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When Phil is right he is right. SP Skating results

April 30, 2011

SP Results

When Phil is right boy is he is right the problem is he is usually wrong. I would like to disagree with him here but I can’t.

Having the worlds in Russia is a travesty. They cheat. It is disgusting how blatantly they cheat and their skaters suck. Both of them suck. That might be cruel but Alena Leonova is like watching a poor women’s Irina Slutskaya without the jumping talent. Ksenia Makarova being in the position she is in is hilarious. She isn’t good enough to be a US skater but competing in Russia makes her the worlds 3rd best SP? LMAO um no.

Alissa Czisny is kind of like a broken clock. She is right twice a day. Problem with Alissa is when she needs to hit she doesn’t. She had some issues in her SP but it isn’t an Olympic year so all we know for sure is she might stand up. She might fall. If it was an Olympic year she would be on her ass.


LOVE the dress. Like the music and to be fair her only real issue was missing the combination where she didn’t attempt the second jump so she could do it later. It’s hard to argue she was so bad she didn’t deserve to be near the top because most of her skating is light years ahead of everyone else but I agree with what Phil said about Miki.


Miki was Miki. Consistent if not a little boring. Mao was a mess. Missed two of her 3 jumps?

Rachael Flatt is injured. If she did not double the triple lutz she would be in third place right now. Apparently she got level 4 for her step sequence

I will not even bother to talk about the ridiculous scoring of useless Carolina Kostner.

Worlds sucks. You know what sucks worse? any skating competitions in Russia.


God help the USA

January 30, 2011


I am pretty sure I wrote this blog last year. Only difference is this year Alissa won Nationals and now I am beside myself.

I watched the LP’s tonight without sound. That was kind of fun.

I listened to Janet Jackson’s Again for Alissa. Whitney Houston’s I have nothing for Mirai and Taylors Swifts That’s the way I love you for Rachael Flatt. Then I thought how appropriate for Alissa and Mirai. They lived up to their songs. Mirai leaves Nationals with no World Championships and Alissa won back her title, Again. Rachael’s song didn’t live up to her though. That LP wasn’t fun without music.

Okay so Alissa is our hope for 3 spots next year. She also just hit two competitions in a row. Anyone remember when that happened last? I am thinking 5 years ago. She then tanked the Olympic trials/Nationals.

Mirai must have had some huge downgrades with that LP. My guess is she missed something and lost points for something. Damn new code.

The good news about this years National Championships? No Emily Hughes. That in itself gives Nationals a passing grade for me.

US Nationals SP (women, men) skating order

January 27, 2011

Here is a link to the results. I have less interest in Skating then I have in gymnastics these days but I’ll try to update.

LIVE Results for the pairs 4.17 pm eastern time.

I hate rooting against people and my luck usually helps them do well but the last thing the US team needs to do is give Alissa damn Czisny another shot at a world team. She hit at the GP Final and as great as that is for her do we really want to put the US’s 3 spots for next year in the hands of this girl? I am scared and you should be too.

Here is the starting order for the women.

1 Kelsey Traunero, SC of Wilmington
2 Felicia Zhang, SC of New York
3 Alissa Czisny, Detroit SC
4 Christina Gao, Northern Kentucky SC
5 Kristiene Gong, All Year FSC
6 Alexe Gilles, Broadmoor SC
7 Agnes Zawadzki, Broadmoor SC
8 Caroline Zhang, All Year FSC
9 Ellie Kawamura, All Year FSC
10 Mirai Nagasu, Pasadena FSC
11 Katy Jo West, Rocky Mountain FSC
12 Raina Narita, SC of New York
13 Tatyana Khazova, Broadmoor SC
14 Morgan Bell, Rocky Mountain FSC
15 Kristine Musademba, Washington FSC
16 Keli Zhou, SC of Oregon
17 Vanessa Lam, All Year FSC
18 Joelle Forte, SC of New York
19 Ashley Wagner, SC of Wilmington
20 Yasmin Siraj, SC of Boston
21 Rachael Flatt, Broadmoor SC
22 Danielle Kahle, All Year FSC (she is still competing?)
23 Melissa Bulanhagui, University of Delaware FSC

Men: Gee all the men seem to have been pulled into the sucky luck of Michelle Kwan and skating order.

