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In total non Olympic news

June 29, 2012

Look whose boyfriends brother (updated) was drafted into the NBA tonight. I think it is her boyfriend (h9os brother) but she was at the NBA draft tonight.

Here is a picture

Now the bad news, He’s a Wizard LMAO. Poor guy:)

He was drafted 3rd overall which means Kytra was seen on TV. I usually watch the draft but I forgot this year.

I hate this sport and I hate Marta killing everyone.


Day late. Dollar short

January 6, 2011


Hours and sometimes days after everyone else I find out the news and report it here so lets start with the one I saw coming a mile away.

Cassie Whitcomb has retired from elite in order to train for UCLA next year.It is probably the right decision. Marta always over looked her for world teams even the year she won floor and placed second on bars at camp. It’s a shame she never got the chance to show her stuff at a World Championships so she would be able to prove any worth she might have had to an Olympic team. Fact is you never know who the judges are going like. There are countless gymnasts the US has ignored and the world stage has embraced and Cassie certainly earned her place on multiple world teams but she was never chosen because she wasn’t coached by Kim Zmeskal. What a shame. What a waste.


Sam Peszek is injured Yep saw that coming. I am taking bets on how long it takes Shayla Worley to join her on that list.


Kytra Hunter is not smart enough to get into Florida and will not join the team this year. Aunt Joyce has been telling us this for weeks. I know a few years ago Ashley Postell wanted to go to UCLA but her home school credits weren’t enough to get her in. Look I am a firm believer in getting an education but some people are just not meant to get into College. That being said if Kytra played basketball they would have someone take her tests for her (Rumor about Patrick Ewing) or they would let her in anyway like they did for OJ Mayo. Double standard.


People Choice award thoughts,

Why the hell is Kristen Stewart a star? Don’t get it.

Zac Efron is adorable. His break up with Vanessa was a shock to me. I have not seen a single thing either of these two have done as actors but I loved them as a couple. Just two twenty somethings in love, never in the tabloids just having a normal relationship.

I LOVE Selena Gomez. If she was blond she would be a huge star right now.

Yay Jane Lynch and Cuddy from House both won awards. This show doesn’t suck as bad as I thought. Never get the people vote. Johnny Depp? umm take a shower then maybe. Adam Sandler is retarded not funny.

Movie previews in the middle of an award show? stupid.

Where is my free smart phone?

Is everyone in the first 20 rows of this award show a freaking model? Not ONE single normal looking person in the bunch.

Queen Latifah SUCKS as a host.

I was just thinking, Where is my free gifts and low and behold the Queen offers me coupons. Thank you so much.

Dear Minka Kelly. You can do SO much better then Derek Jeter. Here is some advice if a guy doesn’t want to marry you after these many years he isn’t going to marry you. Dump him. MY GOD he couldn’t even come to an award show with you? Is he embarrassed to be seen with you?

Who the HELL voted the Kardashian’s as best anything? I get best home sex video or best married to an NBA star but this award show just got lame again.

OMG Die Kid Rock. You are NOT

Katy Perry is another career I don’t get.

Queen Latifah still stupid.

Kristen Stewert STOP biting your nails. The shy bit is old.

Michael Chiklis. We are SO doing it this year. Less then a month until pitchers and catchers:)

and Katy Perry wins. LMAO I called it when I said I don’t get it.

Vanessa Williams is never going to get ugly. Still beautiful even after all these years.

Last award and another star I don’t get. Natalie Portman can’t act. Oscar here she comes.

Pretty dress Queen. (green) Most of her dresses have been pretty so far even if not flattering.

Need a hair cut Ashton.

If Adam Sandler wins this award these are my last comments. Night:)

Red Eyes for Dakota Fanning. Freaky.

Twilight wins. Haven’t seen it. Okay so I saw the first hour of the 1st one on cable.

Taylor is cute and the other guys accent is so hot.

Time to promote the movie.

Just realized Taylor and Taylor are in the same theatre. Kristen shows some personality for 2 seconds then goes shy again (boring)

Let the accent keep talking.

Commercial time. Night all

Classic Opinion

July 26, 2010

“Classic” is debatable it was more a survivor of the staying on. Mattie Larson won but she sord of fell into the win more then winning it. Literally everyone ahead of her fell and Mattie came up on top. So the game goes.

Here we go….

There were some highlights in this meet like Alicia’s rudi. Sam Shapiro’s form on floor and well that is it off the top of my head. I will say this if Jetter ever fixes her leaps issues on beam she has an amazing set.

Cassie Whitcomb is the queen of being screwed out of world teams but for the first time in awhile I wasn’t impressed with her. Her bars were messy and labored. Her beam was coming along quite nicely til she fell. Her floor I liked the dance but she crosses her legs on her twists a huge pet peeve of mine. I hope she improves at Nationals.

Aly Raisman had a bad meet. She fell on her Amanar, was bouncy on her floor and her beam was not as good as it has been in the past. This is “Classics” so I expect a better showing from her at Nationals.

