NCAA Week 1. The Super 7


I have decided our new NCAA feature will be called the Super 7 and feature each week (mood depending) the results of the following gymnasts. Bridget Sloan, Peyton Ernst, Lizzy Leduc,  Lexie Priessman, Sarah Finnegan, Katelyn Ohasi  and Talia Chiarelli.

If you want to add anyone else let me know because I originally wanted to call this blog the fabulous 8 but we were a gymnast short:)

Week one Playlist




Lizzy Leduc finished 5th AA and had two of her teams most impressive scores on beam and floor in her first College meet of her career. Then she tweeted about improving and how much she loved it which made me like her even more:)
The stupid tweet would not link so if you want to see what she said click here



Lizzy Leduc’s routines are at these times in case you don’t want to watch the entire thing. Also Lizzy’s floor was beautiful She was low balled or low schooled balled which happens a lot in College gym.

Bars (2.13)  Vault (23.48) Floor (54.11) Beam ( 127.17)


Sarah Finnegan (begin again) and Lexie  Priessman helped LSU get a gift at the expense of Oklahoma in their first meet of the season.  Sarah had a fabulous beam for a 9.925 and scored a 9.850 on bars for her two events and Lexie competed vault (9.775) and beam(9.725)



Bridget Sloan was Bridget Sloan leading her team to an easy victory and taking the AA in the process.

I know Peyton competed at least beam but her individual event scores are not mentioned.




Katelyn Ohashi fell off bars but had an other wise   decent meet to help UCLA edge Alabama…


Katelyn’s routines (Nice to see her smiling tho I will never understand the excited  teammates when you fall) Even before she fell her bars were rough. UCLA’s entire team had many form breaks during their bar routines.

I am not really a big fan of MS Val’s floor routines but I loved Katelyn’s. It was cute and like I said above it’s nice to see her happy. EX Liukin gymnasts that he killed or mentally burnt to hell succeeding in College is very much a let down for the potential they had as Elite’s but as much as the overscoing of Elite Katelyn drove me crazy and I think eventually she will get that same over score at  UCLA I couldn’t help smile when I saw her genuine smile after her floor. I feel the same way when I see Rebecca Bross happy. Half the time I expect all ex Liukin gymnasts to end up in mental wards. That being said she had some issues with the form in her tumbling.

Vault ( 3.29) Bars (26.30)  Beam ( 46.18)  Floor (114.13)



Talia Chiarelli probably hates Boston right now but I still like her (sorry daddy you had to go and you should have taken Cam Neely and Tuuuuuka Rask with you) but I have to laugh every time I see her name on her teams list of scores. Always one of the top performers for her team on Vault, beam and floor she of course doesn’t do bars. Oh Mihai you killer of AA dreams..

Talia’s routines (Tell me she isn’t a combination of Aly and

Vault ( 6.46) Beam (45.50) Floor ( 106.08)


Michigan Article

Because it’s Michelle Kwan


Even though I wasn’t technically a child during my Michelle Kwan yearsI still consider her a childhood memory. You know one of those you can’t hate for any reason even if they work for the biggest two faced liar on the planet. So without further ado here is Jenny Kirk and Aunt Joyce’s (sorry Dave Lease but you are your first impression)  interview with Michelle Kwan from The Skating Lesson.

I don’t have an hour to watch right now so lets just hope someone has the nerve to ask Michelle how she feels about being screwed out of 2 Olympic gold medals by cheating judges like Joe Inman.

I should totally do an interview with Michelle because I would get to the bottom of Sasha Cohen sending her people to snoop on what michelle was training and cheating judges in a heartbeat. Tho Michelle would probably be crying at the end of my ( I wouldn’t be mean but I would be asking the right questions:)

Happy New Year and why Inside Gymnastics is the worst magazine on the planet



Have a happy and safe night peeps. You know you are getting old when your idea of celebrating the new year is taking a bubble bath and finishing a book you have been attempting to read for 6 months.


I do however have to make fun of this Inside Gymnastics article that lists Anna Li as one of the ten most Influential US gymnasts of all time

The list seems to be in order of old to new so I won’t fault them for the order of the list but the list itself is a we bit stupid.

I have to say any list that includes 5 gymnasts from 2004-20008 has to have a huge asterisk next to it. To be ” Influential” that means you inspire someone to be like you. Maybe Carly Patterson inspired the 2012 kids while they were growing up but no way in hell anyone got into gymnastics because 4 years before it a gymnast won a medal.

So who did Nastia, Alicia and Shawn influence exactly? If we were about to start the 2024 Olympic cycle I wouldn’t argue with those 3 but it’s way too early to call them Influential.

The one no brainer on this list is Mary Lou Retton. The most ironic thing about her being such an Influence is no one outside the US thinks she deserved to win the gold medal.

