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Evan wins Olympic gold

February 19, 2010

Article by a hole E.M SWift

Plushenko whining

Elvis whining

Sasha Cohen open foot insert mouth

Golden Skates analysis

So I said last night I didn’t care who won as long as it was fair but the articles above make me maaad. I wanted to start this blog off so differently but I had to come here and defend Evan’s win. That makes me mad, grr

Elvis Stojko: Skating is not a jump contest. It is a Skating contest. I know the concept of choreography and Presentation are lost on you but fact is skating is not just about throwing quad jumps. You have to have choreography, transitions, Interpretation etc.. I know this because IT’S IN THE RULES.

Sasha Cohen: It seriously makes me LOL that Sasha Cohen is talking about how Plushenko should have won because he can jump. From a girl that built her entire “career” on lifting her leg over her fat head to even imply Plushenko should have won is ridiculous.

Does it kill me that because Daisuke Takahashi tried a quad and fell he lost any chance at the Gold medal because he fell yes it does but he went for it and did not complete the jump. Not that for a second do I think they would have given it to Daisuke even if he had not fallen. He had one scratchy landing on a triple triple and the rest of it was beautiful

Johnny Weir was NOT robbed of second place. God his fans have issues. Johnny did a great job last night but Daisuke had an 8 point lead over Johnny going into the LP and one fall combined with 8 triples and amazing footwork trumps Johnny hand down.

LAST but not least Plushy. Oh Plushy. You are a great jumper but last night was not your crowning moment. You landed your jumps but you landed them with badly edged bobbles. How you can think you deserved to win with that performance is sad.


Kwan Boy from the MKForum explains why below that Evan deserved to win and even though he is one of my least favorite people over at that Forum he got it right here.

The reasons why Evan won the TES over Plushenko…

1-Evan had 4 triples (including a 3axel/2toe and 3flip/2toe/2loop combination) and 4 doubles (including a double axel) after the halfway mark which, obviously, increase the jumps by 10%. His BASE mark for TES was 0.10 lower than Plushenko’s due to program construction and putting difficult jumps near the end of his program. Plushenko only had 4 total, 2 triples and 2 doubles, the 3lutz/2toe, 3sal and the 2axel. In other words, no stamina!

2-Grade of Execution matters! Evan had SIX elements that scored a 1.00 or more in GOE. Plushenko only had three. Just doing an element and completing it is not enough. You have to do it well!

3-Spins also matter. Even though they both did level 4 spins, Plushenko still did one spin that was level 3. All of Evan’s spins were level 4. Plus Plushenko’s lowest amount of GOE on a spin was 0.14. Evan’s lowest was a 0.50. Plushenko’s highest was a 0.80 while Evan’s was a 1.00.

4-I’ll say it again… LEVEL 4 FOOTWORK! Evan’s circular footwork was deemed level 4 because he used his upper body a lot while doing the steps which makes it A LOT harder. And since he got level 4, in addition to his 0.60 more for the base mark, he also accrued 1.20 in GOE, 0.20 higher than Plushenko’s 1.00 for his straight line, which had more higher GOE’s than Evan, because getting level 4 is NOT easy!

5-Points add up. Everything Evan did he did VERY well, getting a positive GOE on everything but 2 jumps. And even those 2 jumps had very small negative GOE’s on them (less than a point). His average GOE for all his positive elements was 0.96. This is a contrast to Plushenko, got an average of 0.67 (including his 0.00 GOE on a combination). It also helps that his base mark was so close to Plushenko’s, who had a quad (which is 9.80 points more base value), because of the well constructed program, leaving hard jumps for the end of the program, all level 4 spins and level 4 footwork.

Having said all that I still want to know in WHAT UNIVERSE that Plushenko has better Interpretation and Performance/Execution than Lysacek??? Plushenko rightfully won the Skating Skills mark. But based on what I witnessed last night, it is a travesty that the judges would give such a “Oksana” like performance (posing, preening, shaking his bootie) higher marks than Evan, especially since Evan was WAY cleaner!!! And his transitions mark went up from the short program. Sad.