Alicia Sacramone got the gift of the night on beam. She was a hot mess maybe letting the nerves get to her. Her rudi was as usual great though again she did not stick the landing. She does win the ugliest leo award. I find her a bit phony myself, Too involved in front of the camera but I like how she said HOPEFULLY the world team. She isn’t already putting herself on it like certain other people did last year.

Vanessa Zamarippa deserves all the credit in the world for trying elite but she was painful to watch last night. Her vault has potential but her beam and especially her floor were just not up to par. I usually like Vanessa on floor but her routine last night she walked through. It was horrible. She also needs more difficulty to compete for an Olympic team. She has two years so we will see.

Kytra Hunter was her usual self meaning blah. She can tumble but she can’t dance.

Mackenize Caguatto had a nice bar set. The angle they had for a camera hid most of her form issues though I did see a few leg separations.

I am not a big fan of the winner. Mattie is loved by so many including Tim “more annoying by the competition” Daggett but if Mattie makes the world team then the US is in serious trouble. Her floor is decent but nothing else about her impresses me at all. I can’t see her scoring well in a team final. Her beam is a bunch of jumps and a punch front, There is nothing in that routine that stands out.

Bridget Sloan and Rebecca Bross both did bars and beam. Bridget has a new set that she hit with a few mistakes and Rebecca won bars with the second most ridiculous score of the night a 15.4 something. Bross also fell on her beam dismount. Bridget had a few bobbles but much better then worlds last year. IMO Bridget should have won beam over Alicia.

Amanda Jetter had short leaps all through beam but she hit her two major skills and was one of the gymnasts so close to winning until the fall. Her vault was only shown once and had some sloppy form. I am off to find her floor because her practice routine had some nice tumbeling.

Now to the fun stuff………

NO Tasha Justice was not served giving the US the Olympic bronze medal from 2000. Remember Austrailia was only a few tenths from getting to the finals and now that the Chinese were proven underage the real injustice is for team Autrailia who didn’t get a chance to rebound like your team did.

and….. Tasha is a horrible commentator. She just babbles and makes little sense and this is coming from someone who actually likes Tasha well when she isn’t talking and talking and not saying a word..

and.. Mattie Larson has a pretty smile.

and….. Watch the award ceremonies on These girls are always telling each other on facebook how much they love each other and miss each other but watching them hug is funny. For girls who all love each other they certainly look akward trying to hug each

Bridget Sloan is a goof ball but she makes me laugh. Watch the ceremonies at gymnastike.

Nastia name dropping at 6…

Not showing the World champ on beam… BAD

The juniors also competed with Jordan Wieber winning. She was short on her Amanar but had an improved floor. I haven’t had time to watch all the junior routines but will at some point.

OMG its 1988. Double tucks

That is all for now. Excuse any spelling mistakes but its late and I am tired.

Kytra Hunter injured

April 4, 2010

She is in a cast and has two fractured something or others. How’s that for facebook (Not me silly I got an e-mail)

Update the fractures are in her foot.

More updates. Kytra has taken the info down from her facebook according to another e-mail. Very interesting.

Jesselo Italy team named

March 21, 2010

Ali Raisman
Amanda Jetter
Cassie Whitcomb
Mackenzie Caquatto
Kytra Hunter
Morgan Smith

Kyla Ross
Sabrina Vega

Rumor has Jordyn Wieber already named to the team. Okay rumor is a lie Jordyn has been going around telling everyone that after the camp she would be going to Italy for awhile now.

Well something is up because Jordyn is not listed even though like I said she has been telling the world she is going

2nd American Cup girl

February 16, 2010

scam 2

GGMB posted this list a few days ago. Below is a list of the gymnasts Marta is picking from when choosing the second American women to compete at the cup and I am not very happy about this. No offense but the only gymnast on the list I am remotely interested in seeing is Cassie Whitcomb who we all know Marta is never going to chose. I don’t like wasting this much money to see Marta fix the competition to make sure Rebecca Bross wins. Seriously what is Marta’s fixation on Woga gymnasts with bad form?
FYI Tonights LP for Pairs will be over to late for me to comment on. Go Shen and Zhao!!!

Cassie Whitcomb
Mackenzie Caquatto,
Mattie Larson
Aly Raisman
Kytra Hunter.
Ivana Hong

The remaining gymnasts will also be at camp but are not expected to be in consideration for the scam cup

Jana Bieger
Bridgette Caquatto
Sophina DeJesus
Amanda Jetter
Madison Kocian
Chellsie Memmel
Katelyn Ohashi
Samantha Peszek
Kyla Ross WHY NOT?????
Samantha Shapiro
Bridget Sloan
Morgan Smith
Sabrina Vega
Jordyn Wieber Again why not?
Kayla Williams

Here is another version of the banner above. I think I like this one better.


Bekah throws a temper tantrum and the idiots follow along

December 27, 2009

This is exactly why I make fun of the IG forum and don’t post there.

