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Lizzy Leduc competed at the Sea Games and helped team Philippines win it’s first medal as a team. She also competed in the AA finishing 6th and made the beam and floor finals. She might have an up hill battle to make the Olympic team because she was beaten by another US gymnast competing for the Philippines.

Qualifications and Team Final

Team/Qualification highlight video

At 522 you can see Lizzy Leduc’s vault. The US should use these leotards for Worlds.

AA Results
Uneven Bars

Vault and Uneven Bar Finals videos
Balance Beam
Floor Exercise

Beam and Floor Finals Videos


Brenna Dowell will defer College after competing a year to try for Rio. Marta hates her so good luck with that Brenna


Ellie Black won Nationals for Canada


Jonathon Horton on America Ninja Warrior

Wedding part 2 probably won’t be out til Saturday. I haven’t had time to start it. Sorry.

GTT and Jas the Wedding Planners. Part 1


As we all know by now Nastia Liukin is engaged. I couldn’t let this momentous occasion go by without buying my favorite gymnast a gift (You’re welcome Nastia., No really you’re welcome) so without further ado my gift to Nastia Liukin is me planning her Wedding. Yep from the Dress down to the venue to the flowers and invitations Jas and I  have hand picked out every tiny detail you could possibly need for your very first Wedding (Thanks Diana’s mom)…. of the Century.


Save the date everyone. Nastia will be married before the All Around at the 2106 Olympics. Share the joy as Nastia and her first husband Matt Lombardi of BC (Boston College not Before Christ) hockey “fame” become one. The date will be August 11th 2016. 4 hours before the AA takes place.


The Wedding invitations will also be partially Hot pink and feature Nastia’s name in hot pink embossed lettering and will include a DVD of her 2008 AA Gold medal winning performance. The invitation itself will feature a picture of Nastia’s AA gold medal to remind every she won the AA (not Shawn Johnson.)


Flowers will consist of 8 hot pink Roses that will represent the ones Nastia was given during her victories at the 2008 Olympics (especially during the AA) The original flowers were red but Nastia will of course dye hers hot pink. The leaves will also be died pink and will consist of six leaves of fragrant plantain lilies (hostas), six pieces of ophiogon japonicus (grass), hypericum berries (St. John’s wort) and obedient plant (physostegia).


The Table setting will be Gold and Hot pink of course and feature a giant head of Nastia as the place setting.


Part 2 will include the Wedding Dress, Honeymoon and Bridesmaids




Guest Blogger: Grace’s review on her favorite Gymnastics books


This is Grace’s gym book review. I personally think Grace secretly hates this blog which would explain some of the books she put in her top 6 but I still let her post anyway:) And once again I must add the Disclaimer in case any of you minions buy one of these books and decide to sue me because it isn’t as good as Grace says it is:) Bye the way isn’t Grace a pretty name. Anyway here is Grace’s book review. Make sure you check out her blog

Ranked and Reviewed Gymnast’s Memoirs.
HI! I’m Grace from G’s Gym Blog and I’m really psyched to write a guest post for GTT. I wish I could have written about drama in past quads or conspiracy theories but I’m still a pretty new gymnastics fan (going on 3 years!) and though I’ve learned a lot from this blog, I’m not an expert yet. I have however, read nearly all of the memoirs by female gymnasts so I thought a review/reccomendation post might be fun, you know if anyone is looking for a good read or to give a loved one the gift of a juicy gymnastics book. Let’s get to it!

From Worst to Best:

6. Letters to a Young Gymnast by Nadia Comaneci


I bought Nadia’s book back when I was just a budding gymnastics fan (not a young gymnast…) and I was excited to read it. Almost immediately, I was off put by her writing style. It’s strange because I’ve very rarely felt personally offended by an author while reading their book but that was exactly how Ms. Comaneci had me feeling. Her tone to the reader was really condescending and very high and mighty like we couldn’t possibly understand her life and appreciate what she’d gone through. She was also very full of herself and even when she wrote about any mistakes she’d made, she didn’t actually say they were mistakes and excused any wrongdoing. Her opinions on the Karolyi’s were mild, she felt that their teaching style was not for everyone but that it was effective. The Olympics were covered alright and I did like how she explained that she went back to living the exact same poverty-stricken life in Romania even after she’d won gold and become a sensation. The second half or last quarter was much better than the first as it was intriguing to read about Nadia’s escape from her home country and a more human side of her was exposed as she wrote of her hard transition to America. One good thing about this book was that it was pretty informative. Many gymnastics elements are explained thoroughly which I appreciated. I’d only recommend this book to die hard Comaneci fans, certainly not young gymnasts.
Entertainment Rating: 2/10
Informational Rating: 8/10
Average: 5/10

