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Sloan, Raisman and Maloney oh my! UPDATED AGAIN

July 31, 2014

HELL NO. I say no. I don’t want Alicia around. Go back to wherever you are Mrs Quinn.

Beam and Floor Results for Comm games.

Its a good thing I don’t sell advertising on this blog like certain others or I would be failing miserably lately. Yep blame the RED SOX

Not in the mood to blog so……………..

Nationals for Brazil

Vault and UB results from Comm games.

Now back to mourning my baseball season.

5 Stages of grief

Denial WTF are you talking about
Bargaining WTF, Okay you can have Gomes but we keep Lester and Cepedes.
DepressionBut Yooou can’t take Jonny,Jon and John Waaaah
Acceptance- Not today ( See you in October)


Tonight I was at Fenway. Turns out Bridget Sloan was also at Fenway. We were in the same section and I had no clue. My seats were better than her but it makes me laugh to know she was literally 10 feet away and I had no clue. SMALLEST world EVER. Glad to know I didn’t have to suffer alone.

Bridget wants to know how the game is played and LOL had the best comment to that. Yep well the players on the field have no clue how to play either. WHATEVER RedSox. Is that a beer Bridget?

Look at Aly go.

Mckayla Maroney is out this year. Probably a good thing.

Mckayla on Hart of Dixie Tuesday night

November 19, 2012

The question of her acting talent has been answered. I say don’t quit your day job kid but if you want to be an actress, study the craft.


I will be paying a little attention to College gymnastics this season since Bridget Sloan will be competing for Florida. Here is what her coach expects of her.


Vanessa Zamarripa will do elite again. Not sure why but it is nice to see someone continue with no Olympics on the horizon.

Can Mckayla Maroney act?

November 13, 2012

I guess we find out next Tuesday Her Hart of Dixie episode airs next week.

Cutest thing ever #updated

November 5, 2012


and it doesn’t even involve a puppy.

Mckayla Maroney wrote herself a letter 5.5 years ago and her mother kept it. It really is just too cute. The only thing that could have made this cuter would be if it was hand written.

Mad props to Mckayla for knowing a lot is two words even if she didn’t know Gienger. was spelled “Gienger.” (Damn spelling caller out-ers:)


Sarah did her own version of Mckayla’s letter to herself which made me laugh so I am adding it here. If you are under 18 STAY AWAY FROM THIS LINK or as Sarah would say, if you click on said link make sure your mother and father are not home.

By the way Sarah I saw other mistakes in McKayla’s grammar and spelling but I am not one to talk about “grammar” You can talk to me about spelling because if I spell a word wrong, the fault is YAHOO, They are my spell check:)

Mckayla Maroney, Aly Raisman and Nationals in Connecticut, wooooo

August 21, 2012

Lets start with Nationals being in Hartford, Conn in 2013. I think I might go. I have also decided to go to the American Cup in March and it better feature Kyla Ross because that is why I am going.

Aly Raisman the new Queen of New England has signed a deal with local water company, Poland Springs. Okay peeps, who has Poland Springs in their state?

Aly likes cupcakes and partying with her friends. I don’t see this kid continuing even though I do think it is interesting that New England is the place for gym meets in 2013.

A video of Aly where her voice sounds normal Message to Aly, your friend Talia should be able to get you Bruins


Last but certainly not least lets discuss Mckayla Maroney’s mother
. The women has hired security for her daughter because she is being hounded by crazy people. As the parent of a child (not really) I find Mckayla Maroney’s mother way out of touch with reality. She needs to parent her child and regulate her internet access if she is going to keep posting pictures of herself like this. Us normal people are not what Mckayla has to worry about it is perverts that see this picture and think disgusting things.

If my daughter posted this picture she wouldn’t have internet. Just saying.

More Mckayla and an 800 dollar purse? beats my 10 dollar back pack:)

Back to life, Back to reality

August 17, 2012

Back to life, The MMC version

My tax dollars hard at work

Oh Massachusetts. The T cost an arm and a leg but the state has money to drive Aly Raisman to her gym to celebrate her gold medals (no one celebrates the bronzes) Yep, Tax-achusetts.

Here is a blog from someone who went. To be honest I thought about going. It isn’t that far from my house but I had to work so I chose money over Aly. I know, where are my priorities:)

Article 1


Just Jared Jr Aly
Video 2 (hopefully different. I did not watch)

More Aly and even more, more Aly.

More Aly. Living in Boston has its perks:)


The only info I can find about Kyla’s Ross home coming.

Jordyn will be home tonight and this network is covering it.

