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“Theoretically, there could be 3 AAers and two very strong uneven bar (workers)”

March 8, 2012

Read the article here. Marta is naming Nastia to this team if she competes and it will be at the expense of someone that actually deserves to make the team.

Who are the gymnast that are all around gymnasts?

Jordyn Wieber
Kyla ” better not be screwed over” Ross
Gabby ” if that beam routine goes up in team finals NOT” Douglas
Aly “weak uneven bar ” Raisman
Mckayla “really only great at vault” Maroney ?
Rebecca “always falling “Bross
“Shawn ” needs to upgrade ” Johnson

I think this pretty much means Alicia Sacramone should retire now because she does not fit either catagory.

Nastia Liukin

One set of rules for Nastia and one set for everyone else.

Q: For Nastia, do you want to see her focus on two events or add floor?

Karolyi: “No, I don’t think she should do floor. I think if she would be excellent on two events, that would give her a good chance, just because bars, we can use one more nice routine done well technically and with a good start value. And beam she was always beautiful and had correct execution. So I think if she is excellent on two, that would give her a good chance.”

Hey Nastia. Hit beam and bars and you are on this team, Love Marta

Kyla Ross Not even mentioned.


Marta implies that the 33 AA gymnasts will be good enough to compete any of the 4 events in the team final. Possibly being weak on the uneven bars. That fits Aly and Mckayla.

Think about these three AA gymnasts having to compete Vault, beam and floor in team finals to make up for the two uneven bar gymnasts. That means someone like Gabby will be used in team finals on beam. How about floor? If Gabby hit her floor routine at camp but was a mess at the American Cup how much more nervous will she be in a team finals at the Olympics. She only scored in the 13’s at worlds.

Taking two uneven bar workers to go with 3 AA gymnasts is a disaster in the making. I can’t believe I am going to say this but if you take someone like Nastia for bars at least she has a beam routine to back herself up. (If she is in shape) I guess Rebecca Bross could fit this category too. You are going to need some strong beam”ers” if you are using Gabby as your AA gymnast.

Shawn Johnson

Q: Where could Shawn Johnson potentially most help the team?

Karolyi: “Well, it’s just a big question. She just has to become the old Shawn Johnson. And if she will do that, she could. She was an excellent beamer, she was excellent on tumbling, and those two events could be…and she has a bar routine with a decent start value, not sky high but could be like an opener or something if she does that consistently.”

Marta is telling you Shawn that in order to make this team you need floor and bars. Interesting that she is counting on Shawn for floor if she is making this team. It pretty much proves she has a team in mind.

Q: Would you rather have two top athletes challenging each other like Jordyn and Gabrielle rather than one athlete who is the very best?

Karolyi: [Beaming] “Oh, they are challenging each other. Believe it or not, these girls are very very smart and they look left and right and they exactly know [here, for the first time, Karolyi seemed to lose a good deal of her thick Romanian accent. She’s speaking slowly, emphasizing each word] and they know when they have to charge a little stronger to make sure they keep their position. So it’s a very good healthy competition and it always was, and that’s a good element to bring the performance level even higher.”

Continue reading on Q and A: Martha Karolyi’s state of American gymnastics – National Gymnastics |

I will give Marta credit for pointing out the facts about Gabby’s beam and floor something no one else wants to acknowledge. Not that one single person besides me has pointed out her floor was a mess at the American Cup.

That being said she basically sent Gabby to the American cup to show up Jordyn to motivate her. “Beaming” way to make this a team Marta…….

and perhaps the most interesting part of the article is when Marta says she wants everyone at all 3 meets because they won;t compete internationally enough in the next few months. Does this mean she won’t send any of the names to the big meets coming up?



Chow: Is he selling out one gymnast for the other?

March 6, 2012

Shawn and Gabby’s coach comes across as a really great guy but after reading the most recent articles about Gabby and the upgrades he has planned for her I have to wonder if he is selling out Shawn for the possible success of having Gabby on the Olympic team.

