2017 DTB-Pokal Stuttgart





Paulina Schaefer:  How I love your floor music but WTF was that Choreography?





1- Alt Tabea- 54.199

2- Angelina Melnikova- 53.732

3- Morgan Hurd- 53.265

4- Pauline Shaefer- 53.231

5- Eythora Thorsdottir- 50.632

6- Zhang Jin-50.032

7- Alica Kinsella- 47.099


Anyone remember when Jas said if Liukin took over everyone would have Nastia hair and be like her? ITS STARTED!!!!!

Happy 4Oth Birthday Shannon Miller


It’s hard for me to believe Shannon Miller could be 40 years old. Lets see her Mag 7 teammates forget she exists:)


IG magazine called her a US legend. I got a few e-mails bitching about this. I guess 7 Olympic medals doesn’t make you a legend, legend.

Here are 2 pictures one of those people sent me that I had never seen before.

Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 1.34.26 PM.png

Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 1.22.15 PM.png

It’s also Kristen Maloney’s Birthday too.

2017 American Cup: LIVE Blogging



Start Lists and Results




Full Results



Not one of the most impressive competitions of all time. Ragan wins with a fall. Asuko finishes second and I thought overall she was way more nit picked then everyone else.

Don’t be too hard on Riley. It’s her first competition and only second as an Elite.Impressive that she continued after beam and did as well on floor as she did.

Let the Kim Zmeskal and Ragan both have American cup title hype begin!!!!

I didn’t comment on the men but it looks like the scam cup lived. I know Oleg fell but the overall scoring of the US men seemed high. Will be interesting to see if the winner makes the world team and what the judges do with his routines.Oleg did not look happy.

What did you think?


Melaine De Jesus dos Santos– Not impressed. Typical over hyped France routine. I guess I expected too much. Nearly put hands down on her last pass. 12.900

Nice HB by Yuk but he is another ham. Get off the floor dude.

Regan– Low on last pass but her double layout looked much better than podium. She nailed her second pass and missed her leap out of her double Arabian. This kid isn’t a great dancer but you can tell she could be good if Kim would get away from this cutsey crap. 14.00

Asuko– Well I spoke too soon. that was pretty and fun to watch. Landed everything pretty well too. I feel she’s been a little low balled tonight compared to everyone else. 13.066

Kim Bui– I just can’t when a floor routine starts with a double tuck and the Choreography  There hasn’t been a watchable floor routine yet. Lets pray that the girl from France has one.lol 13.133

Riley– Well she competed . Landed her double tuck low but the rest was solid with bad twisting form. She’s funny to watch because she doesn’t have good form at all but she’s like Maggie where as the in betweens have nice lines and pointed toes. I like the music but I don’t think Riley can pull it off. 13.500

Yufen Xie–  Everything this kid does from bars to beam to floor is so slow it looks like she is doing it in slow motion. Landed low on two passes. 11.966

Emily– Fell on a double tuck. She had huge air and then just sort of fell to the ground-10.600

(What kind of man is running this feed that thinks Anyone is watching this for HB?)

Tisha– I am not even sure what that was for choreography  and not only that the feed didn’t show most of it. Sigh 11.600



Riley missed her foot on her dismount and landed on her head. That was scary. Feed cut off but I bet she scratches. Unfortunate first meet for her: 12.600 ( way too over scored )

Emily Whitehead falls on dismount too. 11.300

Amy Tinkler‘s beam is a mess. She cheated every leap every jump, fell on her full. Her form is a mess . She doesn’t even try and straighten her legs.12.566

Regan is off beam and almost off a second time. Marta would not be pleased:) : 13.266

Kim Bui had a huge wobble on beam and she too has a horrible aversion to straightening a leg. 12.466

(according to the results page Tinkler has scratched floor)

Tisha Volleman hit her routine but it seemed very empty for skills. 12.200

Asuka Teramoto– Best routine of night so far. She can straighten a leg. Two bobbles one after the full turn. 13.633

Melaine De Jesus dos Santos-   14.233

Yufen Xie12.700

NJ is like the redneck of NY.lol #YankeesSuck buddy try supporting your own baseball team. Oh I forgot NJ can’t support a team so you kiss NY’s ass;) i hate NJ


Vault and Bars:

The I woke up for this edition.

A bunch of piked Yurchenko fulls in 2017 that wouldn’t even be good enough for 1988. Riley and Ragan’s vaults were a mess though Ragan flew off that horse.

