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Worlds wrap up

October 19, 2009

So here we go…. (be prepared. Honest me is honest again)

The Good

The entire book of scoring online. Tomorrow I will be downloading this:)

Nastia Liukin NOT being allowed on the floor. She was seen throwing a hissy fit and crying when she couldn’t try and steal the girl’s attention away in the AA. Gotta love it.

Marian Dragulescu won two event finals Gold medals. His two best events (vault and floor) and I was thrilled to see him come back. Last years Olympics must have sucked for him (with the injury) so it was nice to see him not only back but back and even better then before. I do question the execution scores he got on vault though:)

The Chinese. I am going to lump them all together because even though they aren’t perfect they do have some beautiful gymnastics is some area’s and it was nice to see them clean up like they did a year ago (The men)

: He Kexin She rocks. She is the only BIG reason I am not calling these Worlds a total waste of time.
: Deng Li Lin, After a really rough meet in the AA she hit beam to win in a very weak final but you can only beat who competes so congrats to her
:Yang Yilin It wasn’t her best meet. It wasn’t even a good meet but it was clear she was competing injured. She looks like a different gymnast this year (she grew quite a bit) so in the future I expect her to come back and be the gymnast she is capable of being. I even think she was underscored with all her mistakes here and she and He Kexin are the only gymnasts I will say that about.

Beth Tweddle After falling on her best event in prelims (UB) she was heart broken but she made up for it in the Floor final. No one will ever accuse Beth of being artistic but that doesn’t mean there isn’t something appealing about her routine. So congrats to Beth for over coming the disappointment and winning her first Floor World title.


Lauren Mitchell She was so happy with the two silver medals she won. They weren’t gold and she even could have a case for the Gold medal on beam over Lilin Deng but she didn’t whine. She didn’t cry age discrimination and she was the first gymnast up to hug and congratulate anyone around. It was nice to see that genuine smile on someones face and not the camera hogging phony smile that some of the American girls in the past 8 years have done.


Koko Tsurumi AA Bronze medal (under scored on floor) and a UB silver is nothing to scoff at when you are from a Country that doesn’t really get much credit. That means you won these medals on your merit

Kohei Uchimura Everything he does


The Women’s AA winning without a fall. Great job Bridget Sloan!!!!

Marta Karolyi
not injuring the whole team before they got to compete

The Judges and the execution scores for bad gymnastics. MUCH better then usual.


The Unfair…

Koko Tsurumi falling in beam finals. IMO the best routine of the competition if she had not fallen on beam.

Rebecca Bross in the AA. I am not a fan but she was more impressive at Worlds then she was at Nationals and falling and losing that way must suck even if winning an AA medal with a fall is a joke.

The 2009 UB final missing Yang Yilin and Beth Tweddle.

Bridget Sloan not making Floor finals. Her AA performance would have won silver or bronze.


The Bad…..


Jonathon Horton He should have known better then to come to Worlds not giving 110% in practice. He just didn’t have enough training to compete with the best in the World. Next time he will realize this and come prepared with enough training. I expect this to leave a bad taste in his mouth and he will do really well next year.

Ksnia Smenova’s entire Worlds.

Double backs in TUCK position in floor routines in 2009. They weren’t good enough in 1992 to make floor finals. While you are at it the double pike’s are just as bad.

PINK leotards on AMERICAN gymnasts?


The Ugly….

Ivana Hong beating Kim Un Hyang in the beam final for the bronze medal. Both had questionable form. Both had a lot of bobbles and both started with 6.000 difficulty score but only one gymnast had a real skill in her routine and it wasn’t Ivana. I have given Ivana a lot of credit on this blog one of the few gymnasts I have given credit but this routine was not worthy of a medal.

China Not sending Jiang Yuayuan to Worlds. She couldn’t be any more injured then Yang Yilin was. Maybe if you had rested her a little this year she would have been fine for Worlds.

That annoying screeching sound they used to let the gymnasts know they had only a few second to get off the apparatus. OMG it nearly knocked me off my chair at my computer. It must have been horrible at the arena.


The sad….


Ana Porgras is a lovely gymnast and yes she has more style then a lot of gymnasts competing at Worlds this year but if this is what passes for “elegant” and “beautiful” then the sport is in trouble (which it is) I am not taking away ANY credit from her because she is pretty good gymnast and very young but come on people lets not overreact here. Oh and could she smile a little? This is as close as we got to a smile this week.

