Bye Talia Chiarelli. I will miss you but…. European Prelims



How ironic that Talia Chiarelli’s last twitter post ( she up-dated

Sorry Talia but your daddy had to go. You see this downfall all started when YOUR father (and his buddy Cam Neely who should ALSO be fired today) decided that Tim Thomas AFTER he won us the Cup wasn’t worth the money so instead they gave more playing time to the malcontent with the stupid name and that is where this all fell apart so while you are now homeless and looking for a new hood PLEASE remember that if your father had done the right thing instead of blaming Tim Thomas for not going to the White House this wouldn’t be happening right now.


Congratulations to Boston’s own Houry Gebeshian for making it into the AA at the Europeans. Dear Andreea Iridion, STAY ON THE BARS


Full Results

AA Qualification



1 394 STEINGRUBER Giulia SUI 1 6.200 9.166 15.366 15.133 Q
2 5.800 9.100 14.900
2 327 DOWNIE Elissa GBR 1 5.800 9.133 14.933 14.549 Q
2 5.200 8.966 14.166
3 385 AFANASEVA Ksenia RUS 1 5.800 9.000 14.800 14.533 Q
2 5.600 8.766 -0.1 14.266
4 387 PASEKA Maria RUS 1 5.600 8.666 -0.1 14.166 14.416 Q
2 5.800 8.866 14.666
5 329 FRAGAPANE Claudia GBR 1 5.800 8.766 14.566 14.383 Q
2 5.600 8.600 14.200
6 372 VAN KLAVEREN Noel NED 1 5.800 8.900 14.700 14.354 Q
2 5.600 8.508 -0.1 14.008
7 389 BELAK Teja SLO 1 5.300 8.866 14.166 14.183 Q
2 5.300 8.900 14.200
8 323 BAHL Camille FRA 1 5.800 9.066 14.866 14.166 Q
2 4.600 8.866 13.466
9 351 ROBERTSDOTTIR Norma ISL 1 5.300 8.666 13.966 13.683 R1
2 4.800 8.600 13.400
10 335 TRATZ Pauline GER 1 5.000 8.933 13.933 13.649 R2
2 4.400 8.966 13.366
11 397 TORRES Marcela SWE 1 5.200 9.033 14.233 13.633 R3
2 4.800 8.233 13.033

Uneven Bars

1 388 SPIRIDONOVA Daria RUS 6.500 8.741 15.241 Q
2 328 DOWNIE Rebecca GBR 6.700 8.533 15.233 Q
3 386 KHARENKOVA Maria RUS 6.200 8.533 14.733 Q
4 369 WEVERS Sanne NED 5.600 8.633 14.233 Q
5 387 PASEKA Maria RUS 5.900 8.333 14.233
6 324 HIS Loan FRA 5.900 8.300 14.200 Q
7 327 DOWNIE Elissa GBR 5.900 8.066 13.966 Q
8 394 STEINGRUBER Giulia SUI 6.000 7.966 13.966 Q
9 358 RIZZELLI Martina ITA 6.000 7.866 13.866 Q
10 380 MARTINS Ana Filipa POR 5.400 8.366 13.766 R1
11 355 FASANA Erika ITA 5.700 8.066 13.766 R2
12 381 BULIMAR Diana Laura ROU 5.300 8.366 13.666 R3

Balance Beam

1 386 KHARENKOVA Maria RUS 6.400 8.633 15.033 Q
2 328 DOWNIE Rebecca GBR 6.100 8.266 14.366 Q
3 333 SCHAEFER Pauline GER 5.800 8.533 14.333 Q
4 382 MUNTEANU Andreea Eugenia ROU 6.300 7.933 14.233 Q
5 369 WEVERS Sanne NED 5.700 8.625 -0.1 14.225 Q
6 325 MARTIN Claire FRA 5.800 8.366 14.166 Q
6 329 FRAGAPANE Claudia GBR 5.800 8.366 14.166 Q
8 337 MILLOUSI Vasiliki GRE 6.100 8.166 -0.1 14.166 Q
9 383 IRIDON Andreea ROU 5.700 8.400 14.100 R1
10 356 FERLITO Carlotta ITA 5.700 8.358 14.058 R2
11 357 FERRARI Vanessa ITA 5.800 8.133 13.933 R3