Here is the gist. Bekah took it upon herself to harass and stalk gymnasts in the name of the IG Message board. Even creating a twitter account for the forum. Now she is complaining because a few people posted in a thread (almost all but one being very respectful) that the Questions she asks the gymnasts are some what stupid and childish (Oh I never said I was Okay they never used the words I just did but lets face it the questions are pretty easy and straight forward .

NO ONE said a thing about Bekah and nothing was directed at her but she made it all about her. The members vote on the top 5 questions so blaming Bekah for the stupidity of them when it is really a democratic process would be ridiculous. Yet somehow Bekah has made another thing all about her.

I have a friend who is friends with a lot of gymnasts on facebook and I can attest to Bekah and her ass kissing. Same with Martina the mod. They spend more time telling the gymnasts how wonderful they are then living in any reality world with real live people they might know.

At one point in a different thread Bekah talks about several gymnasts refusing to answer questions because they don’t want any negative answers and apparently Chellsie Memmel wasn’t to thrilled about a question about her eating habits (or lack there of. Chellsie made a comment on an HBO special about only eating chicken and fruit and one of the 5 q’s with her asked if that was true. )

The internet has gone insane. There are to many Bekah’s in the world that think because they are “friended” by a gymnast on facebook that they are real friends. This whole 5 Questions in the name of IG Magazine has gone to Bekah’s head where she now thinks she has the right to tell everyone what they can and cannot say or think and it is starting to piss off some of the senior members of the board. The girls and guy that think they run that board have been pretty quiet through this all which makes me wonder if they are just bidding their time til Bekah removes herself from the board because it is obvious that a lot of people can’t stand the girl. Bekah even accused one member of trying to steal her thunder because she interviewed a few gymnasts for her blog.

Kind of makes me laugh when Bekah claim’s she does these 5 questions for the members of the board because it is painfully obvious that Bekah is in this for Bekah.

I love the IG Message board. It really makes me laugh. Some of these people take themselves way to seriously. In order to be biased you have to have some kind of unhealthy attachment to a certain person or thing and how can anyone be attached to what this code has put out the last 3 or so years? The reason I love that board is because of people like Bekah. They make it amusing to read. Kind of like a Shawn fans vs the Nastia fanatic debates that have happened over the last year and a half.

Toyota Gymnastics

December 13, 2009

Seem’s like all the names dropped out and the only name to really stay took first. Hunter did nothing on vault and way down on bars (her worst event) was a waste sending her here. Should have sent Cassie Whitcomb. Semenova is done for now…


1) Kurbatova 14.012
2) Jo 13.750
3) Jurkowska 13.162
4) Oshima 12.525

1) Tsurumi 15.100
2) Caquatto 14.675
3) Miller 14.650
4) Kurbatova 14.625
5) Semenova 14.300 (EEEK!)
6) Pihan-Kulesza 14.200
7) Roll 14.150
8) Seitz 14.100
9) Hunter 14.050
10) Minobe 14.000

Chellsie Memmel is NOT going the the 2009 Toyota International.

November 30, 2009

First she leaves camp early and now the meet she was supposed to go to she is not on the list. Add that to her getting rid of her fan facebook and the rumor mill about her retirement seems likely.

It’s to bad she should continue. Why does every US girl quit the sport when they get a boyfriend? Chellsie announced she was seeing a new guy and now she isn’t competing. Nastia starts to allegedly date Evan the skater and then she takes times off. What is with these girls?

I doubt Evan would quit skating to fly across the Country and hang out with Nastia.


14th International Tournament of Pas-de-Calais
Dec. 4-5, Argues, France

Amanda Jetter, Milford, Ohio/ Cincinnati Gymnastics
Cassandra Whitcomb, Cincinnati, Ohio/Cincinnati Gymnastics

2009 Toyota International Gymnastics Competition
Dec. 12-13, Toyota City, Japan

Alex Artemev, Lakewood, Colo./5280 Gymnastics
Alex Buscagila, Cary, Ill./Stanford University
Tim Gentry, Plano, Texas/Stanford, University

Kytra Hunter, Frederick, Md./Hill’s Gymnastics
Mackenzie Caquatto, Naperville, Ill./Naperville Gymnastics Club

Rumor has it Jana Bieger is taking time off from the sport.

New assignments and Terin the cop

November 25, 2009

Move over criminals Terin Humphry is coming to arrest you. She will be at the Police academy in January.

New assignments according to GGMB. They might be a dictator ship but they know someone. Yea for Chellsie still competing woo hoo!! Bridget Sloan should be competing at one of these events. The World Champ needs to go and compete on foreign soil.

Toyota Int’l (12/12-12/13): Kytra Hunter, Mackenzie Caquatto, Chellsie Memmel

Arques Tournament (12/4-12/5): Cassie Whitcomb, Amanda Jetter

Top Gym (11/28-11/29): Madison Kocian, Morgan Smith