. It will be called SHUT UP NASTIA. Look for it soon because we could do a whole blog on how stupid and phony she sounds.

Milliet: Bobble, wobble.Bigger bobble. I like her leotard. Another bobble. Fall. Next.

Desch- Bars: Pak to the ass. Its too bad before the two mistakes she was doing a good job

Peyton on vault. DTY, No pointed toes.


Burn that shirt Nastia. You are not a grandmother.

Anyone ever heard the song lies? Wild Orchid has one. The Thompson Twin’s. En Vogue. Every time a Fierce 5 member talks I get those songs in my head.
We are all in the gym and training and deciding. LIES!

Jordyn does exist. Now lets make her cry. Hey, at least she still exists.

Phony laughing by the fierce 3. GAG ME.

Dowell: Amanar. Messy, piked and a step but it is what she is. Big pre-flight leg separation. They still gave her a 15.500 for that mess with a 9.2. Biles and Mckayla seem justified.

They don’t like Ersnt. Kim needs to kiss more ass.

Maggie on bars_ Mes, mess, messy but she stayed on.

Sloppy Chang by Skinner. Bent knee’s. Just yucky. They took all the deductions.

Nastia just called Skinner clean.lol

Like you know vault Nastia. Shut up and stop repeating others.lol

Ut oh. Kyla just went to talk to Doc Larry and they went in the back. Hope this is nothing.

Simone has deserved this title so far but I hate that they make sure a fall won’t take her title away by slight overscores like her Amanar. Hell maybe we will get a tie and they can go to execution scores which gives Kyla the win. Then again this is Nationals so who knows if tie’s are broken. In the past they have not.

Peyton has pretty eyes. HATE that leo. Double layout. small step. I missed the rest waiting for Kyla’s bar score.I think that is the same as yesterday.

Kyla on bars- Hit handstands. Stuck landing. Maybe a small shuffle. I’ll see in replay. (no replay) 15.450

Nastia “blah, blah

Biles- Amanar. A little short and took a step back. 15.800
Great second vault. Small hop.
look Gabby. Real parents. I like Simone’s mom and dad. They seem real.
Rotation 2

Skinner got a 15.000 on floor.

Biles- 90.450
Ross 89. 550
Dowell 86.700
Ersnt 86.200
Nichols 86.050
Millet 85.450

We could be watching the girls competing but we are watching an interview and a routine from a girl that didn’t even win juniors. Laurie is an amazing gymnast but give me a break. I can;t stand Zmeskal or her gymnasts in general but this is just rude.

They lowered Biles score to a 14.950. Did they review the OOB?

Gabby lying through her teeth. That interview was not live. The crowd was empty.

Lauren did not win JR Nationals NBC. Wow this is a slap in the face to Bailie.

They will talk to Gabby and Aly with no mention of Jordyn. IF YOU CAN READ THIS go complain on USA-Gym’s facebook wall for that slight. 5 girls won gold, not 2 Excuse me. Jordyn doesn’t get interviewed and notice Gabby just stole Aly’s line about loving her teammates. Such a phony.

Peyton on beam. Bobble, bobble.Not a big fan of anything but her leaps.

Amanar: Same pre-flight issues and messy leg separation on the way to her landing but a small step. Pretty nice. 16.00 a bit much. The step was at least 3 tenths of close to it.
2nd vault: Small step. She was piked in the air. 15.400

Biles on floor. OOB on the Double double. Small step on double layout but still beautiful to watch. She has such power. Anna Li looks thrilled.lol
Smiling is not artistry. Big step on last pass but it was better performed than two days ago. 15.150 High for real world not Nationals but this really proves how overscored she was on night 1

Kyla on vault: DTY with a hop. Its weird how Kyla has too much power for a DTY but not enough for a Amanar ( at her height) 15.300 (Too high in reality but compared to other DTY’s her block is much better.


Really you didn’t see the pike Tim or the pre-flight leg separation because we all saw it. There were more mistakes that I don’t remember off hand.

Dowell OOB and huge pike. Almost OOB on double front pike. Oh you people can see this yourself. Anyone watch the announcers in the background when they are not talking? Nastia has her bitch face on and looks bored to death and it is an even uglier look of disgust. I hope all this Fierce 5 talking is killing her.

Nastia talking about Dowell’s great floor routine makes me laugh. If you need more proof she has her head up her ass listening to her floor comments.
Dowell can tumble. PERIOD.