5. Grace, Gold and Glory by Gabby Douglas (NOT PIctured)

I read this book back when I actually liked Gabby so my initial reactions were a bit kinder than my reflections are. Truthfully, this book was pretty dull. A lot of it was spent writing about Gabby’s childhood which I didn’t really care about. She does talk about some bullying at Excalibur, girls telling her she needed a nose job and things like that which seemed sort of thrown in. The best portions were probably about Gabby adjusting to her life in Iowa because it felt pretty authentic. Of course, what I really wanted to hear about (and this goes for all of the books I read) was her relationships with other gymnasts in her quad. She uses phrases like “my friend Jordyn” and “we all got along so well” but there was no real detail or feeling that would suggest the FF were actual best friends. She spent more time going into her relationship with her host family which I now wonder if she has one with them at all. Her Olympic experience wasn’t covered as well as some others. Oh and that leap on the front probably didn’t even get her any credit. Gabby fans would like this book, and maybe elementary aged girls who are into gymnastics, it seemed to be on a lower reading level than some of the others.
Entertainment Rating: 6/10
Informational Rating: 4/10
Average: 5/10

4. Off Balance by Dominique Moceanu (not pictured)

Regardless of my opinions on Dominique, I do have to say that this was a pretty good read. Unlike the other two above, gymnastics and the Olympics were described in vivid detail that had me feeling like I’d experienced it too. Some of the rough stuff in her life are very well documented (her parental issues, Bela’s erratic behavior and loyalty to her father) but other more intriguing issues were totally glossed over. Her relationship with Brian, a grown married man, whom she travelled to the Cayman Islands with was super strange to me and not well explained. And then there was just a tiny paragraph about her getting into drinking and drug use but it was very brief and clearly she was holding back. It was interesting to read about her attempted comeback and her frustration over her petition being denied because Marta had changed her requirements last minute and representatives who hadn’t even seen her (Kim Z) had voted to against her. The gymnastics chapters are juxtaposed with the more recent events of Dominique meeting and forming a relationship with the sister she never knew she had. Nice and feel good but boring. I’d recommend this book to gymantic/Moceanu fans or those who just want a good juicy drama-filled read.
Entertainment Rating: 8/10
Informative Rating: 7/10
Average: 7.5/10

3. Finding Balance by Shawn Johnson


The beginning of this book also had portions on Shawn’s childhood but they didn’t bore me like the others, maybe that’s because I actually like Shawn and found it interesting. Shawn was really likeable in the way she wrote and presented her story. She also did a good job writing about her Olympics. She actually seemed to be friends with Nastia back then (or maybe just thought she was) and she wrote about her crush on a cyclist named Taylor whom he also met in Beijing. Alicia was the one who encouraged her to wear the gold ribbon, who knew? As we know, she was pretty devastated after not winning the AA (I think she really thought it was hers) and then getting silver again in floor finals. Even though I already knew the outcome, I was so happy to read about her prevailing on the beam. The last quarter or so of the book was spent on Shawn’s life after the Olympics, her time on DWTS (where she had a really scary stalker) and her training for a comeback. It was written before her retirement so it didn’t cover any of that. I’d recommend this book for any gymnastics fan or even just the average girl who wants to read a story about determination and faith.
Entertainment Rating: 9/10
Informational Rating: 7/10
Average: 8/10

