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AA Live blogging

August 1, 2012

Congrats to Gabby war winning the Olympic AA. I am not watching this. Live blogging is ova!!!!!!!!!!!!

I see the fix has started. These vault judges are seriously blind. How does Gabby take two steps to the side get a score like that? Within 2 tenths of the perfect Mckayla vault. Komova just blew her chance on vault.

I could not tell if Gabby stepped out because the video made sure to not show us.

Gabby needs to fall twice to lose. It ain’t happening. This fix is in. Sigh. If she had been scored correctly on vault she would not be in first right now. That was 4 tenths too high at the very least.

At about 3.18 you can hear who Shannon Miller is looking forward to doing well at the Olympics. I could not agree more. For those that don’t want to watch, It’s Beth Tweddle)

Kohei quote. Love him

“I’m flattered,” he said, insisting that he would be back in four years. “I don’t want to take that as pressure. I want to make artistic gymnastics more artistic, to lift the sport.”

I have an un-easy feeling Gabby is going to get her gifts and be overscored so I think I might not even watch. Oh hell, I’ll be up but I might not be here to post.

I will be checking in to see what you guys have to say so please post whatever you want. If you could keep up the scores that would be great because if I do decide to post and we all know I will (so damn undecisive am

Now for those looking for me to post the troll stuff tomorrow when Gabby wins I sure expect to get lots of it and I will be posting it.

I don’t make predictions and like I said I have this sick feeling the new Nastia will be well, the new Nastia so if that happens I probably will wait a day to post. Once I comeback all Gabby love is to ENDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD:)

I did the math and I think Mustafina might have a shot at an AA medal. She needs to do the Amanar where she can get an extra 3 tenths to her score (she will lose the other tenths in execution deductions) and hit beam. I just hope they don’t lowball her in favor of Komova,

I am afraid unless someone falls Aly has no chance.

The real question is, Will the floor judges score Komova as tough as they did in qualifying? If they do she might be out of the medals. How FLOOR JUDGES can take the only artistry in the floor competition of medalists with chances for the AA out of the competition makes no sense.

Night all. Off to watch Kohei win

P.S.- Any one else thing the Chinese will sub Jao Jinnan in for one of the otehr Chinese gymnasts? I kind of do.

Baby Komova

June 20, 2012

Doing Compulsories in 2004. Am I the only one that thinks that beam routine seems long?

I hate white girls that think beads look

Top 100 Olympic Moments

June 14, 2012

We were wrong. The June 18th was the womens soccer team not the Mag 7. That was a picture of the Mag I don’t care what they say. I should not be shocked. You didn’t expect ESPN to give credit to the whole team did you?

Like ESPN’s stupid list this one has some doozies.

Look here for the list

They have little pictures of the remaining moments and June 18th is the Mag 7. So who is that in the faded picture on July 12th? First I thought it was Dawes. Then Moceanu and then Miller and explain to me why the 1984 team is ahead of the 96 womens win when the freaking women beat real teams?

Help me out on that July picture. It is most likely Kerri and the vault getting their own credit and someone decided the whole team deserved some props?

Don’t look later in the pix. They have annoying people.

You tell me? July 12th


Mustfina leads Russian cup.
The Finals will get its own blog.Komova fell and has a new 7.0 start value on bars. Damn you Komova, That is Beth Tweddles bars gold biatch:)

Romania wins European team title

May 13, 2012

The All Around forum on facebook

Why does no one in Europe care about form? Some of these scores are ridiculous.

After Irodache’s routine watch Romania hug their child abuser. This is kind of insane that the abuser gets hugged.

Komova upgrade on bars

April 12, 2012

Nice to see the Russians do something besides look pissed.

Amazing height but her giants are trash.

Interview with Russia’s head coach

April 2, 2012

Jas came up with this article in the comment’s section so I thought it was about time we discuss some other Countries and what their Olympic teams might look like.

Mustafina, Komova and Grishina are most likely their “locks” which means their bars are set. Heck even their floor and beam may be set if these 3 gymnasts are “locks” That means they need some big time vaults to fill out this Olympic team.

