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2014 Worlds Events Finals. Day 1 and 2

October 11, 2014


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Can Kyla or Simone join the list of US All Around Champions ?

September 27, 2013

Can Kyla or join the list of US All Around Champions ?

The United States has 6 World All Around Champions and a very good shot at having a seventh this year so tell me which of these two do you think has the best shot at winning the 2013 World All Around title?

Clean and consistent Kyla Ross or powerful and explosive Simone Biles?

Simone has the edge in start value. Kyla has the edge in execution. Take your pick?


Remembering the past

Kim Zmeskal started the US’s world AA titles winning in Indianapolis in 1991. Shannon Miller followed it up winning back to back titles in 1993 and 1994. (Outside the US) Then we waited until 2005 when Chellsie Memmel defeated pure evil by the smallest margin imaginable. Shawn Johnson was next in 2007 followed by Bridget Sloan in 2009 and ending with Jordyn Wieber in 2011.

So who do Kyla and Simone remind you of when compared to successful world all around champions of the past?

For me Kyla reminds me of Shannon. Clean, consistent and labeled boring by the people that cannot find a real reason to hate is pretty much the gist of it IMO. Shannon has more rhythm and flow and is a better dancer than Kyla but no one else really fits the question. Kyla isn’t quite an artistic gymnast though she is working on it.

Simone is a combination of all other remaining gymnasts. She reminds me of Shawn or Chellsie on floor. Not much presentation but a hell of a tumbler. On bars she is Bridget. There but nothing special. On beam she is hit or miss. She could be any of them but Zmeskal who was a rock on beam. When it comes to vault I guess she reminds me mostly of Jordyn but only because they both have the Amanar. Simone is dynamic and impressive with her Amanar and that doesn’t really fit anyone else on the list.


Judging by past US World AA champions if I had to garner a guess I would say the judges prefer the Simone Biles of the gym world over the Kyla Ross’s. The US has only one artistic gymnast with a World AA title. In fact she has two of them.

Todays Podium training

Kyla on the news

September 12, 2012

I lost count on the ums at 21 but Kyla is such a sweet kid she agree’s to go down the street and visit kids at the Y , on the

I can’t believe the gaul of the announcer to ask for this favor out of the blue. Ball-sey biatch:)


This video also says that Kyla will be throwing out the first pitch at a San Diego Padre’s game either tonight or tomorrow night.

Article about a gym visit. oh Kyla, Chris Brown =’s bad.

Here is the video from a gym visit. Little girls are so cute when they see their idols. If you only have time for one video watch this one. it’s the cutest.

More Kyla and some more all in San Diego.

Old Kyla video, some not in English.

Kyla Ross Royal Homecoming

August 25, 2012

Here we go.

\She has already been in the gym and training so this article is incorrect but it’s about gymnastic s. There is always something incorrect in those

Found some pictures of the event.

More pictures from the Sunday night concert series


Mckayla Maroney, Aly Raisman and Nationals in Connecticut, wooooo

August 21, 2012

Lets start with Nationals being in Hartford, Conn in 2013. I think I might go. I have also decided to go to the American Cup in March and it better feature Kyla Ross because that is why I am going.

Aly Raisman the new Queen of New England has signed a deal with local water company, Poland Springs. Okay peeps, who has Poland Springs in their state?

Aly likes cupcakes and partying with her friends. I don’t see this kid continuing even though I do think it is interesting that New England is the place for gym meets in 2013.

A video of Aly where her voice sounds normal Message to Aly, your friend Talia should be able to get you Bruins


Last but certainly not least lets discuss Mckayla Maroney’s mother
. The women has hired security for her daughter because she is being hounded by crazy people. As the parent of a child (not really) I find Mckayla Maroney’s mother way out of touch with reality. She needs to parent her child and regulate her internet access if she is going to keep posting pictures of herself like this. Us normal people are not what Mckayla has to worry about it is perverts that see this picture and think disgusting things.

If my daughter posted this picture she wouldn’t have internet. Just saying.

More Mckayla and an 800 dollar purse? beats my 10 dollar back pack:)

Moving on

July 4, 2012

I know I have not been here much lately but in the tradition that is the 4th of July and what it means I have been allowing the Nastia love fest to exist. It’s now over. Now it’s time to move on. For me anyway so this is just filler until I decide I feel like writing again. ( A Bross blog, A Sloan vault and a Sacramone blog on its way)

‘Some stuff I have read that I liked……….

Romania has new vaults. They are gunning for at least silver.