Really playing up the Fierce 5 angle. Kind of annoying. Then I think about how it annoys Nastia to no end and I get less bored.lol

Rotation 1

Enough of the bad attitude by Mckayla. its not cute watching someone act like a brat. I know she apologized and all that BS but I wish they would just let it go. Why the same stories about this from all 3 nights so far. HA PRESIDENT, We make those at your decisions like giving 1.3 BILLION to Egypt while they kill anyone that protests.

I guess we don’t get Milliet on floor.


Only a 14.800 for Ebee.

Mckayla is very bright. (leo wise) Nice double Layout. Little wobbly double pike. Nice routine. 15.250 is way too high.

Al needs to go. I don’t even feel bad if they replace if with someone I hate.

Kyla, nailed double front. Step on full in. Other 3 fierce five in background.Hit double pike. Double tuck. Small step. SHUT UP NASTIA

Biles on beam. That leotard deserved to stay on beam. So far one bobble. Good landing. One step. Very good routine. Better than yesterday I am afraid what the score will be.lol 15.000 (deserved or at least not way overscored.)

I hope we get to see Price on bars. There she is. Come on Ebee.
She hits. Good routine. Form looked good.

Lets be real. Al she did not think she was on the team. Be real.

Mckayla is always interrupting Kyla. Its not cute but Kyla doesn’t seem to care.

I like Maggie Nichols leotard. Double layout and full in both with steps. I like the flame leo’s. Everyone hates them but me. She is another one with messy knee’s and leg separations and she hits her double back. OMG Nastia just called her artistic. LMAO

Al keeps bringing Nastia into the conversation. He needs to shut up already.
Peyton got a 13.850 on bars and now Al is explaining the same stuff he has been attempting to explain.

Skinner on beam. Bent legs. Short leap. Nailed the full with messy form. She doesn’t even attempt to straighten those legs.Orange bow and step on landing. 14.250

Peyton on bars. Gawd more Zmeskal love. GAG ME. I like Peyton though. Not that leo. Wonky legs and she hit the bar. I think that is 5 tenths and Nastia is making no sense. A huge mistake but did her job?


WE ARE LIVE and only God knows if I make it through 2 hours of Nastia.

Burn that leo Kyla and Mckayla. Yikes. Bright. I love Simone’s leo. I like Simone’s coaches jacket too.

My wish for tonight is that Kyla’s goes for it on floor. Its her first event. She should be rested and I want her 5.9 floor with the whipe double tuck and all the dance moves in. First event. No need to be tired.


Kocian is out with sprained ankle.

Start Lists.
Kyla starts on floor and ends on beam. Simone starts on beam. Ends on Bars.

Leotards for tonight. Gymnastike has the best updates so far. Check their twitter.

Mckayla’s was torn so she is wearing one from Classics.

Ooops says Mckayla:)

101 Responses to “2013 US Nationals : Seniors (Live Blogging)”

  1. sainabou nyang Says:

    Ohh Simone is starting on beam? Lord have mercy I hope she doesn’t choke.

    I stilk can’t get over Polina making the natl team over Alexis. Even though Alexis had a bad bar routine she can clearly score better than Polina. I need to watch Baumanns routine, but if they were going to put a WOGA gymnast on the team it should be Kocian.

  2. sainabou nyang Says:

    Kyla rocking the red lips!!!!

    Simone and Mckayla rocking much better leos tonight.

  3. Stephen Says:

    Tim is such a liar! No ever talked about Price on bars at 2012 Trials! The main reason she would have been on the team was vault.

  4. sainabou nyang Says:

    NBC is gonna milk that Mykayala/Kyla friendship story.

    Phew Simone didn’t fall and Ebee hit bars.

  5. sainabou nyang Says:

    Is it coincidence that Mykayla and Kyla are competing back to back?

    I rolled my eyes at the Gabby/Aly interview. It sounded way to fake. As far as I’m concerned, NBC doesn’t care about Jordyn except to show her constantly in tears after not qualifying for AA.

    I like Peyton, but she needs to fix the bent legs on her BHS. She also reminds me a little of Bridget Sloan. Brenna reminds me of Jana Bieger only a little cleaner.

  6. sanitynmotion Says:

    I like the Gage leos. I am surprised about Kyla’s lipstick but she’s so dang gorgeous; glad she’s finally rocking it.

  7. sanitynmotion Says:

    Haha…don’t you mean Marta doesn’t like Ernst? Seems to me Zmeskal does kiss ass and completely denies whatever Moceanu says even though I’m sure Moceanu isn’t blatantly lying.

    Look Gabby real parents. lol. I’m enjoying watching this blog more than the actual event.