I also think they might need a third beam worker since Grishina is always falling on something. When she hits she looks very good. Anna Dementyeva scores well on beam when she hits. I am seeing a pattern here.

Then lets discuss the interview. Gotta “love” the insults thrown at the USA during this interview but in Aleksandrov’s defense he wasn’t very positive for his own gymnasts in this interview.

Kseniya Afanasyeva also promised to fight for the all-around. What chance does she have?

Kseniya has a very good floor routine, but everything depends on vault. All the American girls fighting for the all-around will have Amanars. They have problems on the other events, but none serious enough to be called holes.

Not really an insult but keep reading

Speaking of problems, do you mean less-than-ideal execution on bars?

They do have weaker bar routines and their execution is weaker, too. Their bar routines are more stable, but compared to our girls, they are behind.

Keep reading…..

Are they not light enough?

You know, everyone has their own system of preparation. The Americans have more strength and they are bigger. We have choreographers in our gyms for example working with girls. In American they choose stronger girls and they don’t have choreographers working with them except on the higher levels. So our gymnasts have more of the winning look. Everyone has their aces and we need to keep up. We beat them two years ago, and now we have had a dip that we have to fill as quick as we can.

Got it. Your gymnasts look like winners but they aren’t ?” (:)

What he said isn’t “wrong” per say but it just sounds like sour grapes. Then again is it really an insult if he is right? Except the whole execution thing.

2011 Trophée Massilia

November 20, 2011

The Trophée Massilia Cup was today-ish and we have some videos.

Viktoria Komova won the UB and Tatiana Nabieva won vault. Full results are not known yet but Komova fell off beam.

Russian vaults

Komova UB

Komova Beam

Anastasia Grishina tanked prelims and made no finals. Here is her bar routine


Elite All-Around VT UB BB FX Total
1. Viktoria Komova Russia 14.450 15.700 13.550 14.050 57.750
2. Victoria Moors Canada 1 14.550 13.200 13.450 14.450 55.650
3. Emily Little Australia 1 14.550 13.650 13.900 13.200 55.300
4. Marine Brevet France Senior 13.600 14.150 13.850 13.600 55.200
5. Tatiana Nabiyeva Russia 14.300 14.650 13.600 11.600 54.150
6. Anne Kuhm France Senior 13.850 12.650 14.000 13.550 54.050
7. Anastasia Grishina Russia 13.450 14.000 13.150 13.400 54.000
8. Mira Boumejmajen France Senior 13.700 14.050 13.200 13.000 53.950
9. Kaitlyn Hofland Canada Futures Gymnast 14.100 12.350 14.050 13.050 53.550
10. Doriane Thobie France Senior 14.000 13.550 11.950 13.350 52.850
11. Natalie Vaculik Canada 1 13.700 13.850 12.100 13.050 52.700
12. Georgia-Rose Brown Australia 2 13.800 13.850 12.350 12.700 52.700
13. Sarah Flett Canada Mixed 13.600 11.850 13.350 13.350 52.150
14. Sabrina Gill Canada 1 14.250 11.750 13.500 12.500 52.000
15. Mary-Anne Monckton Australia 1 13.550 12.900 12.550 12.900 51.900
16. Jessica Dowling Canada Mixed 13.900 12.800 12.000 13.150 51.850
17. Nikola Chung Australia 2 13.550 12.750 12.700 12.800 51.800
18. Lisa Top Netherlands 13.350 13.250 11.350 13.500 51.450
19. Gabriela Douglas Canada Futures Gymnast 13.450 10.950 13.200 13.600 51.200
20. Stefanie Merkle Canada 1 13.650 12.000 11.050 13.650 50.350
21. Casey Carvalho Canada Futures Gymnast 13.650 12.100 10.900 13.550 50.200
22. Chantysha Netteb Netherlands 13.950 12.300 12.050 11.550 49.850
23. Nicola Deans Canada Futures Gymnast 13.500 11.400 11.300 13.000 49.200
24. Georgia Wheeler Australia 2 12.200 11.250 11.650 12.800 47.900
25. Maartje Ruikes Netherlands 12.450 11.500 12.100 11.000 47.050
26. Noel van Klaveren Netherlands 13.100 8.700 11.850 13.000 46.650
27. Tara Mauchel Canada Mixed 12.400 11.000 8.950 10.900 43.250
28. Ashleigh Brennan Australia 1 13.800 0.000 13.100 13.700 40.600
29. Larissa Miller Australia 1 0.000 13.850 0.000 0.000 13.850