I missed Riley’s fall on bars but saw the messy pak. Now we know why Marta quit.

In stead of watching gymnastics we get John and his stupid tricks to give fans t-shirts. We just missed the US man vault and missed half the vaults earlier for this crap.

A decent bars for Ragan. She fixed up most of the handstands though still missed 2 I noticed.

Decent bars for Kim Bui too. A little leggy form issues.Off goes the girl from the Netherlands. Asuka stayed on. Not impressive though.

1- Ragan (Vault: 14.4331 Bars: 14.4002) – 28.833

2-Kim Bui ( Vault: 13.500 Bars: 14.533)-28.033

3- Asuka Teramoto ( Vault:13.766  Bars:13.766)-27.532



This cup is extremely underwhelming , even for an American Cup.


A Florida video on Amelia Hundley. She seems like such a sweet kid. A reason not to dislike Florida.


I started watching the NL Cup feed for the last 2 rotations and didn’t see a single routine I would want to talk about. Even for a level 10 meet these girls did not stand out. At least what they showed on the International feed.

Then I went and watched a few routines and came across little Lilian Lippeatt. Trained by Mary Lee Tracy. She won beam (which isn’t online as of now) and Floor. Lots of potential here. Only gymnast I was impressed with.

Junior Results

Senior Results

American Cup pre-hype: Podium training, Pictures, articles etc… Russian Nationals



[Vault] [Bars] [ Beam]



[Vault] [Bars] [Beam]



USAG  Article.


Russian Nationals:

Article with link to results


Playlist with men and woman

Any relation?

Any Relation 2?

Family Fued ? 60 Minutes


screen-shot-2017-02-18-at-7-56-25-pmI have overrated gymnasts and Shannon Miller for 1000, Alex. Oh wait. Wrong show.



60 Minutes

Where have all the gymnastics competitions gone?



Remember when the American Cup had a mixed event?  When Romania came for tri meets? When the Hilton Challenge existed? When junior Nationals was shown on National Television. The Goodwill Games , The Visa Challenge etc…  Heck we even had events like the Reeses International which was basically a fluff competition but where gymnasts did real skills like full in’s on floor.


It’s a shame that USA-Gymnastics fixed so many non World/Olympic competitions for the US (Remember when Kristen Maloney and Atler won all the event finals at the GWG? or when the US beat Romania at one of those international cups) that now these meets have disappeared from Television completely.


Suck it haters:) Superbowl Champs


and the haters gonna hate hate hate hate hate…….


Now excuse me I have a Superbowl parade to prepare for:)

Hey Gabby and I are happy about the same thing.lol



AND…. Can I seriously bitch about all the celebrities at last nights SB that didn’t give a shit about who won? Those seats could have been given to REAL fans. Suck it John Legend and you’re bimbo wife who looked bored.

My Favorite Chinese gymnasts to watch.


The Superbowl will have my attention ( Go Patriots and suck it haters) so depending my mood which we all know depends on the Patriots winning who knows when I’ll feel like blogging so for now…….

This blog keeps getting longer and longer the more I watch youtube videos. In no particular order…

Zeng Siqi: Retired way too soon. I loved watching this kid. It’s a shame she was so inconsistent. I loved her so much she gets 2 routines in this blog.



Zhang Nan:



Jiang Yuayuan: See the blog I wrote for Videos.  


Fan Ye: I saw this live.

Sui Lu: Spent her career getting robbed

2011 Worlds :Floor

Yang Yun:

Ling Jie:

Yang Yilin: The real Olympic gold medalist on bars.

(Actually found a better video from NBC but refuse to use it because Tim and Elfi are biased dumbass’s in it and it pissed me off)

He Kexin : in 2007

Liu Xuan: I loved her beating the two whiny Russians that thought they deserved gold over this. In their dreams.





Little Sis… Big Sis…Sofia and Nica Hults


Little Sis…

Nica’s little sister is too cute for words. This is better choreographed then all the stuff the senior National team competed last year and better performed too.  My fave floor routine of the year.

Big  sis….

Emily Gaskins interview. Steve Nunno’s comment is hilarious.lol

It’s only a 3 minute run and you get amnesia half way down.lol

The other gymnast mentioned is Kyrie Lowe. She also trains part time with Steve. I didn’t know he owned 4 gyms in Florida.