    I hope Kyla is OK. Maybe she needs that heel thing for beam.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      I lobe Biles mother. She isn’t in this for fame like Gabby’s mother and these two seem like real parents. They aren’t for show.

  8. H Says:

    Thanks GT for blogging:-)

    Would have been fun if Kyla would have won. Hmm … but she seems so confident now, in many ways and it will for sure be exciting to see here in Antwerpen. Hopefully with upgrades.

    Much better job from Mckayla today …
    Did not Skinner get some high execution scores today?

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      The scoring today was crazy. Everyone was overscored. Biles Amanar and bars and floor, Kyla’s DTY, Everything Skinner and Dowell competed.

      It was a huge over score fest.

  9. Brouhaha Says:

    KYLA!!! i’m dead inside D:

    also, such a shame about Ebee. damn parkettes for breaking their gymnasts.

  10. exgymgurl Says:

    Kyla beat Simone tonight her scores were better. She went from being 0.75 behind to being .2 behind, so her scores were .55 better tonight. I think that her upgraded floor looks better every time she does it. I wouldnt be overly confident if I were Simone because if Kyla is being peaked for worlds and not nationals watch out. On any given night either of them could be better and win. It is that close.

  11. gymnastwannabe Says:

    Kyla may not have won but she’s reliable. True, she wobbled on beam, but she pretty much hit 4 for 4 tonight and at Classic. Simone has great gymnastics and I love her energy and spunk; but she’s still a bit of a head case. You can’t blow the end of your bar routine. Oh, & I loved Kyla’s red lipstick…break out of your shell girl!

    • Tortuga Says:

      Kyla is getting more confident and is a rock with great execution in competition. You can’t ask for a lot more. She could use a couple upgrades but she is on the right track. Simone is great when she is on but that is all over the place. I also think Simone won’t score very well internationally.

      • exgymgurl Says:

        Kyla has more. They showed that on beam going after the connection. I think she gets this floor upgrade under her belt, another connection or a different turn and shes got a few more 0.10s Skinner looked much much better. I will give her credit for maybe listening to Marta and cleaning up. Her beam loooked great. Maybe she doesnt have the fundamental blocking problems and crooked handstands that Brenna does, and its easier for her to clean up. I actually saw something in her tonight. Im not concerned that Biles beat Kyla, because Kyla rocked everything and on a one night competition, shes the victor.

      • mimi Says:

        i just watched a gymnastike interview where kyla said she probably wouldn’t raise her start value on beam and Marta told her she needs more confidence in her beam routines. who knows though? I can’t imagine Marta wanting to pick a team who doesn’t have enough difficulty to medal on every event.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        I call bullshit. Marta is just holding Kyla back, like she did last year on floor. Kyla needs more confidence? Shut up Marta. Simone can fall on beam and have form breaks on bars all over the place but you’re not telling HER to lower her start values. Same with Brenna.

        Marta is just using Kyla now for bars because she needs her; next year she’ll be passing her up when Ohashi is healthy and leaving Kyla at home. I would bet my pay check on this.

        Marta never had Kyla on her “pet” list and she’s only using her while she can – and Kyla’s coaches are oblivious to it all. Kyla was beating Aly and Gabby last year and even Jordyn in camps (so I heard) and then was told to downgrade her floor routine and basically force her into a specialist spot against Nastia. What does that tell you about Marta.

  12. Katie Says:

    Thanks so much for live blogging! I had a family party and couldn’t watch it. Very excited to watch the routines tomorrow on YouTube. A few people at the party could tell how antsy I was getting and they were like “what’s wrong, do you need a drink or something?” what was I supposed to say “umm, it’s the national championships and yes I would like a drink as well as a quiet room and your wifi password and please leave me alone for the next couple of hours”

    Your live blog was great and got me through that tough time. I’m a little ticked about Simone but I do love her. I just love Kyla a little bit more.

  13. sportsfan Says:

    Caught the very end.

    It was obvious as day that the judges gave enough room for Biles to win after missing on bars. I think we all know who Marta is behind for this cycle.

    Kyla really came through tonight, and if it wasn’t for loosing her balance for 2 seconds on beam, the title would be hers. Her tiny hop on her dismount also cost her. I think Kyla is starting to come into her own and she’s doing it at the right time.

    Whether or not it was phony, I really liked seeing Aly come out of the stands and be one of the first people to congratulate Kyla. They are Hall of Famers together, and I seriously hope that its true that the rest of the “Fierce Five” are getting back at it.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      The real rumors have the Fierce 5 out of training.

      Jordyn to UCLA. Gabby bought a house in LA for her entire family and won’t train until 2015 and looking at Aly I can tell she has not been training.

