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The contenders for the World team. AA

August 19, 2009

It’s still a month plus away from Worlds (They start middle of October) but who would you put on the team as of now?

The US gets 4 spots overall but only 3 gymnasts for each event. With two AA’ers a given that leaves two spots and only one event)

IMO Marta has already decided most of the team. Sloan and Bross for AA. Nastia for bars and beam. Then she will take a vault and floor specialist. That I can’t predict. I can’t believe she is considering Kytra Hunter for this team.

The reality:


Bridget Sloan : is your National Champion. She should be on the team. She had some trouble on beam day one but she nailed all 4 routines on day two and took all 3 event finals when combining scores from both days. When she needed to she hit her landings on floor and with the new code taking deductions for steps and lunges Bridget stepped up when she needed to.

Ivana Hong : was a clean landings on floor away from being National Champion but it wasn’t meant to be. She almost nailed her vault to end the competition but with lower start values on 3 events then Bridget and Rebecca she will be the one left off the team. She doesn’t stand out on any event except beam but thanks to Marta taking Nastia at all costs Ivana gets screwed. My advice to Ivana is train a second vault. Your DTY is beautiful (except the leg separation at the end) You are capable of it.

Rebecca Bross: She fell, fell, fell at Nationals and you would know it by looking at her scores. The judges just didn’t deduct. Marta controls those judges which pretty much makes her a lock for the second AA spot. She competed injured (she is always injured) and has higher start values then above. The only reason she finished 3rd besides the judges with all those mistakes was because the competition as a whole was the weakest it has been since 1997.

Of the 3 mentioned above (and with worlds being so weak this year) Bridget has a chance to make beam and floor finals and possibly bars (but she won’t medal) Bridget can make beam and floor finals and Ivana could make beam finals. Possibly floor if she cleans up her landings but that could be said about Ivana also.

Next up Event Finals.