Aly has been all over the Boston news since she made the team. The channel the Olympics is on even had a video of her arriving home.

After Trials

At her gym You can see the conflicted sadness in poor Talia C’s eyes knowing her dream is not coming true but she was the first to hug Ally on her way through the door.

An article about Kyla that mostly focuses on her Family.

The conceited cocky vibe has been used to describe Mckayla Maroney but after watching this video below where she tears up and almost cries while talking about her and Kyla making the team together is pretty endearing. Does Mckayla have a big head, oh yes but I am sure all these girls do. That is what helps them get this far in the sport but Mckayla showed a different side here.

2012 Olympic Team:Pre Day one of Trials

June 29, 2012


Want to know what you thought?

I am sticking to my original team of ,

Jordyn, Kyla, Gabby, Mckayla and Aly and I don’t remember my alternates so let me go look for the blog:)

I am keeping my alternates because it worked so well for me last time:) I really want to change it but……………

Here is a cure article about Kyla and Mckayla

NBC Screws Ross and FU Valeri

June 10, 2012

Yes she has to get used to this type of stuff but NBC made her wait for several minutes to do floor. Hell of a thing to do to a first year senior trying to make the Olympic team.

Conspiracy theory time, Marta planned this. I wouldn’t put it past her.

Than read this and tell me why she is even here?

Not as bad as the one done by reigning Olympic all-around champion Nastia Liukin.

Liukin, doing her first competitive bars since the Bejing Olympics, was unsteady throughout and didn’t have a landing other than to fly off the bars. Her score of 13.150 was the lowest of all 21 girls who competed in the event and afterward she said it was what she expected.

“I’ve only put this routine together in a week,” she said. “Martha knows what I can do. After nationals, I’ll have two weeks to go back and put the whole routine together.”

Her father and coach, Valeri, said the shaky performance was what he expected. “We have no landing yet,” he said. “It hasn’t been enough time. The first thing is to not get her hurt and she won’t do a landing Sunday in the finals. But by the time trials arrive, Nastia will have a full routine.”

It’s okay. We don’t have a dismount yet. “It’s what we expected??” Are you kidding me?

Nastia has been told she has a spot on this team if she hits. Can it be any more obvious by their ignorant comments? Daddy isn’t even making excuses for her. He agrees with her.

It gets better, Read this.

Her father and coach, Valeri, said the shaky performance was what he expected. “We have no landing yet,” he said. “It hasn’t been enough time. The first thing is to not get her hurt and she won’t do a landing Sunday in the finals. But by the time trials arrive, Nastia will have a full routine.”

Shannon works out with Yogi Bear

Okay it ain’t Yogi Bear. It’s some yoga thing but here it is.

I have to work tomorrow (thanks Boss) so I don’t know if I will be home b y 4 to watch the events unfold. I should be home pretty close.

Who can find the start list for tomorrow?

USA-Gymnastics set it up so we have to wait til the end to see if Nastia chokes. She again gets to go first because we all know they can;t have her body temp drop while she waits.

We end with Kyla on vault and we know that won’t be shown

See ya tomorrow

Kyla Ross Upgrades

May 4, 2012

The Patterson dismount has been out there for awhile and this article explains where it came from.

Kyla is a great gymnast but if she wants to win the AA title she needs to get rid of that ugly double tuck on floor. She also needs an upgraded dismount off beam. Yes she has great execution but as we saw in 2011 the judges don’t care about form.

US National team needs a stylist

April 25, 2012

Hear me Marta? Hire someone to dress these girls because every single one of them looks like they got dressed in the dark.

Sabrina dear, Why are you dressing like your grandmother? Is Nastia giving you advice on what to wear?

Mckayla Dear, Not sure what that outfit is or that attitude. Watch the video about who is the best dressed. Listen to her answer. Listen to everyone laugh and then watch the look on her face. She was serious and she didn’t understand why anyone was laughing. HI-LAAAARious.

VIDEO is here

There are others if you look around the site but they were boring. Guess which video I didn’t watch:)

I think I might like Anna Li. Don’t wait to read that comment because I will probably change my mind if you do:) She seems sweet but this does NOT change my opinion on her gymnastics.

Here is Shawn talking about her beam routine.
Watch Nastia in the background with the bitch face on, crossing her

Do I even need to comment on her dress?

Babies Galore,

AWW, Baby Kyla

Look even baby Rebecca was cute and we almost made it through all the pictures without having to look at Nastia.

Baby Aly

Baby Gabby

Baby Mckayla