Hate on me hater

January 25, 2010


This is like Glee beating out 30 Rock, Entourage and The Office for the Golden Globe Award last week. Those shows are stupid, overrated and liked by critics but us people without the box know full well that Glee rocks! It might not be on HBO or star Tina Fey but it doesn’t mean it doesn’t have it’s good points too.

So I would like to dedicate the song Hate on me sung by the kids from the TV Show Glee to the 2010 United States Figure Skating National Champion Rachael Flatt. Rachael would never say this but I am sure she is thinking it.


I am glad Rachael Flatt was finally rewarded for her jumping ability. Yes she was overscored but who isn’t at a National Championship? Rachael did what she always does. She went out there and competed and for that she deserves credit. It gives me great joy to see her succeed because it pisses off so many nasty bitter people (Stop laughing people I am not bitter I am opinionated:)

My advice and opinions

Dear Sasha. BYE

I can’t say I will miss you. You choked away your free pass to the Olympics and even you knew it after you double footed your second triple jump. You then didn’t even bother to give an effort on any of your spins and spirals. Rumor has it you were told hit 4 of your triples (which is why you had next to no jump content in your LP) and you would be in but you couldn’t even do that. Shame on you Sasha. Shame on you.
I would like to congratulate you for being mature about your own mistakes but even your hug to Rachael and Mirai were only done for the good of the camera. It was fake. Just like you.
I am glad the judges finally did the right thing and didn’t hold you up. It’s time to be realistic here. If you couldn’t beat Rachael and Marai you were never coming close to a medal at the Olympics. You got the attention you wanted now do the girls all a favor and give them the spotlight they deserve. GO away.

Mirai Nagasu was the anointed winner by Scott Hamilton before the competition was even over but when doesn’t that man put his foot in his mouth while commentating? From the Russian/French situation in 02 (before the cheating judges were brought into it) from him calling Michelle Kwan’s 1998 Olympic LP cautious when it wasn’t Scott Hamilton LOVES to make things up just to hear himself talk. Last night he did it again.
Mirai is a beautiful skater. She has a great personality but she has been downgraded in her jumps all season long and last night was no different and it won’t be different in Canada if she doesn’t fix the problem.
Watching the pure joy she was having while skating was pretty damn awesome last night and that is what I will remember about her performance.

Uncle Dickie Button needs to go. I have been in full support of Uncle Dick in the past because he always told the truth but like superman he has his kryptonite. That is Sasha Cohen.

In her career whenever Sasha fell or made a mistake Uncle Dickie lied through his teeth to praise her and last night was the final straw for me. Before the competition he was actually preparing the fans watching the broadcast for Sasha winning even if she missed her jumps. Making excuses for the lack of jump content she was planning and mistake that were sure to follow by saying she was scoring points in other ways. I can’t condone cheating but this for me pretty much proves that Sasha only needed to stand up her jumps on one foot to get that spot on the Olympic team.

Caroline Zhang: Keep your head up. You still have a lot of talent. Just fix the free leg and come back. You are still young.

Ashley Wagner: Words do not describe how much you annoy I fully admit it is the Terror Lipinski connection but it isn’t just that. The way you acted last night was pretty bad. Openly rooting for skaters to fail was funny when you were doing it to Sasha but Mirai and Rachael deserved better. I get that your upset and I get that you were really just wishing for that spot on the Olympic team but next time do it in private. You made yourself look like a jerk.

Alexe Gilles: I love Alexe. Not her skating but just her. She is just happy to be there. If she could only put it together she has some nice qualities. Good luck

Bebe Liang: Nice to see a clean (for you) long program. I hope you get to go to worlds to give it a shot.

Christina Gao: Cute as a button. Great technique on her jumps. She could be the whole package for the future if a growth spurt doesn’t take her out. I look forward to seeing her progress.

Emily Hughes: Your whole career is based on being the other Hughes sister. Judges have their glasses back see ya later:)

And last but not least trucking out your gold medalists at the National Championships seeing Terror Lipinski and Sarah Hughes on that list just made me throw up a little in my mouth. Kristi, Peggy and Dick deserve better company.