      • sportsfan Says:

        If they don’t get back at it, its sad, but I will be happy for them. More so for Jo and Aly than Gabby. Not training till 2015, huh? So, shes gonna try and pull a Nastia then. Good luck with that brat.

        Oh, speaking of Nastia, just the little bit I heard of her made me want to drink bleach.

    • gymnastwannabe Says:

      Even if Kyla was perfect on beam, I don’t think she would have won. The wobble was a nice out for the judges. Simone is fun to watch and congrats to her – now she needs to clean up her form and become consistent.

    • Katie Says:

      I really don’t get why Marta isn’t on the Kyla train. She’s so beautiful and clean. International judges love her. The Karolyi’s invented the Romanian gymnastics ilk and I think Tim maybe said it best that the Romanians won’t wow you but they will kill you with consistency. Back in the 90s when Marta was coaching beam none of her “stars” dazzled on beam. They always had a 10.0 start value but nothing that went above and beyond just for the sake of the sport. Even now she doesnt want risky dismounts. Her entire coaching career has always been about consistency which I find so strange when you look at her “pets” nastia and gabby. Why is Kyla Ross, pretty much the epitome of consistency, constantly being underminded by Marta. Also, Jordyn. Also, Shawn (to a lesser extent)

      • Akshay Says:

        You bring up a great point, and I never understood that either. I actually understand Marta’s affinity for Nastia more than I understand her obsession for Gabby. Gabby was so inconsistent throughout her career, so why she became Marta’s pet makes no sense to me. Then again, very few things Marta does make sense to me…

        She most definitely undermined Jordyn. Even if Geddert was too dumb to figure out that Jordyn wouldn’t get connection bonus on beam, Marta most definitely knew and didn’t say anything to fix the problem.

        For Marta undermining Kyla, one doesn’t have to look further than the fact that Marta was willing to screw Kyla over if Nastia hit one bar routine at Trials.

        As for Shawn, this has been discussed at this blog a few times… but Shawn won beam at camp I believe and hit bars and yet she was left home for Worlds in favor of Vega. Wasn’t Nastia in Terrin’s position at that time? Because if she was, I’m pretty sure that has a lot to do with it. After Shawn didn’t make it to Worlds, I think she realized that there was no way Marta was taking her to the Olympics no matter what, so she just lost her drive.

        Regardless, I think unlike Jordyn and Shawn, Marta can’t ignore Kyla or screw her over too badly because when they have a Team Competition, she’s going to need Kyla’s bars.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Terin had no say in the team and I doubt Nastia did either. Though I remember reading something about Nastia seconding a notion from her father that you had to compete AA at Nationals to be on the world team or some rule like that to make sure Shawn wouldn’t be named to the team.

      • Katie Says:

        I meant to type mounts, not dismounts.

        Nastia (before her “comeback”) was the athlete representative and before her terrin was and before her Kim z was. Moceanu was constantly griping that Kim z sided with Marta in the 3 man committee (consisting of Kim Steve and Marta) and she was dequalified from competing at the 2006 national championships. I still don’t get it.

        I still want to know terin Humphrey was made the athlete representative. It just seems a bit random to me. I can see Kim and I can see Nastia, but Terin???

        If Nastia had hit her bars, even though her dad was tapping her through every release, she would have been on the team. Kyla’s bar set was great but Marta would have no qualms about screwing her over in favor of Nastia’s subpar showing. That’s why I don’t trust that Marta wont screw Kyla over in the future no matter how consistent she is.

  14. nero Says:

    Isn’t Simone’s D score over a point higher than Kyla’s? I think based on the 2 nights Simone deserved to win. Both girls had one big mistake and a few little mistakes.

    But I think come Worlds Kyla has the edge. She wont have any problem getting relatively the same scores on vault, bars and beam. I love Simone but she’s going to be a force for the next few years, after some of the juniors turn senior Kyla might be pushed out of the AA into just the bars/beam specialist again. So I hope she wins Worlds this year.

    We all know the 3 going to Worlds, but I’m very curious to see who is going to be the 4th.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Nights one

      Kyla- 5.8 6.4 5.8 5.7
      Simone-6.3 6.1 5.7 6.2

      Simone up .4 on night one

      Night 2

      Kyla – 5.8 6.4 6.0 5.7
      Simone- 6.3 6.1 5.9 6.2

      Simone up .5? on night two

      Not sure how Biles kept her start value on bars with the mistake.

