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They killed Kenny. I mean Macko

September 20, 2011

No one knows for sure what the injury but I have received a few anon messages that she is hurt and the bible messages are rolling in.

It’s too bad. She was allegedly hurt on beam an event she wasn’t even needed for.

Heal soon Macko. GO Bridget Sloan!

And on the support front Nastia doesn’t seem to give a crap. She is tweeting how much fake fun she is having with Alicia and Shawn. Why is she there again>


Camp fall down

September 8, 2011

The last day of camp was a lot of fun according to Aunt Joyce. I won’t be linking him because frankly I am over blogs only in existence to get gymnasts to be friends with them but take for granted that anything I say here about camp comes from Aunt Joyce unless noted.

So Anna Li, Bridget Sloan and Macko all fell off bars. Anna was consistent in training until it mattered, then she fell. Gabby hit bars. Chellsie did not do bars. Shawn hit bars but with no upgrade.

So what does this tell us?

Chellsie Memmel not doing bars is a big mistake. If she plans on saving herself for the next camp it is going to be to late. Chellsie also fell off beam.

Anna Li hitting in practice and falling when it matters SHOULD be a wake up call. Even considering her for just bars with the way this team is at the moment will only hurt the US in the end.

Bridget Sloan is the interesting case. She fell. She fell all over the place last year and hit when it mattered. Taking a chance on her didn’t bite us in the ass last time but that was last time.

No news on anyone else.

Looks more and more like Gabby Douglas will be on this team.

Maybe a good idea will be to forget bars and just use Aly or Mckayla and build up beam and floor by taking Shawn for beam and Sabrina for floor. Shawn could do bars, beam and vault in prelims. We could see how the judges will score her on bars.

That would make the team

Jordyn, Alicia, Aly, Mckayla, Sabrina and Shawn using whoever hits best in prelims for bars. It would be the extreme gamble that might pay off in the end.

In this scenario Gabby stays home. Sabrina is as big of a head case as Gabby but she usually hits floor.

In related news Alicia has a tweet that implies she is already on the team. Her ego amazes me. I can’t wait for her to be pushed out next year on a 5 member team. Time to knock her ego down.

Nominative List for Worlds

September 7, 2011

Marta chose these gymnasts as her Nominative list for the World Team. God help us all if she uses Anna and Sabrina.

These lists don’t usually mean anything. Lets hope so.

Anna Li for one event = useless. That would mean Alicia, Aly and Jordyn on beam. And Mckayla on floor.

The one name missing from this list is the most interesting, Chellsie Memmel.

USA 12830 Sabrina VEGA Female 24/05/1995 WAG reserve gymnast(reserve)
USA 12827 Jordyn WIEBER Female 12/07/1995 WAG team gymnast
USA 17871 Mc Kayla MARONEY Female 09/12/1995 WAG team gymnast
USA 13822 Alexandra RAISMAN Female 25/05/1994 WAG team gymnast
USA 211 Alicia SACRAMONE Female 03/12/1987 WAG team gymnast
USA 12824 Mackenzie CAQUATTO Female 26/03/1992 WAG team gymnast
USA 19466 Anna LI Female 04/09/1988 WAG team gymnast

Your 2011 Senior National team.

August 21, 2011

Jordyn Wieber
McKayla Maroney
Aly Raisman
Mackenzie Caquatto
Sabrina Vega
Bridgey Caquatto
Gabrielle Douglas
Chellsie Memmel
Alicia Sacramone
Shawn Johnson

Rebecca Bross


Anna Li and Amanda Jetter are not on it. I bolded the locks for worlds team. Should be interesting who they add for the other two spots.

Amanda Jetter and Anna Li should both be at this camp. WTF is Marta thinking? She makes Anna stop floor then doesn’t add her to the National team because she fell off beam?

No Bridget Sloan either. She is invited to the camp so she might make it later on.

Classic Opinion

July 26, 2010

“Classic” is debatable it was more a survivor of the staying on. Mattie Larson won but she sord of fell into the win more then winning it. Literally everyone ahead of her fell and Mattie came up on top. So the game goes.

Here we go….

There were some highlights in this meet like Alicia’s rudi. Sam Shapiro’s form on floor and well that is it off the top of my head. I will say this if Jetter ever fixes her leaps issues on beam she has an amazing set.

Cassie Whitcomb is the queen of being screwed out of world teams but for the first time in awhile I wasn’t impressed with her. Her bars were messy and labored. Her beam was coming along quite nicely til she fell. Her floor I liked the dance but she crosses her legs on her twists a huge pet peeve of mine. I hope she improves at Nationals.

Aly Raisman had a bad meet. She fell on her Amanar, was bouncy on her floor and her beam was not as good as it has been in the past. This is “Classics” so I expect a better showing from her at Nationals.

