Earned VS Deserved VS Best for the team VS……….


Don’t forget to vote for who you think will win the AA and EF at Worlds.

Before I start this rant I just have to add this little diddy to the blog. Hey suspended and ban a guy for getting caught cheating then let him run for fucking President of the IOC? How fucked up is this. Excuse my French ( the pun was VERY much intended)

This article needed to be added. I originally got it from Gymnastics coaching. I love you Kohei thanks for making men’s gymnastics worth watching.


Earned VS Deserved VS Best for the team VS……….

When talking about who should be doing the AA for the US after Simone at these Worlds I have seen the words, Earned VS Deserved VS Best for the team thrown around about a million times( Give or take a few 100 thousand) but the one word I haven’t heard is fair.

You have rules. You compete under rules You say the competition at camp WILL be the defining factor when picking a team and then you have the competition. You then choose the team based on the best line ups and bam you’re at worlds training. Then you compete. You win some medals, if you’re lucky and you go home and train for the next competition.

It’s all over in a matter of days and then you just move on. Well unless your the gymnast who finished second on vault and third on floor but are used as alternate because the HBIC wants 2 UB specialists competing when it isn’t necessary.

Unless you’re the girl who finished second in the AA and EARNED the chance to compete AA but are losing that EARNED right because 2 girls on the team are former Olympic Gold medalists and one of you hasn’t been living up to that gold medal but hey Steve Penny wants you doing the AA anyway.

Lets just say I am kind of pissed about all of this. Skinner has a great chance to not only win a medal on vault but come home with the gold medal yet she doesn’t get to compete because for some reason Marta has it in her head she needs 2 UB specialists that at best are top 8 if everyone hit and only top 8 because the three girls who won the medals last year aren’t competing this year. If the US sneak into the medals this year it will be by major default.

And don’t get me started on Maggie Nichols. She has been the second best All Arounder for the entire year and she gets benched due not one but TWO one event gymnasts?

I can’t really argue with Aly being put in the AA ahead of Maggie because to be honest if she hits that beam and floor routine like she has been in training she will easily be ahead of Maggie when all is said and done in the standings but it still doesn’t make it right. Maggie has beaten Aly at every turn leading up to this point and why bother having rules if you don’t have to follow them.

No offense to Brenna Dowell because I like not only her but her bar routine and this whole situation is just an unfair mess but the fact of the matter is hitting one routine shouldn’t be enough to put her on this team not when everyone that she competed with has been doing it all year and as much as I despise Wogaette’s with bad attitudes Kocian has consistently been hitting and earned her right to be here which brings us to the real issue with all of this and that is Marta’s Karolyi and her games.

The camp competition is what really matters. It’s the “reason” Bailie Key isn’t here. It’s the reason Brenna Dowell made the team and it’s the reason this team was put together in the first place but for some reason this competition only means something when it suits Marta’s idea of a team. Like Brenna being in but what about Maggie and hitting when it matter’s ? Why is her earned right to compete the AA not being honored but Brenna’s is? What about Skinner EARNING her place on this team by beating Simone at Vault and finishing third on floor at camp? yet BOTH of these gymnasts have been forced to downgrade routines they have been hitting and now both have lost chances to compete what they earned.

Now there is one person in all of this that hasn’t been mentioned and that is Gabby Douglas. Like most of you what I have seen from her in training hasn’t been very impressive. The so called Amanar “people” insisted was amazing at camp has all of a sudden turned into a bouncy DTY because she can’t land it on her feet. Her beam and floor have also been below average and in many people’s opinion not worthy of top 3 in team finals so answer me this why is she here, competing the AA why the one girl who hit all year is being left on the cutting room floor? With Simone’s start value only being 1 less tenth than Gabby and 2 BAR SPECIALISTS why is Gabby’s in the middle bar routine on this team?

I know I hate Gabby and there for have issues with anything she does (blah, blah, blah) but this question needs to be addressed. Where does she fit on this team with only one good event when that event is now being filled with 2 bar specialists.