  15. Lis Says:

    Can Ohashi petition to go to camp and then be named onto the National Team? I just can’t see Marta leaving out her favorite…

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Yes she can. If she goes to the worlds camp they will name her. One spot remains

      • exgymgurl Says:

        If they name ohashi can they have Ross, Ohashi and Biles fight it out for 2 AA spots? With Ross Ohashi Biles and Maroney ( depending on how far back Ohashi is) your looking at possibly 2 medals on vault, 2 on Bars, 2 on beam, 2 on floor and 2 AA. I could see Ohashi medaling Bars and Beam with Ross, I could see Ross and Biles medaling AA, I could see Maroney medalling floor vault. I could see Biles also medaling on vault. The most medals we could take home would be 10 and I could actually see that team taking home 10 medals if Ohashi is healthy..

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Ohashi will not be healthy and she would only do beam

        4 girls and only 3 on each event. If she does AA no Mckayla

      • Katie Says:

        Do you think ohashi will ever be an AA gymnast or has she already been limited as a bars/beam specialist?

      • exgymgurl Says:

        Thats true. Okay, so Ohashi beam / bars…. if healthy. I think Lexie got on the national team based on classics / verification in podium training and at camp. I would be less surprised to see Lexie at worlds. Marta doesnt like Abby Millet. Shes been around a few years and been good and never named to the national team. I dont see where lexie fits with Maroney, but FIG will put pressure on Marta to take Maroney because shes an international superstar.

      • mimi Says:

        apparently Marta told some interviewer Lexie definitely won’t be recovered for worlds 😦 I wonder if Ernst or kocian fit in or if katelyn will make a splash soon.

      • mimi Says:

        that said gymnastike has marta saying she thinks mckayla might be in contention for an AA position for this year’s worlds depending on her “endurance” on bars and beam. colour me shocked. I’d be floored if suddenly her bars and beam kicked butt.

      • Lis Says:

        Yeah, after counting the kids who are on the national team, I realized there was one spot left. SHOCKER.

      • Tortuga Says:

        I know Milliet is having consistency issues but I enjoy watching her a whole heck of a lot more than Skinner. Skinner has a lot of difficulty and she pulled together for night two but her form still cringe worthy. I hope Milliet isn’t washed over for good. I also can’t get on board with Dowell so I’m hoping Ernst might have a shot at the world team. I don’t see Ohashi making worlds this year. If she does it will only be for beam.

  16. exgymgurl Says:

    Also, you dont know that Marta isnt on the Kyla train. Marta has said she can tell a lot about where a gymnast is at by how they come out and present themselves. Kyla presented herself tonight like Ive never seen her before. She looks like a perfect Asian nutcracker ballerina. It all matched, the leo the attitude all of it. She was stunning and looked much taller than 5’4″ or whatever they are claiming she is now. Shes taller than her coach. Aly Raisman was never a national senior AA champion yet she walked away from the olympics with more hardware than any other american. No one would have thought that in 2010 or 2011. And McKayla won floor and Vault and Kyla won Bars and Beam. Marta isnt on anyones train she needs all of them to be amazing. I think McKayla coming back so quickly is probably the biggest surprise to Marta, but I think they all saw it at camp. Props to McKayla. I would love to see McKayla do AA next year and really work on getting her bars / beam scores up. Shes starting to look like Ponor in that shes owning the floor. Ross just looked stunning tonight. I still cant get over it.

    • katecoursey Says:

      I can’t get over Kyla either. She looked so mature, but in a good way (not a wow-you-shouldn’t-be-doing-gymnastics-anymore way). She’s got the long, graceful lines and the poise and her dance is getting sooo much better…I am loving her more and more. Hope she kills it at Worlds.

    • Katie Says:

      I think Marta does have her pets yet she is very nice about everything she says. Her and bela are masters at public perception. When jordyn didn’t make AA, bela was on every interview saying that jordyn should have been last in the lineup on every event since she was the best in the world. Guess who had final say on the lineup? Not John. Marta. When Bela got called out on this fact, he started putting on a show that the coaches all voted on the lineup and Marta merely went along with it. For whatever reason, Marta didn’t car about protecting jordyn’s AA qualification. Bela puts on a show distracting everyone from the real truth and Marta is doing the dirty work behind the scenes. That’s how those two work.

    • sportsfan Says:

      If anybody really believes that Kyla is only 5’4, then I have a bridge to sell you. She’s at least 5’6. She is long, and as sharp as a razor. She wow’d tonight.

      • Case Says:

        Kyla is simply gorgeous. I thought she pulled it all together beautifully tonight and her lines are to die for. Her height makes her that much more impressive to me.