Alicia Sacramone got the gift of the night on beam. She was a hot mess maybe letting the nerves get to her. Her rudi was as usual great though again she did not stick the landing. She does win the ugliest leo award. I find her a bit phony myself, Too involved in front of the camera but I like how she said HOPEFULLY the world team. She isn’t already putting herself on it like certain other people did last year.

Vanessa Zamarippa deserves all the credit in the world for trying elite but she was painful to watch last night. Her vault has potential but her beam and especially her floor were just not up to par. I usually like Vanessa on floor but her routine last night she walked through. It was horrible. She also needs more difficulty to compete for an Olympic team. She has two years so we will see.

Kytra Hunter was her usual self meaning blah. She can tumble but she can’t dance.

Mackenize Caguatto had a nice bar set. The angle they had for a camera hid most of her form issues though I did see a few leg separations.

I am not a big fan of the winner. Mattie is loved by so many including Tim “more annoying by the competition” Daggett but if Mattie makes the world team then the US is in serious trouble. Her floor is decent but nothing else about her impresses me at all. I can’t see her scoring well in a team final. Her beam is a bunch of jumps and a punch front, There is nothing in that routine that stands out.

Bridget Sloan and Rebecca Bross both did bars and beam. Bridget has a new set that she hit with a few mistakes and Rebecca won bars with the second most ridiculous score of the night a 15.4 something. Bross also fell on her beam dismount. Bridget had a few bobbles but much better then worlds last year. IMO Bridget should have won beam over Alicia.

Amanda Jetter had short leaps all through beam but she hit her two major skills and was one of the gymnasts so close to winning until the fall. Her vault was only shown once and had some sloppy form. I am off to find her floor because her practice routine had some nice tumbeling.

Now to the fun stuff………

NO Tasha Justice was not served giving the US the Olympic bronze medal from 2000. Remember Austrailia was only a few tenths from getting to the finals and now that the Chinese were proven underage the real injustice is for team Autrailia who didn’t get a chance to rebound like your team did.

and….. Tasha is a horrible commentator. She just babbles and makes little sense and this is coming from someone who actually likes Tasha well when she isn’t talking and talking and not saying a word..

and.. Mattie Larson has a pretty smile.

and….. Watch the award ceremonies on These girls are always telling each other on facebook how much they love each other and miss each other but watching them hug is funny. For girls who all love each other they certainly look akward trying to hug each

Bridget Sloan is a goof ball but she makes me laugh. Watch the ceremonies at gymnastike.

Nastia name dropping at 6…

Not showing the World champ on beam… BAD

The juniors also competed with Jordan Wieber winning. She was short on her Amanar but had an improved floor. I haven’t had time to watch all the junior routines but will at some point.

OMG its 1988. Double tucks

That is all for now. Excuse any spelling mistakes but its late and I am tired.

Ask me anything- Update

April 20, 2010

I spammed myself and the questions took an hour to be put up. I am still not getting any questions though my friend asked a few they just have not gone through. Looks like this is happening to everyone.

Keep trying maybe they will fix it. Thanks

Aunt Joyce made one of these and while I don’t have his following I thought I would create one of these and see what I get.

So ask away. I might not be online a lot the next 3 days so be patient if I don’t get back to you quickly.

Jeselo results for the seniors

March 27, 2010

Here are the AA and team results for the seniors in Jeselo. Aly Raisman won the AA and the US took first in the team competition. Aly beat Ksenia Semenova and Ferrari by 3 tenths less then a point so good job for her. The juniors are going on now.

Easiest results to read

Other notable results are

Kytra Hunter’s scored a 14.2 with a step out of bounds.

Morgan Smith finished 4th AA with some pretty low scores (all in the 13 range) but she might work in a team event.

Cassie Whitcomb only competed bars and floor where she went out of bounds but her score on bars of 14.2 was forth.

Macko Caquatto finished 2nd on bars but only with a 14,350

Tatiana Nabieva won bars with a 15.150 I almost missed her down at the bottom (she only competed two events but had strong scores on both.

Aly had a great vault and floor winning both events but only scored a 13.700 on bars.

The most interesting result to me is Macko Caquatto. If she didn’t have a huge meltdown on floor she could have been only 4 tenths behind Aly in the AA. That bodes really well for her at nationals. I must say Macko is one of those gymnasts I am just not impressed with. Before this competition she would be my pick of the gymnast most likely to just go to school but these judges liked her so maybe she will be my Tabitha Yim. (long story will explain She had a 4 tenths deduction (what is that two feet out of bounds?)

All around and


The Caquotto sisters get a new gym and a new drama

March 18, 2010


Mackenzie and Bridgey Caquatto are on the move. Their coaches Jiani Wu and Yeujiu Li (Anna Li’s parents) have opened their own gym just down the street from Naperville gymnastics and the girls have decided to pack up their leotard’s and make the long trip down the street to train with them. This would be minor news in the gym world if the soap opera behind the move wasn’t so damn interesting:)

The Soap Opera starts on GGMB where a mini fight is going on between a gym website creator and a friend of the owner of Naperville Gymnastics. The gym website girl (or guy) claims that the coaches are saints that have been mis-treated by the mean evil Gym owner. The friend claims that the coaches are something or other. The girl talks in tongues so it is hard to even figure out what the hell she is saying.