Jessica Gil Ortiz Falling on her head in floor finals and what a good start to her routine.


Results for the women day 2

October 13 18,
London (GBR)

1 36 DENG Linlin CHN 6.400 8.600 15.000
2 17 MITCHELL Lauren AUS 6.300 8.575 14.875
3 152 HONG Ivana USA 6.000 8.550 14.550
4 120 KIM Un Hyang PRK 6.000 8.450 14.450
5 91 PREZIOSA Elisabetta ITA 5.800 8.400 14.200
6 94 TSURUMI Koko JPN 5.700 8.500 0.1 14.100
7 127 PORGRAS Ana ROU 6.400 7.025 13.425
8 37 YANG Yilin CHN 5.600 7.525 13.125


October 13 18,
London (GBR)

1 67 TWEDDLE Elizabeth GBR 6.100 8.550 14.650
2 17 MITCHELL Lauren AUS 5.800 8.750 14.550
3 38 SUI Lu CHN 5.700 8.600 14.300
4 134 MYZDRIKOVA Anna RUS 5.900 8.375 14.275
5 153 BROSS Rebecca USA 5.700 8.425 14.125
5 127 PORGRAS Ana ROU 5.500 8.625 14.125
7 36 DENG Linlin CHN 5.400 8.475 13.875
8 39 GIL ORTIZ Jessica COL 0.900 2.075 2.975

Men’s AA Champion

October 15, 2009


Kohei Uchimura wins World AA Title. He didn’t just win it he owned it. He was easily the class of the competition.

Britain’s Daniel Keatings was second.


Russia’s Yury Ryazanov was 3rd.

Official scores will be added when I get them.

Lets see what else.

Jonathon Horton tanked falling off Pommels and almost falling off another time. He then hit his next 3 events (Universal Sports did not show them) and then he fell off high bar. Lets hope he got the falling out of him for High bar finals.

I must say I love Jonathon Horton even if he never shuts up with a camera in front of him. He was quiet for once during this

Great job by Tim McNeil for 7th place. That is an amazing finish for your first worlds even if you were disappointed after you placed third in the prelims.


Rank Bib Name NOC Total
1 639 UCHIMURA Kohei JPN 15.625 14.900 15.225 16.050 14.725 14.975 91.500
2 590 KEATINGS Daniel GBR 14.250 15.500 14.200 15.450 15.050 14.475 88.925
3 709 RYAZANOV Yury RUS 14.825 13.400 14.825 15.925 14.925 14.500 88.400
4 640 TANAKA Kazuhito JPN 14.650 13.200 15.075 15.400 15.075 14.900 88.300
5 707 DEVYATOVSKIY Maxim RUS 15.000 13.425 15.075 14.875 14.550 14.550 87.475
6 592 THOMAS Kristian GBR 15.000 13.600 14.575 15.800 13.975 14.400 87.350
7 734 MCNEILL Timothy USA 14.500 15.000 14.325 15.300 14.200 13.825 87.150
8 585 CARANOBE Benoit FRA 14.025 14.150 14.750 16.025 13.000 14.225 86.175
9 729 KUKSENKOV Mykola UKR 15.050 14.600 14.400 14.400 14.200 13.475 86.125
10 635 POZZO Enrico ITA 14.750 13.625 14.025 15.350 14.075 14.275 86.100
11 630 SHATILOV Alexander ISR 15.225 14.075 14.225 15.350 14.350 12.600 85.825
12 598 NGUYEN Marcel GER 15.075 13.425 14.525 15.325 13.200 14.225 85.775
13 551 GIRALDO LOPEZ J. COL 13.250 13.350 14.125 15.225 14.975 14.150 85.075
13 721 GISI Roman SUI 14.225 13.875 14.175 15.125 13.525 14.150 85.075
15 688 ALMEIDA CAMPOS M. POR 14.875 12.850 14.075 14.550 14.550 14.000 84.900
16 720 BOESCHENSTEIN N. SUI 14.425 11.775 14.250 15.600 14.625 14.100 84.775
17 733 HORTON Jonathan USA 13.775 11.100 14.900 15.750 15.125 13.650 84.300
18 649 VALEIEV Ildar KAZ 13.525 13.225 14.725 15.250 13.900 13.575 84.200
19 534 SASAKI JUNIOR Sergio BRA 13.925 13.800 14.000 15.275 13.500 13.650 84.150
19 574 MUNOZ Sergio ESP 14.675 11.750 14.625 15.975 13.100 14.025 84.150
21 695 RIVERA Luis PUR 13.500 14.075 14.800 15.325 13.425 12.925 84.050
22 526 BYKAU Artsiom BLR 13.525 13.125 14.200 15.225 13.425 13.450 82.950
23 696 VARGAS VELAZQUEZ L. PUR 14.000 10.900 13.350 15.100 14.725 14.125 82.200
24 506 MOLINARI Federico ARG 14.050 13.225 14.300 14.175 12.575 13.475 81.800
Underlined totals indicate starting apparatus.
Floor Pommel Horse Rings Vault Parallel Bars Horizontal Bar
GAM024101_73G 1.0 Report Created THU 15 OCT 2009 21:07 Longines Official Results Provider Page 1/1