Now while I think Gabby has looked below average at practice and I wonder how she will compete she could be saving herself for a very long week. The fact is we don’t know what Gabby will bring to the table when it matters but she should have to earn her right here like everyone else but it’s clear she hasn’t been doing that during practice .

Someone in the comment section made a point about how Gabby doesn’t seem to be giving it everything she has in training while everyone else is being forced to do just that and this is extremely unfair to every other member of this team. They are being forced to compete for spots while Gabby has been given the insider info that no matter what she does her spot is safe, earned or not. Nastia was given the same exact free pass in 2012. Wonder if it will work out the same way.

Rant over for now.

World Championships live Podium Training.


Don’t forget to vote for who you think will win the AA and individual events. Voting will remain open until at least prelims.


I have to work late tomorrow and won’t be able to watch videos til Wednesday so anyone that watches the live Podium training please let me know what went on while I spent my day as a slave. I should be around a little during the afternoon and will check in then.

Gymnastike talks about the line ups. Dowell according to the way the line ups were presented will not be doing UB in prelims. Someone please explain to me why she is here? She is essentially an exhibition. Key would have made more sense. If you are using her for team finals she deserves the right to try and make an event final. This entire line up makes no sense. Winning by 7 points will happen regardless but I just don’t know what Marta is trying to do?

World Championship Updates ( Monday 10-19-2015)


Don’t forget to vote for who you think will win the AA and individual events. Voting will remain open until at least prelims.

I’ll be updating this blog with anything we get at least for a few days.


Monday 1-19-2015

Sorry this is late. I won’t be around tomorrow so let me go how podium training goes. I’ll have the boys phone but it’s a busy day at work so I don’t know when I’ll have time to check it. I won’t be home til late.

Videos by Gymnastike

Komova on bars. Now she looks great here lets see if she can keep it up.

Bulimar on floor/ Sae on Floor too and I am so mad I forgot to add her to the floor poll. SHAME ON ME. Brenna on bars. She has no Amanar and only practiced a DTY so why is she even on this team again? I like her bars but with a DTY I don’t know why she is here. Aly on beam She looks pretty good. The 2 turn connection was questionable and one other connection but much better than Nationals.

Italian Videos

Chuso’s prod. Better form wise but just as short as whats her name. I call her future death vault girl.

The All Around had the best tweets this morning so you might have want follow them.

Gymnastike is also there.

Thanks to Tim Daggett and Inside Gymnastics some videos are up from this mornings practice.

Gabby fell on her Amanar and we get two videos of it. In one it looks like a huge mess. She gets great height then all of a sudden is out of control and on her ass. That can be seen here In the video below of all the Amanar’ s they edited out the fall but it looks like it could be a different video altogether so maybe she fell twice. If she keeps falling Marta will have her do the DTY but I think she will be fine. She looks like she lost her concentration.

Aly’s is still a mess but mostly towards the end and Skinner’s looked a little short.
This is all the Amanar’s in a row thanks to inside gymnastics via Simone’s Instagram.


10-18-2015: Oksana Chusovitna will attempt the Produnova vault. I can’t see her doing this if she isn’t prepared but I hope she realizes one injury and no Olympics for her in 9 months.

These practice leotards are just gross. Will we ever be over the pink??????

Judges are being moved off the arena floor and I don’t quite know what to think. Are they being watched and judged live or maybe on video?

Aly did train bars in this practice.

Timmy had some great tweets this morning. Make sure to follow his twitter. Here is team USA walking in to training. Smiles and waves from some. Bitch face from others and some in their own world because they are all that matters.lol

Flavia dance walk through below. Sorry Falvia I forgot about you in the polls.