Floor Exercise

1 394 STEINGRUBER Giulia SUI 6.000 8.333 14.333 Q
2 385 AFANASEVA Kseniia RUS 6.100 8.166 14.266 Q
3 330 TINKLER Amy GBR 5.900 8.300 14.200 Q
4 378 PIHAN-KULESZA Marta POL 5.900 8.233 14.133 Q
5 386 KHARENKOVA Maria RUS 5.900 8.166 14.066 Q
6 355 FASANA Erika ITA 6.000 8.300 -0.3 14.000 Q
7 329 FRAGAPANE Claudia GBR 6.100 8.166 -0.3 13.966 Q
8 382 MUNTEANU Andreea Eugenia ROU 5.400 8.400 13.800 Q
9 371 THORSDOTTIR Eythora NED 5.600 8.300 -0.1 13.800 R1
10 325 MARTIN Claire FRA 5.200 8.466 13.666 R2
11 384 JURCA Laura ROU 5.500 8.166 13.666 R3

Top 10 routines that changed gymnastics forever


Inside Gymnastics thinks these are the ten routines that changed the sport. I think Inside Gymnastics is on crack.

If we are talking actual routines that changed the sport I agree 100% with Natalia Yurchenko being on this list. She created the vault that is now a staple of the sport. She should probably be first on this list even if you don’t follow the letter of the wording (routines that changed the sport)

Nadia Comaneci was ground breaking difficulty and perfect scores so I agree with her being on the list especially the very first 10. That routine and her overall AA win captivated an entire Universe ( from what I hear. I wasn’t alive to see it) so the routine itself changed the sport.

Olga Korbut had a lot of difficulty but her overall fame to the sport has more to do with her personality and skill level than any one single routine or result. If we are talking ground breaking gymnasts then she would get the nod but I don’t know if she fits the “routine” example and neither does Mary Lou Retton. She inspired millions of little girls to become gymnasts but if that vault had been a 10 and she has finished second the vault itself (which wasn’t perfect by the way) wouldn’t be remembered at all.

Simona Amanar is known for her Amanar which is pretty much a continuation of the Yurchenko but by definition her vault fits the description. Though personally all that Amanar did was ruin the sport. Too many gymnasts tried it and made mistakes and it lost them more titles then it won them. Same with the Cheng Fie vault. It’s not done enough to have made an impact.

But now the rest, Kim Zmeskal paved the way for the spunky highly difficult floor routines we see now? On what planet? She had a full in and a bunch of whips into an ugly double tuck. It wasn’t even the most difficult routine of the competition let alone motivation to what we see today (unless you want to give her credit for bad high school band music we hear in floor routines today this being included is a complete joke)

Beth Tweddle’s bars were amazing but changed the sport I cannot agree with. She certainly did a lot for her Country but come on and last but not least,


What do you think?

What top 10 routines that changed the world would be on your list?

The Future of Lexie Priessman


This was uploaded a few weeks ago but doesn’t mention when it was filmed but it sounds like the girl has a great head on her shoulders and can see the writing on the wall.

It’s a huge shame she spent her entire career injured.

I do find it very ironic that she left MLT after always being injured only to injure herself again with a brand new coach.

For those not interested in listening to the interview she says something about shoulder surgery, missing competing and wanting to continue Elite (hoping to make the Pan Am, world team) but basically if it’s meant to be it will be. If it isn’t I’ll go to College and compete there.

Where are they now, The Parkette’s Documentary: Krista Jasper


At 102 in this you tube video Former National team member Krista Jasper can bee seen in this new commercial for Reebok.