Gabby has plans to add 4 more tenths to her uneven bar routine before June to go with her most recent upgrades. According to this blog Shawn has very little plans to upgrade

It seems like Chow learned the lesson Shawn missed by not upgrading her bar routine for 2008. It ended up costing her the AA gold medal. Yet Chow is planning on doing the same old lack up upgrades for Shawn in 2012? Perhaps that would not be a suspicious if Gabby wasn’t doing so much upgrading.

I realize they are different gymnasts and Shawn in weary of her injury but it makes no sense to not go for it if you want to make the Olympic team.

USA-gymnastics’ Clusterfuck

October 6, 2011

Before I start my blog about Alicia’s injury I have to give credit to Julia for the word Clusterfuck. It was too awesome a word not to use as the title for this blog. Julia made the comment on this blog I wrote a different day.

Second I want to give credit to exgymgurl for noticing that Shawn Johnson was not on twitter for two days. Elitegymnast wrote a blog about it and gave me credit so I want the credit to be given to my best poster, exgymgurl.

Okay back to Alicia. She injured herself on floor during some practice. Something to her Achilles. USA-gymnastics is keeping everything quiet.

I honestly don’t think losing Alicia is a big deal. The fact is Sabrina and Gabby need to step up and do their job. They are here for a reason. A reason none of us can figure out. A reason only inside Marta’s clusterfucked-up mind. A reason I don’t think I will ever understand but a reason none the less.

When all was said and done the only event Alicia was really going to be used for in team finals was vault. Maybe beam depending on how everyone did in prelims. Everyone claims she is a leader but the fact is she can still lead. She just can’t compete.

I will never celebrate Alicia’s injury but one thing I am happy about is she now won’t be the US gymnast with the most medals at Worlds. She will stayed tied with the troll and Shannon Miller. Than again, you never know if they will still consider her part of the team and give her a medal. I don’t know the rules on this.

I do feel a little bit bad for Alicia but then I don’t. Alicia spends more time in Denver with her third string boyfriend then she spends training and it caught up to her.

This should be a lesson to Marta. You cannot take a one event gymnast to worlds. It’s stupid and irresponsible. Now the US has to count on a team full of gymnasts that have never competed under this pressure.
Aly was at worlds last year but she apparently is injured too.

Perhaps my last and biggest complaint is the whereabouts of Shawn Johnson. I don’t follow her on twitter so the news about her being gone for two days was huge. The info about Anna being hurt was known by this time so the whole world speculated that she was on her way to Japan. So far that doesn’t seem to be true. I mean common sense is not Marta’s strong point but knowing how she likes to kill gymnasts how clusterfucked was her mind not to have Shawn near by?

You do realize we have to count on Sabrina Vega for bars and Gabby Douglas for beam in prelims. God help us that Gabby actually hits and Marta put her in team finals. That is a disaster waiting to happen.

Shawn should be in Japan and she should be competing. If you ask me she should have been the real alternate ahead of Sabrina who just really has no place on this team even if she does hit.

Today has been an exhausting day and I have almost been in tears several times but nothing can get me down today because it’s banner night baby and even though I am extremely bitter that I can’t be there in person (tickets sold out in 3 damn minutes) I am celebrating.

(will insert picture here after 7.30 pm:)

Oh look, the long awaited banner:)


The only thing better than a Stanley cup is a Yankee loss. Ahaha. Well not better but still so good, so good, so good, so good.

Who will make the US World team?

August 31, 2011

We have the locks,

:Jordyn Wieber
:Aly Raisman
:Alicia Sacramone

Then we have the most likely,

: Mckayla Maroney.

I know Mckayla beat Aly at Nationals but that whole competition was a question mark after Rebecca’s injury.

I could see Aly having a melt down at the camps and still being named to the team but I wouldn’t say Mckayla has that same free pass for a melt down. For arguments sake I will call her a lock for the sake of this blog.

