2013 Junior US Nationals: Day 2 (Finals) LIVE BLOGGING

This is your Junior National team.

(Baumann was overscored on her sloppy beam and was given a Woga pass to the Junior National team. What a crock. Polina never should have been named either. She has one event and it is messy as hell. She even missed her handstands and still got a 6.3 start value)

Marta games (I mean names) the National team.

Bailie Key, Lauren Hernandez, Amelia Hundley, Nia Dennis, Norah Flatley, Veronica Hults, Alyssa Baumann & Polina Shchennikova

Triple Twist girls list their highlights

Live Results

Rotation 4
ENOUGH OF GANGMAN STYLE. USA-Gymnastics like supporting a guy that wants to blow up American kids? Come on.

Baumann never impressed me as a junior and she doesn’t as a senior.

They are trying to jinx Bailie. A little bobbly but she stayed on. I like how she works on the top of her toe’s sometimes. That is what beams are supposed to be doing. She only does it a little but she tries.

Lots of leg separations from Polina you can really see at this angle. She was dinged for them too.

I like the Chow leotards today.

Poor Vasquez. She’s such a tiny little thing. She is mentally over this routine and if Sam laughs again I am going to find her and smack her.lol (Joking USA-Gym in case you are stalking me) 8.60 on bars takes away any chance of making the junior team which is a shame.

Lets talk about bar settings again SAM. I like how they pretend this competition isn’t over because Laurie has to go. Its impossible for her to make up 1.5 points on one event that isn’t vault and she isn’t a better vaulter than Bailie to do that.

Someone has Carly’s floor music. (Frack)

More Yurchenko’s

Nica on beam- Great first half. Messy second half and her sheep was short.

Hundley on vault- (not shown) Step to the side and of course Sam was all over her like she has been the entire time.

Sydney hit floor.

Chellsie is judging bars.

Hernandez was overscored on beam. She missed her leaps and how is it not an execution deduction if you don’t EXECUTE the jump correctly Sam?

Beam judges in the junior meet were blind.

I don’t think the Woga girls like that cute guy.

Lots of one event gymnasts in this junior competition. Sydney on floor. Agrapides on vault.

Sam is being biased again. The Woga girl took ten seconds between her connections and Sam calls it a little bobble. Calls it a solid routine when all she did was bobble through it and miss every connection. I wonder if she was told to bad mouth CGA by mommy dearest. It just seemed calculated to me.

Bailie wins. Laurie second and Amelia third. Hey this was by prediction for Classics. I was only a competition off.

6.50 tenths is not close Amanda (Floor)

I say goodbye to myself as I talked to myself the last hour doing quick hits for me. Woo. I know you can’t start live blogging in the end of the third rotation and expect people to show up.

See you tonight for live blogging Senior Nationals. I promise to be here.

Rotation 3

Dennis had a good beam but that score was too high.

Where the hell is Shannon Miller? USA-gymnastics lies

Yurchenko fulls. Welcome to 1992.

The more Peszek talks the more she annoys me.

Cho had some form issues on bars but she has potential.

That little girl has no luck on bars. Don’t want to butcher her name like Sam does. She falls again and is in tears. When you have a gymnast like this wouldn’t is be better to give her an easier routine and build her up? She swings the bars pretty well.

Replay with out music. Always fun.

Lots of leg issues for Nica bars but she stays on.

Laurie hit bars with a few leg issues not as many as Nica but it was a nice set. She’s very aggressive on bars. Not my taste but its nice to see her hit after the disaster at Classics.


If you would like to see what the Program looks like USA-gymnastics put it online.

Kocian is out for the Seniors (ankle) and North Stars’ Ashley Foss (Junior) is out with a dislocated left knee cap

Start Lists for Juniors


21 Responses to “2013 Junior US Nationals: Day 2 (Finals) LIVE BLOGGING”

  1. JAS4 Says:

    Is Ebee still continuing? It would probably best if she rested and petitioned to Worlds selection camp but I doubt that will happen.

  2. Case Says:

    Parkettes will make the terrible decision of forcing her on…bet me.

    • exgymgurl Says:

      The documentary on the Parkettes tells all. Donna got the horrible face to ebee when she jumped off bars. I think the only reason she finished is because she was scared. To Death. I was scared when I saw that face. EBee almost cowered to her, and this was in public. Imagine if there werent NBC cameras hovering.

    • Katie Says:

      The strauss’s are effing nuts. I know that everything in Jen sey’s book should be taked with a grain of salt, but combine that with the documentary, maloney’s titanium rod, the weird haircut of Donna and the creepy crying of Bill and the cornrow braids and we are dealing with the Stephen King

  3. sainabou nyang Says:

    Sucks about Kocian, hopefully marta will consider her as addition to national team if not worlds team. Ashley was also looking better than last year but her coach needs to do something with her bar routine. In other news Sam Mikulak had,a great meet last news, Danell had a horrible meet and orozco played it safe. Sam Mikulik had a good night and is the current leader followed by Jake in second and Naddour. There is a new guy named Stacy Ervin who rocked floor but scored two tenths lower than Legendre who got a 15.9. I need to see his floor to believe it.

    • biyatch Says:

      It will be interesting to see what they do with the men’s team especially since their selection is on Sunday. I know they name the 6 man team Sunday but I dont know if they have to designate who is going for what. Clearly Sam has a grasp on one of the AA spots but the other is more interesting. Danell obviously has the AA experience but has looked like absolute crap all year. Jake scored over 15 on every event with the exception of PH, but his pommels was really really bad. Like Aly 2011 AA UB bad.

      My prediction after night 1 would be
      AA- Sam & Jake
      FX&VT- Legendre
      PH- Naddour
      SR- Wynn
      HB&PB- Leyva

    • Dee Says:

      Yea Sam did look good last night, glad he had a good night. Leyva can really make a mess of himself, but I doubt he is left off the Worlds team regardless of what happens at this Nationals. Orozco is making me nervous, I wish he would have taken it slowly and came back next year. That Stacy Ervin guy was nuts on floor….geeze la wheeze. Would be great to see that routine go up against the rest of the world but who knows who they will choose.

  4. biyatch Says:

    Fierce Five (now officially trademarked) induction into the USAG Hall of Fame. Was pretty impressed with Aly’s speech. Much more than Alicia’s the previous night.

  5. Dee Says:

    yay the live stream is much better than last time…I can watch without wanting to barf.

    • mim Says:

      errors in screen about their ages.. they’re all 16 and 17 apparently! and sam’s pronunciation of “agrapides” cracked me up.

      poor felicia hano.. landing on your neck, ouch. hope she’s okay.

      laurie’s floor won me over. she’s crazy in the best way.

      • Dee Says:

        yea that was scary. i hope she didnt get hurt. i didnt hear them mention her again after that so i wonder if she scratched the entire meet.

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