Elite Team VT UB BB FX Total
1. Russia 42.200 44.350 40.300 39.050 165.900
2. France 41.550 41.750 41.050 40.500 164.850
3. Canada 1 42.500 39.050 39.050 41.150 161.750
4. Australia 1 41.900 40.400 39.550 39.800 161.650
5. Canada Futures Gymnnastics Center 41.250 35.850 38.550 40.200 155.850
6. Australia 2 39.550 37.850 36.700 38.300 152.400
7. Netherlands 40.400 37.050 36.000 38.050 151.500
8. Canada Mixed 39.900 35.650 34.300 37.400 147.250

Podium Training

October 2, 2011

Now that baseball is dead and buried thanks to a murderer with a hatchet and a cheater and people with no integrity I now get to focus on gymnastics:) Aren’t you lucky.

Interesting tibits from Podium training.

Best news yet is Anna Li did not train. I hope she is named alternate. I can’t stand Gabby but one event gymnasts make me boil. Anna Li seems like a nice kid and she is probably someone I would like in real life but she is a ONE EVENT GYMNAST and they have no place on a World team. Unless their name is He Kexin. I even understand Nastia being named in 07.

The US looks strong a week before competition. Yep peaking a week early.

Jordyn’s coach says she is finally used to the time change and had her best training at the right time, in front of the camera’s.

Russia is having some issues but better now than in a week.

Beth Tweddle just threw up her bar routine today. Go Beth. Every video I have seen of He Kexin so far this year she looks labored and tired. Would love to see Beth win the Olympics next year.

Off to look for more info. Make sure you read the Gymnastike stuff above she has links to some videos. After you watch a video check the left. More videos are there.

Alicia Sacrmaone on beam She looks rock solid in the video. Jordyn can be seen in the same video. Both had one wobble but nice routines overall. It’s weird watching them at the same time. Alicia looks so much more polished next to Jordyn even though Jordyn’s routine has a lot more to it than the code whoring Alicia does.

Viktoria Komova on beam. She nailed her arabian but fell on a full turn. She does look tired.

The whole US Team on beam. Some sloppy work but no falls. It seems so stupid to me to count practice in any shape or form. Certain gymnasts just don;t do well in practice. Gabby Douglas looked aggressive and stayed on but will you really expect that in competition because it happened in training? Most likely, no.

Mckayla Maroney and Sabrina Vega on beam Sabrina looks better on beam than Mckayla does. Something was really weird about the way this team was picked. The alternate cannot replace anyone on bars. Maybe Marta planned on using the alternate to replace Mckayla Maroney.

Aly, Gabby and Jordyn on beam Gabby has a really ugly look on beam but she was solid. This was Aly’s best beam I have seen so far and Jordyn looked better here too.

Beth Tweddle on bars looking awesome. She might be in some of these AA with a decent beam routine because her DTY was better than Romania’s but Beth and beam were always a disaster.

Tatiana Nabieva on bars. Why can’t she keep her feet together like this in competition? She isn’t perfect here but this is a hell of a lot better than during competition. Unlike Ksenia Afanasyeva, who looked like shit in this video.

Sabrina Vega training bars She is not a good bar worker but I do find it VERY interesting she is training on bars but Anna Li is not. Anna has something on her wrist but maybe Marta thinks she needs a solid floor worker for team finals over an UB specialist she can’t use anywhere else. Sabrina paused twice in this video but she stayed on.

Jordyn on vault Her Amanar looked kind of sloppy here but it’s early.

Mckayla Maroney on vault I have never seen her Amanar look this bad. She bent her knee’s and looked like she was having issues getting it around. I really want to see her nail her best one sometime during this worlds (preferably prelims) because I want to see how it scores when she is on. It really is a beautiful vault when she hits it.