Hambuchen out plus Podium training

October 12, 2009

Fabian has withdrawn from Worlds. The competition just lost a huge threat. It’s to bad he can’t even compete just high bar

Here is what went down at Podium training today at Worlds. The below links are the places I got the info from plus there are some highlights I have provided below from these links.

The All Around forum or what I like to call Nastia fans only

Gymnast Twitter

Sometime today or tomorrow check out for a preview of the women’s AA. Right now it has a preview of the men’s AA

Bridget Sloan will not be in the 5th rotation and IMO Martha dropped the ball on this. Bridget is the NATIONAL CHAMPION and there is no debate that she has earned the right to compete in the last subdivision. All she has done all year long is win every AA she has entered and Marta not giving her this spot is a slap in the face.

Maybe Marta should take over Woga because it is pretty obvious she only cares about them right now. Rebecca Bross can be the nicest kid in the world but she did NOTHING to merit the last sub division of competing.

Now here is some highlights of the above pages.

Yang Yilin

: had a clean floor routine but struggled on VT- landed her DTY to her knees.

:struggled with her full in dismount off bars and needed help from her coach on the last giant.

:The rest of the routine was clean, but not as fluid as last year. She kept falling on the dismount in her three attempts.

YYL- sheep jump, onodi to flic – back tuck, switch leap – wolf jump, rulfova, turn with leg at horizontal, free aerial, side somi, switch ring leap, nice ro – 2 ½.
:Gabriela Dragoi

:on beam performed a front somi, free aerial – flic – layout, turn with leg at horizontal, side aerial, side somi, double turn, ff – ff – 2 ½ off.



: handspring front tuck. And straddled DTY, low landings.

She tumbled a full in tucked, 3/1 (crossed legs), clean triple turn, double back, double pike off. She warmed up a double layout.


Ivana Hong

: on bars, problems on the overshoot, low Tkatchev, double layout (tucked down). As first contact with the apparatus. Not a full set from her yet.

: on beam, onodi – sheep jump, ff – ff – double pike off. Troubles on the turn in the second beam set of the rotation, falling out of it. Clean gymnastics. Last beam routine, press mount, aerial – flic – layout, turn with leg at horizontal (big wobble), switch leap – back tuck, onodi – sheep jump, free cartwheel, switch ring leap, side somi (wobble), Martha claps…, split jump – wolf jump, ff – ff – double pike off (low chest).


Kayla Williams

: warming up some underrotated triple twists.
:double layout, 1 ½ through double pike (fall backwards), 3/1 (a bit underrotated), piked full in.

:on vault did a piked Rudi. It’s not layout, the second attempt looks the same but with a big step back. Huge DTY. She vaults a piked Rudi again.


Bridget SLoan

:started on beam, front tuck – flic – layout, turn with leg at horizontal. Free aerial – free cartwheel (wobbly), switch leap – back tuck, sheep jump, ro – double pike off. In her last routine, 1/1 split jump, split jump – wolf jump, front tuck – flic – layout, turn with leg at horizontal, free aerial – free cartwheel, switch leap – back tuck, sheep jump, ro – layout off.

:started floor with a 1 ½ through 3/1 (short and low), piked full in (stumble forward), front – front layout, double pike.

: timers are FTY. Good DTY, without effort.

:problems on toe-on 1/1 on HB. Full twisting double layout, a bit piked down but good. The second one was not that good though.