2. It’s Not About Perfect by Shannon Miller


I love Shannon Miller so I was psyched when her book finally came out and I wasn’t disappointed. This book was totally Shannon. Perky writing style, positive outlook and sometimes blind naivety. It was also very informative about the daily life of a gymnast, sometimes a little too mundane and maybe too detailed about training but I appreciated her really trying to explain what it took for her to become successful. Her descriptions of Steve were great and there was some good humor thrown in, like the origin of the her famous white scrunchie. Though Shannon’s record speaks for itself, she is anything but full of herself and felt that much of her success was due to her great coaching team and her ability to perform consistently under pressure. She wrote that she has no ill feelings toward Gutsu and was just excited to win the silver in ’92. She seemed to get along well with all her teammates, maybe throwing a little shade at DoMo at one point. My only issue with this book was that her marriage and divorce to Chris were barely mentioned and explained at all. One minute she was married and the next, she was living alone with her two dogs. Only in the very end did she talk about her cancer journey and that was interesting to read as well, I really did come away with a respect and admiration for Shannon and her outlook on life. I recommend this book to gymnasts, gymnastics fans, people affected by cancer or anyone looking to read an inspirational book about finding your path in life.
Entertainment Rating: 9/10
Informational Rating: 10/10
Average: 9.5

1. Chalked Up by Jennifer Sey


I had no idea who Jennifer was before buying this book online so I didn’t know how I’d end up liking it. I didn’t expect to enjoy her book even more than girls I knew and loved like Shawn and Shannon but I did! I think what really made this book a standout was that Jennifer currently has no ties to USA Gymnastics and so she wasn’t afraid to be completely honest. She writes about feeling that her own coach at Parkettes was most likely a pedophile (John), though he never acted on it. She calls out Don Peters and is still good friends with Doe. Her time being trained by Bill and Donna Strauss sounds terrible and how people still actually send their kids to these people is beyond me because they sound absolutely crazy. Donna berated girls about their weight and insulted them when they did poorly while Bill threw things when he was angry. Sey had to deal with them as well as an eating disorder. Her descriptions of competing as she slowly starved herself were haunting but so well written. Her downfall in the sport and in life were sometimes hard to read but very real. Unlike some of the other books that have also had a ghost writer, Jennifer writes this alone and is clearly talented in her craft. I would recommend this book to anyone.
Entertainment Rating: 10/10
Information Rating: 10/10
Overall: 10/10


Hope you enjoyed Grace’s review. If you want to write a blog let me know oh and I am in the process of writing a blog for Nastia’s engagement with a lot of idea’s I stole from Jas :)

Lauren Mitchell Update


She competed beam and floor at National finishing 4th on beam and first on floor.

Any idea’s for blogs people would be greatly appreciated plus if anyone wants to guest blog write it and I will

Alicia Quinn would like you to drop and give her ten. So does her Husband. Sorry all those times I called you most overrated back up QB of all time Brady. Thanks for the defending of the witch hunt.

Damn Liberal jerks of Massachusetts


How the hell is it that we are third in Nastia Liukin fans ? I swear to whomever the hell it is in charge of this Universe, I do not search for Nastia articles even so I can write blogs to make fun of her. IT ISN’T ME. It must be Aly :)

Minnesota loves her the best followed by PA, MA (Stupid state) Illinois and Texas.

Now this is supposed to be analyzing google data so it could be people that hate said gymnasts like for instance the most people that like Gabby are from Iowa. I find that hard to believe.

Massachusetts has second most gym fans of any state. That explains why we sell out meets even if USAG has forgotten about us in favor of stupid Connecticut.

There are more at the above link. I also think these results are BS in general. If this is a recent search then it has to do with DWTS and don’t get me started on the maps being pink.

The FIG should be disbanded and take the IOC with it


Gymnastics is the MOST popular sport in the Olympics. This makes no sense

World Challenge Cup


Shang Chunsong
Let it be known this is about the 4th year in a row this child has looked exactly the same.