1st camp pf 2017.

Shania Adams, Buckeye
Jade Carey, Oasis
Jordan Chiles, Naydenov
Christina Desidero, Parkettes
Olivia Dunne, ENA Paramus
Norah Flatley, Chow’s
Jazmyn Foberg, MG Elite
Margzetta Frazier, Parkettes
Emily Gaskins, Cincinnati
Morgan Hurd, First State
Madeleine Johnston, Hill’s
Shilese Jones, Buckeye
Adeline Kenlin, Iowa Gym-Nest
Sunisa Lee, Midwest Gymnastics
Lauren Little, Everest
Ashton Locklear, Everest
Emma Malabuyo, Texas Dreams
Jaymes Marshall, TIGAR
Riley McCusker, MG Elite
Victoria Nguyen, Chow’s 
Marissa Oakley, Everest
Maile O’Keefe, Salcianu Elite
Abby Paulson, Twin City Twisters
Gabby Perea, Legacy Elite
Lexy Ramler, Kidsport LLC
Emily Schild, Everest Gymnastics
Alyona Shchennikova, 5280 Gymnastics
Ragan Smith, Texas Dreams
Tori Tatum, Twin City Twisters
Trinity Thomas, Prestige 
Olivia Trautman, Twin City Twisters

Figure Skating wrap up


Top 6 SP’s if you want to watch all at once

Complete Results

Ladies SP

Ladies LP

Protocals for LP


I didn’t really cover Nationals this year and I feel guilty so here is my filler blog wrap up of what I thought. Drum Roll please………..

How about Caroline ZhangShort Program

Low balled in the SP. Low balled in the long Caroline was amazing and she wins best dress award hands down. It was nice to see her hit 2 programs for the first time in like forever. I don’t agree with Johnny who was very critical or Tara who over praised and I thought her loop was cheated but with the last few years Caroline has had this was amazing for her.

Head Case Central:

Gracie Gold:

[Short Program] [Long Program]

Don’t get me started. Neither deserves their programs being shown above. Only in the US can you not get credit for a jump at all and still get ridiculous scores that keep you in the competition.  Her SP combination was messy and cheated to me.  They gave her scratchy LP combination plus GOE.lol Then Gracie campaigned to be put on the World team and she had the AUDACITY, to sight Michelle Kwan in 2006 as her reasoning . Honey, Kwan was injured not to mention the 9 TIME NATIONAL CHAMPION and 5 time World Champion at that point and she didn’t suck the entire year leading up to those Olympics because she was hurt and couldn’t compete. Unlike you who took the summer off and just thought she would waltz into  the grand prix season on her name, THE YEAR BEFORE THE OLYMPICS.

You wonder why I cannot stand this girl. She also snuck back to train with her old coach for 2 weeks leading up to Nationals. Frank dumped her ass and told the media before he told her. Karma…

Mirai Nagasu:

[Short Program] [Long Program]

Mirai being trusted to go to Worlds would be a huge risk. It would also be stupid so thankfully the USFSA wasn’t dumb enough to do it.  She cheated jumps in her SP and they still gave her credit and then she imploded in her LP messing up jumps throughout and her SP was grossly overscored. I like Mirai. I like how she fights back when no one thinks she can and I fully expect her and the bratty phony above to do just that next year but there comes a time you just have to let go. Send someone for experience.

Mariah Bell:

[Short Program] [Long Program]

It’s Mariah dude… and no to skating Michelle Kwan music. Everyone over hyped her because she skated very well at Skate America but I’m just … enh on her..

Ashley Wagner:

[Short Program] Avoid. Tara love makes me gag…. ( yes the double axel was scratchy and she won’t be getting a 71 with a mistake at Worlds at least she skates like she means it. The rest of these programs were so slow in comparison.

Karen Chen:

[Long Program]

I am going to reverse the script here and put her SP up and not her LP. Her LP had a cheated jump and I wasn’t as impressed with but this SP was the highlight of the competition. She should have been ahead of everyone by a mile here.

…….and I suppose we should talk about the new quad king but honestly, I just am not impressed with anything he does that doesn’t involve jumping. This is skating I suppose I have to live with it…. glad he didn’t get hurt in his exhibition like last year. Smart kid not doing the quad

{Short Program}

and like always after watching Nationals I spend time watching Michelle Kwan because even with being impressed with some of what I saw this year there will never be another Kween…..