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2013 US Skating Nationals

January 28, 2013

Michelle Kwan Wedding pictures.

Here is what Jenny Kirk thinks.



Gracie Gold is a great jumping skater but her lack of presentation makes Tara Lipinski look like an artist. I don’t have the time or patience to go through every move she made on the ice and see if she received and deserved her points so I won’t say she deserved the gold medal over Ashley but I found myself bored to tears watching her throw her arms around and move from side to side throwing jumps. That isn’t skating. Actually it is these days but that doesn’t mean I want to watch it.


Aunt Joyce called Ashley the best from the rest on a good day . He says if she was skating against the Kwan’s, Cohen’s, Bobek’s and Lipinski’s ? she would always be 4th and even though Ashley annoys the hell out of me I find this line of reasoning ridiculous.  Kwan is well Kwan but the other three are like the skaters he is friends with and his reasoning is so blatantly biased its hard to take him seriously as an opinion.

For years the judges at Nationals tried to hand titles to every baby ballerina that came out of the woodwork just so they could get rid of Michelle Kwan and that used to drive me nuts. Now they are doing the opposite, holding up skaters with the best chance of getting the US three spots for the Olympics next year.


I have great respect for Jenny and her opinion because I never get the impression she is biased. She gets pretty excited about this sport she still obviously loves.


So what did you think of Nationals last night? Did you watch?


My impression was as followed. Christina Gao should have been on the podium. She had the jumps last night and had the one performance last night that actually made me smile.


Ashley was overscored but Gracie was too. I didn’t really have a problem with the results even when Ashley fell twice because I found Gracie so unwatchable. I think Agnes was held up most of anyone.