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WWRD? : What would you do if you were Rebecca Bross?

July 7, 2012


A new article about Rebecca. I hope this happy attitude is not for show. I would hate to think she is crying when she isn’t on twitter.

As happy as I am to have a Woga-less Olympic team I can’t help but feel a little for Rebecca Bross.

I always thought I could not stand this gymnast but when watching Trials I found myself rooting for her to hit. I know, It even surprised me.

So if you were Rebecca Bross and you did not make the 2012 Olympic team what would you decide to do with the rest of your life?

Would you retire and go live a stress free life? Or would you stay the course and attempt to stay healthy enough to make the 2016 Olympic team? Would you stay with Valeri Liukin as your coach or would you find yourself a coach that actually gave a crap about you as anything but a means to an end?

It’s a tough choice. What Rebecca will end up doing is a mystery. If I made the decision for Rebecca I am sure it would be different.

IMO, Rebecca has two choices. Choice one, which is what I would do, is retire. She is too injury prone and inconsistent to compete with the likes of Kaitlyn Ohashi for the next four years. I just don’t see it happening.

The second choice if I was Rebecca would be to stay the course. Find a new coach that will care about me more then his personal hidden agenda of making his daughter a legend.

I don’t care what anyone says, Valeri quit on Rebecca the second his daughter was talked into training again so he could be Olympic coach. Woga knew Rebecca was falling a part and that is why she was an afterthought. Watching Valeri sit there with his arms around his daughters neck while Rebecca was no where to be seen is proof positive that Valeri had abandoned Rebecca. It’s too bad that Rebecca couldn’t even see what is right in front of her.

In the end I just want Rebecca to do what is going to make her happy. If she wants to train for four more years and ends up a relatively normal happy adult then who am I to say differently? I just hope she doesn’t end up as bitter as Kim Kelly.


Rebecca Bross on beam. Day two of the Olympic Trials

July 4, 2012

Watch it while you can before NBC finds it and takes it down.

Podium Training

June 7, 2012

I finally watched this routine and could Valeri look any less interested in what Rebecca is doing? For Nastia he is under her the entire time, spotting. Rebecca he has his arms crossed and he looks bored.

Watch the beginning of the video too when Nastia says something to the girl in blue, she then turns around like she was told to move and she does. It looks like Nastia told her to move out of the way so she could see. You know what my reply would have

Here is what, whats her name has to say. I never remember her name. Still don’t and I don’t feel like checking to see so…..

Interesting tidbit, Marta making excuses for Nastia before she competes. Intersting how she says she wantsd the good routine at Trials. Funny I thought Nastia had to play by the rules. So why is Marta already talking about her at Trials, a spot she has not earned yet. Why? FREE RIDE. At least admit it Marta.

4:14 p.m.: Other Martha tidbits: She says that she needs to see a full bar routine from Nastia Liukin. She says she hasn’t seen one yet. She’d also like to see a beam routine with slightly better connections. Martha also indicated that Nastia’s bar routine doesn’t even have to be amazing (actually, the words she used were “very good”) — she just wants to see one. The “very good” one can wait for Trials.

Kim Zmeskal in charge of the little ones? Really? What talent has she produced so far again? Oh right, Chelsea Davis ZZzZzZzZZZZzzzzz(Rolling eyes)

Peppy Miller. Yes I want to smack her:)

I already like her floor and now she is impressing me on bars. Elizabeth Price is my new hero. Why you ask? because she can keep her legs and feet together during her bar routine. NO ONE else does that. I hope she hits and becomes the first watchable Parkette EVER!:)

This routine is growing on me. You can watch Shannon Miller and Steve Penny laugh at each others jokes at the end of Sarah’s floor routine. Oh Shannon. Steve would have screwed you over first chance he got if he was in charge of your gymnastics career.

Anna Li hitting bars.

Aly being Aly

Messy Sarah on beam.

Jordyn on floor

Rebecca Bross

May 18, 2012

I don’t have the article but apparently Rebecca Bross has decided to only focus on bars and beam. She will no longer train Vault and Floor. Health wise this is a good idea. The girl is a walking injury but her chances for making this Olympic team have just ended IMO.

Rebecca has two UB medals from worlds but her scores are hardly impressive.