Mckayala and just jared jr


I have been thinking. I have discovered why Gabby is the face of this Olympics. I know she “won” the AA but the media puts her every move up but you know who the people keep searching for on yahoo? Mckayla Maroney. NOT Gabby.


Mckayla Home coming

Ha, LOVE this:)


This is just weird. I hope no one has a cold.


I am thinking of changing the Shut Up Shannon blog to shut up Gabby. Does she not know how obnoxious she sounds when she says things like,

“Rio 2016 is in the back of my mind and if all goes well, then I think you will be seeing more of me,” Douglas told Reuters.

Mckayla is not impressed and who wants to stab their eyes?

August 9, 2012

This deserved it own blog. 🙂

Watch this video and keep all sharp objects away when you do. Between Kerri’s voice, the only interviews and the fact that everyone talks to Kerri like she is either 5 or retarded is going to make you want to stab your eyes out with a pair of scissors.

(Link added. Sorry Jas now put away those scissors.:)

Judging by the people searching my blog mckayla and Aly are the names of these games.

A new article (thanks to Mim) about what the gymnasts will do for their future.

Mckayla Maroney’s bad attitude Updated

August 7, 2012

LOL at this article and the pictures.

I know you people love her but this way of acting is plain wrong. You want to hate the judges go and not hug them but this was plain bad sportsmanship and Mckayla Maroney should be put in a time out. We can’t smack kids anymore for bad behavior, too many cops get involved:)

(and for the stupid I am just kidding about smacking her:)


Every 4 year fans are all about Mary Lou. This is why I am glad the Olympics are over and I am still debating if we should call them worst Olympics ever!

Waiting for Sunday

July 28, 2012

Sorry for the lack of updates but I am on vacation the next two weeks so my boss made sure I did all the work I would have been doing before hand. You suck boss.

I am working on the twitter approval. I plan on replying to all the requests so please be patient if you don’t get an e-mail back or approved right away.

I technically have to work Sunday but when I originally agreed to do it I thought I would only be missing mens prelims but it turns out it is womens prelims so I will be calling in sick. There will be live blogging if I can get my butt out of bed at 10 am:)

Off to see what I missed and thanks to everyone that joined twitter. Remember if you want to join you have to leave a reply here with the information and send me any e-mail at I’ll get back to you as soon as I can:)

and my new e-mail is,


So I have been catching up on the Podium training from either today or yesterday. I am not sure. I so far have seen Vault and Bars They still work at this link. Beam and floor have been removed.

The US women were on the Today show today. I have not watched that yet but here is the video I just watched it. I’ll keep quiet on my opinion of it. Lets just say someone needs to teach Mckayla and Gabby a little humility. I hope it doesn’t come by way of a silver medal.

Gymnastike is telling us who the best tumbler is. Do you agree? I have to watch to find out.

The men have their line up. Horton and Mikulak are not doing AA. I guess that is a way to make sure your two “it” gymnasts get to do the AA. This article insists it is all about team but give me a break, IT’S PRELIMS, it really makes no difference who is doing it in the prelims for a team medal. I don’t care enough about the men to care but it just seems unfair that Sam Mikulak isn’t doing the AA.

Horton is doing Pommels?

PH: Horton, Mikulak, Leyva, Orozco
RG: Dalton, Leyva, Orozco, Horton
VT: Leyva, Orozco, Mikulak, Dalton
PB: Mikulak, Horton, Orozco, Leyva
HB: Mikulak, Orozco, Horton, Leyva
FX: Orozco, Leyva, Mikulak, Dalton


Jordyn’s mom has a blog.
It is fun to read.

More podium training info.

Geddert has a new blog. The girls and Marta decide the leotards? GOD HELP US. NO PINK

Ice bathing, the new it thing?
Lordy lord.

Moving on

July 4, 2012

I know I have not been here much lately but in the tradition that is the 4th of July and what it means I have been allowing the Nastia love fest to exist. It’s now over. Now it’s time to move on. For me anyway so this is just filler until I decide I feel like writing again. ( A Bross blog, A Sloan vault and a Sacramone blog on its way)

‘Some stuff I have read that I liked……….

Romania has new vaults. They are gunning for at least silver.

Aly has been all over the Boston news since she made the team. The channel the Olympics is on even had a video of her arriving home.

After Trials

At her gym You can see the conflicted sadness in poor Talia C’s eyes knowing her dream is not coming true but she was the first to hug Ally on her way through the door.

An article about Kyla that mostly focuses on her Family.

The conceited cocky vibe has been used to describe Mckayla Maroney but after watching this video below where she tears up and almost cries while talking about her and Kyla making the team together is pretty endearing. Does Mckayla have a big head, oh yes but I am sure all these girls do. That is what helps them get this far in the sport but Mckayla showed a different side here.