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LMAO This explains everything

March 15, 2011

Evan wins Sullivan award after being inspired by the second biggest joke of a Gold medalist next to Satan herself.

This really made me laugh. So what, once you become an Olympic Gold medalist in Figure Skating you go blond? No Evan did not go blond he just went stupid.

Is it to late to go back and give Evgeny Plushenko the Gold medal?

Evan would be a non issue by now.


AA Gold medalists suck

March 14, 2011

Sarah wrote a piece on her website about how silver medal AA winners trump Gold medalists every single time (since 84) and I feel this post of hers deserved it’s own blog.

Go read what Sarah wrote. The girl is brilliant and I don’t feel like coming up with blogs at all anymore. My love for the sport is asleep until the juniors start competing senior in oh about 2 years at least.

By the way Sarah’s post could easily be compared to Figure Skating in the sense if Terror Lipinski and Sarah Hughes have Olympic Gold medals just how damn special can they be?

Figure skating is not a real sport

January 22, 2010

sasha gets overflated marks again

This idiot the AP has writing skating articles needs a new job. She just blatantly ignored the mistakes Sasha had in this article. LMAO

LP Start order

Sasha’s SP over skore

Her triple lutz-double toe loop combination was solid

OMG When you double foot a jump it is NOT solid you dumbass biatch.

I am surprised this sport is allowed on TV anymore. It is not a real sport by any stretch of the imagination.

Sasha Cohen two footed a jump. Flutzed big time and had her usual wobbly edges on her spiral and the judges didn’t see any of it? Two judges even gave her plus GOE on her combination.Judge number 2 and judge number 3

(Judge 2 Kathleen Krieger, Arlington Heights, IL
Judge 3 Taffy Holliday, Greenwich, CT)

need to be fired right now. They are trying to fix this for the ice queen.

Look at these protocals? This is a disgrace.

She got plus 2 and plus 3 Grade of executions on her spirals which are supposed to be about edges.

They ignored her two footed jump and her flutz? I am so glad I didn’t pay to see this (My friend did. Thanks Jax:)

Congrats to Mirai for standing up and hitting her jumps fully rotated. Congrats to Rachael for the grudge she feels for being royally screwed yet again by United State judges that she will now carry on her shoulder into the free skate and congrats to whoever can come out on top in this competition with the judges fixing it for Sasha Cohen.


More images


haha international judges


i suck