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AA Live blogging

August 1, 2012

Congrats to Gabby war winning the Olympic AA. I am not watching this. Live blogging is ova!!!!!!!!!!!!

I see the fix has started. These vault judges are seriously blind. How does Gabby take two steps to the side get a score like that? Within 2 tenths of the perfect Mckayla vault. Komova just blew her chance on vault.

I could not tell if Gabby stepped out because the video made sure to not show us.

Gabby needs to fall twice to lose. It ain’t happening. This fix is in. Sigh. If she had been scored correctly on vault she would not be in first right now. That was 4 tenths too high at the very least.

At about 3.18 you can hear who Shannon Miller is looking forward to doing well at the Olympics. I could not agree more. For those that don’t want to watch, It’s Beth Tweddle)

Kohei quote. Love him

“I’m flattered,” he said, insisting that he would be back in four years. “I don’t want to take that as pressure. I want to make artistic gymnastics more artistic, to lift the sport.”

I have an un-easy feeling Gabby is going to get her gifts and be overscored so I think I might not even watch. Oh hell, I’ll be up but I might not be here to post.

I will be checking in to see what you guys have to say so please post whatever you want. If you could keep up the scores that would be great because if I do decide to post and we all know I will (so damn undecisive am

Now for those looking for me to post the troll stuff tomorrow when Gabby wins I sure expect to get lots of it and I will be posting it.

I don’t make predictions and like I said I have this sick feeling the new Nastia will be well, the new Nastia so if that happens I probably will wait a day to post. Once I comeback all Gabby love is to ENDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD:)

I did the math and I think Mustafina might have a shot at an AA medal. She needs to do the Amanar where she can get an extra 3 tenths to her score (she will lose the other tenths in execution deductions) and hit beam. I just hope they don’t lowball her in favor of Komova,

I am afraid unless someone falls Aly has no chance.

The real question is, Will the floor judges score Komova as tough as they did in qualifying? If they do she might be out of the medals. How FLOOR JUDGES can take the only artistry in the floor competition of medalists with chances for the AA out of the competition makes no sense.

Night all. Off to watch Kohei win

P.S.- Any one else thing the Chinese will sub Jao Jinnan in for one of the otehr Chinese gymnasts? I kind of do.


Romania wins European team title

May 13, 2012

The All Around forum on facebook

Why does no one in Europe care about form? Some of these scores are ridiculous.

After Irodache’s routine watch Romania hug their child abuser. This is kind of insane that the abuser gets hugged.

The 2012 American cup

March 3, 2012

I probably, No I definitely won’t be up at 11.30 AM on a Saturday morning so I started this blog early.

If you would like to complain about Aly Raisman’s bar score being too high. This is the place you do it.

If you want to talk about how Jordyn or Larisa or Diana this is where you do it.

I’ll see you some time tomorrow.


Hi All. I had a friend stop by and we went out to lunch so I missed most of the American Cup. I don’t even know who won. I only saw a few minutes of it and I have a huge rant about NBC coming up but I will be back in a few. I am off to watch what I taped.

My bad. Baseball season starts tonight so I will have to watch the American Cup tomorrow. I’ll see you then.

Larisa Iordache, 2011 European Youth Olympic Festival

July 28, 2011

Too young for worlds next year.


November 29, 2009


(Top gym results are below:) It was a fall fest.

1. Larisa Iordache (Rom) 53.150
2. Crocket (Bel) 52.850
3. Madison Kocian (US) 52.500
5. Diana Bulimar (Rom) 51.055

The Future is bright. Form is still an issue but I must just have to grasp that form doesn’t matter anymore. So here are some juniors I expect to see competing for a spot on the 2012 Olympic Team. Injuries beware some of these girls actually have smart coaches that seem to be not over working them to death before they are 16. There will be some standouts seniors but the juniors look strong.

Jordyn Wieber


Jordyn Wieber




Viktoria Komova

Kyla Ross


Floor Nationals




Murakami Mai, Perhaps the most talented of all she is one of the few here mentioned with a stupid coach. She is competing way to much difficulty at this age to be healthy in 2012 but she has the most potential of all.

Larisa Iordache
and Diana Bulimar of Romania. The stand out Romanians are the future.

Mckayla Maroney (The Amanar at 13?)