So with those 4 locks we pretty much have Vault: covered. Any 4 of the named gymnasts could vault. Aly has a beautiful DTY. Mckayla and Jordyn have the Amanar’s and Alicia is , well Alicia.

BEAM: This group of gymnasts has Beam pretty much covered too. Poor Jordyn at this rate will be doing the AA in team finals. Alicia has a lower start value but she is pretty clean. Jordyn is great. Aly is solid. Mckayla is messy to me but if we had to use those 3 it would be plausible.

Floor: needs a bit of work. Again we have Jordyn. Aly’s routine scored well last year until they blatantly cheated her from a floor medal in the event finals. (If Aly deserved a deduction for artistry why the hell didn’t Chelaru and Mitchell get one? They are worse then Aly “allegedly” is.

I don’t know why Alicia is training floor at all. I don’t see her ever being relevant on this event again with her cheap tumbling but we all know the judges love to prove me wrong so she will probably be world champ in 2011.

Team Final,

Bold are definite. No need at all for a discussion.

Vault is covered







So we need two bar workers. A beam worker and a floor worker and we only have two places left. The beam worker is not as important as the floor worker. Alicia scores well at worlds. I honestly can’t see us using Mckayla or Alicia on floor.

SOOOOO….. Who has a really strong bar and floor routine???? Hey you know who fits this bill? Cassie Whitcomb. Too bad Marta screwed her out of too many teams she chose to go to school instead of compete elite. I know, you are saying she wasn’t really strong on those two events but I remember her winning floor and placing second on bars at one of last years camps. Sounds like a fit to me.

The only answer we have for this position is to take a chance with Chellsie Memmel. If she upgrades her floor the girl is a rock on this event and she is a former world champ on bars.

So an update,

If we add an updated, upgraded Chellsie Memmel we have a second bar worker and another beam worker. Also another floor worker but this is all IF, she upgrades.

So if we add Chellsie into the group
VT, Beam and Floor are covered and so is 2 of our 3 bar workers which leaves us with only one person left for our team and that person has to be a bar worker.

your choices are..
Anna Li
Gabriela Douglas.

Gabby was horrible at Nationals and I honestly wouldn’t take her on any team I picked. That is why she has a line through her name.

Anna Li is a one event gymnast. If she hits her bars great but she hasn’t hit her 6.7 routine yet because she hasn’t competed it. She was out scored by Macko on night one.

Anna is a one event gymnast that can’t even hit her one event. If Chellsie is on this team and she gets hurt Anna can’t replace her on a single event. That is why I just went and put a line through her name above.

If we take Chellsie the only option for the sixth team member is Mackenzie Caquatto. She fell on beam at Nationals on night one but she hit night two. Her start values are not as high as they could be but Gabby Douglas being the only other option Macko is pretty much the only option.

So my team with a healthy, upgraded Chellsie Memmel is

Jordyn Wieber
Aly Wieber
Mckalya Maroney
Alicia Sacramone
Chellsie Memmel
Mackenzie Caquatto


But……. What do we do if Memmel is a no go?

Part 2, tomorrow.

Rebecca Bross. Can she be any uglier?

July 23, 2011

No not her looks but her gymnastics.

Here is her bars from training and they are a complete mess. Sloppy form, labored. A mess is an understatement.

For those thinking they would be free of Nastia Liukin here at Classics I have bad news. The publicity whore is here to ruin our sport for her own personal gain. She can’t let Shawn Johnson get any TV air time without her face being shoved down our throats.

In honor of Sarah

March 29, 2011

I posted the first blog Sarah did in her series of ” Moral Rehab” at The Elite Gymnast and I was inspired. I decided to come up with my own blog of nice things to say about the 5 gymnasts she used in her series.

So the link is to each of Sarah’s individual gymnasts so you know who I am talking about. The comments are the nice things I can come up with.

Carly Patterson

1. The best part of re-watching the 2003 worlds is to listen to the girls on the team talk about someone from another team falling off a beam. Carly’s response to the fall was a sarcastic “Aw. That’s too bad” Classic line from Miss Carly that still makes me laugh 8 years later.