At the 2010 worlds she scored a 14.933 in prelims. Of the top 6 AA gymnasts in prelims Rebecca had the fifth worst score. The only gymnast she beat on bars was Aly Raisman (14.133)

In the AA she repeated that same score. This was the competition she got that ridiculous 15 plus score for her floor routines to keep her in the AA even though she fell.

In the event finals her score went up to a 15.066 where she finished third. She never would have been in the medals if the two Chinese girls didn’t choke.

In 2009 she scored a 14.635 in the event finals. In the AA it was a 15.075.

These scores might have cut it two years ago but if the US needs a bar specialist (that can only back up one event in case of injury) 14.933, 14.675 and 15.075 is just not good enough. Give her the benefit of the doubt with a 3 point upgrade in difficulty score and she still doesn’t cut it.

Kyla Ross got scores in the 15’s with the same difficulty score and much better execution. She most likely will upgrade.

Russia recently got 3 score over a 15.300 and the lowest was Grishina who matches the US’s best.

I actually think Rebecca is more valuable on beam than bars and the US does not need a beam specialist.

I know this Bross blog is currently poorly written (even for me) but I have tried to write it a million times and much like Rebecca’s gymnastics, boring is what you get.

I have this like/tolerate/hate opinion of Bross. Off hand she is a good gymnast. A lucky gymnast in most regards (two AA medals with falls) and while her being on this team doesn’t totally make me want to throw up I don’t see a place for her doing two events. The one event she really could have been useful on would be floor. She isn’t training it.

US National team needs a stylist

April 25, 2012

Hear me Marta? Hire someone to dress these girls because every single one of them looks like they got dressed in the dark.

Sabrina dear, Why are you dressing like your grandmother? Is Nastia giving you advice on what to wear?

Mckayla Dear, Not sure what that outfit is or that attitude. Watch the video about who is the best dressed. Listen to her answer. Listen to everyone laugh and then watch the look on her face. She was serious and she didn’t understand why anyone was laughing. HI-LAAAARious.

VIDEO is here

There are others if you look around the site but they were boring. Guess which video I didn’t watch:)

I think I might like Anna Li. Don’t wait to read that comment because I will probably change my mind if you do:) She seems sweet but this does NOT change my opinion on her gymnastics.

Here is Shawn talking about her beam routine.
Watch Nastia in the background with the bitch face on, crossing her

Do I even need to comment on her dress?

Babies Galore,

AWW, Baby Kyla

Look even baby Rebecca was cute and we almost made it through all the pictures without having to look at Nastia.

Baby Aly

Baby Gabby

Baby Mckayla

The Nastia Liukin way.

March 14, 2012

Everyone else was at camp. Not because it is their favorite thing to do but because they were told. It’s time to put up or shut up but not Nastia Liukin. She is “hurt” she can’t come to camp. She can’t show what she has 4 months before the Olympics. Oh no she is in LA filming the price to right?

Are you ******* kidding me?

She is there to “promote” the Olympic Trials. A place she wouldn’t sniff if the world was fair. Hell, I am not sure the world is even round anymore.

Any boss worth their shit would be banning this little twit from any camps in the future after pulling this little ditty but Marta probably sent her there to do it.

If I am Aly Raisman or Mckayla Maroney this pisses me off. They are one of the two likely left off the Olympic team so little miss perfect can be named to the team.

What about Shawn, Alicia or Bridget ? ALL were given no assignments at all after the most recent camp (even though they probably weren’t ready to compete anyway) They were practically threatened to be at camp but Nastia gets to stay home and rest her ” hurt shoulder”

Please tell me I am not the only person who finds this complete bullshit?

Someone tell Rebecca Bross to stop competing because it is obvious the only way on the Olympic team is to kiss Marta’s big fat ass. Just ask Nastia.


“Theoretically, there could be 3 AAers and two very strong uneven bar (workers)”

March 8, 2012

Read the article here. Marta is naming Nastia to this team if she competes and it will be at the expense of someone that actually deserves to make the team.

Who are the gymnast that are all around gymnasts?

Jordyn Wieber
Kyla ” better not be screwed over” Ross
Gabby ” if that beam routine goes up in team finals NOT” Douglas
Aly “weak uneven bar ” Raisman
Mckayla “really only great at vault” Maroney ?
Rebecca “always falling “Bross
“Shawn ” needs to upgrade ” Johnson

I think this pretty much means Alicia Sacramone should retire now because she does not fit either catagory.