1 Keegan Messing, Alaska Assoc of Figure Skaters
2 Adam Rippon, SC of New York
3 Brandon Mroz, Broadmoor SC
4 Jonathan Cassar, All Year FSC
5 Jeremy Abbott, Detroit SC
6 Wesley Campbell, Colonial FSC
7 Jason Brown, Skokie Valley SC
8 Douglas Razzano, Coyotes SC of Arizona
9 Parker Pennington, Cleveland SC
10 Andrew Gonzales, All Year FSC
11 Ross Miner, SC of Boston
12 Grant Hochstein, St. Clair Shores FSC
13 Sean Rabbitt, Glacier Falls FSC
14 Scott Dyer, Columbia FSC (MD)
15 Ryan Bradley, Broadmoor SC
16 Christopher Caluza, All Year FSC
17 Lloyd Ting, SC of New York
18 Joshua Farris, Broadmoor SC
19 Jason Wong, SC of Boston
20 Richard Dornbush, All Year FSC
21 Armin Mahbanoozadeh, Washington FSC
22 Alexander Johnson, Broadmoor SC

Mao wins worlds. Mirai goes boom.

March 27, 2010

Finals results

I must say this was one crazy World Championships for the ladies skaters. Almost like a Parallel universe universe where everything is the same but different.

Mirai was first in the SP (Though she shouldn’t have been since the judges ignored her cheated loop) Yu Na was way down in seventh, Mao was downgraded for a triple axel that didn’t look cheated to many and the world seemed a little off. Thank God for the LP because that brought us back to normal.

Yuna won the LP but because of her SP Mao won the competition. (Yuna finished second overall) Mirai fell a part and combusted to finish 7th overall (11th in the LP) and Laura Lepisto won the bronze medal. okay well that is a little Parallel universe-e but whatever.

Rachael Flatt was downgraded on hr triple triple and singled a lutz to finish 9th. She really needs to work on some things according to the judges if she wants to compete. This blog is pretty pro Rachael since the whole world hates her for no reason other then she is smarter then they ever will be but regardless of how not picked she is in my opinion the judges are all that matters and they don’t like anything about her.

The US gets 2 spots for Worlds next year.

SP Protocals
LP Protcals

An Interesting read

March 15, 2010

Here is a blog by Rachael Flatt’s coach Tom Zakrajsek. He wrote it during the Olympics. I must say he took Rachael’s downgrades in stride. This is a pretty interesting read.
I like how he pointed out the judges were full of BS without calling them on it. Smart Man. Worlds is coming up.

What will you remember from the Skating at this Olympics?

March 1, 2010

I can honestly say I doubt I will remember much about anyone’s performances at this Olympics

In five years I might remember Mao Asada’s Short Program and Meryl and Davis’s Long Program but will I watch them again? Umm nope.

What I chose to watch over and over again are the below performances of the one and only Michelle Kwan.

That doesn’t mean I don’t like Yu-na or Mao or Miki or Rachael or anyone else that competed at the Olympics because there were some good performances like Mao SP, Yu-na’s LP, Evan’s LP, Meryl and Davis and Belbin and Agosto’s LP, Pang and Tong’s LP and Shen and Zhao’s SP (That I might watch again) but not a single one of them drew me in to the point where I feel any love that I used to feel for Figure Skating.

P.S.- This might take me an hour to update. I can’t just go get the link without watching the performance:)

It just doesn’t seem to rain Teddy bears anymore does it.(I had to limit this to two performances or I will be here all night:)

2001 LP world Championships

2004 Nationals LP

Ladies Short Program

February 25, 2010


Dumb and Dumber Skating Video

SP Results

The ladies SP was last night and I must say it was a nice surprise. Of the top 6, 5 had clean skates (no falls) Only Miki had a small problem (from this code I call it a small problem) That being said Joannie Rochette having only a 2 point deficit to the best SP of the night (IMO) was really a bit much for me to handle.

I wrote my original article about rooting for Joannie when it was still an emotional topic for me. I came back to my senses and what happened last night just wasn’t fair.

Joannie had a nice short but she was void of emotion as she usually is when she skates. I realize it must have been tough for her and I agree she should have been in third place but to only be 2 points behind a triple axel combination and the performance of Kim Yuna is a great travesty to the sport.