Deng Lilin

: timing layout Yurchenko several times. Fall on three DTYs attempted. Changes to a 1 ½ Yurchenko, but she falls

:talder to overshoot, endo, endo ½, – Tkatchev, giant 1/1 (bad and lose rhythm), Pak, full twisting double layout (piked down). Not good. Second attempt, labored kip to HS, problems on pirouettes to Jaeger, and piked down again full twisting double layout.

:front pike, flic – ff – layout two feet, free aerial – back tuck – sheep jump, slow on connections, switch leap to Rueda, split jump – wolf jump, side somi, ff – ff – double pike off. A bit wobbly today.


Kensia Semyonova

: on beam had a big wobble on the onodi – flic combo.

:on beam. Roll mount, switch leap, free aerial – flic – whip, side somi, free cartwheel, turn in attitude, sheep jump, onodi – flic (problems again), onodi – flic – layout, ro – double pike off to crash. Semyonova up one last time since she’s had problems with beam. On her last dismount, she slipped the foot off and landed to her back the double pike off.

:on floor, full in (oob), 2 ½ punch front, 1 ½ punch front, double pike off.

:Yurchenko 1 ½ tucked down at the end to land it.


Beth Tweddle

Here is also an article about Beth

:on floor, 1 ½ thourgh double Arabian (stuck), double Arabian piked (big stumble forward), had problems on it in practice too, 2 ½ -1/1.

: on bars fall on Shaposhnikova ½. Piked Ray. Also struggling with the Bi, had to stop the routine twice.

Other rumor that I read somewhere else is that Beth peeled off bars pretty badly.


He Kexin

:on bars, her usual routine with legs apart on the Pak and a bit struggle on the dismount. Her second routine much better with only a slight problem on dismount.


Sui Lui

:had solid routines on beam, only some minor wobbles on a wolf jump. Front pike to flic – layout, turn with leg at horizontal to full turn, switch ring leap, side somi, free aerial, ro – double pike off. A bit slow at connections.

:on floor, whip – 3/1 (short), 2 ½, triple turn, 1 ½ -1/1, double turn with leg at horizontal, low double pike to finish. Sui Lui warming up 2 ½ punch 1/1 after her routine. At her last attempt, she full rotates the whip 3/1.


Ana Porgaras

: free aerial – flic – layout, switch leap, ff – ff – layout to 2 feet, free cartwheel, switch leap – back tuck, ff – ff – double pike off (low landing and low chest). The layout to 2 feet is rather inconsistent.


Yana Demyanchuk

:on bars toe – on 1/1 – Tkatchev – Pak. Full in dismount.


Hong Un Jong

:on vault did a DTY. Tried the amanar but fell, pretty good on the air though. The second one was a bit better. The third attempt also resulted in a fall. The fourth try was higher but slower. Attempts the Cheng but it’s too piked and falls.


Vasiliki Millousi from Greece

: on beam, a solid performance without hesitations; double pike off. Switch leap – back tuck – sheep jump, turn with leg at horizontal to full spin.


Rebecca Bross

: toe on 1/1 straddled overshoot, stalder 1/1 – Tkatchev, stalder ½ – Jaeger, endo 1/1 to Pak (fall), to simple dismount. Second set hit, with full in dismount. Another hit routine for Bross. (umm you fall that is not a

:on beam, Arabian, free aerial – flic – layout, switch leap – back tuck, sheep jump, side somi, front tuck, ro – double Arabian (fall). So far, she is the gymnast looking more consistent and ready. In her last routine, she only had a small hesitation on the side somi.

: on floor, front handspring – front layout – double front, 2 ½ – barani.

Anamaria Tamirjan

: piked full in, tucked full in, 1 ½ – 1/1, double pike. Uncontrolled landings.

:giant 1/1 – Jaeger, Tkatchev, undershoot, overshoot, double layout.

:vaulted a DTY straddled.


Lauren Mitchell

:stalder ½ – Jaeger, toe on – ½ – double front off.

:on beam, her best event, flic – flic – layout to 2 feet, back pike, problems on split ½ leap, attempt of Humphrey, free aerial – front tuck. Swdouble turn in attitude, switch ring leap – back tuck, ff – ff – double pike off low,

:on floor, double Arabian to stag jump, piked full in (a bit low), double pike.

:DTY (crossed legs) and big steps to the sides.

Elsa Garcia

:on beam, recovered from injuries, side aerial, side somi, free aerial – sheep jump, flic – whip, switch ring leap, turn with leg at horizontal, ro – double back,

:stuck double Arabian, triple pirouette, 2 ½ punch front (low), double pike.

