2016 Olympics, Day 3 :Event Finals



2016 Olympics, Event Finals: Day 2


This is so stupid having beam on its own day. Remember in 92 when gymnasts like Miller and Milo had to do an all around for event finals in one day? Yep all 4 events on the same day.

2016 Olympics: Day 1 Event finals


See you tomorrow.


2016 Olympic AA Woman. The ” we all have to live with disappointment ” edition.


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I have a doctors appointment tomorrow so I should be back somewhere in the middle of the competition. Yes, I am going to a doctor, Its been years, Wish me luck. If I don’t come back I love you all:)

Fuck you judges. LONG LIVE THE KING




The amount of people rooting against the King because he’s the King astounds me. In the words of my buddy, Suck it haters



I’ll be online in a few to continue this blog but all I’ll say for now is , Wooooooooo

2016 Olympics: Women’s team




For the second Olympics in a row I will be at Fenway during the team finals.




US has posted their line up

VT: Laurie, Aly, Simone

UNB: Simone, Gabby, Kocian

BB: Aly, Laurie, Simone

FL: Laurie, ALY, Simone


Congrats to Kohei on leading Japan to the team Gold. 3 full AA’s in like 5 days. I hope this doesn’t screw with his AA.

2016 Olympic Qualifications: Woman





All Around

Event Finals


2016 Olympic Podium training. Thursday, August 4th


NBCOlympics will show the US Live.


I don’t have a link but if you go to the Triple Twist twitter account they are putting up quotes from a Marta article in IG that is hilarious.

Allegedly the American Cup judges didn’t give Skinner credit for her Cheng ( You mean the judges USAG chooses to send to their meet?) She also is making every excuse under the sun to justify Gabby being on this team and the lies Gabby’s mother told about the coaching situation which pretty much proves Marta is a big ******* liar. Marta even mentions that she only wanted Gabby for the alternate at last years worlds yet she still got 2nd in the AA . Which never explains how she ACTUALLY made the team?

Isn’t it funny Mykayla “didn’t get credit for her Cheng yet she started competing that vault first all year? Marta just proved she is every bit as much an asshole and Steve Penny and will lie to protect her lies at any cost. I seem to remember reading somewhere that Marta told Mykayla to compete that vault first but I don’t remember where.

Ask and you shall receive


Sorry for my disappearance but there is only so much a girl can take as a fan of this sport. I’ll try to do better blogging with the Olympics coming up .


Oh and happy Anniversary. This blog is 7 years old today.


2016 Olympic Trails, Night 2: The fix is in. LIVE Blogging


Well you didn’t expect fair did you? I’m done. This is just too much cheating, more than usual for me.

2016 Rio Women’s Olympic Team:

Simone Biles Aly Raisman Gabby Douglas Laurie Hernandez Madison Kocian

Alternates: Skinner, Smith, Locklear.

You knew when Tim was saying there was no way Gabby wasn’t on the team the fix was in.



There is NO justification for taking Gabby on this team. She is top 6 on only one event, bars and she’s third. Even being pressured to take her it makes NO SENSE. 

Now we wait. I bet she still takes Gabby but the scores say she shouldn’t. See you in 12 minutes




Rotation 4:

Gabby messy landings on floor and did not connect some things but it’s already been decided so why even pretend to be mad when it never mattered. 14.550

So we need Gabby for bars but we WON’T TAKE 2 BAR SPECIALISTS?????????

Maggie nailed the shit out of that beam routine. Very impressive. Fuck you Marta and your 14.900 but she still goes ahead of Gabby

Another great beam routine this time for Ragan. Everyone nails their routines but gets to stay home but Gabby.lol Sigh 15.300 and ahead of Maggie and Gabby.

Gabby saw the camera and then called Ashton out for a hug. lol

Simone off beam. OOB Aly. These poor girls must be so tired.




Rotation 3:

So with Gabby making mistakes but staying on and Kocian being given a lock by Tim this team so far seems to be Biles, Raisman, Hernandez, Douglas Kocian which means by AA Aly and a free pass for Gabby.

Laurie stayed on bars but took something out. So Gabby might not hit so we make everyone else downgrade?

Gabby fell on beam but gabby is allowed to make mistakes and no one else is. I can’t do anything but laugh at the audacity of Marta and her lies. Still gets a 14.100 OMG

Lets talk about how Laurie had to lower her start value on bars and how it helps Gabby and only Gabby.

Simone nailed bars. Honestly this idea she isn’t good at bars is ridiculous.

Ashton is getting ROYALLY SCREWED HERE. I am not a fan I always said Kocian deserved it esp considering how she hasn’t messed up in 2 years on bars but how does Kocian’s score all of a sudden become better when Ashton hasn’t messed up once either?

Aly nailed the shit out of that beam. Wooo



Rotation 2:

I’m bored. You all know what is going on so you don’t need me to so I’ll just describe drama and bitch a little.

Strategy for Aly is to stay on.lol 14.300

Gabby on bars: I like her leotard tonight.- Missed a connection according to Tim but she stayed on and now Tim talks how she has clinched. 15.250. Make a mistake and get a higher score. ONLY IN MERICA

So basically only Gabby can make mistakes, miss handstand and connections and still get a huge score.

Mags got swag nailed the DTY. Tim says she needed the Amanar, You mean the Amanar Marta told her not to compete?

I guess we are supposed to be happy that they mentioned Meals, Gowey, Desiderio, Dowell and Schild  but sorry girls NO TV for you.

Simone small hop on her Amanar but MUCH better than yesterday.

Kocian hot her bars and I didn’t notice usual feet issues but i didn’t really pay attention either. Nailed landing.  15.900 Woga scoring. Poor Kutcher






Rotation 1:

Kocian 14.00 on vault

Aly Amanar- 2 the side OOB- 15.200

Simone- Floor OOB on the Biles 15.550

Skinner- Chang, Near nailed. 15.450

Laurie- floor OOB 14.700

gabby0 Piked DTY, Small step- 15.00

Maggie- stiff legged first pass. Right on after oh and Marta sitting in the background not even watching her. 14.750

Ragan did a nice floor routine. 14.700






Keep hearing that no matter how Gabby performs Marta plans on taking her. Not sure we we even have a competition if that is true.

Mag 7 article. Moceanu and her we paved the way.lol


LIVE scoring