The best youtuber of all you tube times has more videos

Nastia is not in Glasgow because she’s smelling up Massachusetts. GO AWAY NASTIA


I am just adding this to make myself feel better :) Sorry Case. DON’T watch this

2015 World Championships Polls


World Championships Polls
Please only vote 3 times.
(I went through results this year and came up with who I could so if I left someone out I apologize. It was really hard considering the Chinese gymnasts are foreign to me so like I said I did the best I could.) I also realize there is a 3 per Country rule but at this point we don’t know who could make it and in the case of the US I could name 3 so I did)

Thanks for voting:)

The Skating Lesson interview with Ashley Wagnera


I love how honest Ashley is but there is fine line between standing up for yourself as a strong woman and being a bitch and Ashley toes that line oh so closely that sometimes I think she steps over it ever so slightly.

That being said how boring would skating be with a gaggle of fake Gracie Gold’s leading the way unless they skated like Michelle Kwan I know I wouldn’t want to see it.

Worlds are in Boston this year and I ill be attending the woman’s event so I can see Mao Asada skate in person. I might go to the men’s but I doubt it.

Someone needs to start one of these Skating lessons for gymnastics. Dave Lease does a very good job most of the time calling out the skaters and imagine the fun we could have if he did the same with the gymnasts?


A gymnasts version of what it’s like to retire. Ha like retiring is a problem. Wnna trade places lady?????????????????:) I have no clue who this is (It says Amanda) Anyone know?

Say it ain’t so Bondareva


According to re-writing Russian gymnastics Maria Bondareva is retiring due to injury. I’m heart broken. Just when gymnastics gets someone with the potential to bring pretty back to the sport the Gym Gods kill them and make them go away. YOU’RE WORSE THAN THE BASEBALL GODS, GYM GODS.

This was the video RRG put up on their facebook page so I included it to the blog. It’s a little melodramatic but……….


Also according to IG2 and RRG Aliya will have knee surgery after worlds and Afanseyeva might miss worlds with a kidney problem. Anyone want to start a go fund me for merry maids to clean that place because something is going on with that place.


Anyone want to tell Brandy Johnson she is putting unrealistic goals in her childs head of do we blame the writer of this article for being in denial?

Worlds Schedule

I will be live blogging the women’s AA and team finals.Maybe US prelims if I can get out of bed during my vacation:)

GREAT Silivas interview. Someone needs to ask her about her age I would love to hear her opinion on the fact Romania cheated


In the next few days I will create a blog of polls so stay tuned for that. You know if I actually get around to it

Ponor out of worlds


Link to article Andreea Iridon falling on beam at that try meet did not help you.

I have never uttered these words but there is always a first time for everything, I’m with Dwight. YES to real beam mounts and yes to 3 passes on floor and triple yes to these stupid damn vaults that will kill you getting credit.

So I went to find a positive video of Kyla Ross to talk about how weird it is not to see her during this time of year and what do I run across instead Nastia commentating where she won’t shut the **** up babbling about stupid shit and she does it in the most phony voice anyone could possibly have. Plus if you listen you can notice Tim and dumbass won’t stop asking her what she thinks. It’s clear they have been told to engage her in conversation other wise why would anyone want to listen to her say the same shit over and over again?

Hey all you married people out there do you have engagement parties where you hire professional photographers to take pictures of said party? As someone who refuses to ever get married (it would be a long discussion don’t ask:) do people really so this? Seems pretty attention grabbing if you ask me but apparently it’s all the rage.

Here we go. Nice Amanda Borden not sounding like a phony idiot and finding a way to point out the nice without sounding like a complete idiot. h wait this was supposed to be about Kyla:) I miss you Kyla. Come back strong.

I wish the internet was in full force 20 years ago so we could get video like this from the world championships. From start to end it’s all there and no commentating is to die for

Alicia Sacramone interview (Thanks to Ilana in the comment section) Pretty stock answers. She’s still trying to play up the leader angle which I find hilariously endearing in a whatever type of way.

2015 Novara Cup Results


Not sure why Romania is chancing Larisa competing this much right before Worlds but they are.


All Around

Thanks to the anon that sent me these links. I had no clue this meet existed.