The Parkettes Documentary

Official website
Gymnastics website
IMBD page

I seem to remember blogging about her wanting to do a play and that Nastia was trying to raise money for her and I am pretty sure I mocked that:)

(Blog idea’s anyone???????)

Gymnasts I liked: Oana Ban


and just because…………:)

And Sarah would love this yes I still think about Sarah and where she is and which member of GGMB she really was:)

Happy Opening Day Baseball fans



A Homerun for you. A homerun for you. Another homerun for you. A Grandslam for you. Everyone gets a home run. Oh and you are an Ace now. WOOT

Hope your team won unless you are a Yankee or Orioles fan. :)

RIP Natalia Bobrova



Natalia died from ┬ácancer on April 2nd and all I want to know is why didn’t we know about what she was going through earlier? It probably would have been nice for this girl to know that her gymnastics career meant something to someone before she passed away.

Natalia Bobrova was part of the 93 and 95 Russian gymnastics team and winning the bronze medal on floor in 1993. She was the first Russian to win a World medal after the fall of the Soviet Union and was the only gymnast in the 93 Event Finals floor final to have a ten start value.

The one thing I will always remember about Natalia was her clapping for her competitors after their routines in 1993. The Russians don’t do that for anyone but their teammates or occasionally for a Romanian if they beat an American.


Russia VS Italy Floor routine (3.38 seconds in)
World Stars (1993) Balance Beam routine

Welcome to My World: A New Webseries AKA Show me the money



The owners of Inside Gymnastics are creating a web series set in the world of professional sports including gymnastics. They have set up a page to raise money and think they need around 30 thousand to create a quality TV show that will feature NCAA champions as well as special guest stars like Shannon Miller and Jake Dalton.

So if you want to contribute (they raised 800 bucks in day 1) here is the link to the website


First if you are going to create a kickstarter like campaign and ask for money you really need to know your target audience. That would be teenagers and star struck gym parents and while gymnastics might be a rich mans sport if you want donations you need to get more bang for your buck.

When I gave money to the Veronica Mars Kickstarter (and yes I admit I donated and I am happy I did) for 50 dollars I got a DVD of the movie, a T-shirt, stickers, a script (pdf) and behind the scenes info throughout the entire filming (albeit not as much as was promised) If you want all of this stuff you need to spend $250.00. That is a high price to pay for a web series. For 40 bucks you get a T-shirt. For 50 you get an autographed magazine of 3 people that might interest some but not nearly what the organizers believe. Jake Dalton might be hot but I don’t know a lot of teenagers who would spend that much for someone that isn’t Zac Efron. Oh sorry that is my 20 something fantasy man:) ( Simone Biles and I would agree on that)

The only thing on this list I would be remotely interested in cost 1250.00 Sure would be fun to control a Gymnastics magazine:)


If you contribute I cannot guarantee you there will be any quality content in this web series. Many people liked MIOBI but I couldn’t sit through an entire episode of that show. If you want to show them the money knock yourself out but I will be waiting to contribute to the Veronica Mars movie Part 2.


1,500 to watch Jon Horton? (WTF)

Why is it the same amount of money to skype with Shannon Miller as it is with John Rothlishit? Does anyone besides the die hard gym fans even know who Paul Ruggeri is? Does anyone outside of Georgia remember Courtney Kupets? I doubt it. She has to be one of the least favorite Olympians of all time.

5,000 to have dinner with Jake Dalton?

Guess I won’t be getting my invite to the press release party:)

I am sorry I am being negative I just don’t understand how they came up with the prices for these “rewards”

The reason I donated to the Veronica Mars movie besides the fact I was so damn happy we would get back some L.O.V.E was because for such a small price you got so much. Getting to know what was happening behind the scenes while it was going on was great and it was at a reasonable price. YOU CAN’T keep people interested in something like this if you aren’t sharing the info and building up the content. The behind the scenes info should be something given to anyone that donates more than 20 bucks.