Nastia Liukin

One set of rules for Nastia and one set for everyone else.

Q: For Nastia, do you want to see her focus on two events or add floor?

Karolyi: “No, I don’t think she should do floor. I think if she would be excellent on two events, that would give her a good chance, just because bars, we can use one more nice routine done well technically and with a good start value. And beam she was always beautiful and had correct execution. So I think if she is excellent on two, that would give her a good chance.”

Hey Nastia. Hit beam and bars and you are on this team, Love Marta

Kyla Ross Not even mentioned.


Marta implies that the 33 AA gymnasts will be good enough to compete any of the 4 events in the team final. Possibly being weak on the uneven bars. That fits Aly and Mckayla.

Think about these three AA gymnasts having to compete Vault, beam and floor in team finals to make up for the two uneven bar gymnasts. That means someone like Gabby will be used in team finals on beam. How about floor? If Gabby hit her floor routine at camp but was a mess at the American Cup how much more nervous will she be in a team finals at the Olympics. She only scored in the 13’s at worlds.

Taking two uneven bar workers to go with 3 AA gymnasts is a disaster in the making. I can’t believe I am going to say this but if you take someone like Nastia for bars at least she has a beam routine to back herself up. (If she is in shape) I guess Rebecca Bross could fit this category too. You are going to need some strong beam”ers” if you are using Gabby as your AA gymnast.

Shawn Johnson

Q: Where could Shawn Johnson potentially most help the team?

Karolyi: “Well, it’s just a big question. She just has to become the old Shawn Johnson. And if she will do that, she could. She was an excellent beamer, she was excellent on tumbling, and those two events could be…and she has a bar routine with a decent start value, not sky high but could be like an opener or something if she does that consistently.”

Marta is telling you Shawn that in order to make this team you need floor and bars. Interesting that she is counting on Shawn for floor if she is making this team. It pretty much proves she has a team in mind.

Q: Would you rather have two top athletes challenging each other like Jordyn and Gabrielle rather than one athlete who is the very best?

Karolyi: [Beaming] “Oh, they are challenging each other. Believe it or not, these girls are very very smart and they look left and right and they exactly know [here, for the first time, Karolyi seemed to lose a good deal of her thick Romanian accent. She’s speaking slowly, emphasizing each word] and they know when they have to charge a little stronger to make sure they keep their position. So it’s a very good healthy competition and it always was, and that’s a good element to bring the performance level even higher.”

Continue reading on Q and A: Martha Karolyi’s state of American gymnastics – National Gymnastics |

I will give Marta credit for pointing out the facts about Gabby’s beam and floor something no one else wants to acknowledge. Not that one single person besides me has pointed out her floor was a mess at the American Cup.

That being said she basically sent Gabby to the American cup to show up Jordyn to motivate her. “Beaming” way to make this a team Marta…….

and perhaps the most interesting part of the article is when Marta says she wants everyone at all 3 meets because they won;t compete internationally enough in the next few months. Does this mean she won’t send any of the names to the big meets coming up?


The Olympic Trials. What if ______ falls three times?

March 2, 2012


There is no secret camp after Trials this year to hide the Marta decision making process. Does that mean hitting at Trials is essential to making the Olympic team?

If someone like Jordyn has a bad meet it won’t hurt her chances but what is Rebecca Bross falls 3 times. Does she get the same benefit Jordyn will get?

Rebecca Bross is a very inconsistent gymnast. She won two AA medals with falls. She has only competed in one team finals at Worlds and while she did not fall she had several bobbles on beam (but still scored well) She has a high start value on bars but usually only scores in the 14.8 range when she hits. Does she have enough of a reputation to put her on this team if she falters at Trials?

What about the complete opposite of the spectrum. Chellsie Memmel loves to hit when you least expect it. She could finish top 2 at Trials and throw a huge monkey wrench into deciding the Olympic team. With no secret camp to hide behind would Marta name her to the team if the other AA gymnasts make mistakes?

I guess the real question is, If a gymnast known for being inconsistant like Rebecca Bross falls all over the place at Nationals and Trials will Marta dare name her to the Olympic team?