      • Tortuga Says:

        I typically don’t like what everyone claims to be tall with beautiful lines (Horkina and Nastia) I felt like their gymnastics looked awkward. But Kyla is really fluid and balletic, I thoroughly enjoy her. I think her floor is getting better. I’m pretty sure the look with the leo and lipstick was suppose to help her presentation. I can’t remember ever seeing another gymnast wearing lip stick (at least not American). It was definitely a statement.

  17. katecoursey Says:

    Kyla looked absolutely stunning tonight….totally rocked those red lips! I like Simone, but her bar score was whacked and all things considered I think Kyla should’ve won.

    There are still issues with Kyla’s floor routine, but her presentation and expression in the routine’s dance are miles ahead of where they were last year.

  18. biyatch Says:

    Just got in and haven’t watched yet but how does Aly win athlete of the year over Gabby, how does Kyla win sportswoman of the year over Aly and I love Mihai but Chow turned a head case into Olympic AA champion… how does he not get coach of the year? These awards confuse me.

  19. mimi Says:

    shame about maddie desch not making the national team. she seemed to have a lot of potential as a junior.. i suppose she’s had all the injuries and what not but it’s still a shame. glad madison kocian made the team though.

  20. mimi Says:

    mykayla’s floor seemed so much more improved than classics. i wasn’t holding my breath at every pass in fear of her injuring herself.

  21. mimi Says:

    omg this is hilarious: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TPkeMb5AeWQ

    laurie randomly dancing around after coming 2nd at champs.. girl has so much energy no wonder her parents put her in gymnastics haha.

  22. Dee Says:

    I just finished the NBC broadcast. Thank god for DVR…Fierce 5 and their “we are totally coming back!” Is so much better in fast forward.

    Biles is growing on me but I still feel Kyla should be national champ. It’s ok though, I think she will fair better than everyone at worlds.

    I thought Maroney looked better on floor than on vault. Maybe she’s been spending extra time to show she’s not a one trick pony. Either way it was still nice to see her out there.

    Not sure who the 4th worlds spot will be but I doubt it’s Ebee and I sorta hope it’s not Dowell or Skinner. I’m kinda liking Maggie but I’m not sure if they would take her. Will be interesting to see who that spot goes to.

    I think Tim is a jinx. I swear everytime he says someone has a win in the bag they screw up. He was halfway through saying “Simone biles is the national…” When she messed up bars. I wish there was a rule that Tim Can’t Commentate Till Routine Ends.

  23. sj0126 (@sj0126) Says:

    kyla should have won even with that little balance check on beam. No way does that messy bars routine get a 14.2 at worlds though so i’m taking solace into that and also no way does her vault get a 15.8 there either. she got a bit of helicopter legs working on that thing

  24. JAS4 Says:

    I still kind of think Marta wants Kyla to be UB/BB specialist and McKayla a VT/FX specialist to make room for her next favorite in the AA who ever that may be during the quad. It looked to me like Jordyn wanted to cry when they were interviewing her? I still think there is more going on there. She was so excited about a comeback and now it seems like she barely wants to mention it? I seriously wonder if Marta didn’t put a stop to her comeback or something. Or maybe her parents for whatever reason are pushing her to go ahead to UCLA now instead of later but it seems like Jordyn really wants to be competing but for some reason she is being held back

    • gingercrush Says:

      Hmm Kyla is never going to win an Olympic medal with her current routines so her being a UB/BB specialist makes sense. The girls/women tend to get better/more difficult as the quad gets closer to the Olympics. I’m not sure she can be a UB/BB specialist either. And Maroney doing floor may make sense this year and next but I seriously question how valuable her floor will be in 2014. Her Amanar itself may not even be a factor if they can continue getting gymnasts that can do it and score close to what Maroney can do.

      It is no coincidence that very few medalists at 2009 Worlds made Olympics teams in 2012.

      • sj0126 (@sj0126) Says:

        i know everyone loves doing these prediction things but its just wayyyy too hard to do at this point. if mckayla gets the triple at any point in this quad, even if her floor isn’t as difficult as some of the new kids she would have to be considered. the thing i love about mckayla is that she doesn’t chuck skills, she does them very well. so if she did the triple it would get a ginormous score.

        and for kyla, i want her to do all these upgrades and stuff too but I’m also trying to remember that she’s grown like 3-4 inches this year so her being able to get floor difficulty up like 4-5 tenths is actually really awesome. She also got her beam up to a 6.0 value last night. I would love for her to add a couple more tenths to bars since she’s so ridiculously clean on there too for this year.