I have been thinking about worlds and realized this will be one of the weakest Worlds before an Olympics in a very long time. No upstart Juniors. 2 of the AA medalists from the 2014 worlds not in the competition. Russia’s best gymnast at home. China’s best gymnast at home. It’s just a mess.

Have I ever mentioned how much I hate the rule that juniors can’t go to worlds the year before the Olympics even if they are eligible for the Olympics.

World team scenario’s with alternates



A new picture will be added tomorrow and sorry for any mistakes it’s late and this took awhile.

Simone, Aly, Maggie, Gabby, Mykayla, Dowell/Kocian

At least for the purpose of this particular blog. The above gymnasts are your 2015 World team but one of these gymnasts is the alternate and we won’t find out until the actual prelims starts which one will be sitting on the sidelines so I have speculated for the time being that Kocian/Dowell are one person. One will be the UB/BB specialist and the other will sit in the training room practicing bar routines over and over and over again for no reason at all. Unless you count Marta enjoyment.

So here is some speculation for possible prelim line ups.

Team 1 and 2

Switch out Kocian/Dowell depending on who wins the death match through podium training

VT:  Aly, Gabby, Maggie, Mykayla, Simone (Kocian/Dowell)
UB:  Aly, Maggie, Gabby Simone Kocian/Dowell ( Mykayla)
BB:  Kocian/Dowell, Maggie, Aly, Gabby,, Simone (Mykayla)
FL:  Gabby, Maggie, Mykayla, Aly, Simone (Kocian/Dowell)

Vault is fine. 4 Amanar’s and a Cheng. Even the alternate has an Amanar or a DTY depending on who gets picked

UB’s is okay. Maggie has a decent 6.0 set. Simone 6.3. Aly is a low 5.7, Gabby 6.4 and Kocian/Dowell 6.6 or 6.5

Now my big issue here is beam. Doesn’t matter what team we pick from these 7 girls the beam line up is the weakest of all four apparatuses. Maggie is consistent but has issues. Aly has missed connections. Kocian/Dowell are inconsistent and messy. Gabby is overscored and Simone well she isn’t scary at all.

Floor has the most potential and team finals should have 3 of the highest totals of the night in Mykayla, Simone and Aly.


Team 3

Simone, Aly, Gabby, Kocian, Dowell and Mykayla ALT Maggie

VT: Aly, Gabby, Dowell, Skinner, Simone (Kocian)

UB:  Aly, Gabby,Brenna, Simone, Kocian (Mykayla)

BB: Kocian, Brenna, Aly, Gabby, Simone (Mykayla)

FL: Brenna, Gabby, Mykayla, Aly, Simone ( Kocian)

This team is kind of scary. VT remains the same but can we trust Brenna on vault”

UB is more improved without Maggie but can we trust Brenna on bars?

BB remains iffy because Brenna is inconsistent, Kocian sucks on beam and what I said above

Floor remains the same for team finals but Brenna is still Brenna. The more I think about this Brenna is our scariest hit or miss asset. Though it won’t matter in team finals because the only event she has a chance of competing on is bars.



Simone, Aly, Gabby, Brenna, Kocian, Maggie ALT Mykayla

VT:  Aly, Gabby, Brenna, Maggie,  Simone (Kocian)

UB: Brenna, Maggie, Gabby,  Simone, Kocian (Aly)

BB: Brenna, Aly, Gabby, Maggie, Simone ( Kocian)

FL: Brenna, Gabby, Maggie, Aly, Simone, (Kocian)

VT remains the same adding an Amanar for a Chang

UB takes out the weakest link

BB remains the same wishy washy and

Floor is where this team takes a hit having to depend on Brenna to stand up. Maggie is somewhat consistent but has in the past had some mis-steps that might be trouble in a team finals and Gabby’s worst event is floor.