I liked Kim Yu na’s SP last night but I wasn’t wowed by it. I have seen her do it much better. I will never compare Kim Yu na to Michelle Kwan but I think right now they are both in the same kind of situation. Michelle had so many perfect performances in her repertoire that if she wasn’t perfect it showed. Kim Yuna had that problem last night. While she was still great it wasn’t one of her best but seeing how she has had so many bests that doesn’t mean she didn’t deserve her outcome.
Yes I might be wishy washy on this SP for

For me personally I was more impressed with Mao nailing her SP and that is probably why I enjoyed the performance so much. That is also probably why I won’t argue with the actual results of the first two though IMO the scores should be closer.

All and all I thought it was a great night for skating. Everyone we saw did a good to great job and I can find something positive to say about every single SP I witnessed last night (I did miss Alena Leonova last night so this is probably why I feel this way:)

The Long Programs are tomorrow night. Below is the skating order. Marai lucks out skating last and Rachael gets screwed again starting first in the last group. Back to back dueling LP from Mao and Kim should set the night up perfectly.

Group 1
1 KARADEMIR Tugba 21 50.74
2 LAFUENTE Sonia 22 49.74
3 LIU Yan 19 51.74
4 GLEBOVA Elena 20 50.80
5 GIMAZETDINOVA Anastasia 24 49.02
6 HECKEN Sarah 23 49.04

Group 2
7 PHANEUF Cynthia 14 57.16
8 KORPI Kiira 17 52.96
9 LEE Cheltzie 18 52.16
10 MEIER Sarah 15 56.70
11 SEBESTYEN Julia 13 57.46
12 KWAK Min-Jung 16 53.16

Group 3
13 LEONOVA Alena 8 62.14
14 SUZUKI Akiko 11 61.02
15 KOSTNER Carolina 7 63.02
16 LEPISTO Laura 10 61.36
17 MAKAROVA Ksenia 12 59.22
18 GEDEVANISHVILI Elene 9 61.92

Group 4
19 FLATT Rachael 5 64.64
20 ANDO Miki 4 64.76
21 KIM Yu-Na 1 78.50
22 ASADA Mao 2 73.78
23 ROCHETTE Joannie 3 71.36
24 NAGASU Mirai 6 63.76

Ladies SP Start list

February 21, 2010

Start order for Ladies SP:

Group 1
3 ZIEGLER Miriam
5 LEE Cheltzie

Group 2
6 LIU Yan
9 KWAK Min-Jung

Group 3
11 NAGASU Mirai
12 PIEMAN Isabelle
13 POSTIC Teodora
15 PHANEUF Cynthia

Group 4
17 MEIER Sarah
18 GLEBOVA Elena
19 KORPI Kiira
20 HECKEN Sarah

Group 5
21 LEPISTO Laura
22 ASADA Mao
23 KIM Yu-Na
24 SUZUKI Akiko
25 LEONOVA Alena

Group 6
26 ROCHETTE Joannie
28 FLATT Rachael
29 KOSTNER Carolina
30 ANDO Miki

Hate on me hater

January 25, 2010


This is like Glee beating out 30 Rock, Entourage and The Office for the Golden Globe Award last week. Those shows are stupid, overrated and liked by critics but us people without the box know full well that Glee rocks! It might not be on HBO or star Tina Fey but it doesn’t mean it doesn’t have it’s good points too.

So I would like to dedicate the song Hate on me sung by the kids from the TV Show Glee to the 2010 United States Figure Skating National Champion Rachael Flatt. Rachael would never say this but I am sure she is thinking it.


I am glad Rachael Flatt was finally rewarded for her jumping ability. Yes she was overscored but who isn’t at a National Championship? Rachael did what she always does. She went out there and competed and for that she deserves credit. It gives me great joy to see her succeed because it pisses off so many nasty bitter people (Stop laughing people I am not bitter I am opinionated:)

My advice and opinions

Dear Sasha. BYE

I can’t say I will miss you. You choked away your free pass to the Olympics and even you knew it after you double footed your second triple jump. You then didn’t even bother to give an effort on any of your spins and spirals. Rumor has it you were told hit 4 of your triples (which is why you had next to no jump content in your LP) and you would be in but you couldn’t even do that. Shame on you Sasha. Shame on you.
I would like to congratulate you for being mature about your own mistakes but even your hug to Rachael and Mirai were only done for the good of the camera. It was fake. Just like you.
I am glad the judges finally did the right thing and didn’t hold you up. It’s time to be realistic here. If you couldn’t beat Rachael and Marai you were never coming close to a medal at the Olympics. You got the attention you wanted now do the girls all a favor and give them the spotlight they deserve. GO away.

