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2022 Winter Olympics Figure Skating Results. Kamila Valieva allowed to skate. Message sent

February 8, 2022

The Winter Cup isn’t until the end of the month and we need a new blog. Speaking of which Skinner and the annoying guy will be there promoting the event. The article makes it seem like it will be them shooting T-shirts out of a gun-like type of thing.

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Okay well, I had a late day at work and woke up to the results. (For me that is 8 am) Kamila fell apart. Shcherbakova who everyone thought should stay home won, Trusova who threw a hissy fit after not inning gold “Everyone won gold but me” and Sakamoto was third. Alysa was 7th (lower PCS), Mariah 10th, and Karen down in 16th. And we got a medal ceremony. I can feel bad for Kamila but only a little. She pretty much quit, which Eteri told her after she performed and people think she is mean for doing it. The truth is she did quit. I find it hard to believe that all Russians weren’t doping seeing they have the same coach but at least the girls got a medal ceremony.

(I won’t be following dance or pairs. Results will be below)

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] I was working so I didn’t see anything yet but I read. Alysa was clean and only finished 8th? Kamila had multiple mistakes, cheated jumps, all called fully rotated, still leads with a ridiculous score. Karen and Mariah both fell. I didn’t have to even know skating was on to tell you this would happen. Someone needs to investigate. I also read that Johnny and Tara did not call out the cheating judges during the broadcast? There is no integrity anywhere. Mariah would have been around 70 and in this, if she didn’t fall. Triple lutz/triple toe is worth with plus GOE about 11 points and she got 6. Add 5 and she is in this. Okay, maybe not in this but top 6. AND JUST SO YOU KNOW, The judges consistently all cheated for Kamila. This panel is the issue. We will see if I watch tonight. Not sure I even want to.

SkatingScores has a breakdown by judge. US judge in favor of Russia? WOW.

So Kamila Valieva will be allowed to skate even though she tested positive for a banned drug in December. A drug that makes you stronger. The biggest issue here for me is that she was allowed to come to the Olympics at all. Forget skating in the SP. Everyone knew and no one stopped this from even being an issue before she got on the plane? I am sick of hearing she’s 15. I don’t give a shit. The chance that she took the drug on her own is next to none but she still tested positive. It’s irrelevant. The ONLY play that should have been made here is she should have never been allowed in China at all. I do feel for Kamila, she’s a kid and like I said above, the chance she took it or even knew she took it is probably at 10% but the rest of the ladies competing deserve a chance at winning the gold medal on a clean level and I am not sure why Kamila’s happiness trumps fair sport. And don’t get me started on NO medal ceremony. These girls all worked their butts off to get here. What a slap in the face.

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My comments are in the comment section. Congrats to Nathan. He deserved to win but these judges need more training. Judge 1 from the SP was judge 9 tonight. Still higher than others. And her Brown scoring was worse. Just watch the details, look at mistakes, and then plus GEO. If you mess up a jump/skill judges should not be giving you plus GEO. This is how judges should be disciplined )

  1. Chen [Video] 2. Kagiyama [Video] 3. Shoma Uno [Video] 4. Hanyu [Video] 5. Junhwan 6. Brown [Video] 7. Grassel.

The big news today was that Russian star was the one who tested positive which is why the team event medals were not given out. Of course, as always the US seems to benefit from these things. Since it has not been announced (Though she has not practiced since) names stay off until because you know, disclaimer. Trimetazidine is used to gain strength which is why she can quad and triple axel. She’s 15 so likely this was given to her by Eteri her coach. I just don’t know how stupid they could be to do this. Regardless, someone has to pay. And, I read on Twitter (So it must be true) that US wins all tie breaks but one, (Ice dance team who tested positive) which means stupid Mariah, and stupid Alysa who didn’t do team events lose out on a gold medal. Hey Vincent, you get gold now. Maybe. Lawers are involved.

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Just got done watching the top men’s SP and Nathan Chen is the most overscored skater since Sasha Splat. (copyright) That was a world record? And don’t get me started on PCS. I don’t get these judges. There is no quality to Nathan when it comes to artistry. They continue to overscore him for quality skating he just doesn’t possess. If you want to use the word presentation, fine, but go watch the beauty that is Shoma Uno and then explain to me how Nathans interpretation scores are even close. Nathan’s jumps weren’t that clean either. He landed one of his jumps on the ice and had barely any flow out of it. And since when is moving your arms a transition into a jump? That’s all he does. Gutted for Hanyu because he doesn’t have a chance to really win the third gold medal but I can see them over PCSing him to get him on the podium. . Kagiyama is a great jumper but I wasn’t feeling his SP either. I KNOW, I am critical but I am just done with judges. #JudgesBeEvil Uno put his hand down or he probably would have been somewhere around his teammate but that just clarifies the bad judging to me. So if Hanyu hit the quad Salchow is worth 9.7 so if he got the Plus GOE like, Yuma received, that would have added a 13.75 to his point total I believe. Which would have only put him at 110 something. The quad Lutz / triple toe that Nathan landed with no flow got plus 4 from most judges. Fix was in already. CHEN GOT A 1O FOR INTERPRETATION OF THE MUSIC. I want to hear anyone defend that. Judge 1 needs to lose their job. I KNOW I saved a list of the skating judges but now I can’t find it. Judge 1, went over on everything for Nathan when everyone else was consistent. SS: 9.75 9.25 9.50 9.75 9.50 9.75 9.50 9.50 9.50 Transitions: 9.75 9.25 9.25 9.50 9.50 9.50 9.25 9.00 9.50 Performance: 10.00 9.50 9.75 10.00 9.50 9.75 9.50 9.50 10.00 Judge 1 and judge 3 are suspect, mostly judge one. Judge 3 also lowballed Shoma Uno.. And go loom at judge 1 low ball, Hanyu on things he even did well. 9.25 for interpretation of music? I’ll admit I don’t think Hanyu is the great artist others do but that was low. Judge 5 gave Hanyu an 8.75 for performance.

Team Event:

Okay, so I need to look for the results page and will eventually. Team event was won by ROC(Russia) USA was second and, Japan was third. DAISUKE TAKAHASHI COULD HAVE BEEN A TWO TIME Olympic medalist in different disciplines. Damn you Japan. ANYWAY!