Figure skating is not a real sport

January 22, 2010

sasha gets overflated marks again

This idiot the AP has writing skating articles needs a new job. She just blatantly ignored the mistakes Sasha had in this article. LMAO

LP Start order

Sasha’s SP over skore

Her triple lutz-double toe loop combination was solid

OMG When you double foot a jump it is NOT solid you dumbass biatch.

I am surprised this sport is allowed on TV anymore. It is not a real sport by any stretch of the imagination.

Sasha Cohen two footed a jump. Flutzed big time and had her usual wobbly edges on her spiral and the judges didn’t see any of it? Two judges even gave her plus GOE on her combination.Judge number 2 and judge number 3

(Judge 2 Kathleen Krieger, Arlington Heights, IL
Judge 3 Taffy Holliday, Greenwich, CT)

need to be fired right now. They are trying to fix this for the ice queen.

Look at these protocals? This is a disgrace.

She got plus 2 and plus 3 Grade of executions on her spirals which are supposed to be about edges.

They ignored her two footed jump and her flutz? I am so glad I didn’t pay to see this (My friend did. Thanks Jax:)

Congrats to Mirai for standing up and hitting her jumps fully rotated. Congrats to Rachael for the grudge she feels for being royally screwed yet again by United State judges that she will now carry on her shoulder into the free skate and congrats to whoever can come out on top in this competition with the judges fixing it for Sasha Cohen.


More images


haha international judges


i suck






Where’s Sasha?

January 20, 2010

skating haha

Where is Sasha” The current national champ is already here. Alissa practiced today. Rachael Flatt is here. Marai Nagasu is here too but Sasha is no where to be seen.

Oh I wish this was a case of she had no intentions to show up but no such luck. Sasha is on Sasha time. She will be here tomorrow allegedly at practice where we will probably see her skate around doing spirals on the wrong edge. Sasha can’t even bother to be here when everyone else show’s up because Sasha is special. She has been handed her entire career on a silver platter because the US judges were just waiting for Michelle Kwan to retire and they needed a new skater to plaster all over the website.

Many people think if Sasha Cohen fall’s a part during the SP at Nationals that she will withdraw from the competition. Others think the judges are already to prop her up even if she falls and over score her PCS to make sure she gets the second spot on the Olympic team. I hope she drops out because as bad as the ladies skaters are this year Sasha doesn’t deserve a sport based on her name only especially since her entire career has been based on her potential and nothing she actually deserved to accomplish.

Her silver medal at the last Olympics was a travesty and it proved that the new code is a joke.

I don’t want to begrudge Sasha all of her career. I mean she did go to practice every day getting up earlier then I ever plan on getting up in my life but it wasn’t that hard for Sasha with daddy footing the bill.

Did you guess I am not a Sasha fan? Maybe it’s the Nastia self entitled attitude. Maybe it’s the bitch Russian in her. Nah it’s more like the bad attitude. Sasha has been known to skate to close to her competitors in warm ups trying to ruin their performance. She did it to Jenny Kirk a few years ago and she did it to Michelle Kwan also.

Sasha is what I like to refer to as a bad egg. (or maybe I just stole that from Kwanette)

Nationals starts this weekend. Should be interesting to see if the judges hold Sasha up again or if they do the right thing and take the skater deserving to go. For some reason I just canNOT trust the judges.

Michelle Kwan retires

July 31, 2009

Official Release

I know this is a Gymnastics blog but when big news happens in sports I watch I feel I have to make comments about it.

The best skater the US has ever produced has decided to waste her life going to school instead of making skating fans happy and coming back to skating.
Okay I am half kidding. She didn’t do it to make skating fans mad but she has decided to go to school in Boston (where it’s cold and snowy instead of bright and sunny like LA)

Michelle epitomizes everything that skating should be about. Great technique, fully rotated jumps, lutz’s not flutzes and an overall presentation not matched by anyone in the world EVER in my opinion. She will be missed and if you don’t miss her then you just don’t know skating.

Best of luck Michelle with your future. I hope it all works out but today is a sad day for skating not to mention you have now left all the attention for attention whore Sasha Cohen. Thanks for nothing