2. I liked her song “back to the beginning. One of those cheesy tunes I sing in the shower. Please excuse her being off key and the tune never changing she must have been sick. The outfit kind of looks like she is a stripper in a lounge act but I bet Nastia chose this for her. So we can’t blame Carly for it.

2. If it wasn’t for Carly, Nastia would be the first American to win the Olympic AA Gold medal in a fully attended Olympics. Think about that for a second. Imagine how many times Tim and Elfi would share this fact with us. I thank Carly every day for winning that gold medal.


Alicia Sacramone

1. Bradyn ” Brady” Tyler Quinn is “hot” Alicia doesn’t always have good taste in boys (he was QB for Notre Dame and every year he got his ass kicked by BC:) but this one is a keeper. At least in the looks department.

2. Alicia can beat up boys. Some boys need to get the shit kicked out of them once in awhile.

3. Alicia is from Massachusetts. Don’t listen to Sarah when she says we aren’t all nice down here. She doesn’t know what she is talking about. Just don’t drive with us. Or come to Fenway dressed in pinstrips because then you will see a nasty side of us that won’t put us in a very good light.

Nastia Liukin

She is a real blond. Well I don’t know if the carpet matches the drapes (I suppose we could ask Evan but I doubt he would have any insider information) but the hair looks real.

2. I love her name. Not her stupid nick name Nastia but her real name. The name Anastasia is very pretty.

3. She is single-handedly trying to bring back the 80’s phenom of the Flash dance sweatshirt falling off the side of your shoulder. I mean we could have lost this gaudy fad forever. Thank God for Nastia bringing it back.

Shawn Johnson

1. Shawn is cute as a button. All American’s are stupid and only like the cute ones so I thought I would further that notion and use it as a reason number 1.

2. She won beam in China. Saving us from another undeserved Gold medal like the one the UB judges tried to hand Nastia on a silver platter.

3. She had great difficulty and great form (minus the jumps) but anyone that can do a cast to handstand with her feet together in 2010 gets liked by me. Seriously watch everyone else. Even Komova and NO ONE does this anymore. It’s a lost art.


Dominique Moceanu

1. Ummmmmm. ????????

1. She isn’t a twin. One of them is Scary enough. Two of them? I don’t even want to think about it.

Is the Gymnastics community supporting Shannon Miller?

March 8, 2011

Whenever someone goes through something as big as chemotherapy in any other sport the entire community of that sport supports the person having the issue. It just doesn’t seem to be what is happening in the public eye when it comes to Shannon Miller.

Sarah posted something on her site about looking for words of encouragement from Shannon’s Mag 7 teammates on their facebooks or websites and she came up with NOTHING.

Jaycie Phelps is too busy telling the world what a great ambassador Nastia Liukin is to the world on her facebook. I guess she doesn’t know about Nastia’s past transgressions of bad mouthing and ridiculing any real competition she had for the AA title in Beijing. Maybe we should introduce her to Chellsie Memmel or Shawn Johnson?

Dominique Moceanu is too busy posting creepy pictures of herself in a car looking like she wants to have sex with the photographer while her husband looks on.

(Stop judging me for these comments people you send me the information. I am not friends with either of these people on face

Like Sarah said we don’t know what is going on in private but the lack of support from her so called friends publicly is kind of sad.

I will give two props to Henrietta Onodi who at least posted a message on her website. Nice to see someone cares.

Shannon Miller cancer scare

February 26, 2011

From what I have been reading she is very lucky she got this early because this could have turned into something much worse.

In semi related news some gymnasts have created bra’s to be auctioned off for Breast cancer.
These are some gaudy looking bra’ and I don’t see them being used when bought. Maybe someone will frame

Sorry about the lack of updates. I am sure I’ll do something for the scam cup next week (or the week after. I don’t even know when it is.honestly) but it’s baseball season so I am very busy.