Gabriella Douglas and Aly Raisman on bars-The coaches seem impressed with Gabby sticking her dismount but she looked labored during this routine. She also had a few leg separations. No one spotting Aly is not a good idea IMO. Chow looked like he was watching her then he walked away. Aly kept her legs together during that routine. It’s too bad she never will when the competition starts.

Aly Raisman on floor. She nailed her second pass like Gina Gogean but this is the first time I actually get why people think her floor routine has no artistry. No is not an exactly the right turn she is ten steps ahead of the crap Carly Patterson called a floor routine but Aly has like no fluidity in her movements on floor. I did watch without sound so that could be why I actually see why people complained about her. That being said Lauren Mitchell and Cheleru are just as bad if not worse and there is no way in hell they should have beaten Aly last year.

Part one and part two of Anna Dementyeva, stripper floor routine. The first part is watchable. The second part is not. She put her hands down on her second pass. If you are bored skip this routine. I love Anna but I wish I

Alicia Sacramone on floor She looks to be in great shape but she has trouble getting through this routine. She is very winded at the end. I liked this routine at Nationals. I don’t like it here. Maybe if she spent more time training instead of flying off to Denver to watch her boyfriend sit on his ass she would be better able to handle her training. I know she is old and needs less training than most but even though she hit her tumbling this routine is lackluster and frankly not worthy of even being used. Not compared to her teammates.

Gabrielle Douglas on floor. I take it back. Alicia at least has presentation. Old recycled presentation but presentation none the less. This routine has ugly tumbling, horrible incomplete jumps and the ugliest presentation I have ever seen. The music is even horrible. If Aly loses presentation and artistry points this thing should too. What the hell is the dance after the second pass?
She didn’t dance through this routine, she walked through it with no fluidity at all. She makes Aly look like a ballerina. And she ends with a double tuck. 1999 and yes I know it’s a d. I am sorry but that was horrible. What the hell anyone was clapping for is beyond me.

Ksenia-Afanaseva on floor. Ksenia nails her double layout then skips her second pass and runs across the floor. Then she skips another pass.

Mckayla Maroney on floor. Looks like I may have been right. Sabrina is here as a replacement for Mckayla. She hit her 3.5 with a bouncy landing, fell on her second pass and had bumpy landing on everything else. Spotted on her last two passes. Should be interesting to see what happened. John Geddert is clapping and motivating everyone like a good head coach should do. Not like Marta who ignored everyone she didn’t train in 1996.

Jordyn Wieber on floor She is having a few issues on floor with her landings but I think this is a good thing. She needs to peak in a week not now.

Yulia Belokobyskaya on bars. This was just messy. She had two people spotting her. Over spotting her. It looked like they were afraid she would fall and land on her head.

I am bored of watching videos. I am surprised I got through this many. If you have any opinions, share them. I want to hear what you think.

Afanaseva and Ishina Russia is in big trouble on bars without Mustafina. These two girls as well as Demy look horrible on bars.

Viktoria Komova part 1 and part 2 on bars. She looks horrible here again. Form issues galore, mistakes, falls. I hope it is not the pressure getting to her.

Beth Tweddle on floor. She tried to kill herself on floor and thought it was funny. I love Beth Tweddle:) messy routine or not.

Youna Dufornet on bars She hit her def but did have enough momentum to continue on to her next skill. She hit the def heavy and the bar kind of swung down and up but she had her feet together. Yay feet together on her def. This must be a first.

Lauren Mitchell on beam I never would have known it was her if the video didn’t tell me. She looks different. She was her usual sell on beam. She has a lot of difficulty with even more bobbles.

You know what this worlds needs? Anastasia Grishina and Kyla Ross.

US vs Russia

August 27, 2011

GymNICEtics has done some nice blogs on the US vs Russia Gymnastics style.

I must admit I didn’t read all of them but she is usually pretty on the ball so I will trust her judgment until I have time to read it all.

US vs Russia


Uneven Bars

Balance Beam


Thanks Komova

August 20, 2011

Viktoria is working on those form issues:)