My Jesolo wrap up


Before I start my completely un-professional review of this competition am I the only one that thinks the US sending it’s A team to this Jesolo meet is completely ridiculous? Is there really a need to put Simone Biles up against Canada and Italy’s B team ? Does it some how make Marta feel special because she can beat up on the less fortunate by 17 points? I am sorry it just irks me. Simone should have stayed home from this meet. So should have Kyla actually because the last thing the US needs is either of these gymnasts getting injured for a meet that means jack shit to anyone else in the world but Marta. Aly and Gabrielle needed to prove themselves. Bailie Key needed a first competition as a senior especially after she tanked 2 camps in a row and the Juniors are juniors so let them compete as much as possible but there was not a single reason in the world to send Simone to this meet.

Okay so back to the actual competition.


Senior Results

All Around
Event Finals

The Results speak for themselves. AA winner Simone Biles is super human and she out classed every single competitor on every single event at this meet. She had the best 4 routines on all 4 events in the Team/AA competition. She really doesn’t make sense. I know she is power on power but she just doesn’t miss. SUPER HUMAN!

Bailie Key has a pretty good Senior debut finishing 2nd. Kind of interesting she finished second in the AA but didn’t make a single event finals. (she was added in to bars finals when Simone was pulled)She is going to have to clean up some bars and beam if she wants a shot at competing with Supergirl Simone but she has a year to do it so we will see what happens. She’s growing on me:) I missed her vault but was impressed with her floor. She is turning into quite the dancer now that Kim Zmeskal has stopped trying to remind the world that she was a former AA champion by giving everyone a crapon copy of her ugly ass floor routine (and yes I meant to write crapon instead of carbon)

Aly Raisman, what a comeback. She finished 3rd in the AA after Kyla’s crash (more on that later) but was very impressive overall. She needs to work on her flexibility again like she did in 2012 but she’s got most of the skills to compete with every but Simone already. Overall I felt Aly was underscored the entire meet. Not on her vault because her form is just tragic on that event but her bars were great for her (nearly a leg separation) and on beam her leaps were lacking but not nearly as bad as the judges made it seem. They seemed to ignore the connection issues with certain other gymnasts but not with Aly. Aly’s tumbling is back but I don’t really like the floor music. Will be very interesting to see what she brings next year.

Kyla Ross finished 10th after her usual routines until…. Her DTY really flies off that vaulting table. It was huge and IMO underscored compared to what everyone else showed for similar scores. She hit her upgrades on bars and hit beam and then came floor. I don’t know if anyone else noticed but there was a lot of bouncy landings going on in that corner of the floor and it claimed Kyla as it’s biggest victim. After her Arabian double front she went flying attempting to throw her stag leap. It looked like she was close to hitting her head too. Glad she was okay. It could have been a lot worse.

Maggie Nichols looked pretty good overall too. I felt she was nit picked to death by the judges compared to others. She’s lost some weight and it has really helped her lines but she does some weird thing with her knee’s especially on beam. I don’t know.

Okay so what you all have been waiting for my impression of Gabrielle. I thought she looked pretty good especially considering how messy she was in podium training. Her DTY wasn’t bad. She had to downgrade the bar routine from what she showed in Podium because she wasn’t hitting it but she was fairly deducted so I had no problem with her score. Same on floor (5.5 start value) but on beam even though she hit I found her routine lacking anything of quality but the one big skill. Her missed connections were credited but that issue belongs with the dumbass judges who refuse to do their job but only for gymnasts they like. Overall she needs a lot more difficulty if she wants a chance to compete for a medal in the AA and to compete with Simone she needs a lot more than that. It was a good start. She stayed on all 4 events which is something to be proud of.

I have not seen the Event Finals yet.

So what did you think???


Event Finals

Junior Results
All Around
Event Finals

Jesolo Team and All Around


For me. Ignore:)

Live Video

It happens sometime tomorrow and Gymnastike bought the rights to coverage so get up and watch of wait for the illegal videos to show up on blogs and message boards:)

The video above is only for the Seniors. Juniors will not be shown by Italy.


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