F*** NBC. 1 year ago today


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The 2016 Olympic Trials were one year ago today. We can’t get video because everything good won’t let you embed on youtube because NBC FUCKING SUCKS. That is all:)

So I stole a picture from their website and of course it had to be Simone.

I remember this like it was yesterday. Maggie refusing to go to camp. Mykayla and Ashton retweeting or liking all the tweets that they were robbed. Gabby crying like she deserved her spot and hearing her mother knew ahead of time she was on the team regardless of how she did that day which is why she acted like she did. Simone kicking ass and taking names. Laurie being over scored. Kyla not being there. Me thinking of Rebecca Bross not making the team in 2012 ( I know I was shocked too) Aly being Aly and hitting when she had too. Brenna and company being ignored by NBC altogether. Nastia being a two faced phony fucktard. Tim and Nastia insisting Gabby should still be on the team even though she was the only one not to hit even tho you know Tim really felt that spot should have been Mykayla’s ( he practically said it when he mentioned how he felt bad for her). Me rooting for Madison Kocian to hit. Gabby crying after falling off beam and me feeling sorry for her for about half a second. Steve Penney running into the “decision” room to make sure Marta did her job and added Gabby even though she didn’t deserve it. Ashton falling off beam and her dad saying, it’s over. Ragan Smith nailing beam day 2 after sucking big time day 1. Hundley going 8 for 8 and never being shown and lastly but not leastly (its late) Kocian making this team for bars over Ashton even though she only beat her once the entire year, day 2 at trials.

So what do you remember?????

Gym stuff


Danell-Leyvas wants to be an actor and is “retiring” from gymnastics. This is AKA I might come back if this acting thing doesn’t work out.

I have never been a big Lleva fan per say but the guy not being named to the Olympic team last year before Bozo’s injury was ridiculous. Just for the record, I called this BS decision way before anyone else. ­čÖé

Komova’s coach thinks all gymnasts should be AA ers. I can’t seem to find the article.

When most people have a baby they automatically take pictures and put on social media. Not Aliya Mustafina though. She puts up a selfie of herself.lol Next to Nastia I have never seen a gymnast so into herself but at least Aliya doesn’t hire hair and makeup to do 90% of her social media pictures.lol

This is old by Kohei won his 9th National title after falling 3 times in prelims. He also won his 40th straight AA title at the NHK

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The Making of Ashley Wagner’s LP (I hated this movie)

Briley Casanova’s blog


Pretty much my only memory of Briley Cassanova’s gymnastics career is hearing her name and thinking, best last name ever.

I don’t remember her as a junior or a senior Elite. Her entire career at Michigan is a blur and I probably couldn’t pick her out of a line up of gymnasts if she was standing right in front of me screaming, “Pick me. Pick me I’m Briley” but I recently discovered her blog and find it a very interesting read.

The blog itself has a lot of interesting tidbits about her life as an Elite gymnast. The pressure she was under to maintain her weight and how it felt like to deal with people constantly thinking they have the right to give you their opinion on it (who doesn’t deal with that even if not a gymnast)

A Letter to my 12 year old self
is definitely something I can relate too only it would be the age of 15 and it would start with, Jenn when you meet the cute boy with the piercing green eyes on the motorcycle, run.

She seems very satisfied with her time as a gymnast. Making the National team was enough for her. She stills seems to love the time she put in to the sport and even admits to eating too much candy (good thing she isn’t training anymore.lol) So if you want to see what it takes to train as an elite athlete and deal with everything that comes with the expectations check her blog out. The link is above.

Of all the routines I watched of Briley the most potential she had as a gymnast IMO was on bars. Forget her floor.( you know how I feel about gymnasts who start their floor routines with double backs in any decade that doesn’t have an 80 in it) She also had potential on beam.

Maybe I was “bigger” than most other gymnasts in the community, but I feel like I put in my very best effort until the end and was a overall wonderful performer in my time. Beyond that, I feel like I was a great leader, teammate, and supporter of my fellow gymnasts, which I’m more proud of anyway.

Komova’s AA Comeback


Thank you Rocio who has been made vice President since he is the only one of you that posts anymore:)

There are subtitles but I’ll be damned if I can find them.

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Here is what Rocio must have been talking about. It’s a recap of what was said. So basically her coach whines she was robbed , twice. The coach, really thinks she was robbed by Jordyn and she somewhat implies she deserved the Olympics over whats her name. “The vault gave the judges a reason to take it away was pretty much the opinion. Second thought with all this whining maybe I should have picked something else to blog about lol

Mai Murakami won NHK and Sae Miyakawa on Floor


Mai Murakami

Old news but I am short on time to actually think of a blog

And I finally sat through Angelina Melnikova ‘s floor win at Europeans. Not bad. Maybe this will be a turning point for her.