    • Holly Says:

      I agree, I also think there is more going on with Jordyn. It’s so disappointing – I was really hoping for a comeback for Jordyn. I worry that Marta put the stop to Jordyn’s comeback. I also thought it was kind of ridiculous that they showed the same olympic footage over and over on both nights of NBC coverage, but never once mentioned that Jordyn was reigning two time national champion! No, the girl didn’t have the olympics she hoped for, but come on, give the girl a little credit where she deserves it.

      I was more annoyed with the NBC coverage than ever before. Not just because no one mentioned that Jordyn won this competition the prior 2 years and there was WAY too much repeat coverage from night 1 to night 2 about the SAME olympic stories that we have seen over and over again, but because the commentary was especially awful. I watched with a good friend of mine, and it was ridiculous how many times we said “um, no tim” or “what the heck was nastia trying to say?” or “that makes NO sense” “that isn’t a sentence” etc, etc. Nastia, “devaluate” is not a word. UGH. Next time I will be watching on MUTE.

      • mimi Says:

        hahaha I’m glad I’m not the only one who cringed at “devaluate” .. also tim cut her off when she was about to give an exact figure on how much the leotards cost which was amusing. guess they aren’t supposed to talk about it publicly!

      • sj0126 (@sj0126) Says:

        i would say that rumor from the guy on tumblr saying that john got into some legal troubles derailing her training and her deciding to wait to go to UCLA and train with them instead holds some definite weight now. It seems like that’s happening. She’s putting on a good face but yeah it would be devastating to lose the coach you’ve had for most of your life over something like that.

      • Tortuga Says:

        Nastia mentioned something about not getting the 1 tenth connection value but not loosing credit for the skill on beam and I said “Thank you captain obvious!” My boyfriend laughed hysterically. Then at one point he said “I feel like Nastia isn’t really contributing much to the commentary” In return I said “You think?!” Ughh. The commentary and repeat of stories was very annoying. I think they did all the repeat because they knew a lot of people didn’t have NBC Sports Network and probably didn’t get to watch.

  25. gingercrush Says:

    Hmm Laurie Hernandez is imo bound to be an overrated embarassment.

  26. Gymnerd Says:

    Oh, my goodness, Peyton, you outgrew your leotard in third grade. I could see most of your butt cheeks. Next size please!!!!!!!

  27. Uglyfatkid Says:

    First off, I’m happy for both Biles and Ross. I LOVE Kyla, but I said it before and I’ll say it again…don’t start a competition hoping someone screws up so you can win. She has so much potential, and I hope the upgrades keep coming. I’ll stand behind her till the end, but I think we all saw this coming (even with scoring being high throughout the night). She needs to keep upgrading for a chance at gold metals….and unfortunately I don’t think these routines will get any gold at worlds. Silver or bronze…maybe…but I don’t see gold.

    Now…why in the hell did we have to endure stupid ass Nastia again? She has no idea what the hell she’s talking about half the time, and the other half she rambles pointless BS. Please, please, please let Shannon do it if they are trying to get rid of Elfie for some reason. Or even Amanda…she’s a million times better than Nastia. I wonder how much hush money or blackmail is out there for this to be happening? Her or her dad has to have something big for this to be happening. Why would NBC think that she was the next option for commentating at nationals?!? THE GIRL CAN’T SPEAK SIMPLE SENTENCES!!! Or if she actually manages too, she repetes herself 452 times. Ahhhhhhh!!! She drove me crazy!! I would rather have spiders lay eggs in my ears than listen to her for 5 more minutes. I was literally yelling at my TV when she would say stuff. They should use tapes of her commentating instead of using water boarding as a form a torture in interrogations. They’d crack in 30 seconds after listening to her mindless dribble. Between her and Al, I almost choked myself out.

    • sainabou nyang Says:

      Nastia is much better during the mens competition. She doesn’t say as much, because, Tim does all the talking.

  28. gingercrush Says:

    Hmm noticing Biles is already receiving the same criticism that Raisman and Weiber use to receive. Something Shawn johnston also got. How dare these gymnasts not look like 14 year old pixies or tall and slender Russians.

    And you can’t argue with these people because they bring up Aliya Mustafina and Anna Pavlova everytime as examples of the same body type with none of the issues (even though both had their fair share of form issues)

    • gingercrush Says:

      Hmm Skinner and Biles are also getting the same message board hate that use to follow Raisman.

      I was never a fan of Raisman and I’m not going to be a huge fan of Biles or Raisman. But sheesh these people are so pathetic.