Old Shannon Miller radio shows for anyone interested

Will she or won’t she?

February 4, 2011

We haven’t had a Nastia blog in awhile so lets discuss her comeback. Will she or won’t she. She said she would announce it in 2010. It’s now 2011. According to GGMB she was on the radio the other day and didn’t sound to confident about 2012 but we all know this girl will do anything for attention so down playing would be the norm for her. She also said she is aiming for worlds and Nationals this year. Sorry double talk makes me laugh. She is aiming for Nationals and Worlds but doesn’t think she can make 2012? I don’t understand why people buy the snow this girl shovels. They have plenty of it in Texas right now from what I read.

My guess is her ” announcement” will come when she can get the most publicity. The American Cup is in a month.

I personally think she is going for it. Maybe not full out but very much like she did in 2008. She wants the attention. She wants her name in the middle of this so she can get as much publicity as she can. Then again this is me here and I am always preparing for worst case scenario. Which would be Nastia on team 2012. You know Marta will put her on that team is she can swing a bar and I would hate to see a deserving gymnasts that went all out get screwed so Marta can bitter her way to Shannon Miller’s medal count.

Alicia is off to Jamaica. I guess not training in early 2011 to keep your body fresh for 2012 makes some sense but it isn’t going to help the upgrades she is going to need.

I also have to wonder if maybe Chellsie Memmel is back because she knows something we don’t. MY opinion is she has no chance in hell of making this team if Nastia makes it but that doesn’t mean Chellsie thinks that way. Maybe Chellsie thinks she has a shot even if Nastia is competing.

Shawn made the National team at a camp she said she barely did anything at. Who knows what the hell that is about. Motivating Nastia? Marta playing games with a bunch of kids is totally ridiculous.
That motivating comment came via GGMB via IG.

Has anyone seen the tweets between Nastia and Shawn about camp? They are hilarious. Look these girls do not get along. Playing the friendly role is such a pathetic attempt by both of them to play the game it just makes me laugh. This is like a soap opera. Not even a good one. Like when Jill Farren Phelps wrote One life to live in the late 90 early 2000’s.

Woga Classic via GGMB and The Examiner

Jordan Weiber (Twistars)
Mackenzie Brannan (Capital)
Samantha Partyka (Champion)
Claire Hammen (GKs)
Brandie Jay (GKs)
Rheagan Courville (Gymnasiana)
Ericha Fassbender (Stars Houston)
Ariana Guerra (Stars Houston)
Sophia Lee (WOGA)
McKenzie Wofford (WOGA)
Madison Kocian (WOGA)
Lizzy LeDuc (WOGA)
Katelyn Ohashi (WOGA)
Ivana Hong (WOGA)
Jaclyn McCartin (West Coast Elite)
Hallie Mossett (West Coast Elite)
Emma Sibson (Zenith Elite)

Irina Yashina
Anastasiya Marchuk

Madeline Gardiner
Victoria Moors
Bianca Dancose-Giambattisto
Anysia Unick

Anne Kuhm
Aurelie Malaussena
Doriane Thobie
Marine Brevet

Mitzi Unda-Sosa
Alexa Moreno
Clarissa Gonzalez
Brenda Areli Medina Nabarro

Isis Lowery

and just for fun I took this off IG. Nastia’s latest tweet? Now she is even making excuses for her BS. Gotta love it. Name dropping at ESPN and that idiot Kid Rock.

@ESPN Magazine Party with @KidRock performing….Almost my bedtime already haha & I have training tmrw morning so I can’t stay out too late!

Johnson added to National team.

February 2, 2011

Shawn Johnson was added to the National team . So was Ivana Hong. Nastia was not.

Marta loves Nastia. She wants nothing more then to have her take over the overall medal count from that bitch Shannon Miller for stealing Kim Zmeskal spotlight 18 years ago. If Nastia was even close to being ready on bars she would have her funding back.

Marta is still bitter after all these years so if she chose not to give Nastia her funding there is a reason behind it.