What about Nastia. She has not competed in 3 years. If she goes to Nationals and hits one of two routines then goes to trials and does the same does she get named to this team anyway?

What if Gabby hits bars on both days and lives up to her ridiculous AA score at a camp meet. Would Marta name Nastia over Gabby and would there be any backlash if she did?

None of this will probably even matter come June. There is no way Marta will be forced into adding a gymnast to this team if she doesn’t want said gymnast on the team. She will make sure the judges keep that gymnast down. Take note Chellsie Memmel. This will probably be you.

Woga Classic

February 20, 2012

IG’s facebook has some video
IG Article
Gymnastike Videos

Better Quality videos (This is the march in)

Other Videos

I wasn’t impressed but it is February so no one needs to impress now anyway.

That being said Rebecca Bross looked like crap. She was her usual aggressive self on beam but I will never get what it is about this girl that impresses people. She is worse then Carly Patterson when it comes to being robotic but at least Carly had a little bit of rhythm to her on her best event. Rebecca is just clod hopping skill landed low after clod hopping skill.

On bars her form was worse then usual. You would think with all that time off on the power events she would have worked on her execution and technique on bars but she didn’t even swing the bar well.

I know. I know. IT’S FEBRUARY!!

I know the world loves Katelyn Ohashi for her potential but I think she has lost a lot of the spark she had as a junior gymnast. Technically she is still a junior but she has grown a lot the last year. The rhythm and flow she had seems to be disappearing too.

Her beam skills are looking more secure but she isn’t going to credit for some of her connections if the judges are being fair.

Her floor had a lot of messy landings and she flung a couple of passes.

I will give Valeri a little credit. The scores were not scam cup worthy like I expected but then again his Princess Nastia didn’t compete. Then again I just compared her scores to other scores and she was generously scored compared to others.

Nastia was apparently rude to some autograph seekers last night. I read somewhere her shoulder was sore so we now have #NastiaExcuse#1

:Sore Shoulder

Here is Madison Kocian on bars. She hit almost every handstand near perfectly except two. She had several form breaks from the calves down and one big leg separation. I had originally had this as the most impressive routine of the night but I changed that when I saw a better version of the video.

Here is Simone Biles, Amanar. This kid has power.

Her floor was blah presentation wise and her double layout wasn’t as impressive as her vault but she has potential on these two events. It’s too bad I see her in College more then as successful elite.


Junior All-Around VT UB BB FX Total
1. Kaitlyn Ohashi 5.8 14.45 6.0 13.50 7.0 15.70 5.4 13.75 57.40
2. Madison Kocian 5.0 14.00 6.3 15.10 5.6 14.05 5.2 13.40 56.55
3. Simona Bile 6.5 16.15 4.5 11.35 5.7 14.00 5.5 13.85 55.35
4. Peyton Ernst 5.8 14.60 5.1 12.15 6.4 14.50 5.3 12.05 53.30
5. Polina Shchennikova 5.0 13.50 5.9 13.35 5.3 13.40 5.1 12.70 52.95
6. Olena Vasilyeva 5.0 12.85 6.2 14.20 5.6 10.70 4.9 12.05 49.80
7. Macy Toronjo 5.0 12.90 0.0 0.00 4.7 12.35 5.3 12.90 38.15
8. Veronica Hults 6.0 14.00 14.00


Senior All-Around VT UB BB FX Total
1. Mackenzie Brannan 5.3 14.05 6.0 14.00 5.3 13.60 5.5 13.25 54.90
2. Krystyna Sankova 5.0 13.55 5.3 12.40 5.9 14.10 5.6 12.05 52.10
3. Claire Hammen 5.2 13.60 5.1 11.90 4.7 12.70 5.1 11.75 49.95
4. Leslie Delgado 4.6 13.10 4.5 11.15 5.0 10.00 4.5 11.25 45.50
5. Briley Casanova 5.3 13.90 4.8 12.55 5.3 13.50 39.95
6. Hayley Sanders 5.9 13.90 13.90

Christmas Pictures with gymnasts

December 21, 2011


Shannon Miller (1), Jordyn Wieber(6), Bridget Sloan(10), Rebecca Bross (14)

And we thought Becca’s hair was scary