Here is my summary of what I have read. From now on Jiani Wu and Yeujiu Li will be called the coaches. Saves me time in

The Caquatto sisters used to train at Arials and when their coach was lured away the Caquatto sisters followed them to Naperville. Something happened at that gym and here is how it was explained on GGMB

Jiani Wu was not fired from her gym. She quit while the owners were in Boston with their athlete. On Sunday following the meet, the owner Patrice confronted Wu and told her she was not welcome back on their property. She also told her “shame on you” for something I was not privy to. But I was there when Wu was confronted and heard the whole thing. And all of the coaches on the floor of trials knew what was going on. Peter and Chow were overheard giving Wu a tongue lashing over dinner at trials. Whatever happened must have been serious for the owners to get rid of a national team member. And the younger sister is even better and an upcomer.

I know the owners. Good people. One of the good guys. They coached the Caquatto sisters for 8 years. Wu coached them for 3. She is not solely responsible for anyones rise to fame in that gym. Look to see that Wu’s former gym, Aerial Gymnastics, has been open since 1977. Look to see who they have produced. Now, look to see who Wu or Naperville Gymnastics has produced.

Wu and the mother of the Caquatto sisters attempted a mutiny on the Aerial gym. They all became to big for their britches. The Caquatto’s were kicked out when they returned from trials. They were referred to as the “Wu and Caquatto show” while at Aerial. Now it will be the same gig at the Naperville gym.

I know people/parents at the Aerial gym who have said that they are already better off.

Back in 2008 the Jiani was not allowed on the floor at the Olympic trials. No one is sure why. One explanation given is that Marta didn’t want them there. “”spousal” conflict to disadvantage ” is how one person put it.

The owner of Naperville gymnastics is bitter that he doesn’t get any credit for the success of the Caquatto sisters and this said gym owner has been making the coaches lives miserable for months so they decided to open their own gym. The owner tried to get the coaches to sign something saying they can’t open a gym for 25 miles of the Naperville gym but they refused (smart people)

Now I wish I could elaborate more but it seems that GGMB or someone at GGMB has deleted some comments. I remember reading something about the alternates at the Olympics not being in China because of something having to do with this but that part is missing from the comments.

NONE of this is fact. These are opinions of certain posters at GGMB and all of their opinions are their right and their responsibility so don’t sue me.

Now my opinion is that gymnastics is pretty political and it wouldn’t surprise me to hear that the Caquatto mom is a ” gym mom”. Or she could be a caring mother but something id definitely fishy about the girls leaving Aerials gym. You don’t just fire coaches for no reason. Then again we just don’t know if she was fired or quit.

What a crazy

2nd American Cup girl

February 16, 2010

scam 2

GGMB posted this list a few days ago. Below is a list of the gymnasts Marta is picking from when choosing the second American women to compete at the cup and I am not very happy about this. No offense but the only gymnast on the list I am remotely interested in seeing is Cassie Whitcomb who we all know Marta is never going to chose. I don’t like wasting this much money to see Marta fix the competition to make sure Rebecca Bross wins. Seriously what is Marta’s fixation on Woga gymnasts with bad form?
FYI Tonights LP for Pairs will be over to late for me to comment on. Go Shen and Zhao!!!

Cassie Whitcomb
Mackenzie Caquatto,
Mattie Larson
Aly Raisman
Kytra Hunter.
Ivana Hong

The remaining gymnasts will also be at camp but are not expected to be in consideration for the scam cup

Jana Bieger
Bridgette Caquatto
Sophina DeJesus
Amanda Jetter
Madison Kocian
Chellsie Memmel
Katelyn Ohashi
Samantha Peszek
Kyla Ross WHY NOT?????
Samantha Shapiro
Bridget Sloan
Morgan Smith
Sabrina Vega
Jordyn Wieber Again why not?
Kayla Williams

Here is another version of the banner above. I think I like this one better.


Toyota Gymnastics

December 13, 2009

Seem’s like all the names dropped out and the only name to really stay took first. Hunter did nothing on vault and way down on bars (her worst event) was a waste sending her here. Should have sent Cassie Whitcomb. Semenova is done for now…


1) Kurbatova 14.012
2) Jo 13.750
3) Jurkowska 13.162
4) Oshima 12.525

1) Tsurumi 15.100
2) Caquatto 14.675
3) Miller 14.650
4) Kurbatova 14.625
5) Semenova 14.300 (EEEK!)
6) Pihan-Kulesza 14.200
7) Roll 14.150
8) Seitz 14.100
9) Hunter 14.050
10) Minobe 14.000