Dub Nation. Wooooo. Well not really lol but I like Durant (used to love him) and want him to win a title. Plus Steph is a Red Sox fan so. Just as long as the CAVS WAKE UP AND BEAT THE DAMN CELTICS.

Watch, Michelle Kwan get a honorary Doctor of Humane Letters at Smith college. 50 minutes in.

2017 Koper Challenge Cup & Chinese Nationals


Larisa Iordache won bars with a 13.800

2-Ellie Black 13.800
3-Flavia Saraiva 13.450
4-Barbora Mokosova 13.400
5-Caitlin Rooskrantz 13.150
6-Rose-Kaying Woo 12.950
7-Yana Fedorova 12.550
8-Michelle Timm 11.600

Bars Medal Ceremony

Larisa’s beam qualifications

Vault Results

1- Rebeca Andrade
2- Boglarka Devai
3- Teja Belak
4- Ellie Black
5- Tijana Tkalcec
6- Michelle Timm
7- Anastasiia Bieliaieva
8- Rose-Kaying Woo


Eddie Penev won floor.

Donnel Whittenburg finished 4th on Still rings with a stumble on his triple pike dismount but it was still pretty impressive. Donnel also finished second on floor.

Full Day 1 Results ( Mens only)

Chinese Nationals

Results from http://team-china.tumblr.com/

Screen Shot 2017-05-13 at 7.49.37 PM

Beam Results

1- Iordache
2- Ellie Black 13.100
3-Thais Fidelis 12.850

Flavia Saraiva 12.800

Floor Results

Thais Fidelis

101 reasons I consider College Gymnastics a joke


Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 5.57.20 PM

First year coach, Courtney Kupets will be paid 160 thousand smackaroo’s to run Georgia’s gymnastics program. Yep for the whopping 4 months of work she will make more money then most people make in 5 plus years (I am being generous here I wish.lol)

I wonder how much Suzanne is getting paid.lol

The other 100 reason’s have to do with scoring:)

Here is what Greg Marsden thinks.

Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 6.06.25 PM

( Don’t whine Greg if I could make a forth of my company’s budget I would be rich:)

Suzanne replied to someone on the College board about what her part in this will be..

Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 6.09.35 PM

Last but certainly not least here are what the triple twist twins think about the whole thing. If you want to hear what Kupets had to say in her press conference you can find it here. This link comes from the blog above.

IMO, This is crazy. Giving her the job based on her amazing, albeit overscored gymnastics career in College is ridiculous. Especially with such a well known and successful University. Paying her this much puts her under scrutiny from the start. She will be under pressure from day 1 to win with a group of girls that really don’t have the talent to compete with Oklahoma or LSU or even UCLA.

The thing she has going for her is her name could land some recruits.

I love Suzanne Yoculan. I always have. I never hated Georgia the gymnastics program all through I always dislike the lack of common sense Kupets showed over the years (She did Elite gymnastics and didn’t know what the American cup was.lol) but while I think her pay is bat shit crazy I guess we will have to wait and see if Little Miss Muppet can pull it off. As much as she has always annoyed me, if she has half the success she had as a College and elite gymnast she will be just fine.

JO Nationals, The sister and daughter edition


Aleah Finnegan

I’ll assume this is Alyssa’s sister ? Rachel Baumann

This filler blog is brought to you by the future College gymnastics association of America.

Missy Marlowe’s daughter

2017 Europeans. Prelims, AA,Event Finals



Event Finals:

Day 1

Day 2

AA Results

I kind of like Zsofia Kovacs. Compared to the monstrosity  that are the Downie sisters gymnastics I feel like Zsofia was lowballed. Her floor has a double layout and a full in and she still only managed a 4.9 start value. Oh this code sucks.

Prelims Results

Thanks to Rocio you can watch it live, tomorrow.

Oklahoma wins National Title in College Gymnastics


Going to bed. Will add a picture in the morning. Nice gifts in prelims UCLA and LSU but Oklahoma completes perfect season winning every meet and National title.

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Screen Shot 2017-04-15 at 11.33.19 PMScreen Shot 2017-04-15 at 11.35.29 PMScreen Shot 2017-04-15 at 11.38.23 PMScreen Shot 2017-04-15 at 11.39.43 PM