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When nice people do nice things without ulterior motives

May 22, 2012

WARNING, Don’t watch this video if you are like me

EliteFan posted a link to a Article about Shawn Johnsons book in one of the comment sections of this blog. I thought it would be a good idea to repost it here.

The difference between what one person does and what “other” people do is the intent.

Two favorite stories from Shawn Johnson’s new book by Alexa Ainsworth.

When Shawn Johnson won the silver in the AA and not the gold as many expected Michelle Kwan searched out Shawn Johnson’s phone number to send her a text message. Below is what she wrote,

“Hi Shawn! I just wanted to say everybody is so proud of you. People love you, not because of the color of your medals but because of your amazing attitude, great spirit and kicking talent. Keep your head up high and smile. Everyone loves you,” wrote 1998 Olympic figure skating silver medalist Michelle Kwan

There is a reason we have not heard about this story before because when Michelle Kwan does something nice she does it because she is genuine. She doesn’t do it so she can announce in an interview that she is the reason the team rallied and won Gold.

I can also guarantee you that Michelle didn’t write that text because she thought it would make a difference. Michelle isn’t all about Michelle. If she sent that text message she sent it because she knew what Shawn was going through and she wanted to make her feel better.

Something to think about.