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Shawn Johnson

May 17, 2012

Article one.
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She won’t compete at Classics. She might not compete at Nationals. Can we end this facade that Shawn Johnson is currently still training for the Olympics?

When Shawn started this comeback I believe she had the best of intentions. That was 2011. This is 2012. I currently think differently.

The reason Shawn is pretending she is still in the gym is Nastia-esque. It’s more about this instead of this.

One of the blogs regulars has a different idea. “Sandy” thinks Shawn has something up her sleeve. That is another possibility but I somehow doubt it. Wouldn’t it be fun if Shawn skipped Classics and Nationals than showed up at Trials and finished top 3?

I still believe that Shawn started this comeback honestly. She certainly proved that by going to Pan Ams and nearly making the World team (where in any other year and any other head of the National team she very well could have been on the team) but somewhere in the middle of this she got lost. Either mentally or physically.

I really don’t think Shawn will skip Nationals and only compete at Trials. If she does that she might as well not even bother.