Mirai Nagasu was the anointed winner by Scott Hamilton before the competition was even over but when doesn’t that man put his foot in his mouth while commentating? From the Russian/French situation in 02 (before the cheating judges were brought into it) from him calling Michelle Kwan’s 1998 Olympic LP cautious when it wasn’t Scott Hamilton LOVES to make things up just to hear himself talk. Last night he did it again.
Mirai is a beautiful skater. She has a great personality but she has been downgraded in her jumps all season long and last night was no different and it won’t be different in Canada if she doesn’t fix the problem.
Watching the pure joy she was having while skating was pretty damn awesome last night and that is what I will remember about her performance.

Uncle Dickie Button needs to go. I have been in full support of Uncle Dick in the past because he always told the truth but like superman he has his kryptonite. That is Sasha Cohen.

In her career whenever Sasha fell or made a mistake Uncle Dickie lied through his teeth to praise her and last night was the final straw for me. Before the competition he was actually preparing the fans watching the broadcast for Sasha winning even if she missed her jumps. Making excuses for the lack of jump content she was planning and mistake that were sure to follow by saying she was scoring points in other ways. I can’t condone cheating but this for me pretty much proves that Sasha only needed to stand up her jumps on one foot to get that spot on the Olympic team.

Caroline Zhang: Keep your head up. You still have a lot of talent. Just fix the free leg and come back. You are still young.

Ashley Wagner: Words do not describe how much you annoy I fully admit it is the Terror Lipinski connection but it isn’t just that. The way you acted last night was pretty bad. Openly rooting for skaters to fail was funny when you were doing it to Sasha but Mirai and Rachael deserved better. I get that your upset and I get that you were really just wishing for that spot on the Olympic team but next time do it in private. You made yourself look like a jerk.

Alexe Gilles: I love Alexe. Not her skating but just her. She is just happy to be there. If she could only put it together she has some nice qualities. Good luck

Bebe Liang: Nice to see a clean (for you) long program. I hope you get to go to worlds to give it a shot.

Christina Gao: Cute as a button. Great technique on her jumps. She could be the whole package for the future if a growth spurt doesn’t take her out. I look forward to seeing her progress.

Emily Hughes: Your whole career is based on being the other Hughes sister. Judges have their glasses back see ya later:)

And last but not least trucking out your gold medalists at the National Championships seeing Terror Lipinski and Sarah Hughes on that list just made me throw up a little in my mouth. Kristi, Peggy and Dick deserve better company.

Figure skating is not a real sport

January 22, 2010

sasha gets overflated marks again

This idiot the AP has writing skating articles needs a new job. She just blatantly ignored the mistakes Sasha had in this article. LMAO

LP Start order

Sasha’s SP over skore

Her triple lutz-double toe loop combination was solid

OMG When you double foot a jump it is NOT solid you dumbass biatch.

I am surprised this sport is allowed on TV anymore. It is not a real sport by any stretch of the imagination.

Sasha Cohen two footed a jump. Flutzed big time and had her usual wobbly edges on her spiral and the judges didn’t see any of it? Two judges even gave her plus GOE on her combination.Judge number 2 and judge number 3

(Judge 2 Kathleen Krieger, Arlington Heights, IL
Judge 3 Taffy Holliday, Greenwich, CT)

need to be fired right now. They are trying to fix this for the ice queen.

Look at these protocals? This is a disgrace.

She got plus 2 and plus 3 Grade of executions on her spirals which are supposed to be about edges.

They ignored her two footed jump and her flutz? I am so glad I didn’t pay to see this (My friend did. Thanks Jax:)

Congrats to Mirai for standing up and hitting her jumps fully rotated. Congrats to Rachael for the grudge she feels for being royally screwed yet again by United State judges that she will now carry on her shoulder into the free skate and congrats to whoever can come out on top in this competition with the judges fixing it for Sasha Cohen.


More images


haha international judges


i suck