:1 ½ Yurchenko (bent knees). Podkopayeva.


Becky Downie

:on beam, front tuck, free aerial – flic, full turn with leg at horizontal, switch leap – wolf jump, free cartwheel, side somi, switch ring leap, ro – double pike off.

: DTY, a bit low. Yurchenko ½ on – pike off.

:bars, toe on shaposhnikova, giant 1/1 – piked Ray, stalder 1/1 – Ricna, toe on ½ – endo, undershoot, full in.


Anja Brinker,

:toe on shaposhnikova – stalder 1/1, struggling a lot with the routine. She hasn’t managed to finish a single routine.

Kyla Ross takes junior National title. Men World team named

August 15, 2009

US National Junior results

Results with B score

Not bad for a 12 year old. There are no reports on what happened but it looks like Kyla fell off bars (12.700) Over a full point off her first day score (13.750) but she nailed her vault to take over the lead from Bridgette Caquatto who was on beam. Bridgey must have fall off beam (scored a 13.500 on day two and a 14.400 on day one)
Third place went to Alexandra Raisman from Alicia Sacramone’s old gym. Someone needs to get this kid an UB coach. Alicia could have used one also.

Sabrina Vega moved up to forth place after hitting her floor set. More details as they become available.


Mens team named

The US named their men’s world team. David Sender was named just because they knew he wouldn’t except the invite and he didn’t. An alternate will be picked soon. Probably some pommel horse help.

Your team is

Jonathan Horton
Dannell Leyva
Sasha Artemev
Steven Legendre
Tim NcNeill
David Sender (Declined)


Jake Dalton
Daniel Riberio
Wes Haagensen

IMO Wes deserves the AA spot over Leyva and he earned it at Nationals. Read the IG article for reasoning behind this team.

Horton easily wins Nationals. Sender sinks

August 15, 2009

Jonathon Horton easily won the US Men’s National title tonight by 3 points despite falling twice over two nights. With David Sender falling on 5 of his 6 events(eventually ending up in 10th place) Horton didn’t even need to break a sweat to beat second place Tim McNeill and 3rd place Wes Haagensen.

Olympian Joseph Hagerty finished 8th ahead of vault / floor specialist Steve Legendre. Junior Champion John Orozco finished 11th. Other notables are Guillermo Alvarez finishing 17th.

Other random opinions.

: John Orozco is a great talent. Lots of potential at this meet. If it wasn’t for a disastrous pommel horse he would have finished in the top 8. Amazing for a 16 year old.

: Tim Daggett is a much better men’s announcer then a women’s announcer. Even Elfi was kind of funny tonight

: Danell Leyva’s dad needs to stay away from the caffeine. He was WAY over the top and it annoyed the heck out of me until I saw his dad kiss him on the head. Aww men don’t do that in public. So now I like him. Tim made a big deal about him being so loud but he is no worse then Steve Nunno in his day and Steve never got the team any deductions. Still over the top.

: Kyle Bunthuwong ended up in 4th place and was lucky to be shown twice tonight. Bad job Universal sports.

: About time Wesley Haagensen. I have been waiting 4 years for you to live up to the potential. Nice to see you getting 3rd.

:Kyson Bunthuwong finished 12th. Brother to Kyle shouldn’t worry though. He has the much better first name.

: It’s to bad our best pommel horser’s ( my new word)aren’t any good at any other events. Kit Beikmann and Daniel Ribiero need to work at their other events.

: Some of these execution scores were way to high. I can’t say anything bad about Jonathon Horton but a 9.500 execution score on his vault?

: You have to feel bad for David Sender. He wanted to win Nationals and then leave the sport as an extra FU to usa-gymnastics and the way it has treated him over the years but he couldn’t even screw them over right. Poor David. Good luck at school.

: Steve Penny seems like a likable guy but his comments about finishing on the podium being good enough for him were not well thought out. I kind of got the impression he didn’t mean to say it the way he did.

:Alicia Sacramone was interviewed tonight and she is coming back for next year. She said she didn’t like the way she ended her career at the Olympics. True she tanked the Olympics compared to what she did even the year before but she should remember how injured she was.

: Daggett again made a comment about no one sticking their landings. It was funny when he said that because I was thinking something a little different. While they weren’t sticking their dismounts they at least were trying to stick them. The women don’t even try to do that anymore. IMO men’s gymnastics is going in the right direction. Women’s is not.

Until next time….