Honestly there is no way in hell that Simone is ever an alternate. Aly and Gabby a step behind so we have all the opportunities for alternate covered (Maggie, Kocian/Dowell and Mykayla) but just for fun (for me anyway)

Aly, Simone, Mykayla, Brenna, Madison, Maggie ALT Gabby:)

VT: Aly, Maggie, Brenna, Mykayla, Simone (Kocian)
UB: Aly, Maggie, Brenna, Simone, Madison (Mykayla)
BB: Maggie, Brenna, Aly, Madison, Simone (Mykayla)
FL: Maggie, Brenna, Mykayla, Aly, Simone (Kocian)

This team is weaker on beam because Gabby is so overscored but heck I had to try:)


Jas made a great point about Marta adding Bailie at the last minute 9which I believe she can do until the competition starts but am not sure on that) so whose place she would take makes this very interesting. Hearing Bailie is a great All Arounder with no great event is very much bull shit.

She’s better than Maggie on bars, beam and Floor. She is better than Kocian on vault, beam and floor and her bars are only a few tenths off. She’s better than Mykayla on bars, beam and floor. She’s better than Aly on bars and beam (and vault if were talking form vs start value) She is better than Gabby on beam and floor which on this team with any given gymnast being named alternate not named Simone on any event not named vault puts her top 3 on every event ahead of the so called stand out event gymnasts. She actually makes more sense than Maggie does. I still don’t understand how being top 3 in the best team on the planet isn’t enough to get you on the world team but Marta being Marta is so Manny.

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO This very long blog doesn’t need a math problem does it?:) Which team do you like or do you have an opinion I didn’t think of.

Team finals are usually decided by how the gymnast performs during prelims so I didn’t do that tho I kind of did in the order I put the gymnasts.

If I had to decide right now I would say Brenna is the alternate.

World team named



Biles, Douglas, Dowell, Kocian, Nichols, Raisman, + Skinner!

My Thoughts

Bailie Key. I am at a loss for words on how she isn’t on this team but per usual I have my thoughts on why she isn’t. Marta knows the international judges like her a lot better then the Marta judges do and she clearly has her own idea who should be getting the second AA spot. She can’t chance Key going to worlds and beating her money gymnasts now can she. She did this to Anna Li in 2011 after subjecting her to a routine minutes before the team was about to march out and compete hoping she would tank but she didn’t and knowing full well Nastia had decided to “train” again down went Anna. I wonder if Aly will sit out bars in prelims if she does this conspiracy will make a lot of sense.Sadly it might mean Maggie is the alternate

Should be interesting to see the alternates. 7 people named, 6 spots. Is there a non traveling alternate?

Bailie and Baumann are staying at camp to train with team which is interesting

Bailie Key finished top 3 on 2 events at Nationals and was a fall from finishing top 3 on beam. I find it hard to believe she tanked camp so badly she didn’t deserve to be on this team.

Kim Zmeskal has been very quiet on social media.

What do you think?

Biles, Douglas, Dowell, Kocian, Nichols, Raisman, + Skinner!


Camp Martamonga- Updated (9 pm Wed)


Nope it’s not time for a bad TV movie about camp starring a young Jennifer Aniston pre nose job it’s Camp Marta and it starts tomorrow.We should get an announcement of the team sometime Thursday night.

NIGHT 1 is over

MLT’s pictures below.

Who wants to read between the smiles?

Brenna looks exhausted and thrilled it’s over
Bailie looks happier than I have seen her in awhile.
Maggie is holding up 3 fingers. My guess is third AA at this camp. SPECULATION NOT FACT




Gabby has already placed herself on the World team before the competition has taken place. Thanks for this LOL (screen cap of a screen cap) Original is from this tumblr


To start you off we have some videos of a bandaged Amelia Hundley’s work out on floor before leaving for camp and Nia Dennis and her new Maloney 1/2

This interview with Shannon is a little better than the other one because Laura the diver actually calls out that Miller was robbed in 92 when no one else will do it. Skating and Gym fans suck. Let the diver do the interviews

Why aren’t you naming these judges FIG?

Yankee elimination party is now in full blown happy mode.:)


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