Cathy Rigby ( not to be confused with Wayne Rigsby which I keep typing by accident) was one of the first US gymnasts to have success in the world of gymnastics so I am sure she inspired people too so check mark for her..

Kim Zmeskal and Shannon Miller ruled the 90’s at one time or another especially Miller who didn’t lose a competition for 2 straight years so a check mark for them. I personally wouldn’t add Dominique Dawes to any list I was creating because she has to be the most overscored, overrated gymnast of all time. The only reason anyone liked her is because sap stories sell especially in a world ruled by teenage athletes and followed by mom’s and old ladies who think because someones can’t handle the pressure they deserve fame and fortune but whatever. So…

That brings us to Anni Li. I can guarantee you if you took a picture to the streets in any city on any planet including Los Angeles and you showed the picture to 1 million people you would be lucky to find one person who knew who she was. Hell you could go to the UCLA campus during a gymnastics practice and be lucky to find 2 people out of ten who knew who she was.

She’s irrelevant. She’s less than irrelevant. She’s whomever was playing short stop during the exact moment Kirk Gibson hit the walk off homerun to win game 1 of the 1988 World Series. Hell that isn’t even a good analogy she’s like whoever was sitting in section 125, row 92 when it happened.

There are always going to be debates during articles like this but I’m sorry Anna Li is just something no one can debate.

Have a good night:)

Merry Christmas Everyone



I just want to take a second to thank you all for coming back again and again and supporting this blog. I really do appreciate each and everyone of you. 2016 is going to be an interesting year. Hope everyone enjoys their Christmas tomorrow or which ever Holiday they celebrate.

Russia names 4 members of their Olympic team


Your 2016 Russian Olympic team

Aliya Musafina, Viktoria Komova, Maria Paseka and Ksenia Afanasyeva.

So with these 4 their vault line up is set. 3 DTY’s and an Amanar or Cheng. Paeska has a decent bar routine so the bars line up is also set which does not look good for my girl Daria Spiridonova who IMO deserves a spot on this team regardless but pretty much is useless on any event but bars. With beam Aliya and Viktoria could obviously be used but Paeska should not be used here. Ksenia could be used but with floor unless Komova gets it together this team needs a beam and floor worker.

Who you got?

Maybe this blog will cover some NCAA this year


Sorry for being missing in action but I have little motivation to do much of anything lately but I  recently came across an article on the end of Bridget Sloan’s career as a gymnast and it made me think that maybe I should cover some College gymnastics this year. There are actually some past elite’s entering their freshman year of College who it might be fun to keep tabs on so without further ado…

walking wounded banner


Lexie Priessman, Peyton Ernst, Sarah Finnegan…. If I was a betting girl I would go the over on all 3 of them being injured by February but I think the 3 of them will shine in College gymnastics and benefit from the easier code. Though I wouldn’t mind seeing Lexie throw the first Amanar in College gymnastics sometime during her freshman season.( It hasn’t been thrown right?)



The gymnast I am most looking forward to this year is the one and only Lizzy Leduc. I feel like I’ve known her her entire life with her mother putting her videos on youtube as a child. This child was a beautiful gymnast from the get go and as far as I am concerned Valeri Liukin ruined not only her potential to be a successful elite but an elite at all.  Originally set to compete for LSU, Lizzy instead will competing for Illinois. Lets hope she makes it to Nationals and steals a medal from some LSU gymnast that dumped her. Lizzy is my new version of Jiang Yuyuan. How can you not root for that smile?



( see picture) since Bridget Sloan shocked the world at Nationals only to injure herself at Trials and retire from elite? With a new coach Bridget will attempt to lead her team to a 4th National title in a row. (asterisk included) Do you have any idea how hard it is for ME to like a Colts fan?






The overscoring of Katelyn Ohashi: Will it be as bad as her elite days now that she has joined the college of epic overscoring proportions AKA,  UCLA… Not faulting Katelyn just the judges who seemed to ignore her bobbles, falls and mistakes on a daily basis. I fear College judges will only be worse.


Any storylines you are interested in following this season?

The God of Sport hates me. Case!!!!!!!! TAKE BACK YOUR GM


For those of you that love my ranting.. Wait for it. Wait for it….

Like it’s not bad enough the Patriots perfect season was pulled out from under them by refs on the take or that Gabby Douglas is back competing and being given free pass or that Nastia Liukin decided to marry a guy from of all states Massachusetts but now I have to deal with DAVID ******* PRICE in a Red Sox uniform?

The Olympics in 2016 is going to be pure hell if the God of Sport feels the same way about me in 6 months that he seems to feel about me right now.

Really Case. REALLY. You can take back your ******* General manager now. He’s a clueless inmate in charge of the whole ******* asylum. Only this time he has a checking account with no limit to screw us all.

I have hated some Red Sox signings in the past but I have dealt with them. I will not deal with this one.