      • mimi Says:

        that’s terrible. they are all so fit and healthy and it’s good that they are allowed to be their natural body type rather than starve themselves to be lanky.

  29. exgymgurl Says:


    Sounds like Marta wants McKayla Ross and Biles to do AA. Sounds like it is Ross’s choice not to compete further upgrades until she has full execution. Ross is really smart. This is probably the best interview ever with Marta and probably what will happen is that she will take Maroney Ross and Biles and have them do AA.

    Kudos to Simones coaches for being honest with Marta that Simones training was not going well.

    If what the gymternet is buzzing about Gabby leaving Chow because she couldnt leave training to do interviews and what not wow….. and them buying a house in LA, I dont think she ever comes back to elite gymnastics, I think she goes ahead and makes all the money she can and hopefully has some left in four years.

    Jordyn leaving Geddert with all of his personal problems is not surprising. I think Jordyn could still be back for 2014 if she wanted to be, but Im not sure how long after a coaching change she has to wait to compete.

    I wish McKayla Skinner would go train with Mihai for a year and show that she can clean her form up and be consistent. Thats a real talent that is being wasted in the hands of horendous coaching. She cleaned up her form so much for night two that its incredible to me that she could and should be able to train to do that more consistently.

    • Dee Says:

      Oh wow, I didn’t see the buzz about Gabby/Chow. My money is on that she is totally done gymnastics, but for endorsement sake she says she still is training and trying for Rio.

    • lol Says:

      Marta just pretty much said she is the one keeping Kyla`s start value down.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Yes she did. Sometimes if a gymnasts is not comfortable with many upgrades you need to just let her do them and the gymnast will learn to deal with them but while Marta pushes some gymnasts so thety win others she babies for her own sake.

        Who ever it was who said Marta wants Kyla to be the BB and UB specialist I agree and by keeping her options open on floor and vault she could fill the role Aly filled.

  30. Anonymous Says:

    I was in Hartford (glad not to watch on Nbc after reading all of your comments)

    just a few thoughts… kyla – her leo, the lipstick & her gymnastics – all stunning. Simone – over scored on bars compared to the others & although she had a good competition overall she proved that when she needs to hit she will choke… a toe on? really?

    poor Alexis she was looking great until bars. speaking of bars.. polina’s 6.3D bars execution was terrible I think she may have missed every handstand. bars is a disaster for the US in general after seeing all the juniors and seniors. hope we see improvements.

    glad to see price & priessman named bc it’s obvious they should be but you never know what you’re gonna get with Marta. I ate lunch at the table next to bela & Marta…. I don’t even want to know what u would say to Marta if u saw her GTT.

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      Why is Polina even on the Jr national team?

      And you know you’re in trouble when your second best bar worker in the US is Simone Biles. And third best is Brenna Dowell.

      WHEN are these coaches going to start pushing bars on their athletes? That’s the real ticket to Rio, I feel like.

  31. H Says:

    I was listening to the interview with Marta – do I understand correctly that 2 per country rule is out in this world championship?

    Does not Marta basically say that Mckayla is in together with Ross and Biles if Mac is performing well on all four events? If so, must be a downer for others who are hoping to make the team.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Only two but she will let them duke it out for 2 spots

      • exgymgurl Says:

        Umm.. McKayla was in anyway and had she been outperformed at nationals, she would not be in. Same with Kyla. Simone is in if she continues her fitness and execution improvement.

        I dont think Marta is holding back Kyla, I think Kyla is holding back Kyla that is if she has a type a personality and likes to be completely sure of everything she does shed rather accept the consequences of that than be forced to uncomfortably upgrade. Its not important that Kyla have all of her upgrades in place for two more years. Why not let the judges see them fresh and have less chance to pick them apart in only the year before the olympics, then have judges that automatically deduct everything regardless because theyve seen you do it that way so many times.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        If Marta keeps this up Kyla won’t be around in 2 years and she will have the perfect excuse not to ever use her again.

        Sometimes you have to push an athlete and Kyla is going to be passed over if she doesn’t start upgrading.

        I have seen Marta do this. She made Shawn take our her full on beam in 2011. Kyla having no upgrades last year when she was winning AA’s against the same gymnasts.

        You can feel your the way you like but I don’t trust Marta.

      • H Says:

        ok, thanks:-)

  32. sanitynmotion Says:

    I have to say, my husband doesn’t even know my intense dislike for Nastia and even while watching the broadcast, before the FIRST rotation was over he was like “is there a mute button for Nastia?”

    I mean I died laughing. If it’s that bad for someone who doesn’t really watch the sport like I do…NBC really needs to kick her to the curb.

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