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Can Kyla or Simone join the list of US All Around Champions ?

September 27, 2013

Can Kyla or join the list of US All Around Champions ?

The United States has 6 World All Around Champions and a very good shot at having a seventh this year so tell me which of these two do you think has the best shot at winning the 2013 World All Around title?

Clean and consistent Kyla Ross or powerful and explosive Simone Biles?

Simone has the edge in start value. Kyla has the edge in execution. Take your pick?


Remembering the past

Kim Zmeskal started the US’s world AA titles winning in Indianapolis in 1991. Shannon Miller followed it up winning back to back titles in 1993 and 1994. (Outside the US) Then we waited until 2005 when Chellsie Memmel defeated pure evil by the smallest margin imaginable. Shawn Johnson was next in 2007 followed by Bridget Sloan in 2009 and ending with Jordyn Wieber in 2011.

So who do Kyla and Simone remind you of when compared to successful world all around champions of the past?

For me Kyla reminds me of Shannon. Clean, consistent and labeled boring by the people that cannot find a real reason to hate is pretty much the gist of it IMO. Shannon has more rhythm and flow and is a better dancer than Kyla but no one else really fits the question. Kyla isn’t quite an artistic gymnast though she is working on it.

Simone is a combination of all other remaining gymnasts. She reminds me of Shawn or Chellsie on floor. Not much presentation but a hell of a tumbler. On bars she is Bridget. There but nothing special. On beam she is hit or miss. She could be any of them but Zmeskal who was a rock on beam. When it comes to vault I guess she reminds me mostly of Jordyn but only because they both have the Amanar. Simone is dynamic and impressive with her Amanar and that doesn’t really fit anyone else on the list.


Judging by past US World AA champions if I had to garner a guess I would say the judges prefer the Simone Biles of the gym world over the Kyla Ross’s. The US has only one artistic gymnast with a World AA title. In fact she has two of them.

Todays Podium training

Gymnastics legends by GK Elite

June 2, 2012


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I was at Gymnastike looking at Anna Li’s new 6.8 start valued Uneven bar routine and came across a link to GK Elite’s new leotard by Gymnastics legends. After trying to figure out how Amanda Borden and Carly Patterson were legends I noticed that the Olympians had designed the Leotards. The one thing that caught my eye were the colors. Red White and Blue baby. (I’ll just assume Bogi didn’t design those ones)

The conclusion I came to why looking was that our past Olympians are proud of the Red White and blue and that is why those colors are in most of the leos ( designed by Shannon Miller, Amanda Borden and Kim Zmeskal.)

You want to know why we have pepto pink being shoved down our throats these days at competitions? because we have a fucking commie running USA Gymnastics and the Princess gymnast is also part of the dictator nation. They aren’t proud of the red white and blue. They don’t give a shit about the US of A because they aren’t even from here.

I know technically because Nastia became an American citizen she is an American but her father still has the commie attitude when it comes to gymnastics and so does Marta. Just ask Chellsie Memmel and Mckenzie Wofford.

If I see a pink leotard on the US gymnasts at the Olympics I am starting a new petition, Ban pink