Full Results Day 1

1. Deng Yalan 6.0 8.975 14.975 14.962
6.2 8.750 14.950
2. Rebeca Andrade 5.8 9.275 15.075 14.700
5.2 9.125 14.325
3. Franchesca Santi 5.8 8.925 14.725 14.162
4.8 8.800 13.600
4. Letícia da Costa 5.8 9.000 0.1 14.700 14.150
4.6 9.000 13.600
5. Ayelen Tarabini 4.9 8.975 13.875 13.962
5.0 9.050 14.050
6. Ahtziri Sandoval 5.5 8.625 14.125 13.950
5.3 8.475 13.775
7. Ana Lago 5.0 9.025 14.025 13.862
4.8 8.900 13.700
8. Hiu Ying Angel Wong 5.2 8.675 13.875 13.662
5.0 8.550 0.1 13.450

Uneven Bars
1. Shang Chunsong 6.7 8.325 15.025
2. Sophie Scheder 6.4 8.475 14.875
3. Elisabeth Seitz 6.4 8.300 14.700
4. Elsa García 6.0 8.525 14.525
5. Chen Siyi 6.1 8.100 14.200
6. Ahtziri Sandoval 5.9 7.775 13.675
7. Rebeca Andrade 5.9 7.400 13.300
8. Flavia Saraiva 5.3 7.225 12.525

Full Results Day 2

Balance Beam
1. Shang Chunsong 6.7 8.700 15.400
2. Flavia Saraiva 6.5 8.600 15.100
3. Sophie Scheder 5.5 8.500 14.000
4. Chen Siyi 5.9 7.825 13.725
5. Ayelen Tarabini 5.6 6.975 12.575
6. Hiu Ying Angel Wong 4.6 7.300 11.900
7. Ana Lago 5.8 5.650 11.450
8. Paloma Guerrero 5.2 5.650 10.850

1. Flavia Saraiva 5.7 8.225 0.3 13.625
2. Elisabeth Seitz 5.3 8.100 13.400
3. Leah Griesser 5.2 8.125 13.325
4. Valērija Grišāne 5.1 7.975 13.075
5. Chen Siyi 5.4 7.650 13.050
6. Ailen Valente 5.0 7.900 12.900
7. Ayelen Tarabini 5.4 7.325 12.725
8. Lorrane Oliveira 5.7 7.000 0.3 12.400

Flip this, I mean full out movie


When was Ariana Berlin “Olympic level” and why does this look like a shitty episode of Degrassi JR High? Oh because it has mostly Canadian actors.

Sorry nice that they show good gymnastics but the acting is so over the top it makes it look like Stick It should have won an Oscar.

Extra points to the person who can tell me who the UCLA gymnast is supposed to be that “didn’t cause her accident” or is that creative licensing known as Bad straight to DVD movies?

I didn’t spot any known gymnasts even though I know some of them are extra’s in the movie. Did you? (Unless you count Victoria Moors who I think did the gymnastics for the actress playing Ariana)

Sae Miyakawa


via Gymnastics coaching

Wow. The lines on this girls tumbling is just gorgeous. Her leaps need work but she has great potential to take her floor routine to the next level. That was one beautiful double layout and the lay out to double front was also gorgeous. Her dance isn’t perfect but it wasn’t bad either. She is one to watch.

Shannon won another award.

The King wins again because he’s the King.

Vitaly on the King

Rhonda Faehn to USA-Gym, Simone Biles and more


1:04:30 ish Simone gives her speech. The award went to Ezekiel Elliot.

Rhonda Faehn will be leaving Florida and taking on the role of Senior VP of the women’s program. The internet seems to think this means Rhonda will be taking over Marta’s role when she finally decides to retire and take her commie ways back to Romania ( Hey it could happen if the pay is right) The gymternet also seems to be happy about it thinking she will be great at the role and I am still trying to figure out why people think this will work out?

What does a College coach know about being the head of the entire Elite Gymnastics program? Yes Rhonda made a world team and was the alternate that cost the US a team medal at the 88 Olympics but how does taking a College program and turning it into a winner because the judges were blatantly cheating make her a great candidate to run the US program?

She very well could do a good job but what she has done as a College coach (which is essentially the poor mans 92 gymnastics way of doing things) to merit this blind faith everyone has in her?

The great gymnasts Florida had on their roster were already made in Marta’s system. To me this is just Marta taking one of her ex gymnasts and giving her the key to the city based majorly on her once coaching the gymnast.

Every single one of Florida’s win was undeserved ( Counting a fall, the gift of a tie and Utah was robbed)


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