From the start of Hot Stove the one person I didn’t want the Red Sox to sign was David Price so what do they do? THEY GO AND SIGN DAVID ******* PRICE.

The guy with the 1-7 record in the post season with an ERA reaching 6 but it’s okay Red Sox nation because his career 2.45 ERA during the regular season is going to help us get to the promised land. Where it will promptly blow up in our ******* faces.

I can’t deal with this right now.

Watch the video. This is the guy that threw at Ortiz was warned and then was given a free pass to throw at Mike Carp.

Lets forget the fact that he has bad mouthed the city and it’s fans and it’s players. That he has come into Fenway and disrespected it like he’s accomplished anything in his ******* pathetic attempt at a post season career just watch the video. First he throws at Ortiz and gets away with it so he throws at Mike Carp too and then gets away with that.

I have never hated a player more than I hate Price. Not even A-roid or Jeter or Eric Byrnes or Reggie Jackson or JORGE POSADA.

I think I am going to throw up now.

Happy Thanksgiving- Hum bug



Happy Thanksgiving to everyone from the US. Sure this Holiday is actually a celebration of stealing the Indians land but hey I keep getting told I have a lot to be thankful for so why not let the delusional celebrate.

Someone who posts at this blog and I have a very unique way of looking at being thankful for what we have and she sent me this tweet by Pua Hall who kind of competes for UCLA gymnastics and it just pretty much sums up why I hate this Holiday so much.

I am supposed to be thankful for what I have. Great I have the minimum you need to survive but I am supposed to accept that because it’s whats meant to be. To hell with that.

I find it HIGHLY offensive that this is all I deserve.

So yeah I guess this means I am happy I have a roof over my head, a new job where I don’t want to slit my wrists every morning when I walk out the door to the train station and yes it’s more then some people have but it doesn’t mean I don’t or should not deserve more but according to Pua’s tweet no one deserves more than they have.

Great to hear. Sorry homeless people living under the bridge on the way from the train to Fenway be happy you have that bridge to sleep under because not only is it what you deserve but some people don’t have that bridge over their heads.

Whatever………….. Stupid Holiday.

Floor Event Finals Screen cap


Somone sent me this screen cap of the floor event finals after Maggie won her medal. It was too funny to pass up a little caption fun:)



Maggie Nichols signs letter of intent to compete for Oklahoma.

Happy Veterans Day tho personally I think only celebrating the people that keep the ungrateful safe should happen every day not just once a year.


2015 World Championships Event Finals Results



Beam and Floor

Just watched the floor finals and after reading all of your comments before I watched I would have had it Biles, Nichols, Shang.

All had form issues (Even Simone had bent knee’s on the Biles and bent her knee during her double wolf turn) and as much as I usually like Afan on floor this routine does nothing for me. She is also as messy as everyone else in her tumbling. Sae has a great routine but she lost a lot on her first pass or I would be complaining more.

I also don’t love Lieke’s floor routine as much as everyone else. A double tuck wouldn’t have been good enough at the 88 Olympics let alone backing into a 2015 World Championships. Too many turns and she still only got a 5.4 start value I also don’t find her dance as pretty as everyone else.

As for the rest Fragpane is too spastic tho her tumbling was great during this final but I find Ellie Downie very heavy. Her Piked double arabian piked was nice tho.

I would have given Shang the bronze but she needs to clean up her twisting form. The crossing on her legs is probably why Afan and Maggie were ahead of her. People talked about Maggie’s form being messy in her tumbling but not on that double double or Full in.

All and all I once again fund myself annoyed at the underscoring of the Chinese especially on bars and beam but I am off to finish that final so I’ll get back to you. I’m watching Kohei win high bar Gold (FINALLY) Suck it Leyva.Aw Yin giving Kohei a hug was cute. Leyva has a higher start value but his very messy stalder 1.1 ( hey that’s what the announcer called it) was his downfall. Kohei has better extension then Leyva and catches the bar with mostly straight arms so suck it Leyva.:)

I also want to comment on men’s vault. Dagelescu was ROBBED. Does he have perfect form? nope but he does his vault better than anyone else and how the hell the guy that beat him got credit for a piked Dragelescu with his second twist was tucked and his legs 2 feet apart is RIDICULOUS. Thank you :)

Don’t fall Fabian. Nooooooo. He looks so tired. YOU HAD ONE JOB FABIAN. I still love you and it must suck to blow a chance to win with the bad formed Epke not competing when you should have won last year.

Anyone else notice how people don’t seem very warm to Kohei? Kohei seems very reserved so it could be that or it could be they all suck and can’t beat him so their ego’s can’t handle it.



I’ll do beam and vault tomorrow Bars might get it’s own blog.


Alex Alexandrov interview. Some common sense ? or big fat hypocrisy with the way he whined back in 96




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Shang is in the Event Finals on floor. Fasana is injured.

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